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Operating as usual


Biggest congratulations to Brittney Mack on the purchase of Legend. We look forward to having him here with us in Canada! Look out for this pair next season! Thank you @rmy.sporthorses for helping us find this match.



Congratulations to the new owners of Veronika! Wishing you all the best!

Contact us to find your next partner!


Biggest congratulations to Emma Ludwar and a very fairy tale, winners of the 2’6 Medal! So great! ❤️


Super excited to welcome Eagle’s Creek Boppity to the team for the next year! Congratulations Emma! So much fun to come!

Thank you Lauren Underhill for this wonderful pony ❤️ Deb Kim


What a great day! 4th in the C.S.I.E Nation’s Cup out of 15 teams! Way to go ladies! @greenhawkcalgary


We are looking for someone to come join our team starting mid August. Responsible individual required.
Duties will include:
•handling horses
•mucking stalls
•working machinery (quads,tractor, etc)
This is a part time job Monday- Friday 7:30-11

Individual must have own mode
Of transportation. Individual must be comfortable around horses and reliable!!! Great work environment
Located 15 mins from Okotoks


Okay just slightly obsessed ❤️ only two days off the plane and jumps like this ⭐️ this 5yo is incredible @viksavi_


New guy on the block, “Louis” ❤️ very excited to have this one here with us @viksavi_


SOLD- Kiri! We would like to congratulate the new owners of this wonderful mare!


Bellini S • this one is going to be a 3-ring superstar in the future! If only I was younger and still a junior 🤣


Omg 🤣

Hahaha happens on every show :D
credits: Pinterest


5yo Bellini by Quidam De Revel
Very excited for the upcoming outdoor season with him ❤️

Ian Millar's 5 Key Positions for Effective Show Jumping 01/20/2021

Ian Millar's 5 Key Positions for Effective Show Jumping

Ian Millar's 5 Key Positions for Effective Show Jumping I could write a book describing the correct position when riding a horse, but that is not necessary. Identifying the proper position really is this straightforward! 1. Balanced position When a rider sits on a horse there must be a straight line from the rider’s ear, through their shoulder, down to...


Congratulations to @brooke.mostman and the Mostman family on their purchase of George. Wishing you guys all the best ❤️


Merry Christmas all!

2020 may not have had the show season we hoped for, but for our first year as I could not have asked for a better group of clients. Thank you to all of you for your support! My first year as a Pro exceeded my expectations. Looking forward to 2021 with you all ❤️


Excited for this guy to join my team in 2021!
Looking forward to having him here in Canada 🇨🇦

🎄✨🎁 SOLD! Some horses get so many attention and with this one we totally understand why 🤩 Congratulations to the new owners!🥂 SAFE TRAVELS! 🇨🇦


Very excited to announce my Sponsorship from Voltaire Design! I am thrilled to be joining this team and couldn’t be more excited for my horses and I to represent this brand! Thank you to those who made this new partnership possible!


EquiSale Sport Horses

Dear USEF,

After reading the hot mess going on with the WEC Ocala, I’m feeling the same mood as a chestnut mare who ran out of regumate and has to flat in the ring at feeding time.
You know, ears pinned, tail swishing and ready to murder her rider...

Seriously, when is the USEF actually going to care about its members and not treat them like ATM machines with a constant “suck it up buttercup” message?

Well buttercup has had enough.
It’s one thing to have to pay: fee, after fee, after fee, to get “s... “ customer service and not get much out of our memberships, but the whole idea of being told where to show is plain ridiculous.

The mileage rule nonsense gotta go. It might have been a good thing 30 years ago, but in 2020 it's obsolete.
Shows should get entries and participants because they offer the best stabling, footing, prize money, service, and venue ... not because their great great uncle by their mother’s cousin's side bought dates when Columbus discovered America.

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room. HITS Ocala is a sub-par venue, the stabling is decrepit and borderline unsafe. Who in their right mind would feel comfortable putting their quarter million dollar Grand Prix horse in what looks like a vintage 1930s circus tent from Barnum and Bailey circus?
Don’t even get me started on the footing.
Last year we were promised improvements, so they replaced the perimeter fencing in the schooling rings from black board fencing, to some unfinished looking wood rail that is a splinter hazard.
The bungalows for people to stay on site were still unfinished after circuit.
The wash stall situation is disgusting. Half of them look like a giant mud pit so deep and gross that your horse has dirtier legs after his bath than before.
The conditions for the grooms to work in are 3rd world country worthy.

So you see USEF, I’m not a big name, I don’t have millionaire clients, I’m just another little minion, trying to make a living in this industry.

I will most likely never qualify any of my horses to any finals, indoors or any kind of prestigious championship. I could care less about points.
Because I just sell horses, and I go to shows to get videos and miles for my horses. All I do when I’m at a show is trying to explain to a fresh off the boat import with PTSD that showing in America is fun.

So when a promoter spent years to build what is going to be the most amazing show facility in the US, 2 hours from my farm- I had huge expectations. I got as excited as when it’s time to buy thin mints from the Girl Scouts. Like legit, excited.

But the USEF and their clique, ruined it all...
Prize money had to be chopped to 4 million dollars, FEI riders are being blackmailed with the rule that if they want to keep on showing at the international shows they are not allowed to compete at non USEF venues.
And the list goes on... enough is enough. Let us show wherever we want to show period. End of the discussion.

Look at me, I can’t just randomly go out and tell everybody who sells horses in my area that they are not allowed to sell horses within 60 miles from me. Same for the trainers who have clients and give lessons. They can’t just bank on a running a business based on the lack of competition from other professionals. If you want to survive, you simply have to be better than your competitors, offer a better product and/or better service.

The way I stay in business is by working extra hard, providing excellent customer service, and not just caring about the money, but actually caring about the people and the horses.

So USEF, why don’t you let the participants, the people that actually pay the bills, decide where they want to show and who they want to give their money to?

A fed up Minion...


We currently have a few indoor spots available
$900 + GST
Training options available
Different feed options!


Excited for 4yo Bellini to join us here in Canada! Quidam de Revel x Carneval


Things are coming together so nicely with Fleuri! Looking forward to Royal West! Very fortunate to have such a great team behind me


Just my little angel muffin 🐴


Kelly, 4yo mare by Kannan x Argentinus x Grannus🤩 on her way to us!


From the Plaid Horse....

"If a horse says no, you either asked the wrong question or asked the question wrong.
An average hunter course has 100 strides. Only 8 of them are jumps. Don’t sacrifice the 92 for the 8.
On approaching a fence: good riders wait until it’s time to go. Great riders go until it’s time to wait.
Don’t squat with your spurs on.
It is NEVER the horse’s fault. Yes, sometimes a horse may take advantage of a situation, but there is ALWAYS something the rider could do differently to change the situation.
Pass left hand to left hand.
You can only lie to your horse so many times before they call your bluff.
Horses do no know what they are worth. They do not know, or care, what they are capable of. They only care about the way you treat them.
Injuries and colic happen almost exclusively at 10:00 pm on a Saturday.
Shoes get lost almost exclusively when preparing to leave for a show.
If you work hard, try your best, and never give up, your efforts will not go unnoticed. And you will be rewarded with opportunities when you least expect it.
If you work hard, try your best, and never give up, you will still fail sometimes.
Video doesn’t lie – after being told repeatedly that I was lifting my right hand before every fence, and swearing up and down that I was certainly NOT lifting my right hand before every fence… I was—in fact—lifting my right hand before every fence. Sometimes your brain lies to you. Video does not.
On being nervous going into the show ring: you’re just not that big of a deal. No one at the show is watching you close enough to know every mistake you might make, except for the judge and your trainer, and you are paying them to watch.
Be patient – there are no shortcuts. Any shortcut you may try, will actually be the long way.
Check your personal issues and emotions at the door. Your horse will know. It usually does not go well.
If your horse is in front of your leg, you have options.
We never lose. We either win or we learn.
Ride like a winner. You cannot act like flip flops and expect to be treated like Louboutins.
If you have to pick only two things to think about during a course, pace and track are the two you should choose. The rest cannot happen without pace and track.
Give yourself and your horse brain breaks. Go have fun, go hack out in the woods, go swimming bareback, read a book in the paddock, whatever. Just allow yourself time to have fun.
At home there’s no reason to jump as big as you show every time. The basics are the basics regardless of the jump height. Save your horses legs.
The horse world is very small. Remember this and don’t burn your bridges and be mindful of your words.
Clean your tack. Groom your horse. Properly. Every day. If you can control nothing else, you can control your turn out. There is no excuse to not do the minimum effort.
No matter what the problem is, the solution is almost always add more leg.
Ride the horse you have today. Not the one you had yesterday. Not the one you want to have. The horse under you at this moment is the only one that matters.
You go where you look. The human head weighs 10 pounds. Unless you would like to end up on the ground, do not look down.
Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard. " - advice excerpts from the Plaid Horse


We have a few spots available in our training program! Outdoor and indoor board with a great indoor and outdoor arena, all day turnout and exceptional care. Message us!


Already so in love with Fleuri!
Thanks @schmidiii for finding us this awesome boy ❤️ future looks bright ⭐️


Why is this so true 🤦‍♀️

Yep, everything is going so well... :D
credits: Groom's Secret on Tumblr


Yesterday was a big day at Powers Equestrian! Our first horse show of the year!

Emma was amazing on both of her ponies with many great ribbons in the x-rails and 2’ Hunters!
Kara and her young horse also placed very well in their classes and had lots of fun.
Erin and Kiri stepped up and put some great trips in despite the rain 🌧

Great job Ladies!

A big thank you to Rodney for helping me grow as a person and a professional in this industry

Looking forward to more Great days like these


We have a few indoor spots available
- 10x12 stalls
- auto waters
- all day turn out
- super clean facility
- indoor arena (heated)
- outdoor arena
- wash stall.
- custom feed program
$900 + GST
PM to come have a look!


Debbie Boyle’s Smartie being super this morning through the grid ❤️


Evenings on the farm


Powers Equestrian is a beautiful equine facility located 10 minutes from Okotoks.

17 horse barn with a 180x85 indoor arena and 200x100 outdoor arena

We have jumping coaches and dressage trainers available.
Whether you are looking to be competitive or ride for pleasure, Powers Equestrian is a great and friendly environment for everyone! From Beginner to advanced riding!
Half leases available if interested
Pm us or contact Stephany at 403-585-2044


to Spruce Meadows Summer Series 2016 with Google ❤️

Safe to say that we are ready to get back to this now


to 2013 with Pokerface. He was such a great first horse for me ❤️


Beautiful night on the farm! Hoping this snow goes away soon, we are ready to ride outside now!

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Things are coming together so nicely with Fleuri! Looking forward to Royal West! Very fortunate to have such a great tea...
Already so in love with Fleuri! Thanks @schmidiii for finding us this awesome boy ❤️ future looks bright ⭐️
Debbie Boyle’s Smartie being super this morning through the grid ❤️ #powersequestrian #trainwithlandmark
Beautiful night on the farm! Hoping this snow goes away soon, we are ready to ride outside now! #powersequestrian
Good boy Klein 💞 #trainwithlandmark #powersequestrian #classified
When you realize it’s #sundayfunday#powersequestrian #trainwithlandmark
#KingGeorge, could he be any more perfect?!••#powersequestrian #trainwithladmark





96161 402 Ave W
Calgary, AB

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