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We currently stock a range of racquets, sportswear and accessories from Yonex, Victor, Adidas and LiNing available for purchase through our Facebook store or from our website

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We’re still getting a LOT of messages and requests about stock availability and advice on gear! And we 100% appreciate the love that we’ve generated throughout our badminton community through the years. But this is just a reminder that we have sold and closed out business, but are keeping this page up for important updates on the badminton scene only.
Our sales team will no longer be responding to any questions. Sincere apologies!

On the 30th of June 2018 Topshot Sports will open and close our doors one last time.

It's been an amazing ride and an absolute honour to have served you all and helped so many lovers of the sport of badminton all over find your perfect racket and your perfect pair of shoes down to your perfect griptape and wrapping it for you at your perfect thickness.

5 years have gone by way too quickly. Thank you for helping us realise our dream of working in an industry we truly love.

There are too many of you to thank and hug, so if you'd like to see us one last time, come on in on Saturday morning from 10am-1pm.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Our resident stringer will continue to operate out of NBC Silverwater until further notice. It will still be the same great service and same amazing level of stringing we have always provided.

Thank you, we love you and we'll see you all on the courts!
Derek, Alex, Kenny & EwJin

The day has come to say ...thank you one of Malaysia’s heroes. One who could unite a country within a rectangle and 2 sides. Someone who showed us all that nothing is impossible. Almost nothing. Almost. Saying goodbye should not be sad, but a celebration of your sporting life. Now to live your life as a father and a husband. Thank you Dato’ Lee Chong Wei. Thank you Malaysia’s hero. Terima Kasih.

To all my family friends and fans. To everyone of you who have been a part of my life, thank you. A real big sincere thank you.

Months ago, all of you knew I had cancer. I fought it. And I thought I fought it well. I thought I could try one more time.

I am just someone who love to play badminton. Someone who love my country. I feared of retiring with regrets. I was scared of not delivering that elusive Olympic gold for Malaysia. So when I was cleared of cancer, I took up my racquet and trained once again.

After few days of light training, I wanted to get clearanyce from my doctor to heighten my training intensity, then i was dealt a major blow. From that scan, doctor shook his head and said i might face the risk of recurrence if I continue to train. Mew Choo crumbled crying. She feared i might be stubborn and continue to pursue my dream.

I was at loss. I thought “How am I supposed to hang up my racket after nearly twenty years of competitive badminton?, “ How about my Olympic dreams?”

At home, i kept myself occupied with my two sons, Kingston and Terrence. I bathed them, I fed them, I taught them badminton. I spent time with them. Most importantly, I really watched them grew up.

Then it struck me to finally make up my mind. I shouldn’t be so selfish. I have played for myself, I have played for my country. This time, I want to play the role of a father, for long long time. I want to see them grow up to be proper men, to get married, to have kids. I want to take care of my wife when she is old too.

So Yes, I have made my decision to quit. I’m sorry that I couldn’t make it to Tokyo this time around. And I’m sorry I didn’t deliver an Olympic gold. But I know I’ve no regrets as I’ve tried my best. My very best.

I hope my name Lee Chong Wei has inspired you all one way or another, same like the way you guys inspired me. Without my family, my teammates, my coaches, and my supporters, I won’t achieve anything.

To my fellow badminton players like the Lin Dans, the Taufiks, the Peter Gades, and Hyun ills. Yup, my time is up. Thank you for the great battles we had. As amazing as it is, i think our era should be coming to an end now. Momota, Victor, Yuqi and Zi Jia, do hold the fort well. Make the world realise badminton is the best sport on earth.

To fellow Malaysian shuttlers, don’t give up the dream. Please remember there are actually thousands of Malaysians praying for your success. Train harder everyday. Always beat yesterday’s training records. Also, a sportsman life is short. Don’t end with regrets. There is actually a young 5 years old Ali, Muthu or Ah Meng idolising you, making you their Malaysian superhero. Don’t disappoint them. Play for the flag, play for Negaraku.

I had no regrets. When i started playing badminton, all I wanted to do is to represent Malaysia. And I believed I did it with pride and honour.

Well. I’m done. Thank you very much to all of you. Lee Chong Wei signing out.


Rakan sekalian, Selamat Hari Raya dan Salam sejahtera. Saya ingin meminta maaf Sebab saya sudah tidak mampu lagi bermain badminton untuk negara dan anda semua.

Doktor menasihatkan saya bahawa risiko kanser kembali agak tinggi sekiranya saya berlatih dengan intensiti seperti dulu.

Ya, Tokyo 2020 tidak kesampaian. Tetapi, saya rasa saya akan meninggalkan arena Badminton tanpa kekesalan. Dari kecil, impian saya memang nak mewakili negara ini. Dan rasanya, saya dah berjaya.

Perasaan berdiri di podium, melihat bendera dinaikkan dan mendengar lagu Negaraku sememangnya akan dirindui.

Jangan risau sangat atas pengunduran Diri Saya Kerana kita mempunyai Barisan pelapis Yang kuat. Saya yakin dia orang boleh!

Terima kasih kawan kawan. Minta maaf atas mana mana Yang tak sempurna dalAm karier sukan saya. Dah tiba masa untuk kuda tua ini berehat. Terima kasih.



很抱歉让球迷们失望了,如果情况允许,我也想第五次站在奥运的赛场上,实现奥运金牌梦,如果身体可以我也想承载着国人的寄望,披着国旗继续前进,如果可以... 但,人生没有如果。





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Guinness World Records

😂😂😂NBC Australia now enrolling for chopstick champions training!

Japan's Mr.Cherry is a chopsticks champion 🍒🏅

BWF — Badminton World Federation

Early contender for reflex shot of the month.

What a save #badminton #HSBCBWFbadminton

New major partnership for Badminton Korea!
Out with Victor in with Yonex.

Yonex and the Badminton Korea Association sign exclusive equipment supplier agreement for the Korea National Team.
Read all about it:
#TeamYonex #YonexBadminton #Yonex

Premier Badminton League - PBL


The #Baddies are back! Wondering who it was who went undercover to 'school' the kids?

Watch below to find out and tune in to #VodafonePBL4 on @Star Sports 1/1HD for more smashing action!

Red Bull

Badminton Worx

BadmintonWorx Christmas Special 🎀 -

Badminton Worx

New VICTOR auraspeed 90S strung, packed and ready to deliver.

Come to Silverwater and Botany or shop online. @ Badminton Worx

We’re all cleared out! Sorry all, we didn’t even last until Saturday. For those came by and helped us clear out our inventory - MASSIVE THANK YOU!

See you all on the courts!

On the 30th of June 2018 Topshot Sports will open and close our doors one last time.

It's been an amazing ride and an absolute honour to have served you all and helped so many lovers of the sport of badminton all over find your perfect racket and your perfect pair of shoes down to your perfect griptape and wrapping it for you at your perfect thickness.

5 years have gone by way too quickly. Thank you for helping us realise our dream of working in an industry we truly love.

There are too many of you to thank and hug, so if you'd like to see us one last time, come on in on Saturday morning from 10am-1pm.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Our resident stringer will continue to operate out of NBC Silverwater until further notice. It will still be the same great service and same amazing level of stringing we have always provided.

Thank you, we love you and we'll see you all on the courts!
Derek, Alex, Kenny & EwJin

[06/16/18]   Apologies everyone. Due to personal reasons, we will be closed Sunday 17th and Monday 18th.
See you all on Tuesday!

[06/16/18]   ‘18 End if Financial Year is here!!! Take 18% off ALL Yonex stock in store only! Starts 18th and ends 30th of June! GET IN!!!
*excludes shuttles*

BWF — Badminton World Federation

Kento-Kenta-Kanta trident lead Japan into the Thomas Cup finals to join their Uber Cup counterparts!

‘Tongue-Twisters’ Torment Titlists – Thomas Cup Semi-Finals: TOTAL BWF TUC Finals 2018

#badminton #TOTALBWFTUC2018

BWF — Badminton World Federation

I thought we were watching table tennis for a second here...holy moly. #fastestracketsport

You're a pro badminton fan if you can follow the shuttlecock here #Badminton #TOTALBWFTUC2018

BWF — Badminton World Federation

Don’t we all wish we a a chance to win a point like this against Lin Dan.

When you are 16 and you play Lin Dan in the Thomas Cup #Badminton #TOTALBWFTUC2018

Back with a Big Bang!


Kento Momota is back with a loud bang!

The stylish left-hander punctuated his return to the top flight in commanding fashion over the weekend, capturing the Badminton Asia Championships 2018 title in Wuhan, China.

Less than a year after resuming his career, the newly-crowned Men’s Singles champion set tongues wagging and Japanese expectations soaring in the build-up to the Thomas Cup tournament later this month in Bangkok, Thailand.

It was not simply the fact that 23-year-old Momota won the event but moreso the efficient and unflustered manner in which he dispatched esteemed Malaysian, Lee Chong Wei, in the semi-finals (21-19 21-14) and then China’s Olympic champion Chen Long (21-17 21-13) to lift the coveted title.

On the same day, Denmark’s Viktor Axelsen showcased his return to action – following ankle surgery – by winning the European crown, leaving fans excitedly contemplating the outcome whenever these young stars clash again.

Photo Credit: Lukas Huang


[04/24/18]   Lest we forget.
To commemorate our fallen soldiers, we’ll be soldiering on too this ANZAC Day. Open as usual from 11-7. Come in, say hi, bring us a cookie or two.

During his time out due to injury, Viktor examined all aspects of his game in order to to come back stronger. Despite his great results in 2017 with the DUORA Z-STRIKE, he made the decision to switch to the ASTROX 88 S believing that it will strengthen his game. His trust in Yonex as a company at the forefront of technical advances led him to testing new equipment to maintain his edge over his opponents and regain his No. 1 ranking.
The ASTROX 88 S provides him with the perfect characteristics he was looking for to move his game forward in 2018 and beyond.

Viktor’s comments about the ASTROX 88 S.
“What I like most about the AX88S is that the shaft is stiff while playing drives, but when smashing the shaft is more flexible and gives me extra power. Also, as entire racquet length is shorter, it gives me great control at the net. Overall, I feel really confident no matter what position I’m in on court. I’m looking forward to stepping on the court at the next tournament using the new AX88S.” - 2018 NBC ANZAC Day Doubles Challenge - Organization

Head into your own battle on the courts in the 2018 NBC Doubles Challenge! Online Entry and tournament publication with the Tournament Planner of Visual Reality. For Tennis, Squash and Badminton Tournaments


Would you like to see us bring these in?
Let us know in the comments section!

"I want to recommend to those who haven't tried these VICTOR's new strings. Be sure to try it when it hits the market. It won't let you down." said Korean Women's Doubles Lee So Hee.

Check here for VBS instruction:
#RiseUpGoBeyond #ReadyToWin #TeamKorea #VBS

Good luck team Australia!

Badminton Australia Team ready for the opening ceremony #GC2018 #GREATERTOGETHER #SHARETHEDREAM #GC2018BADMINTON

Lazy Easter Sunday morning practicing service return trick shots! #tekkers

trickshot training by @ilijapavlo!
credits:@ilijapavlo ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

[03/30/18]   Quick post : we will be closed today Easter Friday and be back and ready to equip you all with the best badminton gear on Saturday Sunday AND Monday!!!
Time for some chocolates and wine today! Party hard and stay safe everyone!

YONEX Badminton Japan【ヨネックス バドミントン】

Yummy.... Yonex Lin Dan collection





#yonex #Badminton #LinDan

Commonwealth Games Australia


#GREATERTOGETHER is embracing the importance of every role within the 710 strong team.
Badminton Australia star performer Sawan Serasinghe shares his journey #TeamAUS
Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games #GC2018

BWF — Badminton World Federation


Japan in ‘Group of Death’

Thomas Cup 2014 champions Japan find themselves in a potential minefield, alongside Chinese Taipei, Hong Kong and Germany, after the TOTAL BWF Thomas & Uber Cup Finals 2018 draw was completed in Bangkok today. #badminton

BWF — Badminton World Federation

Deceptive, strong, precise, winner. The top backhand shots from the last week.

Top Backhand Shots of the Week | YONEX All England Open 2018 #badminton #HSBCBWFbadminton

BWF — Badminton World Federation

Never lose concentration. The point is never over till the shuttle hits the floor! World class rally!

The minions are on fire #badminton #HSBCBWFbadminton

BWF — Badminton World Federation

First blood to Japan! All England Gold isn’t a bad first-ever major title, is it? Meet the first ever Japanese mixed doubles All England champions!
#nextgen #yae18

YONEX All England Open 2018 | Badminton XD - F - Highlights #badminton #HSBCBWFbadminton

BWF — Badminton World Federation

Have a spare hour on a boiling hot Sunday in Sydney? Watch this match and salivate at an absolute masterclass in XD from both sides!

YONEX All England Open 2018 | Badminton XD - SF - Highlights #badminton #HSBCBWFbadminton

On court right now and absolutely showing a new age of mixed doubles- Japan’s newest XD gems Yuta Watanabe and Arisa Higashino!


Yuta Watanabe has tongues wagging!

The young Japanese doubles player is strutting his skills on one of badminton’s biggest stages – the YONEX All England Open Badminton Championships 2018.

The 20-year-old dynamo is into the Men’s Doubles and Mixed Doubles semi-finals with partners, Hiroyuki Endo and Arisa Higashino respectively.

It is the second straight year that he and Higashino have reached the last four in Birmingham and yesterday they progressed at the expense of home pair, Chris and Gabby Adcock, in a 18-21 21-15 21-15 comeback over the No.7 seeds.

Photo Credit: BadmintonPhoto

#badminton #HSBCBWFbadminton

Sometime the max tension on frames is not just about the structural failure of the head. It’s also when the strings just eats into the frame after a few restrings.

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We are a bunch of badminton players and lovers dedicated to providing next level service and knowledge of the sport to you, our customer, in making sure you go home with the racket, bag and shoe that will make you smile everytime you step on court. Guaranteed original gear from Yonex, Gosen, Li Ning, Kumpoo, Victor and Adidas. We are ALL certified Yonex Stringing Team badminton stringers so restring with us with total confidence.

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