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Cert IV qualified personal trainer, my aim is to empower women to embrace their bodies whilst becoming strong, fit, healthy and happy.

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Why don't you exercise?
Excuse number 4:
"Im too old/big/weak/unfit/uncoordinated/i don't know how to"...

Really? Change your mindset and try telling yourself these are all good reasons why you SHOULD exercise, rather than why you can't.
We all start somewhere - no-one was born a gold medal marathon runner, a champion weight lifter, bikini body competitor or all round elite athlete. And not everyone wants to be any of these things. You don't need to fit in a size 6 or be 20 years old. Being active and healthy doesnt need to be over the top, you just need to find a way to move your body thats enjoyable for you, and do it regularly.

Solution: Move, regularly! Join a gym or ask a PT if you have more specific goals. Attend group fitness classes, walk around your block or local footy oval. Practice, practice, practice. The more you do it, the more your body will adapt and you'll be surprised how quickly you gain more balance, mobility, strength and fitness. You don't need to be great to start, you need to start to be great.
You can do this, you are worth it ❤


Why don't you exercise?
Excuse number 3:
"I'm too tired"... With most of us leading increasingly busy lifestyles its normal to come home at the end of the day feeling physically tired and mentally drained. Who could be bothered exercising when we can sit down and put our feet up, right? No. The best way to overcome being too tired to workout... Is to actually workout!
Solution: exercise!
Being physically active releases all the feel good hormones leaving you feeling fresh and energised, lowers your stress levels, boosts your energy, promotes better moods and mental health, and can help change your sleep patterns.
Exercise when you get up before your brain realises what you're up to, set an alarm that you can't be late for, find a friend to workout with so you can keep each other accountable, focus on how amazing you'll feel when you're finished, make it a routine and stick to it.
The only workout you regret is the one you dont do.

You can do it, you are worth it ❤


Why don't you exercise?
Excuse number 2:
"I don't have time/I'm too busy"...

We all have full schedules between jobs, kids, partners, general daily life etc. But we're all given the same 24hrs/7days a week, its up to you how you choose to spend it. You wouldnt miss a day of work because 'you dont have time', you wouldnt cancel an important meeting because 'youre too busy'. How much of your day is spent in front of social media or the TV? You make priorities, and make time for what you feel is important.

Don't try to 'find' time - MAKE time.
Go to gym straight after you drop kids to school in the morning before youre tempted to go home and check your Facebook. Squat while youre folding the washing. Do a sneaky workout while the baby is napping. Make an appointment with yourself and keep it, make yourself and your health a priority. If its important, you'll make time.
You are worth it.


Why don't you exercise?
Excuse number 1:
"I can't afford it"....

Budgets can get tight, but can you afford NOT to?

You don't necessarily need to pay 100s of dollars for a lifelong gym membership or umpteen PT sessions a week, there are plenty of alternatives - set up a mini circuit with equiment found around your home, take your kids to the park, kick a ball around the backyard, jump on the trampoline, crank some music and dance around while cleaning the house, grab a group of friends and go for a walk, shop around and find a casual class to join (many are less than your morning latte!)

It doesnt matter how you do it, just get active! Invest in yourself, you are worth it ❤


Despite the many widely known benefits of exercise, more than 60% of Australian's aged 15 years and over are either not physically active on a regular basis or are leading sedentary lifestyles with little to no exercise at all - unnecessarily putting themselves at risk of a variety of health issues and conditions...


Over the next few days im going to share with you the 10 most common excuses people use not to exercise, and solutions to overcome them.

Stay tuned....


Something new is in the works...
Watch this space for more details!


Try, try and try again.
Never give up.
If you fall, you get back up, brush yourself off and carry on.
Success isnt being better than someone else, its about being better than you were yesterday.


Ahhh, Facebook memories...
Exactly 7 years ago, my 30th birthday.
A big wake up call for me looking back at the photos days later. A realisation that i wasted the majority of my 20s unhappy and taking very little care of myself both physically and mentally. I suffered with depression, i was overweight, unhealthy, unhappy. I couldnt keep up with my kids, i was out of breath tying my shoes and had barely enough motivation to simply exist. I wasnt living, i was just going through the motions day by day.
Was this how i wanted to spend my 30s? The rest of my life? Was this the kind of mum my kids needed and deserved?
So these photos, and this milestone, was the beginning of my transformation. Baby steps at first, changing my mind set. Finding determination, motivation, dedication, courage, believing in myself and setting lots of mini goals along the way. Its been a roller coaster, ive been on and off the wagon dozens of times and will no doubt continue to do so because at the end of the day im still human. But i can do it minus the shame and guilt now, brush myself off and move along.
Now as i near my 40s, im happy, healthy, so much fitter and stronger, im an active mum and positive role model and i love the new direction my life has taken.
I want to inspire other people to turn their lives around now. I know the struggle, the intimidation and confusion when youre faced with what seems like an unmovable mountain, the not knowing where to begin, the feeling of 'i cant do this', the battle you have with yourself mentally. Ive been there. But if i can do it, so can you.
Believe you can and you will ❤❤


Meal prep!
Why? Because early mornings, long days and late nights - working 3 jobs, running a house, raising kids, finding time to exercise and have some semblance of a social life all on my own is tough and 'grab n go' food choices are becoming my undoing.
Treating yourself is completely ok sometimes, but relying on 'whatever i can jam in my mouth while im running between jobs', is not.
Im constantly feeling tired, sluggish, crabby and fluffy. Reminder to myself - fuel your body well, it will function well...

So! A couple of hours in the kitchen and im sorted for the next few days. Now when i need to grab and run, im grabbing real food that will keep me fuelled and get me through my days.

Eating well doesnt need to be fancy or expensive.

'fail to plan, plan to fail'



The month of May is approaching quickly and so is Mother's Day!
How do we spoil the special women in our lives? Choccies, flowers, family photos, kitchen gadgets?
Looking for something a bit different this year?

How about this:

One FREE PT session, a $200 PT voucher PLUS a special bonus gift valued at $25 - for a once off price of $150 (saving you more than 25%)

(This offer is limited to 5 places only and must be ordered before May 1st, contact me for more details).


Real person, real results.
No pills and potions. No crazy diets, shakes, meal replacements or cutting out whole food groups. No killing myself in the gym hour upon hour, day after day.
Eating good wholesome nutritious foods, moving my body in a way I enjoy, the occasional treat, and not torturing myself with guilt for being human and having a bad day sometimes.
Your body is a machine - for it to function well, you need to treat it well. Eat to keep it fuelled. Exercise because you love it, not because you hate it.
Eat, move, sleep, repeat.


STOP what you are doing, and put your scales away! How many of us have let the number on the scale dictate what kind of day we are going to have? Probably 99% of us - myself included. There's a minute loss or a slight gain, we feel depressed, give up and fall off the wagon. Its not important. The scale tells you a number, that's it. Just a number. It does not tell you how amazing you are, how beautiful you are, how much stronger/fitter and healthier you are getting. It does not define your worth.

This morning one of my clients was weighed, measured and fitness tested. Her initial feeling when stepping off the scale was disappointment that her number wasn't what she was hoping for. BUT, then we got the tape out and in just 8 short weeks she has dropped a whopping 31cms from her body!! An amazing achievement, so so different to the story the scale tells. Needless to say she was rapt and I am so proud of her.
Put the scales away ladies!
Grab a tape, take progress pics and judge by the way your clothes are fitting and how you're feeling.
You can not be defined by a number.


Here's our beloved bingo bootcampers, Chelsey and Stevie. They may be smiling now but they weren't during their tough workout tonight. Especially Chelsey who I've never seen roll a dice so unluckily and have to do so many punishment rounds. They both killed it though, well done girls!


Its Valentine's week so why not share some love? For this week only I am offering 2 for 1 PT sessions! So find someone you love - a sibling, parent, partner, bestie - and sign up to partnered PT sessions. Split the cost, share the fun!

(Special ends at 3pm Friday Feb 16th, contact me for more details).


Exercise AND fun??

Join us tonight at 6pm for an awesome fun filled boot camp workout!

Contact myself or Nick for more details.

$10 casual class.

See you there



Comparison is the thief of happiness.

Your only competition is with the person looking back at you in the mirror - YOU.

How others look, what they can do or what they think of you, is none of your business. The only thing they can't be is YOU. Only you can do that, and you're doing it perfectly.

The key to your happiness is in your hands.
Invest in yourself.
Love yourself.
You are beautiful, you are worth it, you are you.

Stop comparing yourself to others.



N M Personal Training Transformation Specialist's cover photo


N M Personal Training Transformation Specialist


Bit of boot camp fun, these girls are guns! 👌💪


That time again - fitness testing!
Tonight was Ashlie 's second test since coming to me 16 weeks ago and she is killing it!
Her fitness has improved out of sight, knocking 30sec off her row time and now just seconds away from taking the record from the boys! Her strength is increasing every week, with her wall sit time more than tripled and lifting twice as much as she could on day 1.
Beside the occasional screwed up face and 'you're a mean lady', she comes in with focus and determination and pushes past her comfort zone to smash her goals.
Well done Ash! You're a superstar and I'm so proud of what you've accomplished so far! 💪👌💓



Interested in our 8 week Boot Camp challenge starting Jan 29th but not sure if its for you? We are offering a FREE come and try session on Monday Jan 22 at 6pm, EFM Health Club Mount Gambier so you can find out for yourself!
Bring a friend along, grab a towel and water bottle and join us for an awesome workout!

All ages and fitness levels welcomed


Fitness test with one of my girls tonight and 'smashed it' is an understatement!
Marita came to me just 8 short weeks ago wanting to drop a few kilos and regain her fitness levels - both goals well and truly on the way to becoming reality with massive improvements in each and every element of her test, PLUS she's quite a few centimeters smaller 💪
Always a smile on her face, never a complaint, she pushes herself out of her comfort zone in every session and it really is paying off.
Well done Marita, I'm so so proud of how far you've come so far and cannot wait to see what the next 8 weeks bring!


Registrations are now open!
Are you ready to start your new year fresh, strong and healthy? Have goals you're ready to smash? Or simply want to get active, have some fun and meet some awesome new people? Our 8 week Boot Camp Challenge is the perfect place to start, contact myself or Nick to book your spot now! As a little extra incentive, the first 3 people to sign up will get the first week for FREE, saving you $50!
Happy New Year guys


Registrations opening soon!


Timeline Photos


PT sessions available now!
Contact me for bookings :)



Exercise not only changes your body - it changes your mind, attitude and mood.
Happy? Work out
Sad? Work out
Angry and frustrated? Work out.

Let your feelings be your drive.
The only workout you regret, is the one you don't do ....


The lucky winner of 3 x free PT sessions is .... Kristy Dolan!!

Congratulations Kristy, I'm really looking forward to working with you and the bestie of your choice. I will be in contact to arrange times etc.

Many thanks to all who entered, liked and shared my page. Watch this space for more comps and offers coming up in the future ...

:) :) :)


Timeline Photos


Timeline Photos





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