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“During this holiday season — find your reason to exercise. Happy Holidays 2020...”


Ground beef, cabbage, vegetables and tomatoes, this is the perfect soup to clean out your fridge! And it’s super easy to make, perfect for the colder weather, and it's low-carb, gluten-free, whole30 and freezer-friendly.

3 Freestyle Points • 181 Calories

Delicious, filling and comforting.

Syatt Fitness

Lotta people are mad about my last post but I’m in a great mood (lotta caffeine today) so I’ll double down and say it again in a slightly different way.

You don’t need a more intense workout plan.

You don’t need a more intense nutrition plan.

You need to be more intense about being consistent with the simple, basic sh*t you already know you should be doing but aren’t.

Love you.

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🍜 Thai S h r i m p Soup 🍜
Recipe : @damn_delicious

Syatt Fitness



Stop trying to lose a quick 10lbs three days before Joe F**kstick’s annual weenie roast.

Stop creating and forcing yourself into arbitrary deadlines by which you convince yourself you “need” to lose x amount of weight.

Stop putting so much pressure on yourself to lose an obscene amount of weight as quickly as possible.

Stop perpetuating this false idea that makes it seem like you need to lose it now or never.

It’s not “now or never.”

It’s not a “one and done” process.

It takes time.

A lot of time.

This is a “forever” kind of thing.

And the more you try to speed things up or lose weight faster or take magical fat burning pills or invest in motherf**king Fit Tea for f**ks sake...the further you drive yourself away from reaching your goal.


It’s not sexy or marketable or fun or easy...but it’s the truth.

This. Game. Is. Forever.

It never ends.

You will get better at it. It will get easier. You will get to a point where you don’t have to consciously think about it all the time.

But when it’s all said and done, this game never ends.

So enjoy it. Invest in the process. Give yourself the best opportunity to succeed.

And remember...if you aren’t having fun, what’s the point?

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🍲Chicken Pot Pie Soup 🥕🌽

Chicken Pot Pie is one of my favorite meals. Last week, I decided to do a little research and cook a soup version. 🤗
Here’s a delicious recipe from @thecleaneatingcouple.
I used regular milk instead of Almond milk and added frozen peas and corn.

Bon appétit!

❔Would you rather follow a training program (of 6 weeks, for example) or choose between a variety of different workouts on a daily basis?❔

📲To be honest, when I built my App, I thought the Programs section would have been the most popular.
⁉️The more I work with my clients, the more I realize that Add-on Workouts might be the favorite.

😊I’m really curious to know what you think! (in comment or DM).

In the Coco Fitness App, there are two sections :

1️⃣The Programs section includes a weekly routine composed of 3-5 workouts. You can follow a chosen training program for about 6-8 weeks.

2️⃣The Add-on Workouts section contains workouts (some without equipment) that target a specific part of the body or full-body workouts like HIIT.

✔️Whether you work out at home or at the gym.
✔️Whether your fitness level is Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced.
✔️Whether you can work out 3, 4 or 5 time a week.

🖤Get a program or workouts that are versatile and that suit your needs and schedule.

Sign up today!
Only $13.49\month so subscribe. Get a 7 free day trial. #cocofitnessapp

Une de mes soupes préférées! 👇🏼

🍲Italian Wedding Soup 🍲
I was craving for Italian Wedding Soup earlier this week but had never made it before.
I did some research on Pinterest and took some tips here and there from different blogs, and it ended up being the best soup I ever made. The taste and texture were delicious.

Recipe is on blog :

Happy Sweet Tuesday!
Here’s one of my favorite dessert lately.
🍎 Pan fried apples (I cook them with a tsp of butter + a tbsp of maple syrup)
🍶Plain Greek Yogourt
🍦Halo Top Ice Cream (Oatmeal Cookie).
⚪️Sprinkle of quick oatmeal.

Bouger plus, moins d’écran, mieux dormir : les nouvelles recommandations canadiennes | Zone active

Bon article avec perspective intéressante.
Je mentionne souvent à mes clientes de “faire un quotidien actif”... un workout est seulement 30-60 min sur 24h. Il faut quand même travailler à être le moins sédentaire possible pendant les heures de la journée.

“C’est très difficile à comprendre pour les gens, la différence entre être sédentaire et inactif. Sur le plan scientifique, ce n’est pas la même chose, explique-t-il. On peut bouger 30 minutes tous les jours ou 150 minutes par semaine et rester assis 10 heures par jour aussi. On peut donc être sédentaire et très actif. En anglais, on appelle ça des "Active Couch Potatoes".

“Par exemple, quelqu'un qui se lève très tôt pour aller courir ou faire de l’activité physique, ce n’est pas aussi bon que quelqu'un qui réduit le temps d'écran pour aller courir. Des substitutions sont meilleures que les autres. La meilleure option, c’est de bouger plus en réduisant les comportements sédentaires. Il ne faut jamais sacrifier notre temps de sommeil pour bouger davantage. On doit commencer notre journée avec une période de sommeil de 7 à 9 heures.” Pour être moins sédentaire, il faudrait entre autres limiter le temps d'écran récréatif à 3 h par jour.

It's really sad (and also frustrating) that the gyms have had to close their doors again.

💚But we still have control over how we will continue to take care of our health in the coming weeks. I understand that the context is not ideal, but there’s always a way to move and eat well.

🤎Staying active doesn't only mean lifting weights at the gym.
We are lucky: nature is offering us wonderful sceneries at this time of the year, let's take this opportunity to move outside. Walking is surely the most underrated exercise: so beneficial for physical AND mental health! #keepitsimple

🖤On the other hand, if you want to continue with weight training, I obviously suggest that you take a look at Coco Fitness App.
My clients find it simple to use, the workouts are efficient and are designed for all skill levels and preferences. #cocofitnessapp

💜Never hesitate to send me a message if you have any questions, whether it's related to your workouts, the programs in the app or even nutrition. #lovelocal

🍂 Turkey Pumpkin Chili 🍂
Easy to make and so delicious.
Recipe from @skinnytaste


💜Le troisième samedi de septembre marque la journée Becca Schofield.
🖤Puisque #BeccaToldMeTo, je suis vraiment heureuse de vous offrir 2 mois gratuits de l'application Coco Fitness.

💜The third Saturday of September marks Becca Schofield Day.
🖤As #BeccaToldMeTo, I’m really happy to give away 2 month free of Coco Fitness App.

👉🏼Let’s #keepitsimple with this 1 simple step:

1) Repost this giveaway in your Story.

The winner will be announced on Thursday September 24th.

💜Becca Schofield, a teenager from Riverview, initiated a campaign to encourage kindness and goodwill after being diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. Campaign participants were asked to perform random acts of kindness and to share them on social media using #BeccaToldMeTo.
The 18 years old girl sadly lost her battle with cancer in Feb. 17, 2018.
In recognition of the inspiration Schofield provided to the world, New Brunswickers are encouraged to keep her legacy alive by performing random acts of kindness.

🖤Let make this world a better one and spread the kindness.

Here is my dinner tonight 🥗#balancedplate #keepitsimple

• Green Lettuce
• Chopped fresh basil
• Chopped tomatoes
• Fresh mozzarella (20% MF)
• Sausages (basil and tomatoes) from @simplyforlife_dieppe
• Homemade garlic toast
• Drizzle of olive oil and balsamic vinegar + salt and pepper

🧡These are the kind of recipes I'll be sharing with my Coco Fitness Fall Bundle clients over the next few weeks. 🧡
I’m so excited to get started! 🤩

🖤Whether for health or esthetic reasons, a major event or personal reasons, I would say that 95% of my clients have fat loss as 3 of their top goals. It’s a fact! And as a Trainer, I have to respect their journey.

🤍To measure the achievement of this goal, I always find that "before and after" photos are one of the best indicators.

💜There’s nothing wrong with the before pictures. NOTHING AT ALL! In fact, my clients could testify that the benefits of training go beyond those lost pounds.

🧡I'm showing you these comparisons so you can understand that you can get more active, gain more energy and crush your goals while keeping it simple and maintaining a balanced life.

❤️Here’s what my client had to say…

💙Disclaimer: I would never want my clients to put too much emphasis on "before and after" pics because the benefits of having a healthy and active lifestyle goes way beyond aesthetics ...

💛However, like them or not, “before and after” pics are a great tool because they let you see your progress in a MEASURABLE way.

🤎These kind of photos are never mandatory with my clients, but I strongly encourage them. It's always interesting to COMPARE OVER TIME, but not necessarily every month! (My clients have given me their consent to share these photos on social media.)

🍂Pumpkin Turkey Chili! #mealprepping

Je me prépare pour le Coco Fitness Fall Bundle.

#keepitsimple recettes
#keepitsimple tips
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Consistency. Realistic. Sustainable results.

Pour plus d’info, visite :

Inscriptions pour Coco Fitness Fall Bundle est maintenant sur mon site. 🌐

🖤4 weeks one-on-one coaching from September 14th until October 11th.

Aimerais-tu développer des habitudes de nutrition saines, simples et à long terme?
Es-tu fatiguée de toujours recommencer les “diètes populaires” et ainsi te décevoir?

Join Coco Fitness Fall Bundle et viens APPRENDRE! 🤓🍎

Tout le contenu de ce forfait est pour développer des habitudes de façon réaliste et durables :

🚫Pas de diet.
🚫Pas de “meal plan”.
🚫Pas de promesses magiques.

✅Whole Food.
✅Active life.


Join now!

✨Coco Fitness Fall Bundle ✨sera prêt à acheter en ligne sur mon site Internet dès le 7 septembre, d’ici là, réserve ta place. (Message privé) ➡️ Video explicative en commentaire.

4 weeks one-on-one coaching from September 14th until October 11th.

🙋🏼‍♀️Get an online personal coach for 4 weeks.

📩an e-book with tons of nutrition information, easy and simple recipes, informative videos and more.

🌐Access to member-only content in the Coco Fitness Fall Bundle private group on Facebook.

📲+ a 2 month free subscription to the #cocofitnessapp

Bonne rentrée à tout le personnel enseignant! 🍎

Avant de devenir maman, j’étais enseignante (enseignante de français et enseignante ressource)…Un travail que j’ai adoré et qui me passionnait. 🥰
Après avoir eu ma fille, j’ai décidé de réorienter ma carrière pour avoir un plus de flexibilité et pour pouvoir passer plus de temps avec ma famille. 💚

En ce temps de l’année, j’ai toujours un petit pincement au coeur, un peu de nostalgie de manquer la rentrée avec tous mes anciens collègues!

Heureusement, mon présent travail combine mes deux passions : enseignement et la vie active. 🖤

Ironiquement, cette photo est celle de mon gym, tout prêt à accueillir ma première cliente de ce matin : une enseignante.

Il souvent difficile de trouver un équilibre de vie avec une carrière comme celle de l’enseignement par exemple.
J’ai travaillé avec des centaines de “busy mom” et je dirais que c’est ma spécialité de simplifier les choses pour elles et de faire en sorte qu’elles réussissent à développer des bonnes habitudes de vie actives, qui resteront à long terme. #realistic

D’ici les prochains jours, je vais lancer officiellement mon Coco Fitness Fall Bundle qui inclut 4 semaines de online coaching, un document d’informations (calendrier, guide de nutrition, recettes simples, trucs de motivation, etc.) + 2 mois d’abonnement à mon App.

Ce 4 semaines d’accompagnement va permettre au client non seulement de recevoir tous les outils et les connaissances nécessaires pour poursuivre un vie active et saine mais surtout de rester engagé #accountability.

C’est le parfait kickstart pour se remettre sur le bon chemin après le bel été que nous avons eu.
L’inscription se fera en ligne à partir du 7 septembre, mais tu peux réserver ta place dès maintenant (envoie un message privé).

Freshness in a bowl ☀️
Summer isn’t over yet!

Here is my favorite condiment to accompany fish. Recipe in my blog at (link in bio)

Do you feel like you've put your training aside and that your nutrition has taken a hit in the last few weeks? 🙋🏼‍♀️It’s totally normal and you’re not alone!

Nonetheless, I've managed to move almost every day, but it was more difficult to keep my nutrition healthy.
➡️Like I always said, our summer is short and I will never let my fitness goals affect the precious time with my family and my social life. 💚

🗓I am currently working on a 4 week accompaniment “Coco Fitness Movement” (weekly check-in, support group, etc.), so that my App clients remain accountable for these 28 days and acquire knowledge in nutrition and fitness that is sustainable and realistic.

During these 28 days, my goal is not only for my clients to "lose fat" or "increase muscle mass". Above all, it’s that they can pursue a healthy lifestyle that suits their daily life, which will be maintainable long term.

It starts at the beginning of September. More info to come (registration will be online at the end of this month at!

Syatt Fitness

“Healthy eating” isn’t an elimination diet.

Health is far more than a single food or meal or day of eating.

When you understand and internalize what “health” actually means - in so far as encompassing far more than solely the food you put in your mouth - you’ll understand healthy eating doesn’t have to suck.

Healthy eating doesn’t have to be unrelentingly strict.

Healthy eating doesn’t have to take over your entire life.

And you can eat “healthy” without feeling like you can never enjoy your favorite foods again.

This doesn’t mean you should eat like an asshole all the time.

Some of the time, sure.

But the vast majority of your diet should be whole, minimally processed, nutrient rich foods.

And on the occasions in which you do eat like an reason to beat yourself up for it.

Because you didn’t ruin anything.

Just get back on track.

#diet #dieting #health #healthy #nutrition #fitness #weightloss #weightlossmotivation #weightwatchers #fatloss #fatlossjourney #fitnessmotivation #caloriedeficit


#balancedplate #sportsrd #sportsdietitian #recoverynutrition #mentalperformance #sportscience #musclebuilding #energystability

Syatt Fitness

Meal plans suck.

Everyone wants one and, surprise, one can follow one long-term.

Meal plans are “giving a man a fish to feed him lunch.”

Understanding calories and macronutrients is “teaching a man how to fish so he can feed himself for a lifetime.”

Most people want a meal plan because they just want to be told exactly what they “can” and “can’t” eat to get the quickest results.

Then they go on vacation or go out to eat or just get bored of the meal plan and have a raging bender eating as much as they can of everything they “aren’t supposed to eat” and feel like a failure so they give up altogether.

Meal plans suck.

They teach you nothing.

And they often do more harm long-term.

The goal isn’t to eat what someone else tells you to eat.

The goal is to learn how to eat what you enjoy eating while continuing to make progress.

It’s simple.

Not easy.

But simple.

And very doable.

Just requires some patience, effort and willingness to go through the process of trial and error.

If you aren’t sure where to begin or how much to eat or how to structure your calories and macros for fat loss...try my Calorie Cycling For Fat Loss Challenge here:

It’s 30 days.

And it will improve your life forever.

#mealplan #mealplans #fatlossfood #food #foods #weightlossfood #weightlossfoods #fitness #diet #dieting #weightwatchers

I still can’t believe that nowadays, some people will avoid eating fruits because they "contain sugar".

Have you ever seen someone becoming overweight because they were eating too much fruits? 🤷🏼‍♀️ Didn’t think so!

🍎Fruits aren’t only delicious, they’re full of nutriments, they are hydrating and low in calories.

When it comes to your snacks, choose a fruit or vegetable and add a serving of protein (cheese, yogurt, almonds, etc.) to it. The protein will slow down the digestion of your snack, which will help in keeping you fuller, longer.

🍇What’s your favorite fruit?

🍓Mine is definitely the strawberry, especially at this time of year; the local ones taste like candy!

#cocofitnessapp #keepitsimple #cocofitness

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