Jean Jacques Machado Sydney

Narellan’s premier Brazilian Jiu Jitsu school. Affiliate school representing former World Champion & Master, Jean Jacques Machado.

Jean Jacques Machado Sydney is located inside the Courage Training Centre - Sydney gym.

We will remember them. ANZAC Day 2020. Thank you to those who have served to give us the freedoms we enjoy today and thank you to the families continue support and ensure their memory lives on. I know their are quite a few #jeanjacquesmachadoassociation who are serving or previously served, thank you I know your teammates are extremely proud to call you mate.

Thanks for an amazing chat @jeanjacquesmachado and thanks for making it all possible @jayzeballos our team really enjoyed it and I know we all gained valuable insights. Thank you so much! #jjm4life #family #leadership #spirit #livejiujitsu #jeanjacquesmachadoassociation

Progression model for growth in Jiujitsu. Train in search of failure then use it. Reflect and grow from your failures as they will surely grow into experience allowing to head towards your goals. The realism and truth of this path is the best way to reflect on your growth and to show others a way forward in their own journey. #jeanjacquesmachadoassociation #selfgrowth

Jean Jacques Machado Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academy

Jean Jacques addressing the events we are all facing today. We wish the best in health, safety and wellness to you and yours.

Group Classes still on under modified structure.
Class will be run essentially in pairs with both the Coach and students working with a single partner the entire visit.
Prior and post class we will maintain the higher level of disinfecting cleaning with mats, gym touch points (handles, attendance cards, change room and bathroom) and use of hand sanitizer when entering and leaving the mats.
We will continue to observe, orientate, decide and act with any future directions from government and student reports. Note: We have not had any reports of positive COVID-19 in our membership or families. Students must advise us if this changes.

Goes down smooth every time. Our Jiujitsu classes are just as addictive.
#jjm4life #livejiujitsu #bjjlifestyle #jeanjacquesmachadoassociation

Keep your head in the game!

Just another night on the mats here @jeanjacquesmachadosydney. We are still maintaining classes for now with a very strict hygiene regime ensuring the safest, cleanest environment we can. #team #jjm4life #jeanjacquesmachadoassociation #bjj @ Jean Jacques Machado Sydney

JJM3.0 Advanced Online Training

The incredible diversity of the crucifix is in full effect in our latest series of videos now uploading to JJM3.0 >>⁣ @jeanjacquesmachado shows two dynamic attacks from the “Wing Sweep” position. This is only a snippet of the entire lesson, but it’s 🔥⁣⁣

To view this lesson in its entirety and over 800 more, please visit | #jjm30online

Mats are disinfected, hand sanitizers station set up off the mats, gym cleaned.

As always a clean mat culture!

Developed from current military application, come and learn real world self defence that works.

Sunday 24th May. Unit 2, 6-8 Grahams Hill road, Narellan.

Book now!

Always a great class when Professor Paul Cale is in the house. The team explored an efficient way to understand the Mount position and new drills to train defending and attacking at the point of submission. As always great stuff from our Professor. #jjm4life #oldschooljiujitsu #valetudo #family #team #inspiration

Another night of rounds here on the mats @jeanjacquesmachadosydney . What a great way to get functionally fit whilst learning to defend yourself. Interested in learning Jiujitsu? Come try a free class. 6pm weeknights Unit 2, 6-8 Grahams Hill road, Narellan NSW #jjm4life #embracethegrind #fitness #teamwork #JeanJacquesMachadoAssociation

Kinetic Fighting

SAVE $50 on essential self-protection skills! Created by former Commando Paul Cale, founder of the Australian Army Combatives Program, this course caters to raw beginners and front-line professionals alike. One week only: use code 'FLASH50'

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Jiu-Jitsu could save your lives ladies! Gracie Breakdown Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Academy

The benefits of training Brazilian Jiujitsu in our lineage are vast but it’s not all about the physical. In the end it’s about becoming a better human being. Students will notice vast improvements in mental health, humility, respect, compassion, patience and responsibility just to name a few. These attributes transcend off the mats allow us to value add to home life and into society. So if you’re interested in personal growth step onto the mats and try a free class and see your life change for the better. Interested in trying BJJ? Message us or come and visit 6pm weeknights at our Academy, Unit 2, 6-8 Grahams Hill road, Narellan #jeanjacquesmachadoassociation #jjm4life #realbrazilianjiujitsu #lifeskills

JRE MMA Show #73 with Jean Jacques Machado

Joe is joined by Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu legend, Jean Jacques Machado.

Courage Training Centre

Styles, combatives, leadership and culture eloquently discussed by Prof. Paul Cale and Courage Training Centre Townsvilles Head Coach Ian Bone

Interesting discussion, what do you think?

Before Paul left I was able to sit down and have a chat about martial arts, self defence and more. I hope someone finds as much value in this conversation as I did.

Ian Bone MMA-Fitness Coach

Hand painted 🎨 🖌 and proudly representing the #jeanjacquesmachadoassociation here in Australia 🇦🇺 with the other Australian affiliates @courage_training_centre @progressivemartialartsacademy @stewieshouseofbjj @swanhill.jiujitsu @jjmmelbourne @teamlazarosbjj @jean_jacques_machado_bjj_perth #loyalty #family #jjm4life @ Jean Jacques Machado Sydney

‘Bloody empowered’: Aussie mums are ditching the fad diets and workouts for MMA For some women, this full-contact combat sport (also known as cage fighting) is exactly what they need to keep fit and challenge themselves.

Jean Jacques Machado Jiujitsu on display with Stewie's House of BJJ Blackbelt Jimmy Crute MMA submitting his opponent in the first round.

A grappling clinic from Jimmy Crute MMA, first-round submission win! 🇦🇺🇦🇺

Class schedule @jeanjacquesmachadosydney for 2020. Adult classes professionally delivered over 90 minutes consisting of functional warm ups, technical drills, live drilling and free rolling. Sunday class is an Open Mat.

Kids classes delivered over 45 minutes from both male and female professional instructors and offer a fun tailored program with a mixture of games and tailored techniques, drills and free rolling to help provide a bully proof confidence in the team.

Interested in classes? Message us or come try a free introductory class any day at our Academy, Unit 2, 6-8 Grahams Hill road, Narellan. #jjm4life #jeanjacquesmachadoassociation #livejiujitsu

Happy birthday Master @jeanjacquesmachado 🎂 thank you for all you do for us here at @jeanjacquesmachadosydney your support whether on our mats or from afar is really and greatly appreciated. Enjoy your day! 🥳

Could be a good experience for anyone interested

🧨We are proudly annoucing the next bjj tournament in the Wollongong/Illawarra area🧨

The main goal of this competition is to help promoting the sport in our community. As Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu has been growing in the area, organise more competitions is a MUST.

We are hoping to get the support of our local academies and associations from the Sutherland Shire to Southern Highlands

More details will come very soon 👍

Well done to the three team @jeanjacquesmachadosydney atheletes who competed yesterday in Grappling Industries at Olympic Park. Congratulations to Matt Seeney on winning bronze in his gi division and silver in the NoGi (coming up short for the gold in a no points, refs decision finish). All the lads displayed great skill and fortitude over a long day in all their matches and represented the @jeanjacquesmachado patch with pride. As always we either win or we learn. #jjm4life #jeanjacquesmachadoassociation #coachpride #team #courage #focus #heart #bjj

Rolls, rolls and more rolls! Free sparing at the end of each class allows the student to develop his/her own game, improve their fitness and efficiency and test their Jiujitsu under a real live battle. Drilling techniques is fun but try doing them when your opponent is trying to strangle you back...that’s Brazilian Jiujitsu! Students learn to systematically defeat their opponent, by defending using positions of dominance, then upping their positional hierarchy, then creating positions of vulnerability by using biomechanical advantage, finally attacking with submissions. If boxing is “the sweet science”, then Jiujitsu is Astro Physics. #percentagebasedjiujitsu #jjm4life #jeanjacquesmachadoassociation #endurance #efficiency #resilience

Thursday night rolls @jeanjacquesmachadosydney . Interested in learning Jiujitsu? Come try a free class 6pm weeknights at Unit 2, 6-8 Grahams Hill road, Narellan #jeanjacquesmachadoassociation #jjm4life #bjj #healthylifestyle #team #family #humilty #respect @ Jean Jacques Machado Sydney

@jeanjacquesmachado Sydney affiliates focus this month is all about Closed Guard, creating positions of vulnerability by looking for patterns and breaking posture and attacking base then capitalizing with timing and catching submissions. Just another night on the mats for the team Jean Jacques Machado Sydney. #jeanjacquesmachadoassociation #jjm4life #humble #embracethegrind

One of our favorite posters in our academy. The evolution of growth in Jiujitsu eloquently explained by our Professor and head of our style of Jiujitsu Master @jeanjacquesmachado Interested in learning this concept and much more? Come try a free class weeknights at 6pm and Saturday’s at 10am at Unit 2, 6-8 Grahams Hill road, Narellan #jeanjacquesmachadoassociation #bjjlifestyle #bjj #inspiration #livejiujitsu #autographed #coralbelt #jjm4life

First class back for our kids program! Time to have fun and learn Jiujitsu. Interested in your child learning to protect themselves and gain confidence? Then come down and try a free class Monday’s at 5pm and Saturday’s at 9am. Unit 2, 6-8 Grahams Hill road, Narellan 😀 #bullyproof #nextgeneration jeanjacquesmachadoassociation

Stewie's House of BJJ

As martial artist we learn many different aspects of training from the development of mental fortitude to physical skillsets, conditioning and much more. Many lessons over many years help shape our character both within society and on the training mat..
Undoubtably the biggest lesson of all is humility, unfortunately many fall victim to ignoring or being blindsided to those lessons.
Regardless of who you are, the rank or what position you hold, you either ignore the lessons of humility or you embrace them. The choice is yours, understand though if you choose to ignore those life lessons, then your only preventing yourself from reaching your full potential and those around you…

Embrace humility, reach your full potential and become a champion in life!

#humility #remainhumble #lifelessons #jiujitsu #martialartists #coaching #foreverlearning #jeanjacquesmachado #stewieshouseofbjj

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Unit 2/6-8 Graham Hill Rd
Narellan, NSW

Opening Hours

Monday 17:00 - 19:30
Tuesday 18:00 - 19:30
Wednesday 18:00 - 19:30
Thursday 18:00 - 19:30
Friday 17:00 - 18:30
Saturday 09:00 - 11:30
Sunday 08:00 - 09:30
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