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Looking to get into the fitness game and don't know where or how to start? I'm your guy! We'll reach your goals and I'll teach you how to workout independently.

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Hello Grande Prairie! I'm your newest Anytime Fitness personal trainer! Not sure where to start on your fitness journey? Come by Anytime Fitness Grande Prairie and let's have a chat.


Two books I highly recommend if you are interested in optimal health. I'm grain and dairy free as of yesterday, will keep posting on my progress! Any questions? Comment away!


What is your goal? Repeat it to yourself every single day. Own it!


Coffee? check. BCAAs? check. Off to the gym, it's deadlift time!


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So you want to do a squat challenge? Good for you! ...Or is it?

First, kudos on the motivation. Beginning and maintaining any fitness regimen is challenge enough, so pat yourself on the back for being self-motivated. However...

You're going to do how many squats per day for how many days in a row?

Key things to consider when doing any kind of resistance training:

1- Time Under Tension. The number of repetitions is not important, what matters is how much TIME your muscles spend under tension or load. For general fitness and endurance muscular fatigue should occur in 60-90 seconds. 100 squats in 60 seconds may sound impressive but looks completely ridiculous. They're all going to laugh at you!

2- Rest. Your muscles need time to recover, at least 48 hours. Depending on age, genetics and diet, you may need MORE than 48 hrs. Don't give yourself enough rest and you'll likely reverse any fitness gains. Overtrain much!

3- Think long term. Push yourself too hard today and you may pay for it later in life. No pain no gain? Not so much.

Ignore these key concepts and you'll be throwing in the towel faster than you can say "repetitive stress injury".

Till next time,

Your friendly neighborhood personal trainer!


High intensity, low volume, maximum outhput might be the holy grail of working out. In terms of weights this means slow controlled reps to failure if you can do it safely or as close as possible. Number of reps is less important than the time under tension and working to maximal intensity (failure) for two sets not including a couple warm up sets.

Each muscle group is given 5-10 days recovery.

I've cut my workout time by nearly half. We'll see in a few months if this is an effective program.


idiot falls off exercise ball funny

Saw a trainer who had his client perform body weight squats while standing on a stability ball. If your trainer makes you do this, fire them for being incompetent, they will injure you.

idiot falls off exercise ball come on what did he expect to happen :)


Had a good little workout at the outdoor gym on 52nd street. Going back to basics with a body weigth routine. 05/22/2014

Death by sugar

Very insightful. Sugar overload: How the sweet killer is fuelling the biggest health crisis of our time


New deadlift personal best : 335 lbs!


Great leg workout today! Legs felt like they were made of Jell-O as I wobbled down the hill to Timmies.


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Hello all, welcome to the Papineau Fitness page, message me now to schedule your FREE consultation!


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Papineau Fitness's cover photo


Papineau Fitness's cover photo




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