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CATALYST KINETICS GROUP. Health Specialists & Fitness/Sports Training Centre in Burnaby, BC. Catalyst Kinetics is a Vancouver area, multi-disciplinary health clinic, physiological assessment and sports & fitness training facility.

We focus on total body well being, helping clients – from everyday people seeking to overcome obstacles to better health, people recovering from or working through injuries, to amateur and professional athletes training to go beyond their previous milestones – understand themselves better, improve their fitness and gain the tools to move forward in their sports training. The Catalyst team consists

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The trials and tribulations of Knee Replacement Surgery

Brought to you by Dr. Wayne Jakeman

January 11, 2022 I entered UBC Hospital to have my severely arthritic right knee replaced with a new titanium replacement. There was much trepidation and honestly a lot of concern about what was going to happen especially during the recovery period.

Well it was fast, the job was done within an hour, when I awoke things felt Ok as I was numb from the waist down to my toes on the right side. As the anesthetic wore off the pain set in. Medication seemed to help but there was always some underlying pain.

Movement was encouraged so I did my best to move around as I was told that was very important. I was home to my own bed by the next day.

So began the recovery process. Controlling the pain was the most important thing and as someone who doesn't like the drugs I found it quite a challenge. I am not sure if I was meant to self medicate so there was no pain because that never happened. I seemed to be uncomfortable most of the time. Sleeping was the worst. I spent many nights getting up and wandering around the house, then trying to settle into a comfortable position. The disturbance in sleep was my biggest complaint and it really wasn't until about 12 weeks that I was finally able to sleep through the night without waking due to the leg feeling uncomfortable.

It was an interesting process for me because I never really knew what was the right thing to do. The guidelines tell you what to expect and try to achieve but recovery I learned is a very personal thing. I did my best to move as much as possible and challenge myself to walk and move the leg as often as possible. Controlling the swelling was important because it was a big part of the discomfort. I was blessed to have rented a compression unit (Normatec) that used air around the entire leg to compress and squeeze out the swelling. I used it several times per day.

…continued in the comments below!


Sitting more often and can’t make some time for treatment? A lot of us are back at the office and sitting more than we would like in a day, causing some neck and back tension. Here are some foam rolling exercises you can do with minimal equipment until your next appointment!

1) To relieve neck tension grab 2 lacrosse balls taped together or a foam roller. Stand with your back against a wall or lay down on your back on the floor. Place either underneath the base of your skull and move your chin down slightly to hold until you feel comfortable.
2) Grab a foam roller and roll your glutes. Many of us are sitting for extended periods of time and forget about our sore glutes. You can foam roll one side at a time or grab a lacrosse ball and lay on the ball on your side to get the gluteus medius and some lateral rotators of the hips.

*BONUS* - Child's pose, this doesn’t require any foam rolling but after a stretching/foam rolling session doing a child’s pose is a nice stretch for your back.


Test drive your adrenals
(by our very own Dr. Micheal Bastien, ND)

One of my daily rituals to monitor how I am managing my stress is to observe how I respond to incidents on the road while driving to and from work. If my stress is high I notice that I am less forgiving, less gracious, and more easily aggravated by what other drivers do around me.

Studies have shown ( ) that there is a strong correlation between our stress levels and our reactions on the road. If you find yourself feeling stressed out more often then you could take this opportunity to speak to your Healthcare provider about strategies and treatment options that may help you.

Ally Bradshaw KIN
Kinesiologist • Personal Trainer • Fitness Department Coordinator • Catalyst Kinetics Group

office 604-CK-GROUP (604-254-7687)
email [email protected]


Busting a few Concussion Myths - Out with the Old, In with the NEW!

New Ideas:
1) Rest for the first 24-48 hours, then we want to re-introduce sub-threshold aerobic exercise and re-introduce activity!
2) You do NOT need to stay in a dark room!
3) A concussion is a a reversible neurological dysfunction
4) You can continue to make improvements and changes YEARS after your concussion!

It’s time for you to connect with one of our knowledgeable concussion healthcare providers to help discover what your next steps could be to help you reach your goals!

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Is this you!? ⬆️

If so, don’t get bent out of shape about it.🤪 Let one of our practitioners help straighten you out!

Book in to see us today! ( Link in the bio as well!

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Do you struggle with osteoarthritic hip or knee pain? Has your doctor told you that you are a candidate for knee replacement but that you are too young or
your symptoms aren’t severe enough? Durolane could be the next best thing to
get you back in action and doing the activities you love!

Durolane is a single injection of hyaluronic acid (HA) that can provide lasting relief of pain by acting as a supplemental lubricant and shock absorber within the joint. Named for its DURability, Durolane prides itself in its high
concentrations of stabilized HA, which can mean longer lasting pain relief!!

Book in with one of our amazing Naturopathic Physicians or visit their website at to find out more.

You can even save yourself a trip to the pharmacy as we now carry this product


Stepping into the long weekend like…🏃‍♀️🏔

How will you be spending it? Let us know!

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Mental Performance Coaching/Sport Psychology

Mental Performance Coaching (MPC)aims to facilitate the development of mental and emotional skills, attitudes, perspectives, strategies, and processes that lead to an enhanced and optimal performance, well-being, and personal growth with the intent of leveling up your performance, staying consistent, and thriving. Sport and performance psychology exists to help athletes, coaches, and organizations thrive and succeed, but also to help non-sport domain performance areas such performing arts, tactical (military, police, firefighters), pilots, surgeons, business executives and more.

As we continue to provide the best integrated care possible for our patients we are excited to announce the addition of Dr. Kolin Kriitmaa, a registered Certified Mental Performance Consultant (CMPC) with the Association of Applied Sport Psychology, and Professional Member with the Canadian Sport Psychology Association.

Kolin takes an interdisciplinary approach to mental performance combining aspects from the physical, technical, tactical, cognitive, and psychological domains. Making him an amazing addition to our ever growing team. He uses research and evidence based techniques to create a client centered program to allow clients to build the best version of their career both on and off the field of play.

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Our Catalyst family has grown!!

Congratulations goes out to our amazing clinical counsellor, Christina, who welcomed her baby girl, Savannah, on July 4th. And another massive congratulations goes out to the wonderful Megan and Cody Wilson who welcomed their baby girl, Wren, on July 3rd.

All parties are healthy and doing well! Congrats new parents! We are so happy for you!! 🧡🧡


Our very own and introducing us to what PRP (platelet rich plasma) is and how it’s collected.

If you’re interested in PRP injection therapy training, check out for course information.

Or schedule your appointment with one of our skilled naturopaths to learn how platelet rich plasma can help support your rehabilitation today.


Cycling season is upon us!

What are you doing to support your body off of the saddle?

A glimpse into our training approach and what we do to help our cyclists stay strong and prevent injuries, is by focusing on a few of the major areas of the body.

Core - the stronger your core, the more efficient you are with your pedalling mechanics and the more you can increase your power output. Make sure to not only focus on your abdominals, but also your obliques (side muscles) and your erector spinae (back muscles), to promote stability throughout your ride, and maximize pedalling efficiency.

Lower Leg - calf strains and cramps are very common for cyclists, especially in the early season. Sometimes, improper foot placement on the pedal can cause your calf muscles to be overloaded during long or hilly rides. Other times, weak and tight calf muscles (made up of the gastrocnemius and soleus) can increase your chances of having those cramps and strains. Strengthening and stretching the calf muscles can help keep those rides long and injury free!

Hip Flexors - the glutes, hamstrings, quads, and hip flexors all work in unison to provide that much needed power output to keep those pedals spinning, and the wheels turning. The most common complaint for cyclists is tight hip flexors. If the hip flexors are not working properly, they ruin the efficiency and power output of your glutes for each pedal stroke, meaning slower rides, and faster time-to-fatigue. Making sure the hip flexors are strong, as well as stretching before and after each ride, will help boost your pedalling efficiency and lower your chances of injury!

To learn more and level up (or should we say, "gear" up) your training, click the link in our bio to book in with one of our team of cycling specialists!


Big congrats to Stacey Campeau for placing 2nd in her age group at the Des Moines Ironman last week! She will be competing in the Ironman World Championships held in Hawaii in October!

Good luck with your training Stacey! Can’t wait to cheer you on at the World Championships!!


Forearm Contrasting:

As an RMT I’m constantly battling sore forearms, and I know I’m not the only person with this struggle. Many people struggle with carpal tunnel, tennis elbow, golfers elbow, and just general forearm and wrist soreness. One of the most effective self care treatments I’ve found is !

Research supports the use of contrast hydrotherapy to lessen muscle fatigue, decrease pain and decrease swelling. Some research also points towards contrasts helping flush out lactic acid after workouts.

An easy rule of thumb is 30 seconds of cold water (usually around drinking water temperature), 3 minutes of warm water (bath water temperature), followed by some pain free movement of the joint, and I do all of this over three times! You can use tubs or your side by side kitchen sink. Let us know if you try it 😊


Did you know that now offers in-house clinical reformer pilates?!

Pilates is a low-impact form of exercise which focuses on posture, coordination and body alignment, while improving flexibility, balance and strength - particularly around the core, back, glutes and thighs.

Reformer pilates is a dynamic form of exercise that uses the machine’s springs and levers to create resistance and allow for equal focus on both concentric and eccentric contraction of the muscles.

Benefits include:
1) full body workout
2) increased body awareness and understanding of your body’s biomechanics
3) builds strength, coordination and balance
4) high intensity, low impact
5) creates a stronger core and improves posture
6) aids in injury recovery, rehabilitation and prevention
7) improves athletic performance
8) decrease back and joint pain
9) extended health coverage
10) it is a lot of fun!! 🤗💪

Curious to learn more? Give us a call and come experience the benefits for yourself!

We look forward to seeing you and helping you along your health journey!

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