Paige Bouchard's Land and Aquatic Training

Paige Bouchard's Land and Aquatic Training


This takes me back to the summer when you tried to kill me. Lol
Hey everyone! Looking for suggestions on classes to run this spring -fall! Mommy bootcamps, regular bootcamps, race training for tough mudder, spartan. . Ect. If you have any thoughts or requests let me know! Have a great week!!
Taking new clients at V02 max weekdays between 9-3 and weekends! :)
Hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas!!
Alrighty people!! New years comin up and im sure a few individuals are making health/fitness/weight loss goals for 2014. Till december 31/13, I am offering a deal. Buy a package of 10 personal training/buddy training sessions, you get two sessions free! (These are home training sessions, not through v02max.) Message me for more info!! :) Merry Christmas!!
Congrats to Ashley Simigan!! First 10 lbs gone and 30.5 inches lost!!!! Atta girl, keep it up! :)
Don't wait till new years! Sign up with a trainer, get a gym membership, buy some equipment, aggressively shovel your driveway, get the crap food outta your house, write some positive, motivating affirmations on your mirror, or phone.. Get moving!! End 2013 on a good note, and start 2014 right! Make the most out of 2014 so you don't have "lose 10, 20, 40 or 100 lbs" written on your list of resolutions in 2015. All that time wasted thinking and stressing about losing weight and trying to have a healthier lifestyle can be spent on your family, your goals, your career, traveling, ect.... Make the most of this next year.. work hard so you can really start living.. You deserve to look in the mirror with pride, to have energy to get through your day, to feel happy, accomplished, strong, confident to be an example to your kids, partner, and friends.. Give yourself the gift of health. Make YOU a priority! Time to get moving and time to fight for the life you want and deserve.
xox Paige
Alright lets get through today without putting crap in our bodies!!!! Crap free Friday! Hmmm .. That could be taken two ways....
Awesome Paiger good for you!!!!!!!
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ISSA Personal Trainer Varbanov Olympic Weightlifting instructor Crossfit Level 1 trainer ISSA Specialist in Sports Nutritrition Exercise Therapy Strength and Conditioning Coach

Operating as usual

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Paige Bouchard's Land and Aquatic Training updated their info in the about section. 05/16/2021

Paige Bouchard's Land and Aquatic Training updated their info in the about section.

Paige Bouchard's Land and Aquatic Training updated their info in the about section.

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Anyone who trains solo knows how hard it can be to push because you are only accountable to yourself. Even us trainers/coaches. But slowly getting it back after a long surrogacy, and rough postpartum journey. Covid has made training this last year inconsistent because I was relying on getting out to classes and to public gyms. But im learning to get past excuses, rely on motivating myself, and use my home gym. Everything hurts, everything creaks... but hitting some old PRs is sooo encouraging and motivating :)

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Yoga Teacher Trainer from home. Not quite the experience of doing it in person in a group but its a start! (F off covid..) Excited to add yoga to my list of certifications and offer clients something new and hugely benificial! I have taken some neccessary time off from training clients to focus on another journey but ill be up and running again soon!!!

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Timeline photos

Farmers market weekend!!! Today 4pm-7pm and tomorrow 10am-3pm

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Soooooo this is an option apparently for home workouts as well..... can we just watch him???


Day 3

10 rounds
- 1 min max squats
-1 min max mountain climbers
-1 min max pushups
1 min rest


Day two:
5 rounds
20 situps
20 steps ups( 10 per leg)
100 skip or jumping Jacks


Hope everyone is hanging in there!!! Heres a few body weight challenges for this week! Feel free to modify to your fitness level where needed:)
Day one:

3 rounds
10 pushups
10 tricep dips
10 squats

20 burpees

2 rounds
20 lunges
10 jump lunges

15 burpees

1 round
50 squats as fast as you can

10 burpees

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Beginners-Intermediate: 8-15 min
3 rounds
20 jumping Jack's (side steps with JJ arm swing)
15 situps (full or crunches)
10 pushups ( toes, knees or hands on wall, body at angle)

Intermediate to Advanced
Do workout above as warmup

3 Rounds:
Squats 10 (feet and knees shoulder width apart, back straight, weight in heels.)
50 mountain climbers
Plank 1 min

3 rounds
Lunges 10 per leg
10 jump lunges
Tricep dips 12

5 rounds for time (go fast)
10 jump squats
5 burpees


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Being home doesnt mean you cant get a good workout in. With our current situation its more important than ever to keep moving, for your mental and physical health! I'll be posting "fun" little workout challenges you can do with your whole family:) I'll be posting shorter beginner workouts, and I'll be posting workouts for those realy looking for a challenge. These will be workouts you can do in minimal space with zero equipment (although if you have children, they can be used for weighted squats or pushups:p)
Any movement your unsure of, you can find videos on YouTube or google that explain and show proper technique:) Feel free to comment below and let us know how it goes! Have fun! Feel free to share


I have Space now in the afternoons for clients :) Individual, partner or small (up to 5) group training. 12pm-3pm is now open, and 4pm -10pm I have some availability. Your littles ones are welcome so no worry about having to find child care or worry about child care fees :) Buy 10 sessions, save $100 :)
***Free 1 hour assessment for brand new clients. Come in, check out my space, go over goals and lifestyle and do a "fun" little fitness test to see where your at. :))
780 832 5547

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Spaces available for new or returning clients!!!!
Monday 5pm- 10pm
Wednesday 4pm-10pm.
Free Assessment
Buy 10 personal training sessions, get TWO free:) Includes nutrition.

780 832 5547


Slipknot Exercise Video


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My little Surrobabe was born Novemeber 17th 2019! It's been a long 20 month process that was very hard on my body. Once I'm recovered from the birth I'll be back to training and working to achieve my fitness and health goals and I cant wait to share my journey with you guys! I'll be sharing my workouts, nutrition plans and self care regimes :) Stay tuned!!

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My surrogacy journey has been completed! Little baby Victoria was born November 17th! Time to get back to work :)))

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Yyyyassssssss!!!!!! Completed and ROCKED all my reinstatement exams for all my certifications, first aid ect and I am ALMOST ready to take on some clients!!! I'm currently 31 weeks pregnant as a surrogate so once this little nugget heads home with her very excited parents in December I will be making some time to take a few clients :))) So PM me if you would like to chat about making a plan :) Perfect timing for those who do New Years Resolution Goals :))
All my previous clients know what I'm all about but for those who are new and possibly interested heres alittle about me! I started teaching water fitness in 2011-2013, than after certifying in Personal Training I started coaching at Vo2 Max in GP in 2012-2015 when I had my youngest little kidlet. From there I coached from my own personal gym while certifying in the following
-Exercise Therapy
-Sports Nutriton Specialist
-Strength and Conditioning Coach
- Crossfit Level One
-Varbanov Olympic Weight Lifting
I've taken a short break to focus on surrogacy and my other home business. I'm so pumped to get back to coaching!!
Feel free to PM or text me if you have any questions!!!! 780 832 5547

*** If any of my previous clients want an early start, message me and we ll sort out some programs!!***

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Mobile uploads


Hello hello hello everyone!!!!! Been a long time!! Took some time off to focus on my kids, another home business and being a surrogate! Next few months I'll be working on getting back to personal training and in the new year I'll be taking just a few new (or old) clients :) Stay tuned!! Missed everyone!!!


Jillian Michaels Reveals New Keto Diet Isn't New After All

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***Contest Time!!!***

Please LIKE, SHARE and comment under THIS post and you can win this handmade genuine leather double wrap bracelet with glass and crystal beads:)) Winner will be announced Novemeber 1st! Bonus points to those who also like and share this page "Knits, knots and beads"

"Carpe Diem. Seize the Day"

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Beautiful day for a hill workout!!!

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Hope everyone's having an AMAZING summer!!!


Accepting new clients!!! Summer deal, buy 10 sessions get two free, includes nutrition guidance, free assessment, and a private child friendly gym and child care if needed! Deal also goes for buddy training and small group training, indoors, or outdoors. For those super committed, I also have a deal of buy 20 sessions, get 4 free. Very flexible schedule. Sessions never expire! Limited spots so message me for more info or to book your assessment!!

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Bootcamps begin this Saturday May 6th and Thrill Hill at 12pm! Bring comfortable workout gear, running shoes and water! Drop in is $12, buy 10 sessions for $100. So pumped to see everyone there!!


My bootcamp's start saturday May 6th! Stay tuned for schedule and text me to register! $12 drop in, or $100 go ten sessions, or $300 for the season unlimited classes! 780 832 5547


Hey everyone!!! I don't want to jinx it but it look's like we really starting to see some grass! Which means time to start our boot camps!!! Well, almost. As soon as thrill hill is clear we re starting so I'm gonna let ya know my early bird deals! For my personal training clients! You get to come to any and all bootcamps free! ( as long as your actively still coming for pt sessions.) For all new and old bootcampers! ! My early bird deal goes from NOW till April 30th! $300 for unlimited bootcamps from when we start (Mayish) till when we stop (octoberish). Other wise bootcamps will be $100 for 1 month unlimited or $12 drop in. Nutrition assessment included in packages purchased!

**** like and share for a chance to win free bootcamps for the 2017 season!

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Leg/chest /tricep day!

Back squat 10, 5, 5, 3, 1 1 1 (increase weight till 1rm is hit)

3 rounds
Chest press 8
Tricep kickback 8
heavy weighted lunge's 10/10

3 rounds
Inclined chest press 8
Oh tricep press
Weighted bulgarian lunge's 10/10

4 rounds
20 jump lunge's
12 pushup
12 tricep dips

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Walk, dance, bike, lift, Zumba, climb, spin, parkour, swim, pole dance, skip, squat, shimmy, bounce, run, crawl... whatever! Find something you like and do it often! ( I love lift.. just saying..)


Spring is (hopefully) around the corner!!!!! I'm taking on new clients and have some amazing deals that include bootcamps I'll be running again this year as soon as this snow bugs off!! Message me for details! 780 832 5547


Hey everyone! I'm taking a break from facebook! If anyone wants to get a hold of me my email is [email protected]. Com


Fridays workout!

2 burpees
2 squats
4 burpees
4 squats
6 burpees
6 squats
8 8 burpees
8 squats
10 burpees
10 squats

10 pushups
10 tricep dips
8 pushups
8 Tricep dips
6 pushups
6 tricep dips
4 pushups
4 tricep dips
2 pushups
2 tricep dips


Tuesday Workout!
Make sure to you tube or message me if your unsure of an exercise!!! you can also youtube pushup/tricep pushup progression vidoes if your a beginner

3 rounds
-20 lunges (10 per leg)
(add weight for advanced)
-10 tricep dips (15 advanced)
-20 situps/crunches (add weight for advanced)

3 rounds
-Step ups 10/10
(low or high bench, or steps. Can also start on your knees than step up to standing position adding a weight for advanced)
-Tricep pushups 10
(knees for beginners, toes for advanced. Hands closer together the harder it will be. Lay flat on your belly than pushup trying to keep core tight)
-V hold 1 min
(sitting position on floor, lean back keeping back straight, can lift feet off floor for more advanced and hold as long as you can. Goal is 1 minute. Can add a weight to your chest and between feet for advanced)

**Advanced do 4 rounds of each superset rather than 3 rounds and do them fast (Hight Intensity Training style) Take two minutes break after first superset, before you start second.




#10, Knowledge Way
Grande Prairie, AB
T8W 2V9

Opening Hours

Monday 5am - 10pm
Tuesday 5am - 10pm
Wednesday 5am - 10pm
Thursday 5am - 10pm
Friday 5am - 10pm
Saturday 5am - 10pm
Sunday 5am - 10pm

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