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Mount Gambier's first body-positive fitness facility opening soon! We welcome beginners and meet you where you are at. Targetted workouts to meet your goals and to meet you where you are at.

Online coaching available to all members! Our goal with opening this facility is to create a different gym experience, and safe space for those that don’t fit the fitness stereotypes. The morbidly obese, the people with anxiety and mental health issues, the LGBT community, seniors and anyone else that doesn’t feel comfortable in the loud, busy and full fitness spaces that “will push you past your

Operating as usual


When it comes to "being healthy" something I think many people are unaware of and it is an exercise I walk my coaching clients through is how do you like your meals?

In the world of preparing food for

It is easy to get lost is eating whatever is around rather than what you enjoy, so lets start carving it out now,

Do you like dishes or separate? Let me know in the comments.


Mobility and single leg movements feature heavily in our strength workouts, let's give you a stable foundation for living life!


Do you struggle with picking all day... it's like one continuous meal that never ends?

I get it, the game-changer is adding protein to every meal, it keeps you fuller for longer, takes the body more work to process, and is satisfying.

Another tip... eat foods where the flavour lingers, I love curries and thai food.


High protein keeps you fuller for longer, helps maintain your muscle and is satisfying but how do you get more protein in your day? Try adding these ingredients to your breakfast.

lean pork or chicken sausage
turkey bacon
black beans
Greek yogurt
cottage cheese
nut butter
protein powder

which one will you be adding to your next meal?


I take my VIP coaching girls through the 3P Method of plating up...

Here is what that looks like in action...

Protein - In this case prawns, my fave.

Plants - Here I have put together a really basic garden salad with balsamic dressing.

Pleasure - something to provide satisfaction and a bit of deliciousness. In his case I used feta, this counts as a fat but provides satiety.

I am currently offering 7 days of free app access to me to answer all your nutrition in moderation questions on the go, this is a feature of my 1:1 Friendly Fat Loss Formula that creates some of the biggest success. Limited to the first 5 people.



As much as new clothes might make your feel motivatated, you will get the same results in an old pair of trackies as you will in some lorna janes.

It's actually about your effort.

Like this post if you agree fashion doesn't matter.


So I had a client come to me last week admitting that they were essentially stuffing themselves full of takeaway mid-afternoon.

What I established with a little bit of investigation was that they were not leaving themselves anything in the bag to start off with. So intermittent fasting works really well for some people. However, if you are in a fairly active job, where you're working early in the morning, you might find that you're not actually giving your body enough fuel after it's depleted everything repairing overnight to actually keep you going. This leaves you finishing work absolutely starving with no time to prepare something nutritious and reaching for whatever is easily available.

There are a few things that I recommend.

1. Actually, eat breakfast. For this particular client, I prescribed her a hire car breakfast then she's normally been eating along with some protein to actually give her body and her mind something to work with.

2. If you're not the kind of person that can eat breakfast organise yourself a smoothie that you can have on the go while you're doing whatever it is you're doing and have that about mid-morning 10 is a great time to give yourself a bit of a pep-up before you finishing mid-afternoon

3. Ensure that you've actually got food ready to go when you finish work at mid-afternoon so you are reaching for those snacks that are healthy and nutritious rather than the Macca's Drive-Thru, which we all know is so so easy. If you would like some support to focus on Better Health and nutrition for yourself send me a message comment below and I'll reach out to have a chat with you about what that might look like.


Did you know we are open 24 hours a day, for all our members.

So you can train when it suits you!

Do you need flexibility when it comes to your schedule? Tag a training buddy and lets chat!


One thing I want to strongly recommend is changing your mindset around what time of day you can eat what foods.

Things massively changed for me in mindset, physical appearance and energy when I started having a really wholesome serving of protein for breakfast. One of my faves was this (not so) GORGEOUS serving of avocado and chicken. It was about half a chicken breast with a 1/4 of avocado, avo is great for brain function and the protein kept me full on this particular day until around 2pm.

Normally I would have been hungry by 10.

What do you normally have for breakfast?


Share with your friends...


Our members really do have a lifestyle focus. Most would love to lose weight but they readily aware that weight loss is more about their ability to live life into older age than fitting into a bikini on the beach.

What would getting fit do for you?


Who is already signed up...? 5 of you!

I couldn't be more greatful, the pre launch of our 12 week Friendly Fatloss Formula has been a huge success and is now open to the public!

This 12 week program is a complete lifestyle change including nutrition and mindset.

I am tired of hearing women feel like failures because they "finished" yet another diet and are just putting the weight back on. Dieting is a short term solution for a goal and therefore it is inevitable that you will finish it and gain weight, they are often too restrictive and not suitable for long term success.

This is a complete program in learning about you, your body, your needs and your likes and dislikes. If you would like more information comment below.


Are you a meal prepper or on the fly?

Lemme know in the comments!



I encourage you to take a walk today, it will lower your stress levels, increase your dopamine and give your body an upper hand on the fat burning, not to mention make your brain happy.

Don't like walking in the rain? You could have 24 hour access to the gym at a really affordable price...let's chat!


As a beginner
As you age
As a women

There are soo many reason you might lack a bit of confidence in the fitness space.

Our strength focussed classes are capped at 7 people, so not only do you get to feel comfortable, you become a part of a little community and you have individual attention to form meaning less injuries.

Let's talk...


Meal plans are not something we provide here..we are completely aware that your food choices need to work for you, and probably won't work for her.

We have ladies seeing success with moderation, keto, intermittant fasting, habit changes, gut health and so many more.

We will always support you whatever that choice is, even when you choose the cake.

The one thing that reigns true for women over 40 is eat more protein, and that is something I will harp on, but that is about muscle preservation not weight loss.

Let me know in the comment what eating plan, diet or regime you are following at the moment.


It isn't your motivation that is lacking from making your habits stick.

It is the prompt for the new habit. If you want to behave like a healthy person you need to create some kind of prompt to make that activity stick.

One that I have in place for a client that has quite a sweet tooth is having a cup of craving cocoa after each meal and check to see if that has satified it before moving on to actually having something sweet.

Double tap if you found this helpful.


You can gain weight this winter or make it the first that you come out of better. Comfort foods are everywhere, the cold makes your joints hurt, let's change that this year.

Comment Winter for more info.


So you want to lose weight...

We are never going to prescribe walking on a treadmill for hours.

As a women over 40 this messes with your hormones more than you think.

How about we move your body every day, eat moderately without giving up everything you love, and lift some things?

Throw us a like if you agree.
Message us for more info.
Share with a friend that might need this...


Do you believe this misconception...

“I’ll just focus on cardio to lose the weight, then I’ll do weights to tighten up.”
Unfortunately, this is backwards.
Cardio is low-hanging fruit, meaning you might see results fairly quickly if you just start doing more and more. Still, in my experience, it has a poor track record as a fat loss tool.

Much better for maintenance, just general health or mood enhancement.
The reason why is because of its impact on biofeedback, such as hunger and cravings. Anyone who’s ever trained for an endurance event or done hours of cardio knows that you’re starving 24/7, and it’s all you can do to keep from diving headfirst into a pan of brownies every second.
Our physiology doesn’t respond well to constant stress (and long-duration cardio is a form of chronic stress), and the metabolism will actually adapt to the increased caloric burn and will slow as a result.
Pretty soon, you’ll find yourself having to do more and more minutes on the elliptical just to maintain. NO THANK YOU!
Instead, focus on weight training and creating a caloric deficit through nutrition.

Focus on meals that prioritize

Fullness: water, protein, fibre/veggies
Satisfaction: fat, mouth feel, lingering flavours.
Sure if you want to sprinkle runs, or HIIT training as a topping to your ice cream (read: training), that's fine, but too much and you will be doing more harm than good.

I have 5 spots in my 1:1 coaching program which includes a combo of metabolic conditioning and restorative exercise perfect for changing your body, using your hormones and metabolism to your advantage, while not giving up those foods you love.

No counting, no hours in the gym, just enjoyable, efficient training.


* Special Offer for Resthaven Staff *

Tag your Resthaven Friends.

Since we are just across the road from Resthaven and Winter is a super bad time for motivation, I have put together a special 10 week program for you. Like this post for more info and tag a Rehaven Friend!


Which part of your body causes you the most pain?

Let me know and I will send some exercises through...


Could you eat nutritiously if you simply made your plates look like this, then had support to adjust your fat and carbs to suit your body?



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Mobility and single leg movements feature heavily in our strength workouts, let's give you a stable foundation for livin...
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