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Kaisa Keranen: Total-Body Exercises that Tone Your Arms, Legs, Abs, and Butt

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Bret Contreras PhD

I have a treat for you! Check out this awesome article by Stijn van Willigen of BodylogiQ. This is right up my alley but Stijn has a unique way of communicating the science. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


VF Workout

Do you know the 40% Rule? I said similar, and I've done the study (on myself), but one word of caution. You do indeed have way more "in the tank" but if you have not properly prepared your body for this progressively, this is where you could get hurt. Actually, two words of caution... The other is technique! If you are doing an exercise or end eco that requires some technique, I don't care how much you push through the mind barrier, it could result in disaster. And for what? To prove to your family, office coworkers or gym mates that you are not a wimp? It's good to have a Navy SEAL perspective, just like it's good to have an athletes perspective, but I'm telling you it's about your perspective, your goals, and your health. Likely you aren't doing a near max effort all all cost for life or country. Balance.


Men's Health

Light ‘em up!

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Andere Sportscholen in Ghent (alles zien)
fit20 Gent fit20 Gent
Derbystraat 195, Blok E
Ghent, 9051

Infraligne Infraligne
Hundelgemsesteenweg 461
Ghent, 9050


The Healthworks Club The Healthworks Club
Ghent, 9000

The Healthworks Club, of THWC in het kort, is een nieuwe bruisende health club in Gent. Bij ons kan

Eye Red Bocandy Eye Red Bocandy
Ghent, 9000

Fittin’ Gent Fittin’ Gent
Aannemersstraat, Gent
Ghent, 9040

Personal training & privé sporten in onze exclusieve gym. Fittin' is een modern uitgeruste sport

BEAST - Personal Training BEAST - Personal Training
Mispelbilk, 13

Basic Exercises and Specific Training voor 40-plussers uit het Gentse die (opnieuw) willen fit zijn.

FaaS - Thuis sporten FaaS - Thuis sporten

FaaS Fitness staat voor Fitness as a Service. Je betaalt een maandelijks bedrag voor jouw eigen fitn

Crooks CrossFit Crooks CrossFit
Wiedauwkaai 23 Z
Ghent, 9000

JENNY - Spin That Wheel JENNY - Spin That Wheel
Hoogpoort 57
Ghent, 9000

In een unieke historische kelder en met top dj sets op de achtergrond nemen we je mee op een ‘part

Rooigemlaan 2c
Ghent, 9000

Bij JIMS fitness mag je meer verwachten! De modernste toestellen, live groepslessen, en een opgeleid

First Class Gym First Class Gym
Zwijnaardsesteenweg 282
Ghent, 9000

@ Michael Bockaert

CCPilates CCPilates
Brugsesteenweg 585
Ghent, 9030