Rebounding Revolution

Rebounding Revolution

Devoted to creating the body the most pleasurable place to be. BEst you BEst life! BREATHE! Our body has super natural limitless powers REBOUND 2 LIFE! �

I am Certified Lymphologist - Supporting, educating and inspiring beautiful beings all ages to raise there frequency. Simple, fun and pleasure filled coaching to remember and embody your divine energetic joyous nature.


The world is built by your very breath.
As you breathe so breathes the world. Breathing belongs to you... comes from you and not from 'out there'. Your understanding of breathing is upside-down because you keep telling yourself a backwards tale. If you stop breathing it is not you who's going to die but the world outside, your projection, your shadow. Then be conscious of this: Breathing is an inner power and doesn't depend on anything outside yourself, not even on the oxygen. Difficult to understand, but it is your breathing that makes the world alive. It's your breath that gives Life to the entire Universe. (The Technology of The Dreamer)

Cristiano Verducci - Leading Minds 05/03/2022

“BreathEducation for Personal Energy Management©” - prof. Cristiano Verducci (Speech @ Leading Minds Festival 2022)

Cristiano Verducci - Leading Minds Master Trainer, Counselor, Entrepreneur, Expert Leader, Master in Reboundology and Rebirthing Breath-work, Writer, Head of Wellness and Wellbeing department of the European School of Economics, Speaker and Host in the Media Platform ‘’Wellness day and night’’.


Purchase the VIP ticket NOW to take part in the exclusive workshop entitled "FULL CHARGE", which will take place on 04/03/2022 at 19:00, with the Master Trainer Consultant, Entrepreneur and Mentor, visionary leader Expert & Master specialist in Rebound® TM and Rebirthing-Breathwork speaker Cristiano Verducci , CRE@MORE .

All participants will receive free of charge Cristiano's ebook entitled “FULL CHARGE! - The first practical and absolute manual for your personal energy management ".

See the program of vip workhops here:


Θα θέλαμε να σας ενημερώσουμε ότι το του Cristiano Verducci με θέμα "FULL CHARGE" που ήταν προγραμματισμένο για σήμερα, 22/2, μετατίθεται στις 04/03, στις 19.00. Δείτε εδώ το ανανεωμένο πρόγραμμα των VIP Workshops

Cristiano Verducci - Leading Minds 15/02/2022

Cristiano Verducci - Leading Minds Master Trainer, Counselor, Entrepreneur, Expert Leader, Master in Reboundology and Rebirthing Breath-work, Writer, Head of Wellness and Wellbeing department of the European School of Economics, Speaker and Host in the Media Platform ‘’Wellness day and night’’.

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“Ascolta il suono e ritmo del mio respiro e prova anche tu a farlo, imitarlo e comprenderai subito cosa voglio suggerirti, raccomandarti e forse mi chiederai di guidarti e supportarti (come è già accaduto con il Rebound®️Originale dal 2000), alla scoperta del tuo Respiro, che aspetta solo Te per realizzarsi nel suo massimo potenziale.” - CkriS*(kri_ya yoga)🇮🇹MasterReboundologist

"Listen to the sound and rhythm of my breath and try to do it, imitate it and you will immediately understand what I want to suggest, recommend and maybe you will ask me how to guide and support yourself (as it already happened with the original Rebound®️since2000), to discover your own Breath, that is waiting for you to be fulfilled in its maximum potential." - CkriS* (kri_ya yoga)🇮🇹

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NB: ricorda sempre che un grammo di pratica vale e funziona di più che tonnellate di libri e teorie.


They still ask me today, how is it possible to lose weight and maintain your ideal weight only with the Breathwork?
I reply that the conscious energetic breathing is the primary physical activity, as well as a vital function of a human being for one's health & well-being and also the most complete and effective main tool for personal energy management and self mastery. Basically the answer and solution to all and everything.
This is recommended by those who have dedicated more than 20 years to the study, experimentation, teaching, personal and professional training and promotion of this internal and innate technology, also creating a personal brand company with a mission and vision.
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Forcetek Sport è felicissima di annunciarvi la neonata collaborazione con un REBOUNDAIR™, un’attività motoria semplice, naturale e piacevole con straordinari effetti positivi per la salute e per il benessere psico-fisico, ancor prima che per la forma fisica.

In esclusiva per la community del network Jump4Joy, uno sconto sull'acquisto di una maglia e spedizione gratuita.

Il codice sconto verrà comunicato tramite messaggistica privata agli iscritti al network.


Well-being everyday not just one day!
Il Benèssere ogni giorno e non un solo giorno!

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