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Referee at large, gamer and pirate. Former Big Game and Scenario Ref. SpeedQB Ref and Game Warden. Can me reached via messenger or email.

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Tune in this Friday est for Episode #125.

Join us with Kat Hazlewood ; the creator of CanadianKunt , owner of Krazy Kitty Images and one of the founders of Changing Ropes for Hopes. As well as running a team that's turning heads!

Tune in! You wont want to miss this !





So, with heavy hearts we’ve had to pull out of reffing Gang Warz this weekend.
Between the significant increase in transportation costs, financial burdens and health issues, we couldn’t do it.

On that note, I feel that my time as a ref here in Canada has come to a close.

With that, the future of the Big Game Travel Ref is in the hands of those that should decide to pick up the flag.

I’ve had an enjoyable run, met some brilliant folks, made amazing frenemies.
Made waves.

I never believed in growing the sport.
That’s horses**t.
I believed in jacking the prices up for recball and eliminating gun owners from recball play.

You want to save paintball, make it elitist again.
Keep the kids at home.
They have no place at the field.

That’s it.




Hey Antonio, you really sent your brother to smack a Dude out?
You Dip S**t Kunt.
You broke your entire alliance!
The whole goddam thing.
For only fans!


When I’m asked about doing charity events!


Two weeks!



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Say it ain’t so Command Bro’s!

YouTube 06/06/2022


YouTube Nyd de videoer og den musik, du holder af, upload originalt indhold, og del det hele med venner, familie og verden på YouTube.


and y’all wonder why I’m troubled by e-tards…

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Official Event map for..
Candy Land 2022!!

A Candy Land themed Scenario event.

Hosted at: Futureball Paintball & Airsoft
Produced by: Red Feather Paintball

Big thanks to Crisie's Designs for making our event map!

As always Crisie will have her Vendor booth set up at the Event to sell her Official Micro Fiber Event Maps, Custom barrel covers and other Merch!

Check out her Vendor tent right next to the Event tent the day of the game!

As usual her Micro Fiber Maps will probably sell out before Lunch break so get them while supplies last!!


Let’s talk about “Know it all Chode” aka “e-tard”

Y’all like to talk like you’ve been around.
You make claims to big wins. Brag to the noobs. Stake claims to fields.

The reality.
I’m a travel ref. I see these e-celebs, 5year, 10year yokels show up.
Staking claims to s**t they’ve no business staking claim to.

Whether it’s a big game and we’re out in the parking lot, ignoring the rule set being announced . (Command Bro’s are famous for cheating btw)
Players that think they know what’s up.
Most of you don’t.
You play limited fields, have zero understanding of the games and haven’t a clue as to what a refs actual job is.
(Especially field refs)

I’ve watched so many chime into convos that are far above your educational level.
Yet there you are, lubricating your cockwashers for the sake of attention.

Well, here’s your attention….

An e-celebs job used to be, advertising, attention and sales!

Crazy Bills used to net 700 to 800 players.
At peak for a big game.

So, what happened cockwashers?
I noticed you slathering mouthholes showed up to Commando.
But truthfully, they needed none of you.

It’s getting harder and harder to watch old men try and stay relevant.



It’s official. Airsoft is under attack again. The full details haven’t been posted yet, but we know we’ll need your help to save our sport.

Get ready to show Canada why airsoft should be preserved.

OP.WOLVERINE - PPL 05/30/2022


OP.WOLVERINE - PPL 05/30/2022


Sheldon Carless Photography 2022


I would like to take a moment to thank everybody that came out and played Deadlands: Reloaded and all of our past Pirate Game and RTT players. From day one we set out to push the boundaries of the game. We reinvested every bit of revenue from these events into improvements to our platform year over year and engineering what comes next.

Without our players we would not be ready for this next milestone. I cannot thank you enough for the support over the years that has made this a reality. RTT 4.0 has arrived and the next wave of innovation has arrived with it. This is the year of the Internet of Things.

Check in at the event as you always have, then step to the table next to it and use the provided tablet and badge reader to link your game badge with a new or existing RKE account. Use that badge at digital flag stations on field that connect to our game server and other readers located around the venue. We are deploying many badge readers, including at each spawn, a big screen TV scoreboard at the bar, and on referees to assign penalties. Each base also gets its own RGB scoreboard. We are building a WiFi network into the field itself to connect all of the devices.

But wait, there's more! In addition to the territory control and resource gathering war that is the backbone of the format, we have added Hourly Missions. Every mission is tied to the storyline and features interactive, 3D printed props. The app is received multiple updates that improve performance. The auto-balance has been adjusted. Human NPCs from RTT 2 are back!

Smart Glasses in 2023. It's coming.


Who’s ass you eating?
Salty fart boxes that have been on the field all day….bruh. Sit. Down!


So, being respectful of teams is my go to.
Always has been.
But the very minute that a team is selected by a field to represent them in paintball (this should be the bar that teams strive for) they’ve somehow committed an egregious act against CPX aka Honu and company.

Imagine my shock to discover that by not partaking in this isolationistic approach to a team and siding with CPX instead, was and is the status quo.

I share my thoughts, King Petty’s thoughts as well as NPPL memes and a few others.
Because the current society within paintball Is this, you’re either with us, co-enabling us, or against us.

That’s funny s**t right there.
You all either like suckin Honu’s c***e, or are to afraid to stop.

4 fields you’re allowed to play, that’s it.
That’s not paintball, that’s you bankrolling that salty dick.


Registration will stay open until 9pm Friday night to accommodate any last minute people... the weather looks great for Saturday !!


Looking for Something to Do this Weekend? Take the Entire Family Out for Some Sherwood Forest Paintball! Nice Article That's very Detailed! Sherwood Forest


Buffalo Paintball out here wilding with gravel pit game play.
How about nooooooo!


LL14 has come to a close.
A few of us were blamed for “placing” a dark cloud upon it.
Your moonshine was drank. Drunks kept the folks who wanted to play, awake all night.
However, the young women were safe.
I’ll happily take the blame for that.
You old af grooming motherf**kers!

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Kiss my ass Honu.
There’s no way you’ll except my add!


I want to discuss the duties of a ref.
Typically, my day starts at 7 or 8 am.
Walk the field.
Chat with the refs.
Give my regards and love to the field owners.
Deal with stupidity.
Including, personalities.
An example.

Myself and another ref, during a game. Witnessed a grand total of 3 players getting shot out.
One crashed into the bunker to try and rescue his squad mates, alas. 🤣, ‘twas a catastrophic failure.
Rule of thumb.
When more than one ref is on scene, all downed players are safe until released.

Couple of asshats continued to pour paint into the situation.
Fu***ng my s**t up.
I limped out, shouted for the players to cease fire.
They chose to ignore me.
You never, ever ignore a ref.

The game producer watched the entire event, said “kick”

I threatened the Dude who turned his marker into a weapon. Straight up.
Said, next time, I’ll gack the turds out of you.
His compadre, told him to keep shooting into the situation.
A head ref himself.

Accused me of assaulting him.

So here it is.
Whether you like our decisions or not.
We’re the law of the land and when we make a call, that’s the difference between fair play and breaking the law.

Know this, I will react aggressively, punitively and then involve law enforcement.

That’s my Ted Talk.

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Hey, Andre, you’re not out here cancelling people eh!
and now Tony.
Look at you GO!

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Photos from Krazy Kitty Images's post


Everyone’s wondering why I call out Andre.
LL’s has gone out of its way to cancel people who have and maintain, personal and professional relationships with TB and Allen and their product RKE.
Andre, you are friends with folks who groom, prey or otherwise behave in a nefarious fashion.
You coddle up to these folks, you maintain both professional and personal relationships with them.
MadFrog Militia, DJ Honu, Brandon Pierce, Command Bro’s and so on.
You personally subscribe to the personal attacks against Lawrence and others but decry mine as being untruthful and unjust.

Let me be clear, I have no dark secrets, no skeletons, no alleged onerous behaviours.
But you do.
Now another player has fallen victim of the LL curse of due to status based on friendship.
But you’re not involved and know nothing, right.
Get, stuffed.


Hide your wife, girlfriend and children.
Especially the children.
This m**o is going to be at LL14 drinking shine and preying on the unsuspecting.

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Photos from Krazy Kitty Images's post


Tell me you’re a Mad Frog without telling me you’re a “Mad” Frog.
I’ll go first.
This awkward love affair with TB.
A wannabe lover spurned?

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Airsoft gameplay relies on your honor. 🙌

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