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Announcing a New Focus for my Coaching and Mentoring

With 20 years of coaching, speaking and training acumen in a variety of organizations and fields, I am now turning my attention back to my first passion - interior design. In spite of recognition and success in my own commercial interior design consulting firm, I left the world of design feeling exhausted and burnt out. Overwork and overwhelm got the better of me and I set out to pursue more and different areas of achievement in a relentless pursuit of business/financial know-how and human potential knowledge.

Three years ago I was introduced to The Three Principles, a revolutionary understanding of how the mind works that essentially freed me from my anxiety and self-doubt. I came to understand our true nature and the invisible power behind each of us that provides insightful and intuitive knowing beyond our personal intellect and experience. This deeper knowing affords us the opportunity to work with greater clarity and ease, to feel more self-assured and to recognize our innate resilience and well-being.

I now want to share this understanding with interior designers to help them manage the overwhelm that can arise from the complexity and demands of providing professional design services for multiple clients, and multiple projects with multiple deadlines. I can show them how to work with less stress and more ease and how to optimize their talent, time and team performance so that they have the personal and financial freedom to create lives they love.

I am looking to interview interior designers to get a better understanding of what they are up against now. Much has changed (and much has not) since I worked in the field.

I would appreciate any referrals.
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Do you wonder why you are driven to achieve more and more even at the expense of your health and happiness?


When giving feedback, remember everyone has their own logic for doing what they did.


The Real Reason Why Small Businesses Flounder and Fail
The intangible reason behind the tangible reasons.


The Real Reason Why Small Businesses Flounder and Fail - The intangible reason behind the tangible reasons.


One of the Most Stressful Things You Can Do -


Five Ways to Discourage Yourself.
Register for a complimentary masterclass - How to Be Discouragement-Proof.


Five Ways to Discourage Yourself and
Register for a complimentary masterclass - How to Be Discouragement-Proof


How to Be Discouragement Proof Complimentary Masterclass for Women in Business


How to Be Discouragement Proof - Complimentary Masterclass for Women in Business. Register through Eventbrite.


Beyond EFT - New Dates for Practitioner Mentor Series . Course details and registration https:/


Beyond EFT - Revised Dates for EFT International Practitioner Mentor Series - *||*


The Illusion of Stress: It's Not What You Think - Or Is It?


The Illusion of Stress: It's Not What You Think - Or Is It?


Beyond EFT - The Journey from Fear to Freedom EFT International Mentorship Series


Bring Your Holiday Mode to Work for Higher Levels of Performance


Bring Your Holiday Mode to Work for Higher Levels of Performance


How Stress Makes You Stupid - Five ways stress takes you out.


*|FNAME|*, Join Me Live on BOLD BRAVE TV Join sales expert Jackie Rainforth and I as we discuss how feeling like an Impostor can sabotage a sales conversation.


How Stress Makes You Stupid - Five ways that stress can take you out.


*|FNAME|*, Join Me Live on BOLD BRAVE TV Join sales expert Jackie Rainforth and I as we discuss how feeling like an Impostor can sabotage a sales conversation.


*|FNAME|*, Date Correction Jan 27th for Live TV


*|FNAME|*, Date Correction Jan 27th for Live TV -


*|FNAME|*, Join Me Live on BOLD BRAVE TV - Sales expert Jackie Fairborn and I discuss how Impostor Syndrome kills sales.


Thriving in the Eye of the Hurricane - Just like the calm in the eye of a hurricane, we all have an inner psychological center for peace and well-being.


Season 1, Episode 14 – October 15, 2021
The Martini Club

GINSPIRED is a podcast where Heather E Wilson talks about and celebrates everything about the wonderful juniper-laced spirit called GIN!

In this episode, I discuss my experiences with gin and my Martini Club, and share some tips on how to have your own Martini Club.

Listen now:


Speaking Of Speaking with Carl Richards
Season 3, Episode 66 – October 6, 2021
Imposter Syndrome: The Dangers Of Feeling Like A Fake

I am delighted to be a guest on podcast coach and producer Carl Richards’ show. We explore how feeling like an impostor can impact a speaker’s ability to connect with his or her audience.

Listen now:


Join me at my 3P Coffee and Conversation Cafe at 9:00 am MDT/MST tomorrow, Friday, October 8th, where you'll be introduced to the simplicity of the Principles behind greater poise, presence and personal power.

Register to access the Zoom link and attend the meeting here:

I can’t wait to see you there!!


One Thought Can Change Everything

One of the aspects that inspires me about the Three Principles understanding is the fact that one thought can change everything. Founder Sydney Banks reiterated this many times during his 36 years teaching the Principles throughout the world. The ‘one thought’ can come as an insight, a revelation or a deeper understanding. Regardless, the fresh idea can literally rock your world in profoundly life-changing ways.

Read more:


I was honoured to be a guest on Love&BLoved with Lena Cebula, where she explores real stories by real people, to encourage, inspires and to give hope.

Listen now to my story of Honouring with Acceptance:


Doing Without Doing
A Principles Approach to Productivity

I attended a three-day program this past weekend proposing that we can achieve as much, if not more without ‘really trying’. The premise, based on the Three Principles, is that we all possess a deep inner knowing connected to the intelligent energy behind life.

Read more:


Feeling rushed comes from trying to keep up with an over-busy mind. When you slow down your thinking, you move into a state of flow and can calmly take one step at a time.


The Wealth and Wellness Show with Host Kalee Boisvert
Episode 48, July 22, 2021

Kalee’s podcast serves to spark healthy and positive conversations around wealth and investment, and create a world where nobody is limited by their financial situation.

My topic is Achieving Clarity in Your Life where I speak to the Four Stages of Clarity and how to have optimal clarity in order to realize your professional and personal goals with greater ease and freedom.

Listen now:


Decluttering Your Mind for More Peace, Freedom and Flow

During our 3P Coffee & Conversation zoom call, we had a lively discussion about downsizing and decluttering our homes (or helping others to). The incentive for getting rid of ‘stuff’ can come from a move, cleaning out someone else’s home or giving your own home a lift by disposing of no-longer-useful-or-wanted belongings. The acknowledged feelings experienced after a significant purge were lightness, expansiveness, spaciousness and freedom. Getting rid of items we no longer want, even though it can be difficult at the time, frees up our attention, energy and time.

I thought about it and wondered if we couldn’t apply the same approach to our sometimes over-cluttered minds. How might we downsize, declutter and dispense with some of our thoughts in order to experience more spaciousness, freedom and lightness?

Read more ( for seven types of thoughts most of us could do without.

Marlene Cameron Coaching 08/17/2021

Marlene Cameron Coaching

Attention Female CEO’s, Entrepreneurs and Leaders

Are you a professional woman struggling with stress and overwhelm?

Grab my: 7 Secrets to Unshakeable Calm, Clarity and Confidence today!

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Which channels do you listen to in your head? Is it CNEG? (Negative self-talk). CNAG? (Nagging doubt?) or perhaps CBLM? (Blame and self-criticism). You might find that dialing down those inner critic channels is not enough. Even at low volume the noise can be annoying, distracting and discouraging.

Consider changing the channel completely. Try CPOS (positive attitude), CGRT (gratitude for self and others), CBTB (better than before) or even CALM (self explanatory).

Type below what channel you would like to tune out of, or tune into.


The ONE Thing at the Core of Everything

Whether you are an entrepreneur, business leader, or individual, we all seek to understand what it takes to be successful in our businesses, careers, and lives. What contributes to our personal power and ability to realize our full potential? How do these attributes inform and energize our capacity to be and perform at our best, support others in their success, and have rich, fulfilling lives and relationships?

I submit the nine personal powers: Calm, Confidence, Conviction, Courage, Creativity, Compassion, Connection, Clear Communications and Compelling Presence. Might there be one unifying power behind all of these assets and advantages? What one thing fuels our ability to embody and demonstrate these powers, and be the authentic and effective leaders and influencers we are already capable of? In a word: CLARITY.

Read more:

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A New Way of Thinking About Stress





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