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Are you guys still doing the live work out?
Thank you Oranj Fitness Grande Prairie for the online class posted yesterday! I just finished it and it was a nice sweaty one 💦. If you’re feeling blue or anxious, it’s a good release!!

Also my kids have been loving the live dance classes on www.clistudios.com/keepdancing
It’s like an outing in your home. Check it out❣️

Keep safe and sane or be crazy 😜 because that’s fun too 😘

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Chantelle & Candice
Sunday Funday! HAPPY FAMILY DAY WEEKEND!!! 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦😍

Because we want to celebrate healthy families and our Sunday's are all about that; there was no doubt in my mind that on Family Day Weekend, I wanted to post a very special interview done with my daughter, Alyssa Hewko. Alyssa is a wife, mother, as well as Yoga and Barre Instructor Oranj Fitness Grande Prairie, as well as volunteer within our community. She works hard at all things in life, especially when it comes to her family, health, fitness and nutrition. She makes no excuses and has developed a lifestyle approach to keeping lean and strong: Read our interview below.

Interview Questions:
1. When did you become health minded in both food and exercise?

-I think it’s always been apart of my life since childhood but it really became a priority probably 10ish years ago (with some not so perfect seasons, but we learn and grow from what we go through)

2. Being a busy wife, mama and Oranj Fitness Instructor- how do you find the time to stay on track with cooking healthy meal plans and prepping, exercise, create workouts for your classes and still run a happy healthy home?

-Planning and communicating with Aaron (my husband). It’s not something I do alone. We plan our days and meals together every week, Aaron found something we do for breakfast every weekday, he does lunches and I do dinner (it works for us!). We cook every other day and make enough for leftovers the following day, so we don’t have to cook every day! Exercise is important to me as it helps me both mentally and physically (not just staying in shape, but when I don’t workout, I’m stiff, back hurts etc...) so I make sure I stay consistent with it. It just comes down to planning and being intentional, starting with small consistent steps that make big changes in the long run.

3. When I see clients at our Clinics, the biggest challenge I face is that everyone wants a quick fix. They just want to lose weight and don't seem to know how to see that they need to make lasting changes to their whole way of thinking about food and activity...for life. If they have a slip up, they tend to be all or nothing and quit. You have never dieted and yet you work very hard to eat well and be active. It's not like it just comes naturally for you. I know firsthand how hard you work at keeping yourself and family healthy. What are some tips or tools that help you stay focused on health when you have times throughout the year that are less than perfect, when it comes to treats and not eating 100% perfect all the time?

-It’s definitely a combined effort between my husband and I, we help keep each other and the family accountable. Finding common ground with your spouse or even roommates to help each other out is a huge key to success. Don’t beat yourself up over a few bad days or weeks. Accept it for what it is and move on. It takes time. Start with incorporating healthier dinners, aim for a couple per week and build. Then go to your lunches and so on. I feel like the rest of this can be found in the answer of question 7.

4. What are some of your favorite winter activities for you and your family? Do you have tips for when it's too cold to go outside, yet stay active?

We love winter and there are times we don’t get out as often as we’d like. We enjoy tobogganing, skating, walks and just playing in the snow. We are still trying to figure out things we can do when it’s too cold to play outside, but I say... life goes on! When it’s cold we stay busy otherwise we go stir crazy in the house. We go to indoor play centres, swimming, the library etc... forever searching crafty/interactive play ideas to do with Eleanor. We also enjoy doing activities at home together, relaxing and watching a movie etc...

5. What is your favorite class to teach at Oranj and what do you recommend to someone who is new to fitness and just needs to start somewhere, without injuring themselves and over doing it?

-That’s hard because I seriously love every class I teach, that being said, I do love teaching barre. It’s brings women together in a supportive environment, it’s fun (you’ll say so after), positive and encouraging.
I’d say start small, don’t go crazy planning workouts every day of the week. Start with 2-3 plus just going for walks and add from there. If you’re interested in joining a gym, most gyms will guide you in the direction you should go(which classes to start with) if you let them know that this is new to you.

6. Your daughter (my cutesy granddaughter) eats so healthy, how does that happen? What are some of your family's favorite snacks? (This will help our maintenance clients)

-Aaron and I really focus on eating nutritious meals and have done that with her since she started eating whole foods.
We experimented a lot and gave her anything we would eat, and I think that really helped her develop the huge love for food that she has! There are obviously things she doesn’t like, after we’ve tried cooking or serving it in different ways a handful of times and if she still doesn’t love it then we won’t force it.
That’s a huge thing for everyone, if there’s certain foods that are healthy that you don’t enjoy- don’t force yourself to eat it just because you see a lot of other people eating it. You can get the same or similar health benefits and nutrients from other foods that you actually enjoy. We are definitely a 80/20 type family. We don’t deprive ourselves or Eleanor of treats or certain snacks for Eleanor (ex: gold fish, fruit snacks etc...) as I believe that can build unhealthy views on food. Eat real food, enjoy occasional treats!
As far as snacks go, we always have fruit and veggies on hand. I love baking so I find healthier muffin and cookie recipes to make for the week. Chia pudding (or Greek yogurt) with berries and granola, chips and salsa. It doesn’t have to be complicated!

7. One thing I have heard you say to even myself, is to not make excuses, like being too busy, because we make time for what's important to us and if health is important you will make and find the time to do whatever it takes. Why are you so passionate about this and is this always an easy commitment for you to stick to or are there times it's very difficult.

-There’s always something that could overpower a certain priority. I believe it comes down to what your vision of your ideal life is. If you aren’t sure, sit down and figure that out. A lot of the time these things take work and effort and that intimidates most people. But if you know your purpose and the reason why you are doing it, it makes the work easier.
It’s not always easy for me to stick to my personal commitments, I slip up often, but I looks at my goals and I pick up where I left off and keep going. It really helps to find the why behind everything, doing things with intention and purpose makes it significantly easier and more enjoyable.

8. In a world obsessed with being perfect on the outside and so critical and judgmental, how do you stay so grounded in your own value and worth?

-By finding out who I truly am and being confident in that. Embracing imperfections and not allowing what the worlds view on the perfect mom or wife or woman is; intimidate me (don’t get me wrong, I still struggle with insecurities at times, but I try to make sure it doesn’t get the best of me). We are all so individual and unique and offer different talents and gifts. Let’s embrace each of them and not compare to your friend or neighbor.

9. Though being a wife and mama. How do you take time for yourself to recharge and unwind?

Exercise is a huge outlet for me. I tend to do more group fitness/yoga than my own workouts at the gym which I never thought would be my thing. But I love it. I get to drop off Eleanor in Playcare and get to interact with people in this happy and uplifting environment. I also love reading, date night/game nights with my husband and getting together with friends!

Thank you Alyssa for these very valuable tips. This will help our clients long beyond the weight loss Phase and gives valuable tools to enjoy their new found freedom
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Oranj Fitness Grande Prairie
Wow - I love this! Peace not war! Teach them early 🧘‍♀️🧘‍♂️

Oranj Fitness Grande Prairie
Seva Yoga Co
Dearing Therapeutic
Love Life Hot Yoga
VO2Max Health And Performance
For the Yogi lovers out there ;-)
Combine both passions on your next trip!


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Coming to the largest outdoor yoga class??

It's for all levels of fitness, family friendly and for all ages.

It's by donation, fundraising for Mats for Metta😍

I went last year and it was moving to see so many people passionate about health in community together. 😭💪🧘‍♀️🧘‍♂️🥗🥗
Oranj Fitness Grande Prairie

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We've been open since June 2016, and we are thrilled to be a part of the Grande Prairie community! Come say hi - we'd love to meet you! xo Oranj Fitness is a fun, inviting, community-based studio for people of all levels.

We offer a wide selection of dance, fitness, spin, and yoga classes taught by our community of world class instructors. Ground yourself in a HOT yoga class, break it down in hip hop, or sweat it out during a Tabata Bootcamp. We have online registration and all of our classes are drop-in. We also have many different payment options that will accommodate your busy schedule. Your life is spontaneous

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Friday February 18th 9:00am-1:00pm
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Monday February 21st 9:00am-1:00pm

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Join Shelina in a 5 Week Yin Series March 5th-April 2nd!

This 5 week series will cover all 5 Yin Organs in the body and their Meridian lines of energy.

Practice will be 90 minutes in length starting at 11:45am

Here is the the 5 week breakdown!

Week 1 Kidneys
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Free Fitness Trial | Oranj Fitness

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We have an array of clothing lines that we offer. You can expect to see lots of high technical fabric for fitness, yoga accessories and some really cool women's fashion lines!



101-10302 67th Avenue
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T8W 0L6

Opening Hours

Monday 9am - 1pm
4pm - 8pm
Tuesday 9am - 1pm
4pm - 8pm
Wednesday 9am - 1pm
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Thursday 9am - 1pm
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Friday 9am - 1pm
4pm - 6pm
Saturday 9am - 1pm
Sunday 9am - 1pm

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