All the latest tracks from Flo Durell, Chris Melanson, Brad Simmonds, Kevin Garrigan, and many others.
No sugar added flavoured vodka!! I checked the site and they have ZERO CARBS!!
Check out this article where The Telegram promotes the launch of a Newfoundland keto friendly box meal delivery service; Keto Newf. Tara weighs in on how she likes the idea of a homegrown meal box.

Read the full article here: and check out KETO NEWF on Facebook!
What's your biggest KETO QUESTION? We are going FB LIVE and want to get you the answers you deserve!
Omg this is the best cake I’ve EVER eaten!!!!!
What do you do when you get the motherload of Bayguls? You eat them of course!!
Thank you Melinda for my treats!!! I won’t be able to wait till tomorrow to taste them. I’m saving tomorrow for my cake!!!
Coming for breakfast yet? Lol
Bacon, egg, cheese and avocado on everything bagel mmmmmm
Plain egg and cheese this morning 🤤
Get it in ya!!
Little trip to Lemon and Lime after my post night shift nap
Karen Camus
All the Baygulls are gone at Lemon and Lime. I got chocolate chip cookies, honey garlic sauce and the jam
Can you message me a product and price list please.

Healthier lifestyle Keto Newf Meal Plan Coaching. We are real people, real stories & real success. W

Operating as usual


We just can't get enough of the "Mudder Clucker"!!!
Who wants one??


My lunch date with dragons producers last week,
Turns into date night with the dragons themselves tomorrow night!
Send ya good vibes by's!! ❤️

" I didn't Come this far
To ONLY come this far"!
~ Keto Newf


Mouth Watering Tuscan Chicken

I didn't come the Far to ONLY come this Far !
~KetO Newf


Introducing the Big Mudder Clucker !
Who said eating healthy meant eatin' all salads ⁉️⁉️⁉️


Study's show that bagels are the #1 chosen Breakfast bread .... Don't worry... We got you covered... We have 25 flavours of BAYGULLS!


We have the nicest buns 😁

Photos from KETO NEWF's post 03/11/2022

This is a big day for all us keto newf journiers.

Today is the day we have been preparing for, our whole life.
I knew years ago that I was destined to help make a change of some sort. I just didn't know what.

I remember years ago sitting alone at home night time with my small children and they asking "what are we going to do tonight mommy? "
I'd look at their little faces, smile and say everytime, " we are going to learn to change the world, one person at a time ♥️"

Little did we know, that's exactly what was happening.

For those of you who know me personally, know this wasn't an easy journey... Not by a long shot. There were many hard mountains to climb. Many barriers trying to hold us back. Just like some of you have in your lives.

As I sit here this morning, surrounded by positives vibes, the sun, the ocean, toast and hot chocolate, I prepare to enter the" Dragons Den"!

I can't help but to reflect back on those huge mountains we had to climb. The memories that flash back are not those of the horrible or hard times we endured, the memories are of the people who helped and supported us along the way.

There were and ARE many powerful influences in our lives that probably didn't realize that they were. Let me tell you, with out YOU on our journey, we would not have made it here. If you're smiling right now, it's because you just realized that we are talking about YOU, so thank you.❤️

Today as I rehearse my pitch over, and over and over again, I still cry, I guess I will have to reapply makeup more then once. 🙄😳

Our mission is to help everyone see there is an easier way to become healthy, mind body and spirit.
And the Keto Newfs can certainly help you.

We are asking today for help in making our products and services more accessible to everyone who needs them. We are the breaking barriers that WE ALL face!!

My nan always used to say " my cup runneth over"....
Today my cup is over flowing...

We love each and everyone of you who takes the time from their busy day, to drop a note in our inbox, sends a text or email or stops us in the store while we are running errands. We appreciate you and we love havin a chat with ya to help you through your DAY.

To my ever supporting husband, who never asks or doubts but continues to say " if anyone can make this happen, it's you"... I love you with all my heart and soul. ♥️

Today when we are in the Dragons space, we will stand tall and present with confidence knowing... You all have our back on this wonderful keto Newfs journey!

"I didn't Come this Far... To ONLY come this Far!!"

Keto Newf 03/09/2022

Keto Newf

Our gurus are busy making you a very easy to use site ! Check it out !

Keto Newf Welcome to our Community of Healthier Lifestyle Support Mind ~ Body ~ Spirit & Love

Keto Newf 03/08/2022

Keto Newf

New Site .. check it out !

Keto Newf Welcome to our Community of Healthier Lifestyle Support Mind ~ Body ~ Spirit & Love


Not bad for someone who worked all day. Eating healthy don't have to mean all salads!

Keto Newf 03/06/2022

Keto Newf

New Site coming your way. Being developed as you read ! Check it out !!

Keto Newf Welcome to our Community of Healthier Lifestyle Support Mind ~ Body ~ Spirit & Love

Keto Newf 03/05/2022

Keto Newf

Check out our new site, developing more each day ! Looking good eh?

Keto Newf Welcome to our Community of Healthier Lifestyle Support Mind ~ Body ~ Spirit & Love

Keto Newf 03/05/2022

Keto Newf

Check this out !

Keto Newf Welcome to our Community of Healthier Lifestyle Support Mind ~ Body ~ Spirit & Love



By's I just found out that I am nominated for country music artist with ISSA. It's a little late now so I need you to quickly please take a moment and click the link. It will take you right to it. S roll down until you see my name and click again!
You can vote once a day. Pretty please do this for me 😳🥺😍🤠❤️

MONTHLY AWARD VOTING   February is here! This month’s category is: ISSA ROCK ARTIST OF THE MONTH This is where you will vote for your favorite ISSA Rock Artist! (and we have lots) You may select more than on…

Photos from KETO NEWF's post 03/05/2022

The KetO NewfS journey has chanded our lives forever!
Do you want:
* better brain focus
* more energy
* no more belly bloat
* massive weight loss
* over all better health and wellness?
Join the Keto Newf journey. Let us help you!

Photos from KETO NEWF's post 02/19/2022

Now offering Virtual Keto Newf Koaching
If you would like some help feeling good again, we can help. Proven massive weight loss and delicious foods

Photos from KETO NEWF's post 02/17/2022

Keto Newf Koaching ... If you would like some help getting back on track or choosing a new journey, we would love to help you. Massive weight loss results and delicious foods

Photos from KETO NEWF's post 02/15/2022

Keto Newf Koaching .. Proven MASSIVE WEIGHT LOSS !! Would you like some help feeling healthier? We help and you can still eat food like these ! Inbox or Comment below

Photos from KETO NEWF's post 02/13/2022

Would you like us to help you get back on track and start feeling good about yourself and your health ? We offer Keto Newf Koaching to help you with health and wellness ~ Mind, Body and Spirit

Photos from KETO NEWF's post 02/12/2022

Would you like some help on a healthier journey? We have proven MASSIVE WEIGHT LOSS @ Keto NewfS by following our meal plans and eating our gourmet eats and treats ! Comment below or inbox if you would like to schedule a chat

Photos from KETO NEWF's post 02/12/2022

Now offering Keto Newf Koaching ! Would you like to know how I lost 240lbs and can help you on a healthier journey also ?
comment below to set up your time to Chat with the Keto Newf !! Im here to help

Photos from KETO NEWF's post 12/18/2021

And we are here at Farm and Market Clarenville until 3pm today. We are located in Santa's work shop behind the big market building!‼️ How cool is that‼️
We must have been good NewfS this year to be at the big guys workshop 🎅🤶🎅🤶🎅🤶🎅🤶🎅🤶
Come get your Keto approved, diabetic friendly Gourmet eats and treats!🎄🎀🎄🎀🎄🎀🎄🎀🎄


KetO NewfS is otw to Farm and Market Clarenville with loads of Gourmet eats and treats for you to stick with your journey this holiday season!! 🎄🎅🎄🎅🎄
No added sugar, low carb perfect for ketoers and diabetics🎄🎀🎄
We are in 🎅Santa's Work Shop🎅 today at the back of the Building
From 10-3 last day to grab ya holiday goodies 🎀🎄🎀🎀🎄🎀🎄


We are at the Farm and Market Clarenville today from 10-3 today
Stop by and pick up your Gourmet no added sugar low carb, eats and treats! Perfect for that special someone on your list that's following the Keto lifestyle or a diabetic!!
Special packaging prices. Check out our Christmas Decadents perfect for gifting or gobbling this holiday season.


Remember folks and new journiers .. Join our groups KetO NewfS and The SHED - PowerHouse INC. for help and support when you need it :)

Photos from KETO NEWF's post 12/03/2021

Photos from KETO NEWF's post

Photos from KETO NEWF's post 11/20/2021

We are at the Farm and Market Clarenville today from 10-3 🎄🥰🎄
Drop by and check out our yummy no added sugar, low carb diabetic and keto friendly treats!! Also check out the many vendors that have their local products proudly on display

TheShedPowerhouse on TikTok 11/03/2021

TheShedPowerhouse on TikTok

We Are trying to come up with a solution for tech issues regarding live Facebook shows...😬
Click the link and join our tik tok please.❤️‼️
We need a few more followers to live steams. 😍

TheShedPowerhouse on TikTok @theshedpowerhouse 588 Followers, 1301 Following, 251 Likes - Watch awesome short videos created by TheShedPowerhouse

Photos from KETO NEWF's post 10/11/2021

We have lost over 320 lbs together! In 2 yrs ! You can do it too!!
Want to win free shrinky juice?

Send an Email to

[email protected]
and in the subject line:
I didnt come this far to only come this far
~ Keto Newf


Photos from KETO NEWF's post 10/06/2021

Safe drop Glovertown -Gambo - Gander
Sat Oct 09th
Who needs yummy
Keto and diabetic friendly
Gourmet eats and treats??

It's how Mel lost over 240lbs
And Brad's lost over 85lbs
No added sugars, low carb


Someone can't wait for the Clarenville farm and market tomorrow 🤣🤣🤣
They are otw my friend ❤️

Photos from KETO NEWF's post 09/24/2021

Oh my.... We are creating delicioisness again 😳
Don't be fightin....
ye can Get your waffle puddin bowls at the Farm and Market Clarenville tomorrow ‼️

Photos from KETO NEWF's post 09/21/2021

And we are off to the market again this weekend! See ya Saturday ❤️❤️
What new treats will we show case this weekend I wonder 🤔🤔🤔

Photos from KETO NEWF's post 09/21/2021

Ok by's. We love the Farm and Market Clarenville so much we decide to go back again this Saturday ‼️‼️ see ya there with lots of Gourmet eats and treats.
No added sugar, low carb, diabetic and keto friendly ‼️
We even have samples 😁

Photos from KETO NEWF's post 09/18/2021

We are at the Farm and Market Clarenville... Drop by fro a chat and treat ❤️😎❤️ and a bit of music from the handsome deep voiced husband of mine Brad Simmonds Country Music Artist ‼️‼️

Photos from KETO NEWF's post 09/15/2021

Lookie what we will have at the Farm and Market Clarenville this week‼️
Newf bites

💥Comes in loads of flavours 💥

*Herb, garlic and cheese.
* Sinamen bun
* loaded
* banana
* red licorice
* Pumpkin spice
Eating no added sugar, low carb has helped me lose over 240lbs.
My recipes has proven massive weight loss and mouth watering deliciousness 😋🤤❤️

Photos from KETO NEWF's post 09/13/2021

Ok Sharon ‼️ YOU asked for it ‼️ We did it‼️
Meet the French toast BAYGULL‼️
but you knows we had to UP THE GAME ‼️
Individual slices of yummy fluffy Sinamen French Toast bread ‼️
Called ‼️ SHARON'S... Cuz they are big enough to be sharin.... And SHARRON asked for em ‼️


Meet Frenchie who likes to lead the pack while all dressed likes it behind the scenes‼️
2 of our many new flavours of BAYGULLS ‼️

EDIT TO MY POST:: All dressed taste way different then his cousin evertin BAYGULL😏


We are at Farm and Market Clarenville
Along with Brad Simmonds Country Music Artist ‼️
Come check out all the fabulous local products and artists‼️


And so we met Eddie ‼️ what a guy he is. Didn't mind that we walked up and asked for a pic ❤️ cool spirit my friend. Enjoy your family time ‼️

Photos from KETO NEWF's post 08/18/2021

Well sweet ( or nonsweet as in this case) mother Mary ‼️ look at the signature keto newf cherry icecream topped with all no added sugar toppings... I'm not pullin ya leg. I eat this and still lose massive weight and most importantly got healthy eating these KetO NewfS Gourmet eats and treats and drinking one shrinky juice a day


Waffle anyone?
Find me at the Farm and Market Clarenville Saturday morning with my extremely talented husband Brad Simmonds Country Music Artist

We have been busy this week creating some of our favorite flavours and making them into waffles for ya! We want you to stay on this journey! Bevome healthier ❤️🥰
We have
Peaches and cream
Pumpkin spice
Apple crisp
Maple pecan
Banana split
After Tree
And of course we will have yummy delicious toppings all no added sugar low carb ‼️
And this is only Tuesday yet!! Can you imagine what we will create the rest of the week??

What's some of your fav flavours?


My nan was a lady of very few words. One thing she always said was "my cup runneth over"
Well nan... Lately my cup runneth over so much that's its even starting to over flow in my waffle maker now
Love ya nan. Things like this show me you are still with me. ❤️🥰

Bys ya all gonna love these babies at the Farm and Market Clarenville Saturday morning!!
Loads of new flavours
Peaches n cream
Maple pecan
Pumpkin spice
Banana split
After eight


Safe drop happening today from Glovertown to bishops falls. Whatcha need by's??

Photos from KETO NEWF's post 08/09/2021

Keto newf will be in providing safe drops this week.
Glovertown - Bishop's Falls Thursday and port Blandford to Holyrood on Saturday
Anyone need a safe drop?

Photos from KETO NEWF's post 08/07/2021

We are at the Farm and Market Clarenville today along with the very talanted ( and incredibly sexy😜) Brad Simmonds Country Music Artist
Drop by and see all the fantastic vendors, pick up some of KetO Newfs awesome Baygulls, we use those friggers for everything!
and listen to some great music.🎼🎵🎶
Be sure to say hi... We love to chat :)


Do you own a resturant, cafe or shop and would to add something Keto to your menu? Inbox us. We also do signature product development. 😁


KetO NewfS and Brad Simmonds Country Music Artist will be at the Farm and Market Clarenville tomorrow at sat Aug 7th @ 12.
Drop by and say hi!! We would love to meet ya!

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A li'l Mexican happen` In the Keto Newf Kitchen today!Meet the newest BAYGULL...Lil bit spicy... Lil bit savoury... Whol...
Now that’s what KETO NEWFS call keto chicken fried rice 😋😋😋





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