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My Generation Fitness and Nutrition... Living Life Linda Shields
CSEP-Certified Personal Trainer
AFLCA- Certified Active Aging Practitioner
Specializing in older Adults
CEBHCP- Holistic Nutritional Consultant

Who is Linda Shields?

I was born and raised in Grande Prairie AB. I am a wife, mom, a proud “GRANDMA” and the youngest of a family of six. I have a diploma in fitness leadership from the “Grande Prairie Regional College”
I am certified as a personal trainer with “Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology” (CSEP-CPT). I am also certified with “Alberta Fitness Leadership Certification Association” (AFLCA) as an “Active A

Operating as usual


gyms are open, now's the time to fight back against the Covid 15. being active and exercising, is a great way to boost your immune system. release those feel good endorphins, and generally feel better about ourselves.

If the gym is not for you, how about something at home or just outside. Maybe something in a small group of friends, the office or just you.

I have a few years of experience (10) in personal training. I have a specialization in Older Adults. I work with all fitness levels, and have experience working this medical and health conditions. I'm also a certified holistic nutritional consultant.

If you're interested in some help with your health, contact me and lets find something that works for you.




Motion Fitness is open, atmosphere is great, rules are I place. It’s time to get back into action, for your Health and peace of mind.

I offer a variety of training methods, to fit all ages, fitness levels and health conditions.

I’m offering a sweet deal on Personal Training sessions for July.
If you ready to get living again, contact me for further information.


Done and Done....

Goal reached 200 sets of stairs in 1hr 15 minutes.


Had a great weekend at the Women’s Show with these lovely ladies.


Hey folks, I have two amazing deals to offer on personal training.
1: 33 sessions of the low cost of $1,299.41
2: 44 sessions for the low cost $2,300.

These are sweet deal, considering a one hour session costs $90.00

Looking to fill some spots on my schedule quickly, so first come first serve.

Please share this post.

Thank you.


Anyone interested in personal training, I have a sweet deal.
33 one hours session for $1,299.41.
Client is moving and would like to sell remaining sessions.
Contact me here or text 780-814-2293


Hey folks
We are offering 3-1hr personal training sessions for the low cost of $99.00
Limited time offer, contact me at Motion Fitness
Ask for Linda.


Anyone thinking about hitting the gym?
Come see me before September 1st

I’m offering a greet deal on personal training, but only until the end of August,


If your tired of the same old exercises, come talk to me at Motion Fitness. Let’s change it up.


Fitness motivation is as personal as it is individual. The gym can be a scary place for some. And if it’s not your seen that’s ok, I understand that too. Sometimes it’s nothing more than the lack of confidence in knowing how and what to do to reach your goals.

That’s where a good personal trainer can help you. Fitness should also be something you enjoy, not dread have to do.
I’m at Motion Fitness where we have all ages, shapes and sizes, helping you feel comfortable in the gym and reaching your goals is what I do.

Give me shout, I’d love to help you find your fitness motivation.


Hey folks just reaching out again with a great deal on personal training.

Until the end of this month, you can purchase a package of training sessions for only $50.00 each.
That’s a sweet deal.
If you want to try core stix training bows the time to purchase.


Hey FB followers, I have few time slots open for personal training with your name on it.

Also a great deal on training sessions but only until the end of July.

Give me shoutout, or if you know someone in need of a trainer, please share this post.

Remember there’s more to training than pushing weights.


You don’t see no sexy pouting face after my workouts.
1 1/5hr core stix full resistance and 100 set of stairs (30 up 30 down) non stop


This is the core stix trainer,and the beautiful lady on it is celebrating her 59th birthday. Sexy as #*¥~!!


Have you heard of CoreStix functional training?
If you would like to try something new, give me a shout out.
It’s safe, fun and is for all ages and fitness levels.


Yeah summer is coming..🤗🤗

If you spent the winter feeling sluggish or maybe just thinking about your health lately...
Nows the time to act, give me shout or come see me at Motion Fitness. Healthy living and functional fitness is my specialty.
Let’s talk and come up with a plan to get you feeling better and moving without pain.


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Give the gift of health and happiness,
Come see me at Motion Fitness in Grande Prairie or Clairmont


Hey folks if you have ever thought about trying out personal training.
This week Motion Fitness has 3 1 hour sessions for only $100.00.
Stop by and see me or drop me a note


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Hey folks, does anyone out there know of an organization that could use some water bottles and blender bottles. I just cleaned out the lost and found and we have a large bag full.
They need to be washed but are perfect usable, all sizes.

Please let me know as I hate to throw them in the recycling.



Motion Fitness is have a Seniors week promotion, June 4-9 any one 55+ can try a trainer for free. Contact myself or the front desk and sign up for a free 1 hour session with a personal trainer.


To all my past and present clients, our May Personal Training promotion is ending soon, come in talk to myself or one of my amazing trainers.

75 sessions for $50.00 each, financing available. It’s such a sweet deal.


Just want to let everyone know that Motion Fitness is having an amazing promotion on Personal Training, for the month of May.

75 sessions for $50.00 each
It’s a very sweet deal. We have have some new and amazing trainers on board ready to help.

If your interested contact me at Motion Fitness in GP


Stop the diet craze and move on to a healthy life style.


Guys this is for you too.


More happy results, on her way to a healthy happy lifestyle.


This is a short video, of a couple that tried the nutrition plan.


Hey everyone
Motion Fitness is having a great promotion this week, 3 one hour sessions for $99.00
This is a great value, come sign up and get some guidance towards your health goals 12/17/2017

Hypothyroidism and Migraines: Understanding the Link

Another interesting read for you migraine sufferers Learn about the higher risk of hypothyroidism in people with migraine, and the benefits of treating subclinical hypothyroidism in migraineurs. 12/17/2017

A Protein In The Gut May Explain Why Some Can't Stomach Gluten

If you think you have a gluten sensitivity or are celiac this is an interesting read. Some people who don't have celiac disease say they feel better on a gluten-free diet. Researchers have long been puzzled as to why. A study suggests it could be because of a protein called zonulin.


Somone just asked about bloodwork showing a food sensitivity
and I thought it would be good to address this. Here's a transcript from an article about food allergies from published in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology.

"We don’t really understand all of the reasons why one person with IgE to a food will have serious reactions to the food, while another can eat it without problems.

To top it all off, it turns out that some studies show that an IgG response to a food actually indicates tolerance."

To make matters more confusing with blood tests? There has been research into the efficacy of blood tests. A few researchers had the same patient take a blood test in the morning and again in the afternoon, and getting two very different results for their food sensitivities/allergies!

Too often people come to me saying their blood test says they can’t eat a food and when they test it on The Plan they are fine. The most effective way to determine what food works for your chemistry is The Plan. You will find that your food sensitivities will change as you age, and that foods that you had to avoid you can now eat. The good news is that as your chemistry changes, the basic protocol of The Plan and The Metabolism Plan does not. You will always be able to determine what does, and doesn’t work for you, using a very accurate and inexpensive methodology!

From a Planner: “I’ve paid tons of money for the ALCAT for my 18 year old daughter who has Ankylosing Spondylitis. (3 different times!) and she never got results by avoiding the foods it said she reacted too.

I told my daughter about your book and explained the commitment it would take from both of us to do it. I offered to do it along with her and we were buying vegetables I’d never heard of and using spices I’d never used before! It was an adjustment, but when you see the scale going down and your energy levels going up there’s no stopping you. On day 5 I asked her if her pain was any better and she smiled at me and said, “I’m about a 4 now”. That’s amazing because on a scale of 1 -10 she was an 8 most of the time. This includes nighttime. She couldn’t find relief sitting, standing, or lying down. I almost cried I was so happy for her.

One day we were in a rush to get to my son’s wrestling tournament, so we literally ran from the parking area. Suddenly my daughter shouted, “Mom, look at me, I’m running and it doesn’t hurt!” We both laughed so hard. It was AWESOME and a memory I will never forget. Thank you so much for giving that to me and my daughter.

To sum it up, the ALCAT was way off. The Plan was dead on. I’m so grateful we are able to cancel her appointment with an RA doctor. She feels so blessed to have learned the proper way to eat at such a young age. Lyn-Genet, you have our eternal thanks!”

11/11/2017 11/11/2017

What Is in Movie Theater Popcorn Butter?

Ok people I hate to ruin your theatre experience, but if your struggling with weight or any type of health conditions like cardiovascular, diabetes or an auto immune disease, gout. You need to read this. Spoiler alert: It's not butter

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If your tired of the same old exercises, come talk to me at Motion Fitness. Let’s change it up.
This is the core stix trainer,and the beautiful lady on it is celebrating her 59th birthday. Sexy as #*¥~!!
Stop the diet craze and move on to a healthy life style.
Guys this is for you too.
More happy results, on her way to a healthy happy lifestyle.
This is a short video, of a couple that tried the nutrition plan.
The metabolism plan
A health journey




9513 77ave
Grande Prairie, AB
T8V 4T7

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Home Of Kangoo Jumps Power Classes *Benefits of our Kangoo Power fitness classes... - 80% joint protection - 25% more calories burnt - Stimulates & drains the lymphatic system - Increases bone density