Paravie Fitness, Deux-Montagnes, QC Video April 4, 2020, 2:51pm

Videos by Paravie Fitness in Deux-Montagnes. You have nagging aches & pain. Getting hurt scares you. You're disgusted with your waist & weight increasing. You want to get the results you deserve. Are you tired of the same old gym routine? Join us & feel good at Paravie Fitness!


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Outdoor training

A little love in the end

Dedication to the New You


20-min AMRAP(10) eachLow, alternating lungesBurpeesLow squat, jumpsSitups (knee tucks)Lateral mountain climbers1-legged ...


Do 3-5 rounds: FridayFaire 3-5 tours: vendredi(10) Push ups(25) Squats(10) Alternating reverse lunge + kick(30) Runner's...

Do 3-5 rounds: ThursdayToday, I've modified for those who need an easier version using a chair and harder with Gymstick....

Do 3-5 rounds: WednesdayToday, I've modified for those who need an easier version using a chair.Faire 3-5 tours: mercred...

5_day_viral_2 (with Gymstick)
Do 3-5 rounds: TuesdayOption: do this with Gymstick(10) Push ups(40) Squats(30) Alternating reverse lunge + kick(20) Run...

Do 3-5 rounds: Monday(5) Push ups(20) Squats(20) Alternating reverse lunge + kick(30) Runner's sit ups30s Plank with arm...

2 minutes + 8: (20-10)
2 mins - forward lunges, right leg8(20:10) - knee highs2 mins - forward lunges, left leg8(20:10) - knee highs2 mins - fo...

Core work
5 rounds (45:15)Bum raisesSingle-Leg V-upsFlutter kicksSide bendsKnee tuck sit ups+ 10 mins AMRAP(20) Mountain climbers...

Cardio - 20 mins
30s mountain climbers and 30s air squats for 20 mins total


Rock Stars
Vous savez que votre entraîneur et vos amis du fitness sont au studio ... prêts pour vous!Allons-y!

Simply commit!
If it is important to you, you will find a way.If it's not, you'll find an excuse.

Happy Sunday morning.

Why wait? Do it now.

Keep it simple
Don't over-think it,Don't complicate things...Just keep it simple!

Finally doing it