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Let us help you get fit! Are you looking to improve: listening, stress, post traumatic stress, culture, resiliency, engagement, high performance, leadership development?

Book your initial consultation today and lets start your journey! In 2007, following the renaming of the Centre for Inner Balancing to the Emotional Fitness Institute, a vision was developed. The vision of Alternative Options Coaching (AOC) is to provide a coaching community that will move this vision forward. In essence: • We see children who feel happy, loved and secure because they know that their parents care deeply for them and each other – even if those parents are separated. • We see parents in a harmonious relationship and individually fulfilled in their personal and working lives. • We see families where there is harmony and sharing and openness. • We see leaders who exhibit compassion, courage, encouragement and wisdom in political, business and community life. • We see teachers who listen and draw out the strengths and positive qualities of their students. • We see corporations and organizations in which the employees feel valued and respected and where this is reciprocated by them to all those around them. • We see societies and communities in which every individual is treated and feels like a worthwhile, productive and vital part of that society. • We see countries and societal groupings who live in peace and harmony whatever their differences. • We encourage ongoing support to health care professionals and their clients wanting to grow and become their best self while minimizing the use of medication intervention. • We see health care as a global unity on the 4 levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual within each individual, linking medical and holistic where possible.

Operating as usual

Startup Moncton

We are thrilled to be part of the newest edition of the @StartupCanada Communities program. To kick off this great initiative, we are excited to invite all Moncton entrepreneurs and community builders to connect this October 13th. It will be a great opportunity to come together and support each other. Register here:

COVID-19 provides an exceptional opportunity to return to school and prepare for tomorrow.

A big congratulations going out to the recent graduates of the Emotional Fitness Training Program, 3 received their Personal Development certificates while 1 received their Emotional Fitness Coach license.

3 of the graduates are now currently in training to become licensed as an Emotional Fitness Coach while 1 is currently in their training to be licensed as an Emotional Fitness Instructor.

No better time to add value to others and prepare for tomorrow then this present moment!

International Students Virtual Conversation: Emotional Fitness

Great collaboration initiative between the International Students of NB COVID-19 Support Group & the Saint Thomas University International Student's Association.

🇽🇰🇵🇼🇳🇺🇸🇷🇹🇰🇫🇴🇬🇩🇧🇾🇨🇦🇱🇮🇰🇼🇫🇴🇹🇰🇸🇷🇳🇺🇵🇼 These are unprecedented times. We know how it’s hard to be an international student, so we are taking extra measures to ensure that all of us have the tools we need to adjust to this new normal. St. Thomas University International Students’ Association, in partnership with International Students...

recipes for inner peace

On a scale of 0-20, how much peace do I currently have?

To achieve greater community, world peace it is important to start with inner self.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, sustaining & building resiliency is important.

Here are 6 tips.

What are some things you do to sustain or grow in resiliency?

During this COVID-19 pandemic, happiness is an important thing to sustain or grow in.

Here are 5 tips for happiness.

What are some things you do to sustain or grow in happiness?

Fitness, Resiliency, Remaining Socially Connected & COVID-19

What are we doing to sustain & improve resiliency during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Have you or someone you know experienced trauma?

Here are 5 tips that may be helpful.

What tips or tools have you experienced that work for you?

Always a good time for a beverage & conversation.

What are some of the health benefits of regular consistent meditation?

Here are 6 benefits.

What are some benefits you have experienced?

What are you up to today?

On this end, finishing off the day with a trip to the YMCA for a Cycle Fit Class & staying grounded while hydrating with Kombucha and enjoying a book of the week "The Rise of Superman"!


5 ways Emotional Fitness is different and may be an alternative option you're looking for.

Like to think we're a purple cow!

5 Ways Emotional Fitness Is Different Than Other Practices

The Purple Cow

Emotional Fitness Coach Training Course 012020

2 days from kicking off the next Emotional Fitness Coach Training Course which can be taken for personal development. Training options available to meet your needs!

If this interests you, contact us at (506) 850-7592 or through [email protected].

Pre-registration is required and limited # of spots remaining.

In case you missed it the first time, here is a welcoming message.

Welcome Remarks From Warren

On a scale of 0-20, how important is mentorship to you?

What are the qualities of a great mentor?

Here are five(5):

• Mentors Are Passionate About their Role
• Mentors Value Learning
• Mentors Are Great Listeners
• Mentors Know How to Facilitate Feedback
• Mentor Are Experts In Their Field

Very fortunate to be mentored by Warren, one of the greatest mentors I've had over the years.

Let's Talk Mental Health - 3 Things We Can Do

Let's talk Mental Health!

We can't significantly change what's going on around us, but we can:

1. Change our internal world

2. Learn the tools of Emotional Fitness

3. Practice, listen, hear & understand ourselves better

3 Tips To Surviving & Going Beyond

3 tips to going beyond survival:

1. Listen to yourself

2. Listen to your own wisdom

3. Share with others

Recently the 75th Anniversary of Auschwitz was recognized.

In this video, Warren shares his experience with mentor & long-time friend Eugene Heimler, a survivor of Auschwitz.

Lessons Learned From Eugene Heimler - Survivor of Auschwitz

Alternative Options Coaching's cover photo

Met up with Wild Willie this week.

Guess who is #1?

Do you have a pic of your favourite mascot?

What makes your mascot awesome!

It has been an amazing journey to learn and be mentored directly by the Founder of Emotional Fitness.

Want to be more Emotionally Fit?

Contact me today for your initial consultation & determine if this is the right fit for you.

Zoom, Skype, Messenger Video Conference platforms available.

On a scale of 0-20, how stressed do you feel at work?

What is your ideal score?

What are some things you could do improve your stress score?

Here are 10 tips on how to de-stress!

Thank-you Joe Grondin for this great recommendation.

"Darren Duguay always pursues his goals and dreams with passion, perseverance, and a deep desire to help people.

Darren has a tremendous amount to offer as a keynote speaker because of his extensive background as an educator, his thirst for knowledge through Emotional Fitness, and his undying dedication to sharpen his public speaking skills by being a member of Toastmasters International.

What is most striking about Darren is his openness to receive feedback with the ultimate goal of self-improvement. He is always looking for ways to be better at what he does so he can help others become a more improved “self”.

What is truly admirable about Darren is his ability to “walk the talk”. Actions speak louder than words and Darren’s actions demonstrate first-hand what he is teaching which is integrity at its best.

I have had the distinct pleasure of being in the audience when Darren speaks and I can certainly recommend Darren as a keynote speaker.

Joe Grondin (DTM AS)
International Inspirational Speaker, Accredited Speaker, Speech Coach, and Author
Past District 45 Area 3 Director
Website -

On a scale of 0-20, how energized do you feel?

What is your ideal score?

What are some things you could do improve your score?

Here are 5 ways to raise your energy?

Healing the Trauma of Childhood Sexual Abuse

"There is probably no trauma a child can suffer that makes her or him feel more alone than sexual abuse.

That sense of isolation follows survivors of childhood sexual abuse into adulthood, when the impact of these early betrayals takes the forms of low self-esteem, unhealthy relationships, sexual problems, fear of success, physical illness, and more.

Without some kind of healing process, these symptoms get worse with time, not better."

The Right To Innocence, Beverly Engel

The Right to Innocence & Emotional Fitness

Had the chance to spend Family Day with this beauty yesterday.

Great to spend quality time with Mom & learn how family dynamics have evolved over time.

Family First!

Experiencing Inner Peace In The Storm

One thing we know for sure is that storms are a part of our lives.

When the storm hits, are we experiencing inner peace?

Awesome photo shoot yesterday with the one and only Warren Redman.

Shoot facilitated by Ben Champoux. Ben is an incredibly gifted photographer, thanks for sharing your gifts & passion.

Here's a few preview shots!

Improving Organizational Culture Qualitatively & Quantitatively

What tools are available to support you as a leader or organization to improve the soft skills and culture necessary for success?

One great tool kit of resources available are the tools of Emotional Fitness.

Here are a few ways that Emotional Fitness can help:

Linking employee well-being and organizational performance

Leaders can be equipped with the tools to help focus on the emotional health of employees with emotional health being the core of well-being

Having the tools and ability to listen proactively to ourselves as leaders, educators, coaches and first line responders and then subsequently to our team members

There is more real and perceived value when leveraging opportunities to learn from what goes on in our teams than from training

Meetings can be transformational, both for the team members and the company

When individuals and organizations have a good energy balance, they function well

Storytelling can inspire employees to bring out their best

Great leaders and managers use Emotional Fitness coaching

This list is not all encompassing, but gives a few examples of the results that can be achieved when consistently applying the tools of Emotional Fitness.

In the video below, Warren shares how some things have not significantly changed since the 90s except for increased consciousness and presents two(2) key questions we can start asking to bring about change.

All of the E-Fitness coaching tools used in the hands of an E-Fitness coach, or leaders- coach-educator-first line responder who develops the skills, will improve communication, raise people’s level of motivation and loyalty, decrease stress, along with absenteeism and errors, and have a significant impact on the productivity, health and profitability of your company.

Coaching and training sessions are unique and relevant to your specific needs and challenges.

For more information regarding Emotional Fitness, book your initial consultation and lets start exploring how Emotional Fitness can support you in developing a more positive and productive team in 2020.

Emotional Fitness Coaching, How To Develop A Positive Productive Workplace For Leaders Managers and Coaches, Warren Redman

Do you know an adult who experienced childhood sexual abuse and is trying to heal as a survivor?

The 7-step self-help program "The Right To Innocence" used in conjunction with the tools of Emotional Fitness (Listening Power, Time Capsule, Storytelling ...) is an excellent resource.

Send us a DM (direct message) if you have any questions.

On a scale of 0-20, how well do you feel you're doing?

What is your ideal score?

Here are a few pillars to strengthen on route to your ideal score!

Thank-you Dr. Richard Vaillancourt for this wonderful recommendation!

"I met Darren several years ago and had the pleasure of working with him, first as a client and now as a resource associate. I took part in the "Managers, Leaders, Coaches" program prior to my retirement from a CEO position. I found the program to be instrumental in honing my skills as a leader and I strongly endorse the principals of Emotional Fitness. As a professional educator, Darren exemplifies the qualities of a dynamic and innovative individual who is skilled at supporting others in the pursuit of identifying those tools required to address productive leadership, management of stress, and development of effective listening skills. Darren leverages his skills, knowledge and personal experience to help others recognize their potential and improve their approach to both leadership and personal development. He is a strong proponent of first understanding one's self in order to gain the best perspective on how best to relate to others.

Darren is a true "people person" who is passionate about those topics we sometimes do not take the time to address .... our mental health, our resiliency, our emotions and our attitudes towards success in life. He's undoubtedly a class act... a leader, a professional, a friend, a listener, an educator and an entrepreneur!"

Dr. Richard Vaillancourt, Facilitator/Trainer
Canadian Credit Union Association/CUSOURCE
Retired CEO OMISTA Credit Union

6 Insights Around Retirement

6 insights around retirement:

1. I'm not retired, have not worked since 1983

2. Play

3. Just be you

4. Give others tools to be themselves

5. If work causes stress, something needs to change

6. Be that child again, play, have fun

What is retirement for you?

5 tips to feeling like 8 at age 80

5 tips to feeling like 8 at age 80:

1. It's not a bottle of whiskey

2. Listen to yourself & others

3. Connect with your inner child

4. Have fun while you're alive

5. Why just have 1 when you can have 2

What do you do to keep feeling young?

Came across this list & thought I would share given that another 21 day meditation challenge is about to kick off tomorrow.

I have personally been meditating for the last 10 years and have experienced some significant benefits. Some of the benefits:

1. Keeping life simple and focused while being centered & grounded with intention

2. Stress reduction

3. Excellent tool to compliment a balanced fitness resiliency program

What are some of the benefits you have discovered for yourself?

On a scale of 0-20, how mindful are you with your communication?

Here are a few principles, certainly not all encompassing.

Any principles here stand out for you?

What principles do you use?

Our Story

Background to Emotional Fitness®

Emotional Fitness®, formerly known as Inner Balancing®, was developed by Warren Redman in Great Britain from 1984 out of his work, primarily with Professor Eugene Heimler at the Heimler Institute in London, England. Heimler’s discipline of Human Social Functioning was founded on the premise that each person needs a healthy balance between satisfaction and frustration in order to function in society. Redman used the teachings of Heimler and integrated them with the work of other therapeutic teachings, namely those of Carl Rogers, Fritz Perls and Eric Berne, as well as with his own experience of working with groups and organizations over a period of 20 years. Emotional Fitness® has as its core belief that people have their own answers to their own questions, and that in order for them to attain Emotional Fitness® they need to be listened to and to hear themselves. The processes of Emotional Fitness® are described in Warren Redman’s books: Recipes for Inner Peace, Achieving Personal Success, The 9 Steps to Emotional Fitness and Emotional Fitness Coaching. Emotional Fitness® consists of nine distinct and inter-related processes: Listening Power, Lifescale, Learning from Experience, Time Capsule, Group Dialogue, Storytelling, Dreamtime, the Mirror and Connections.

Emotional Fitness Institute Inc.

The institute was founded in Calgary in January 1996 as the Centre for Inner Balancing, although the concept had its roots in England some years before. The initial activity of the Centre was a regular, free Monday evening group meeting where people had the opportunity to be listened to, and to experience some of the processes of Inner Balancing in learning to listen to others. The Monday evening sessions were the main “shop window” of the Centre. Early plans were to work with a group of interested people, designated Associates, who would make a regular contribution to the Centre in return for personal development courses. As the initial group of twelve people went through its first six-months personal development training, it became clear that more training was needed by those wishing to learn the skills of Inner Balancing to apply to their own work, and also that more people wished to become involved. Within two years, a fifth group was starting its personal development training, there were 27 Associates, six of whom had received their license to practice Inner Balancing®, a consulting arm (The Listening Group) and a counselling practice had been set up, and the Centre was ready for its next phase of development.

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