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Our goal is to educate and assist individuals discover their unlimited potential through the ancient science of Yoga.

We are offering an AMAZING deal for Summer ☀️

Sign up for a summer membership (3 months) for only $55 per month...
That is nearly 50% off our regular 3 month membership!

This offer is open to anyone who does not have an existing membership contract already.

We have a TON of new class ideas and will be offering a new schedule every month - If you want to get fit, we got you. If you need to relax, we got you. If you need some deep stretching, we got you.
Need some peace of mind and a look inward? We have always got you!

What do you look for in a Yoga class? Let us know below :)

Our monthly Women’s Circle is tonight! From 7-9pm at the studio...come discover the growth and connection possible through CREATIVE EXPRESSION!

All women welcome. 💖

[05/15/19]   Behind the scenes we are brainstorming TONS of new, exciting classes to offer this summer.
June schedule coming soon!

Lokah Sangha Yoga's cover photo

We have many things up our sleeve for this summer - keep your eyes peeled!

This is one we are very excited about..

Young Adult Yoga Week - ages 16-25 attend classes for FREE !

We want to open our studio to this demographic because all of us who practice wish we would have had yoga in our lives at this age. This age group goes through some of the toughest transitions in life, are trying to find themselves and make a mark in this world. Between moving for school, finding a career, navigating serious relationships, etc.. wellness and mental health can sometimes take a backseat - especially when the tools to feel better are absent.

Carly says: "I found yoga in my 4th year of university and it saved my life. Goodbye body image issues, goodbye anti-anxiety meds, hello more self love, peace and happiness."

If you know anyone in this age group - please tag them below, share this with them or bring them along to a class the first week of June.

Our classes are suitable and adaptable for everyone and anyone - some will relax you, some energize you, some will straight up kick your butt into shape. Come experience it all for FREE!


Happening this Thursday! Join us for a fun and inspiring evening in the studio...all women are welcome and encouraged to attend!

Feel free to bring any pieces of art/writing/music to share - either that you’ve created or from someone else who has inspired you. Creative expression knows no bounds!

Look forward to creating some wonderful connections and moments with you all there! ✨🌝 💖

Want to learn more about implementing mindfulness for yourself and your kids or students?

Is distance an issue? Join us online!!!!

Register today.....there is no time like the present to start your journey or deepen your understanding.

Like, comment and share to win yourself a free spot! Please be sure to indicate “shared” as we can’t see everyone due to privacy settings.😀

Want to learn about mindfulness with us....but distance is an issue?

Join us for our first online workshop to revamp, rethink and realign you mindfulness practice. We will give you our best tip, tricks, hacks and experience.

There is no better time that the present.😀
Contact us to register.

Like, comment and share to win yourself a free spot in the workshop.😀

Join us for a class today!

9am gentle flow
5pm hatha flow
6:30 prenatal (drop in $15)

Wishing you a beautiful Mindful Monday!

Join us this am or anytime for a chair yoga practice!

Did you try it out? let us know where you were practicing from this morning, and feel free to snap a selfie of your practice and share in the comments!

[05/12/19]   10 AM Soul Flow Sunday is on.
Treat your momma to a beautiful class that will kick start your day with love and gratitude!

[05/11/19]   Summer Abs in 7 minutes!

Yoga is slow and boring and doesn't make you "fit" though.... 🤣

Okay... try this out!

And if you like this kind of torture🤣 get ready for our summer schedule that will be a super fun mix of classes that make you work out and classes that make you work in.


Early Morning flow
Love your body (body positivity flow)
Meditation for mental well-being
Breath to bliss
Sound healing

....and so much more.

Stay tuned over the next few weeks to see what we have lined up for June including some incredible deals🤸‍♀️🤑!

Super soft tanks (rose, dusty blue, slate olive) amazing totes bags (chuck out that plastic!) And cozy new hoodies in maroon, dark grey and black! Yayyyyyy

Today is Adi Shankaracharya Jayanti, celebrating the birth of this incredible 8th century yogi, philosopher, and theologian who single handedly revived the advaita vedanta doctrine, advocating that the true self within us (atman) is the same as the supreme reality (brahman).

He led an exemplary life, establishing 4 main monasteries in North, South, East and West India. He did this (and so much more) up to age 32, when he knew his dharma was complete and told his students it was time to go showing complete detachment from the fruits of his actions.

I've had the opportunity to visit Adi Shankaracharya's birth place in kerala twice now, and it is one of the most peaceful places I have ever experienced.

I'm launching a FREE Yogic Living Video Series for all of our LSY page followers.


Here are some topics we will discuss:

-mental health
-anatomy & asana
-self love & acceptance
-overcoming limited thinking

...and so much more

Some will be short clips, some will be interactive live sessions where you can ask questions and some will be instructional videos to practice along with.

Now you dont have to be in Dryden or always at the studio to be a part of our LSY community. I hope these resources will help support, inspire and encourage you to live your yoga!

Please share with anyone who would be interested!


On mental health awareness week let's recognize we are not just the body, nor just the mind, nor just the spirit...our human experience is all about the interaction of all three.

When we physically feel strong, grounded, balanced and capable, our mind & spirit has a secure place to embody.

5pm hatha tonight we will explore strength, stability and security in body, mind and spirit.

New to the studio? Amazing we are here to support you in anyway! Just show up and we will walk you take excellent care of you!

Mindful Monday

This morning we are challenging you to step out of your comfort zone and lead your own 15 minute practice.

We’ve given you 4 weeks of videos and posts about practice and affirmation....now let’s start to put it all together.

We’ve included some options below- so set your phone for 15 minutes and choose 1 from each of the following sections or design your own practice.

Movement: goal - to wake the body up, get the joints moving and blood flowing.

1- Gentle joint mobilization
2- Energetic activity (jumping jacks, mindful walking)
3- Sun salutations

Breath: goal - to tap into and connect to that breath....settle the breath- settle the mind

1- 3 part breath
2- Deep belly breaths (seated position)
3- Belly breath with prop on your belly (laying down)

Meditation: goal- find some stillness and connect with yourself

1- Body scan
2- Relaxation to soothing music
3- Repetition of affirmation

Like, comment and share your experience to be entered in to the draw for our June online workshop


Stress Less: How Yoga Helps with Anxiety, Stress & Depression | carly-brown

It's mental health awareness month so I am sharing my experiences in how yoga is an incredible tool to help deal with so many mental-emotional issues. We all need to work on our mental health, just as much as anything else.

Yoga holistically works on all levels- body-mind-spirit. I wrote this a few years ago and have so many more points I could add. If you want to know mkre about yoga for mental health or need help please reach out! 🙏❤


carlybrownyoga.com In a world where anxiety is becoming a global epidemic, the practice of traditional Yoga can offer numerous benefits in reducing and eliminating the effects.

Our next Full Moon Circle will be in a couple weeks !

This topic will surely be fun and allow us to all open up beautifully.
I am excited to share my experience with creative expression and some creative works inspired by my spiritual path.

Please join us - no previous experience required ❤🌕🌠

Creating and Using Affirmation

Purpose: Our thoughts create our reality, it’s as simple as that. We have an immense power to uplift and elevate our minds through the power of affirmation. Affirmation helps to instill positive belief systems in two ways: One it plants a new positive belief that is opposite to a current negative belief, and secondly it acts as a defense against our negative thoughts that pop up. In this case, you would use your affirmation anytime you feel yourself thinking a negative thought. This is called Pratipaksha Bhavana in Yoga Philosophy or “raising an opposite thought”.

Explanation: To create an affirmation, you must decide what your affirmation is going to be used for. It is helpful to write down the random, negative thoughts that are going on in your mind. Once you write these thoughts down, notice what “theme” they fall under. This might take some reflection but try to break them down to the core issue. Remember the issue needs to be related back to you for example if your thoughts surround Jealousy of another person it comes back to feelings of inadequacy, “I don’t have what they have , I’m not enough”. Therefor your core issue is Self-value. Most will relate to issues with: Self-Worth/Value/Love, Trust, Fear and Insecurity. Once you determine your core issue, you will find an affirmation that counters this limiting belief. Try and make the sentence simple and short. Example: “I love and Value Myself”.

Duration: 5-10 min As a meditative practice (repeating the affirmation along with the breath) or always, anytime. The more its repeated the more it will help to change the limited belief system

Considerations: It’s important to choose an affirmation that counters your belief, not one that sounds nice to your ears. Often our limited mind is so strong it avoids choosing the proper affirmation because it doesn’t want to believe in it. Try your best to use short and to the point affirmations so that you can easily remember it, recite it and use it as a tool anytime your negative belief arises. If your mind has resistance to it, that means it is most likely working. Consistency with ONE affirmation is imp. until you see progress!

Include Yoga in your self-care routine! and remember that you are so loved.

Join us for..
Lunch Yoga at 12:10 or
Restorative Yoga at 7:30PM

What are you doing to take care of your self today?


Dive into a supported journey of movement, breath, and relaxation utilizing props tonight in practice. One of those "Thank goodness I came to yoga" practices. 👌at 5pm!


PRENATAL 1ST CLASS tonight at 6:30🤰

If you haven't signed up yet, show up at 6:15 and register!

Lovingly Learning Language

We spent a lovely, warm spring evening filming this mindful Monday episode with two very special helpers!

Make sure you like, comment and share for a chance to win a free online workshop with enlightenEd!

Join me tomorrow morning for Soul Flow Sunday (10AM) where we will focus on the importance of stillness. Discover the infinite possibilities of what you can cultivate within when you are still. Bring a friend - Drop in is $13 !


The Importance of “Doing Nothing“ | carly-brown

“Doing nothing” has become the most important part of my day. It’s my time to come back to my true self, tap into my infinite potential, recharge my energy and serves as a reminder that no matter what situation or circumstance I face in the outside world, is not match for my inner state of peace. It’s given me so much empowerment, and I hope through these teachings we all find our way to peace within."

carlybrownyoga.com I’ve flirted with silence for a few years now. My first experience was 4 days in a cabin with no electricity and several mice on an island that I was dropped o

[04/27/19]   Kids yoga is ON tomorrow at the regular times.
See everyone tomorrow.

A big thank you to the staff and admin at Sioux Lookout High School for having me in today to talk about mindfulness, stress, self regulation and so much more! Absolutely had a blast with these incredible teachers who contributed so much to the discussion.

Our next women’s circle is sure to be a fun one! Come out, connect and create and learn a little about yourself in the process.

These evenings have a way of fuelling us deeply. Having a space to relax and be ourselves, free of judgements or expectations, simply to bond and learn w our soul sisters - the value and healing is indescribable!

Please check it out if you’ve yet to join us. And to all the returning ladies, can’t wait to see you next month!

We still need a few more participants to sign up in order for this series to run!

A beautiful way to embrace your pregnancy, learn more about your changing body and meet other expecting moms.

Please share and tag an expecting mom who might be interested below !


This summer's Yoga Teacher Training and Self Development Immersion is filling up quickly with only a few spots left!

"This YTT has been the most amazing journey or transformation, acceptance, letting go and living life to the fullest. If you could just do one thing in your entire life to improve yourself this would be it hands down. So take that leap of faith!"
- Brenda

If you have been thinking about taking this training I urge you to visit our website to learn more about what these couple weeks entail.


On top of that our cutoff date for early bird savings on tuition is MAY 15. Again, more info on pricing can be found at the link above.

To request an application or if you have any further questions, email Carly - [email protected]


Lokah Sangha Yoga's cover photo

Please join us for our second Sound Therapy class tomorrow (Wednesday) from 7 - 8 PM.

"Creation begins with vibration and sound. Sound healing creates a positive resonance between the body and the higher self. It is through such resonance that human beings, nature and the Universe come together in harmony."

This will be a beautiful evening led by Carly and something unlike any of our other classes - All are welcome. Tag someone who might be interested below!



A P P P O I N T M E N T S A V A I L A B L E:

Tuesdays 10:15 -12, 1-5:30
Wednesdays 10:15-4:30
Thursdays 1-5 PM
Fridays 1:15-4:30
Weekends: depending on availability

As a Yoga Therapist my job is to listen, observe and and question in order to best serve your needs with the most beneficial tools yoga has to offer.

With over 10 years of experience in yoga therapy, kinesiology, nutrition and reiki, I have assisted many clients on their healing journeys.

Yoga Therapy is a complementary modality (you can do it alongside any other allopathic treatments) and can benefit all conditions. Whether you suffer from anxiety or lower back pain, acne or fertility challenges, or any other health concern, embracing a focused, daily practice can be beneficial.

Private Yoga Therapy sessions are also a wonderful way to take your practice deeper and to explore tools that are not often offered in group class settings.

Single Session: $75plus HST

3 Sessions: $210 plus HST

6 Sessions: $390 plus HST

10 Sessions: $500 plus HST

Session length: 75-90mins (initial consultation)

60-75min follow up consultations

To book: [email protected]

For more info:

Happy Earth Day!

Join carly from 5-6 for an exploration of the 5 elements!

Our LSY Cafe event with Boreal Coffee was a great success!⁣

This event was 'pay what you like' with all proceeds going to Hoshizaki House in Dryden.. we are donating them $195 and all the coffee purchased from Boreal today helps the AMACA. ⁣

Thank you everyone for joining us and Boreal Coffee for helping us put on this great little event :)

Mindful Monday Challenge:
Ground yourself and just be...outside.

Today we share a video about the importance of getting kids outside as a means to help to ground them in today’s world. Its important for children and adults alike. If you are off today with your children, we challenge you to get them (and yourself) outside- breathe in the air, feel the sun and enjoy the sights.

The freedom, peace and acceptance we feel when we are immersed in nature is something that is so nourishing and grounding and often helpful to balance out the expectations, dysregulation and competition we feel in our lives on a day to day basis.

We sure hope the weather is beautiful in your part of the world and if you made it outside today or this weekend- post your pic below. 😄All posts will be entered in to win a free entry in to our June online workshop.😀

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