Joël Bondu, Deux-Montagnes, QC Video July 6, 2019, 3:22pm

Videos by Joël Bondu in Deux-Montagnes. BMX freestyle, Bicross de style libre acrobatique,sur bosse de terre et rampe.


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Surprisingly didn’t crash when l did this😬 @collectivebikes #bmx #fun

Last year while shooting with @skywardkick the project that l released couple weeks ago. While l was shooting for the second video part l fractured my fibula while warming up before trying to shoot some tricks. But the good part is that two days before that l rode @thekitchenskatepark and got done some of my favourite and scary tricks! That kind of video game trick that l love so much. I been killing physico and will be back soon! Gotta get stuff done! If you re till here l wish you a good day or night✌🏼 #bmx #fun

This on one was hella scary but felt insane. Will see if l can do some more when l heal! @collectivebikes #bmx

Would of been fire if l didn’t wipe the ramps cause it’s to slippery. At least it was clean after 😂 Clip from while ago @collectivebikes #bmx

Old clip. Can’t wait to ride my street bike soon! #bmx

Love bunny hop/drop in trick! #bmx

Waited so long to share these clip. Love how the first one looked 😍 @collectivebikes #bmx #van #travel

This one didn’t make the cut due to the green bike. Can’t wait to be back riding! @collectivebikes #bmx

Here’s a preview of my video that will be out in less than 3 hours from now! Super excited to finally share this project with everyone. @collectivebikes #bmx #van #vanlife #trip #nst

Who remember this one? @collectivebikes 🎥: @skywardkick #bmx

Old but still love that clip! 🎥: @vlad_p_films @collectivebikes #bmx

@brettbanasiewicz brought me on my first Polaris ride last week and taught me some jump and drift stuff. I had so much fun till next time! #bmx

@brettbanasiewicz Film the first clip on his overboard and it looks so smooth. Also like to look at the camera while riding 🤷🏼‍♂️ @collectivebikes @thekitchenskatepark #bmx #fun #smile

Almost got this one again today will have it tomorrow and loads more hopefully. Thank you @brettbanasiewicz for extending the session and being one of my biggest motivation from the pass and today!

🧙‍♂️🌀🧙‍♂️🌀 @collectivebikes #bmx

Had a fun time with @maximechalifourbmx riding @bigmarshchicago the other day. Can you fine the switch barspine in these two run? @collectivebikes #bmx #fun #dirt

Stoked on doing switch double whip on plastic ramp. Always scary trying new tricks for the first time but always good when you ride away from it. 🎥: @jeffreywhaley @collectivebikes #bmx

These kind of tricks never get bored. Always something to try or play with. @collectivebikes #bmx

A lap around @thekitchenskatepark. @collectivebikes #bmx

A lap around @thekitchenskatepark. @collectivebikes #bmx

Been couple months since l’ve done one of these. Sorry about the hope l’ll do a better one next week). Thank you @field1337 for the sesh. Can’t wait to go back! #bmx

Fun session at Wilson skate park yesterday! 🎥: @gardencheeze #bmx

Couple trick on the ground with make up on @collectivebikes #bmx

Young and while me back in canet France 2015 l believe. Really missing traveling by myself with nothing but a Golf bag and a bike going around Europe hunting all the contest a was able to do and just ride and meet loads of people. Thank you so much to everyone that helped me during that time. Really missing these long organize trip that lasted months. @collectivebikes #bmx

This is a funny video explaining how complicated speaking French is. French is my first language and l still struggle with it more than English now.😂😂 #Montreal #funny #french

So happy to be out in Denver. Unfortunately l’m leaving tonight. @collectivebikes #bmx

Just got to Denver yesterday after a week of travelling across the [email protected] 🎥: @ahmahd.thomas #bmx

Gonna miss San Diego and them skate park! Currently in Las Vegas with no plan. 🎥: @maximechalifourbmx #bmx

Safest way down the el toro 😂 @collectivebikes 🎥: @carlostheleon #bmx

Fun tech session at work yesterday. Learn 360 whip inside plus 3 hop after 😂 @collectivebikes 🎥: @kevinfabregue @stevenmox #bmx

This is our warm up area before performing. Also learn a new combo. @collectivebikes #bmx

Triple triple in your coffee ☕️ @collectivebikes #bmx

Clips from yesterday on the street jump. Having so much fun here! @collectivebikes #bmx

Rode the green soft cloud this week. Here’s some clips. @collectivebikes 🎥: @stevenmox

Rode the green soft cloud this week. Here’s some clips. @collectivebikes 🎥: @stevenmox

Couple clip at the office 🤗 @collectivebikes 🎥: @stevenmox

Folding the bike both way if you see what l mean. Collective Bikes 🎥: @stevenmox #bmx

Regular footjam bar in are scary. Hope you enjoy that four ways 😂 🎥: @valechabote Collective Bikes

I was feeling the flow that day. This was a bit of a improvisation. 🎥: @stevenmox Collective Bikes #bmx

Don’t do this one often cause it’s a scary one haha. You think l can add more before the downy? Collective Bikes #bmx

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