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Life coaching We are Psychic Mediums,Healers, Certified Life coaches, Reiki Masters and Teachers, Certified Personal trainers, Certified Reflexologists and Watercolor painters and teachers.We use all of our resources to help provide healing to those who wouold like it.

Plus we are all around happy and fun to be with!

Operating as usual


This is so important to me. No matter what we are all just the same. M humans trying to survive and thrive in this crazy fun world.

It breaks my heart when religious establishments of any type , shape, color or purpose teach whether first hand or by Acton to do this.

God, Spirit, the universe, the light, it is in our hearts.. Not in a building not in books, not in rituals. We take it with us if we have it in our heart.

I have learned about the Holy Spirit in many places even.. "cults" because he is in my heart, has always been there and always will be.

Judgment is fear and that is not Godly


This is called loving one another. It is the most important thing in the world. It stops wars, helps each other gets rid of negativity and darkness. Competition looks each other. But guess what there is always enough of everything to go around.


Do it.. Read it out loud, then again louder, do it until you yell it at the top of your lungs smiling!!! Because it's true! No matter what never let another tell you otherwise


Let's make 2022 the year we start living kids, moms, dads, grandparents, others, cats, dogs, horses everyday ams get rid of the paid for holidays.. Instead just take time with people instead of waiting for a day. What do you think??


It's never been about my life only for others.


I never realized that me not being good enough for some people is just their own narcasizm!!

30 Smart Ways to Soothe Yourself 12/31/2021

30 Smart Ways to Soothe Yourself

30 Smart Ways to Soothe Yourself Side-effect-free self-comforters may be especially helpful at the holidays.


Well I don't really celebrate new years. Nature doesn't know there is a new year it is just a new sun up ams I choose to ground myself in non Calender realities

But I will say to all of you who do celebrate it have fun stay safe and I will see you tomorrow when the sun comes up again... If not. I will see you on the other side when it is time.


For the month of January readings will be on sale for $130.00 for one hour.. Text me at 7808975507 to book


Three new leaves.. And looking so much better. I need a name for this avocado.. Any one have a good name idea??




Your purpose has always been the same, no matter what happens in the world your purpose has never changed. Do you know what that is?


I pause this Christmas to really be grateful to be with the people I am with and have the food that I have. I think back to the pioneers who couldn't get home ever to see their family or didn't have a store to rush to get food. When a new pair of socks or mended pants were the best gift ever. Popcorn was not a cute decoration but the only thing to decorate with and they had to save up all year to actually make the popping corn.
I know this pandemic or plandemic what ever you believe has been hard.. But has it really? Look at all you have and really think about it. The ordering of what ever you want. The food is still there, you can still see your family on zoom or FB, back then there was a letter once every couple months. That's it. We are so blessed


What deciding have your made that helped you find happiness


Merry Christmas ams Happy New Year everyone


I actually love that this came right after the winter solictice. Here winter affects start so much earlier than the Calender or moon solictice so we often forget it's not winter until December lol. Who tells Mother nature when winter is anyways?!

This year it is lining up this week though.

I love the snow I didn't for awhile but I do now. We are so blessed for fresh water ams how it makes me grateful for the spring. The dark, cold snowy days help me to rest my body like it needs. Be creative ams have fun.

What do you like about it? Don't tell me what you don't like.. What do you like?


Today at this full moon is the solictice in the old days. This is the time of feasting and celebrating for the days are coming back. The sun is gaining strength. Many of our Christmas traditions come from these celebrating, the tree, the food, the yule log... I love to know this as they are what has made us who we are today. We can still celebrate the days growing longer the return of the Sun as we also celebrate the birth of the Son. Both are the only light we need.


Everyone needs to watch day zero. It is not a scare tactic it is real. One of the reasons I loved of grid why I ration water and have all my life. We all have to charge our ways even just a little will help ourselves and our kids.


Do it ams see how happy you become


What's everyone's solictice tradition?


It's true it is all your choice!


A beautiful time of year to revamp and strengthen our gifts that have been given by God.
My readings will be different, better, coming January.


I will be back doing readings after the new year. Just taking some down time. Those that are booked from last month are still a go.


Bring in some light to these dark days


I am so grateful for the grace of God and the help of the Holy Spirit!!!


Let there be peace


Day on the couch after oral sedation at the dentist.. So much fun. Don't remember much love that part lololol tomorrow should be a great day!


Fresh home made Ramon soup!!!


Well everyone. Now that things are settling a bit, I will no longer be doing readings.. Again lol
I call do prophecy for you but not medium or psychic. I will be bringing what I hear from the Holy Spirit here and still coaching. Thank you for your patronage.


Totally looking like winter. I loved walking in it this morning to church. It was so nice


Great summer and fall!! So many changes, big changes which is so good and exhausting but the very best!! Thanks @brycekorzenowski for all the adventures!

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