Nikk Demers & Zyia Grande Prairie

Nikk Demers & Zyia Grande Prairie









We are giving away an ULTRA luxe bridal package for one lucky bride! 👰🏻‍♀️👰🏼‍♀️👰🏽‍♀️👰🏾‍♀️

This package includes:

💍An exclusive evening at The Bridal Collection with your chosen entourage!

🥂 Enjoy light snacks and sparkling beverages while sharing this intimate shopping experience! Including Jaimes Tailor Consignment ! 🛍

💍The bride will have a private viewing of all the gowns showcased with a personal seamstress, Marley Davis available for consultation.


$100 to Marley Davis designs which includes alterations, custom designs or merchandise.


$100 to Forestry Lane

$100 to ZYIA from Nikk Demers & Zyia Grande Prairie

Not a bride? Not to worry ~ this package can be gifted to any future bride in your life. 💝


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✨Winner will be announced February 1✨






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Dress it up, or get into some inversions but either way these pants will come through. Thank you again Nikki Demers , they are ahh-maa-zingg 🤘
Absolutely 💯% in luv with zyia! Nikki you dress me up so fine!
#redmetallics #gridbra #myfavourites
Zyia Metallics on point 🤘@ Nikki Demers
Nikki, thank you so much for dropping off my Zyia joggers with Hollie George!!
Had my first cut and style with Hollie today, yay!! Thanks to your Birthday Extravaganza❤🧡💛
Nikki - thanks for hooking me up with the black Chill long sleeve T! Super comfortable and the technical fabric and tiny perforations kept me cool.
Perfect for windy days on the greens!🏌️ ⛳️
When I Click on “Shop” I only see 2 Men’s things. Is there not more I can look at?
A little workout in my new Zyia Camo Shorts. Love them ❤️ Perfect workout shorts. Flexible, comfortable, breathable. And they look awesome. Thank you Nikki Demers
I'm just going to leave this here with a little note to my new friend Nikki.

As i'm sitting on my couch missing my baby, Jack, I came across this collage that instantly reminded me of why I am in this position. I met Nikki through some facebook posts she had made about ZYIA and hosted a party. I loved her energy and personality and knew she was a genuine soul so I joined as a rep to work with her and the rest of the ZYIA TBF team.

Nikki, you are a part of my Monday morning inspiration. I love seeing how hard you work to provide for Dame and the rest of your family. You are all ears when I have an idea, suggestion, question no matter what time it is. You are a great mentor in this business and a great friend already!

Looking forward to this big future with you and seeing where Zyia will take us.

Why are you here? What do you have that no one else has? What makes YOU, well, YOU?? I am here to live authentically, to live with passion, and to live this life on purpose.

Join me, in life - and all that it encompasses. This page, my business, this life - it is all about pushing boundaries, jumping in, re-writing the pages of our lives, and really LIVING in a way that is authentic and true to our being. We all have a different idea of success, and I am here to define MINE while supporting you as you define YOURS. I am here to guide and motivate you throughout this j

Operating as usual


30 hours later - we have arrived!!!!!!!


As I am packing for a tropical, all-inclusive vacation that I paid a whopping $118 in fees for, these are my thoughts.

But really though...

I AM worthy. I AM deserving. I AM successful. I AM I AM I AM.

Your words create your thoughts. Your thoughts create your reality. Your reality is a a perception of your surroundings. So chose wisely what you think, see and ultimately live.

And believe. Always believe.



How would $1,300* change your life?

How much ZYIA could you buy with a $500* Gift Certificate?

Who would you buy presents for, at 50% off? You get 8. Pick your bestest friends.

If you are ready to work with me this month, I can help make alllllll of this happen - FOR YOU!!!!!!!

But we need to start now, and you need to be ready to commit to 3 weeks together.

Let's talk - today!!

* all figures shown are in Canadian currency


Go with the flow of your own ocean ✌️

Photos from Nikk Demers & Zyia Grande Prairie's post 03/01/2022

Okay so. Basically. The thing that is going down is...

It is TIME for YOU to JOIN!!!!!

Why is now the time??

Because this month, we get to LAUNCH YOUR BUSINESS alongside you (like we always do in Team: TBF) - but THIS TIME, there are some big bonuses involved.

Ladies, gents, in the month of March, if you have:

🌙$600 in sales, you get a $100 USD cash bonus
🌙$1,000 in sales, you get a $250 USD cash bonus
🌙$2,000 in sales, you get a $600 USD cash bonus

And you will earn that cash bonus ON TOP OF your commissions, 50% off items and FREE clothing credits that you normally earn!!

So. Shall we??

Pick an Enrollment Kit from my site below and then send me a message! We can start TODAY!!!!!

Watch this reel by nikkdemers on Instagram 03/01/2022

Watch this reel by nikkdemers on Instagram

Wanna know what I do every morning??

THIS. I do this over and over and over for the 8th week now.

Find a way to make it happen. And then don't change ANYTHING until it becomes a habit.

I don't know what is harder - waking up at 6am or picking out what I'm gonna wear 🤷‍♀️

Watch this reel by nikkdemers on Instagram Brian Withycombe • Chuga Chuga Blues


Are you in my VIP group?? Not only do you hear from me, but you hear from my mom and sister too - the ladies I started this business with.

Different styles, different tastes, and information FAST - because 3 minds are better than one.

Get in there now! Let us know that I sent you, for an extra personal thank you 😉


Happy Pink Shirt Day!!!


🌙ZYIA Stronger Tank
👖Abercrombie & Fitch Jeans
💓PPLA Clothing Cardigan
💎Earrings from @trotterranch


My heart, all snugged up... ❤


I have officially personally sponsored 100 ZYIA Active Reps!!

100 people who have trusted me with their dreams...

100 men and women who have shared with me their deepest desires...

100 friends and strangers who have become my family...

100 people who are my biggest cheerleaders, confidants, and my support system...

100 sparks of hope for a future only yet dreamt of...

100 strong and growing.

And I have managed to hardly miss a beat of Dame's beautiful life while growing this amazing business.

I am feeling pretty dang proud of this life of mine right now!!

One hundred 🤩

Thanks team, for chosing me to do this with. I am forever grateful 🙏


Stop talking.


Big plans and big dreams and grand hopes and exciting possibilities.

It all means nothing if you aren't going to DO it.

Stop hyping yourself up and do the damn thing already.

It may not be pretty, but at least you'll have a story to tell one day.


Just shut up.




Okay wow that is a little dramatic. But, would it get your attention if it wasn't?

I personally have no clue what the whole purpose of this life is... nor do I know what is in store after this is over. What I DO know is that we were not put on this earth to work and f**king die.

We were put here to EXPERIENCE, to LEARN, to make MISTAKES, to LOVE, to be LOUD, to be HEARD, to PLAY and to have FUN.

And NONE of that happens inside of your comfort zone.

Are you going to live, before you die?


I have always been active - from a decade of hockey and whomping ass as a defence(wo)man, to now over a decade as a runner, to a 3-year dabble in crossfit and a strong love of the gym from grade 8 on...

So activewear, fitness, accountability - it all just makes SENSE to my life.

I love helping people to feel confident. I LOVE when someone realizes just what they are capable of - whether it be because of a new pair of leggings or thanks to a new workout program.

I LOVE inspiring that inner-knowing. Love it. Thrive on it.

I am not looking for people to coach, to train - that is NOT in my wheelhouse and I will never pretend to be an expert somewhere that I am not.

What I AM looking for are people who want to find themselves again, after a chaotic few years.

What I AM looking for are people who want to sweat alongside me, with the best activewear on.

What I AM looking for are people who just simply want more, and are willing to put themselves first and hold themselves accountable.

And what I can offer is a "Good morning" text every morning that I am working out. I can offer friendship, accountability, discounts on amazing activewear, and your own personal cheermeister. I can offer possibility, hope, inspiration...

All you have to do is want it as much as I do. And if you do, why not do it together?

Today is a new day - let's make a new change!!


Post-Wednesday morning workout thoughts...


When you accidentally snap a selfie of your working face... 🤦‍♀️

I love numbers. Putting them together. Making them work. Profit margins and budgeting. Excel sheets.

If you didn't know, I was a Bookkeeper for a decade prior to my online business. Prior to Dame, mom life, all of that.

So when I get an opportunity to work with businesses in MY setting - man it makes my brain feel so good.

This business, it is all about the numbers. And if you can take the time to play with those numbers, you can benefit massively - or pass along those benefits to other businesses.

Have I piqued your interest? Let's talk and see what I can do for YOUR numbers 🤓


I'm here to play around. Make noise. F**k sh*t up. Flip the script. Get uncomfortable. Make mistakes. Wing it. Leap.

Forever am I searching for those who have the same disregard for doing things exactly the f**king same as everyone else.

Forever am I open to exploring new possibilities.

Forever am I looking for someone(s) who aren't afraid to fail.

Forever am I seeking out new opportunities.

If this is you... if you agree that comfort is a total bullsh*t lie... let's make something happen.

Get in my DMs 😎


If you are on my team, check out our team page. I've got a bet for you that starts tomorrow 👊💥


How you FEEL about how you show up to the world - it is f**king important.

I started putting LESS time into my business and MORE time into myself these past months - and ya know what?


Nothing moves when you feel stagnant within, it doesn't matter how hard you hustle.

The 2 hours I would have spent on my business every morning is now spent on ME - and I really hope I remember this feeling and never lose it again 🙌

What do you do for you? Just you...

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