Winda Woppa Fishing Charters

Winda Woppa Fishing Charters are based in Moruya and offer deep sea fishing adventures and scenic tours on the beautiful far south coast of NSW.

[04/29/19]   Hi All, good news water temperature has started to drop Gummy's have started & big Snapper & Mowong are about Cheers

[04/26/19]   Hi All Friends and Fishos had a very enjoyable charter Tuesday onboard were Craig,Pat,Joel,Luke & extremely great mates Docker(~~~~~~)&Jason today we went down to Tuross we FISHED the flathead with immediate results some very very good numbers and good size. We then went out wide lost some very nice Snapper too a bloody seal landed a few then the toads and leather jackets moved in so we moved out back to flathead to finish off so until time Tight Lines

[04/26/19]   Hi To All Friends & Fisho's on Mondays charter were Johnny,Oliver,Xavier,Woodie,David,Ronnie& Demetrius fishing was difficult drift not good BUT we were to get some Snapper, Mowies , Flathead few & far until next my good friends Thank You

[04/20/19]   Hi All Friends and Fishos, We would like too wish all a HAPPY EASTER will post after charter on Monday Cheers

Hi All Friends & Fishos, Had a charter with some very very cool clients onboard were Preegi , Sami, Kunjumon , Kiran , Marvin , Blessen & Santhush . I WOULD HAVE LIKED MY ROD CATCHER WITH US as another was dropped over board by Thumbs(he knows ). Fishing was very poor weather perfect but the fishing gods were not kind we caught a few fish but not close to our normal standard . Thanks to Morris great to have you back until next time Tight Lines


HI ALL, had charter this morning fishing a little slow but the guys James , Kim , Kevin & Gamal onboard made it into a great morning we still caught Snapper, Flathead & Piggies so until next time Tight Lines

Hi All Friends & Fishos , out enjoying a charter onboard we have Graham & Dave also John & John from Sydney fishing has been excellent with some very very good snapper & extra big Mowong along with very large piggies , Nangi a good size too the seas & weather are good BUT a change is not to far away we should be in before it hits until next time Tight Lines

Hi All Friends & Fishos , Had a delightful charter on Saturday we caught alot of very good snapper, flathead , piggies the clients were a great bunch on board were Ross Smith , Tony , Billie , Bob , Elouise & Jodi . The weather & seas were perfect until next Tight Lines

[03/10/19]   HI ALL FRIENDZ & FISHOS unfortunately have no reports as charter yesterday had to be cancelled, Sorry to Tim & all he's mates but hope you guys still were able to have a good day especially too the groom DRESS , BALL AND CHAIN Cheers until next weekend Tight Lines

For & Aft morning available Moruya River opposite WHARF long term

[03/04/19]   HI ALL GREAT friends & Fishos , does anybody know of a flat to rent in or around Moruya has to have small yard for a seeing eye dog as this great man is visually impaired Cheers Tight Lines

[03/02/19]   Aftrenoon All Friends & Fishos charter over Nick & mates had a very enjoyable charter Loads of Flathead , snapper but reefs were pretty quite . Thank You again too Ron & BRENT Cheers

[03/01/19]   Good morning have a charter on this morning BRENT & RON are onboard again today (Thanks Boys ) I'm still crook will report on results later to day Cheers Ron

Hi All photo of our crew

[02/17/19]   Hi To All , had a charter Saturday with some a very very good take . As I'm in hospital BRENT & RON took out our guests Ross has since let me know how good these 2 were which is pleasing. Onboard were STEVE , ROSS,MARK , SHELDON, CHRIS , RICK ,DUSTIN At this I have no photos BUT WILL POST SOON

Hi To All , had a very enjoyable group on today who drove down from Sydney , unfortunately we had to return early due to I'll health not before some snapper, gummy were caught Cheers to these wonderful people thank you Jenny for choosing us until next time Tight Lines

Hi All Friends & Customers had a charter recently with Tim from SOUTHCOAST SEA PLANE'S we had a very enjoyable day . We were able to catch flathead & snapper with Tim were his 2 boys Lenny & George GREAT boys a joy to have had onboard


Well Hi Too All Our Friends & Fishos , After today's charter I had the joy of what makes this journey of doing charters so GREAT. It started as we pulled up to Preddies collect these 3 boys & their dads the boys were doing cart wheels with excitement. On the charter it only got better these little trackers made u laugh & work our A off while they caught heaps of fish . Unfortunately one got sick BUT He cop it & never asked to go back enabling all too continue fishing Joseph character that his mum & dad should be very proud of . These kids have changed my mind of retirement at least until they come back as did the charter 2 days ago with those wonderful clients. Anyway THANK you BOYS

Hi All Friends & Fishos , I had an amazing charter today with 8 amazing people . We tried out wide caught some snapper, Nangi but the south drift made it extremely difficult almost impossible too hold bottom so we decided to head in on the flathead . A good decision as a good catch was possible . Onboard were Sean & Eliza , Julie & Charlie , Finn & Penny , Kell & Baydon ( jumping jack ). Also a new deckie Ron who great i feel alot more will be seen of Ron So until next time Cheers

Hi All Friends & Fishos , Had a amazing charter today with some extremely amazing people . We tried out wide firstly but the southern current made it very very difficult caught were snapper , Nangi then the leather jackets moved in so we moved out too the flathead & a good catch we were able to get . Onboard were Sean & Eliza , Julie & Charlie , Penny & Finn , Kell & Baydon . Today I had Ron as deckie & I feel that our clients will be seeing alot more of him . Until Next Time Cheers

Hi To All Friends , had a charter today came up again with a very good catch of Flathead off Coila before we came up to old Mark off surf club & caught a cracker of a snapper this area after being dead as door nail showed some promise . Will see how it goes Thursday

Good afternoon had another charter today got a fantastic catch of Flathead TRIED out wide but it was bumpy for the kids hence headed in too flathead . On board was Denis , Lachlan , Andrew the other group John , Peter , Henry then also Ben . NOW I would too SAY that LACHLAN , HENRY , THE REAL WARRIOR ANDREW were sick from very early , we were along way south & these boys NEVER ONCE ASKED TOO GO HOME to me I was very proud of these young boys & if Australia is in the hands of these young boys we have Nothing to worry about Until Next Time Cheers P.S. PLEASE REMEMBER IF NOT SURE PLEASE GO TO CHEMIST & PURCHASE SEA SICK TABLET . OVER THE YEARS THE GINGER ONES DONT WORK BUT THERE ARE PLENTY OF OTHERS IF NO SUER RING ME BYE WONDERFUL CLIENTS & FISHOS

Good Afternoon Friends & Fishos , Had another charter today with some extremely nice fish onboard today we had Jason , Luke , Joel( bait my line )also Charlie , Glenn & Bill all caught good fish . HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOEL so until next time Tight Lines

Hi All Friends & Fishos , had a very good charter yesterday to celebrate John's BIRTHDAY we caught a good variety of fish snapper, mower , pigfish & a nice feed of flathead onboard we had Chris,Trent,Ben,Jess,Luke,Dave,Lee & John had a really fun day until next time Tight Lines

[01/04/19]   Good afternoon had another charter today fishing was marginally better , have cancelled for tomorrow due to bad weather & we will do it Sunday , with a southerly blowing fishing will hopefully be back to normal so until Sunday Tight Lines

[01/03/19]   Hi , another charter today unfortunately the result was not KIND to us . We had a 3.5 degrees temperature rise that I feel made most fish go off the bit but tomorrow is another day . We wilk be out there doing our best . Fortunately these clients had been previously with much better results until tomorrow Tight Lines

Hi All Friends & Fishos had charter on the 2nd what a marvellous group of ladies & gents , we were able to catch flathead , tigers & blue spot also towards the end some very nice Snapper & Mowong . The seas were again KIND until next time Cheers

Well had the last charter for 2018 & what a great one . We were graced with the Wiggles & JOSH IN THE KILT THANK CHRIST the wind was not blowing we all know why . Dav blue , Caleb green , Matt red , Liam hot pink , Daniel light pink , James purple & of course JOSH KILT & HE IS A SAILOR keeping us safe . A Good catch of fish ALL IN ALL A VERY COLOURFUL MORNING. HAPPY New Year to ALL Fishos & Friends.

Again had a charter in tough conditions caught loads of good size Flathead including Tigers Bluespot & Rockies unfortunately could not fish snapper spots out wide CURRENT too quick but a grand feed of fish caught onboard we had HAYDEN,ALECIA,TOM,NAOMIE&GRANDAD LINDSAY & JOSH,KATE plus ZACH(deckie)&his partner SHAE. Also well done too ALECIA WHO FISHED ALL MORNING WITH BROKEN RIDS ONE TOUGH YOUNG LADY .Happy New Year to ALL

[12/29/18]   Hi All, had charter today Wednesday onboard we had Roland Joanne who again was a real trooper Max & Kat caught some good fish unfortunately the seas upset a few on board taking the gloss off BUT showed the courage of people well done HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL

Hi All Our Friends, sorry I'm late with a few words regarding charters this charter we had WAYNE , JOHNY & BRENT had a reasonable day with some nice Snapper Mowong & Flatties considering we were only out for a couple hours . JOHNY what a legend never COMPLAINED well done mate

Hi To All Our Valued Customers, have to cancel charter for tomorrow due to bad weather can't catch. Should settle down soon & some good catches will be got Tight Lines Too All

Hi All, XMAS is getting close booking are starting to happen don't miss out on a good catch of fish for Christmas

Hi All Friends & Fishos had a charter this morning & the sea was bloody beautiful the best it has been for months . The fish were abit quite until about 10 am we ended up with a good catch , the young men were happy Except for the ones that were either crook or a sleep, Does not pay to stay until 2 or 3 in the morning BUT WHAT A GREAT BUNCH

[11/29/18]   Hi All looking forward to being able to have a great day tomorrow, weather looks to be good will let you know when finished until then Tight Lines

[11/23/18]   Good morning To All NO charters this weekend had to cancel Sat &Sun seas are far too rough for our clients . Fortunately they will be coming back to our beautiful town in 3 weeks , have a good weekend Tight Lines Too All Fishos

Hi All Friend & Fishos had charter this morning caught a variety of fish including Snapper, Mowong, Piggies, Nangi plus some Flathead but when the westerly winds hit hard forcing us in close as usual in a westerly Flathead don't bite Until Next Time Tight Lines

[11/12/18]   Hi All Fishos looks like finally that the weather is looking pretty good for the next few months, fish and on so ring & book your requirements including as requested by one client a PRIVATE CHARTER . Please remember when you book keep in touch in case there is any changes or special requests needed Tight Lines Cheers

[11/09/18]   Hi All nothing to report quite weekend nobody loves us BUT that will change book for XMAS so you don't miss out. The fish are on too ring for any help Tight Lines enjoy Cheers

[10/27/18]   Hi All Friends & Fishos we had a charter today with reasonable results , seas & weather near perfect but unfortunately fishing was tough we got flathead , some nangi no snapper this was in close looks as though they have moved out into deeper water . Thats where i go next weekend on board we had 4 locals & my very good friend Toad . Troy & David were great see you again UNTIL NEXT TIME TIGHT LINES

[10/20/18]   Hi All Fisho's did have charter today with Les & his crew from dept of defence as charters go this one been a little poor whilst we have snapler & mowies the numbers are not there at this stage we have not caught a flathead which in its self is very unusual, yes the drift is not idle but we still were confident in numbers coming onboard will complete at end of charter well finished got a few morefish including some flathead . Onboard were Les , Brett , Gilly , Andrew , Peter , Chun & Brenton another great bunch of people . I take my hat off too Chun who was sick the whole time never said boo a real solid man Cheers

Hi All Fisho's & Friends , had a night fish & shark fish last night . We only got 1 gummy & probably 25 port jacksons on the fish side of things we got some really nice Piggies , Mowong & Snapler . During the time out there had alot of whales very very close to boat also a very large shark which seemed to be attacking & circling us . Early this morning just on day break Lockie & Koby had another shark storking the boat During the night the boys had steak & snags cooked for them . Onboard we had Liam , Koby , Lachlan & myself , until next Saturday bye for now Tight Lines

Good Morning To All Our Fishos & Friends had to unfortunately cancel charter seas very rough & bar too rough to navigate,so with clients & crews safty most important we home now EARLY becky & with all other Petrol Heads settle down to watch the great race Cheers All

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