I am a CSEP certified personal trainer. I want to help you achieve your goals whatever that may be, getting back into shape or entering a race/competition.

My name is Helen Sanderson. Whether your goal is to run a 5K or marathon, participate in one of the now popular obstacle course races (Mud Hero, Tough Mudder, etc), or you just want to improve your health I want to help you achieve your goal. I can help break down what may seem like a huge task into smaller goals that will help you prepare for the overall goal! I am a CSEP certified personal train

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PROVE THEM WRONG Fitness updated their address. 11/07/2021

PROVE THEM WRONG Fitness updated their address.

PROVE THEM WRONG Fitness updated their address.

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PROVE THEM WRONG Fitness updated their business hours.

PROVE THEM WRONG Fitness updated their business hours.

Grande Prairie runners fend off 3 grizzlies on Canadian Death Race trail | CBC News 07/05/2018

Grande Prairie runners fend off 3 grizzlies on Canadian Death Race trail | CBC News

Triple terrain trekkers is the run group I train with, scary to think about but makes you realize you are in their area. Better come prepared, I have my bear spray at all times! Glad they are ok!

Grande Prairie runners fend off 3 grizzlies on Canadian Death Race trail | CBC News Two runners from Grande Prairie fought off a grizzly attack while training near Grande Cache, Alta., for the Canadian Death Race.


A for effort though! Haven’t heard this excuse yet, I applaud the creativity! 😂


Happy Sunday, a little nerdy inspiration for you all!


This is my biggest weakness! Lucky for me it is from the UK, and over here it is very expensive to buy!
So it is ok, I don’t feel guilty or bad about it. I don’t do eat them every day (unless I am in Scotland 😉) and sometimes, you have to give into your cravings. One choice won’t derail you from your overall results. Can still join our nutrition group that started Tuesday, we are just getting introduced to the basics of 2B Mindset teaching you to change the way you think about food! Whether you’re looking to lose weight or just want to stop emotional eating, you’ll learn how to incorporate foods you ENJOY while still seeing and MAINTAINING results! Exercise is optional for this one, but of course I always encourage it!

If you’re ready for another fitness challenge, though, you’ll want to join me starting June 4th for my “Simply Fit” accountability group. Get physically fit while decluttering your life! You may be surprised how decluttering your home helps in other aspects of your life! I conquered our two bathrooms with deep cleaning yesterday and I smile just walking into one now! No guilt of needing to clean, freeing up time for other things like my workouts 😉

Message me or comment below for info!


Knowing what to eat is half the battle. How would you like tools to conquer emotional eating and finally feel CONFIDENT in your food choices, FREE from guilt and in CONTROL of your weight and your body so you can LOSE WEIGHT once and for all? Ilana Muhlstein has been there too and shares her proven principles and strategies in the 2B Mindset.

There is still time to join our Nutrition Group starting tomorrow May 29! Pm or comment below to for more info.

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Another half marathon in the books! If you are looking for a race to run I highly, highly recommend the Northern Alberta Trail Series (NATS is the page). The events are well organized, people are extremely supportive and you get awesome swag and medals! Not to mention can’t beat that view for a nice run in the bush!


All done Schwinn cycling certification!

Timeline Photos 05/18/2018

This is neat, if you are wondering about the different parks around town whether for you, kids, dogs etc

TGIF, Grande Prairie!

To kick-off the long weekend, we’re excited to announce that our Parks Operations and G.I.S. departments have collaborated on a major project to create an interactive parks map!

It displays every park in Grande Prairie on an interactive map including playgrounds, outdoor sports and fitness amenities, outdoor rinks and off-leash dog parks. Each park listing provides a location and brief description including playground surface type and available amenities. Read the full media release here:

Check out the map to plan your next outdoor adventure by visiting here:


Still some spots to be apart of a Brand new Nutritional workshop, starting May 29, for those wanting to lose weight over summer.

Do you struggle with emotional eating ?
Not sure what to all eat ?

Then this program is for you -

No pills
No gimicks

👉🏻Exercise is not required 🏃🏼‍♀️ (But of course I always encourage exercise and can help with that as well!)

Drop me your email below for more info , comment with your favourite food emoji or send me a pm !


Everything is so fast paced now a days, and you are told to see changes you have to work hard everyday! But your body and mind also need to rest and recover! So remember it is ok to take a rest day, it doesn’t mean you aren’t working hard just that you want to take care of yourself!


I am looking for 15 ladies to be apart of a Brand new Nutritional workshop 🍃 who are wanting to lose 10-30 lbs over this summer ☀️

Do you struggle with emotional eating ?
Not sure what to all eat ?

Then this program is for you -

No pills
No gimicks

👉🏻Exercise is not required 🏃🏼‍♀️ (But of course I always encourage exercise and can help with that as well!)

Drop me your email below for more info , comment with your favourite food emoji or send me a pm !

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There are two things that really keep me doing what I am doing:

-One is being able to see or celebrate a client when they achieve something they never thought possible. To know I helped them whether that was a program, being there with them a couple times a week pushing them to work hard or now coaching/supporting them even from a distance!
-Two is having flexibility in my schedule to still fit in things I enjoy and to be there while my daughter grows up.

The amazing results I have seen, goals accomplished, or even just helping get someones feeling of confidence back is one of the most rewarding things I get to experience! Don’t get me wrong there are some tough days along the way, but even being able to be there for a client when they are having a bad day or fall off the wagon and need help to get back at it can be great. You are building a bond that I can’t really explain, and friendships that last long after they need my help!

Now being a coach I feel more comfortable helping someone from a distance knowing videos are easy to follow and I am able to test them myself before recommending. I can easily help make modifications if necessary by simply going to the video they are on and seeing what they are. Sometimes I can make you a program and send you the information along with pictures/videos/whatever you need to complete the program but you may not feel like you have the accountability. I am finding much more success with these challenge groups for people sticking with it, as you get more connected and involved with the group! And I am able to be available for the person no matter the distance of course! Also starting to create an extra income gives me a little comfort that perhaps I will have some flexibility or at least some contribution as we make changes in our life and things are up in the air!

Not to mention right now it helps free up my time so I can go out and do what I love! This morning we were able to just go out with the dogs for hours just playing in sand dunes/trails! And for me that is my happy place, and the second I pull in the parking lot I can feel my shoulders relax!

If you have ever wonder what it entails to be a coach comment below or send me a message and let’s chat !!


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The difference between the first time up Shari’s hill in the 10k lap and the second. The second I can barely pull myself up the hill but still smile because I know Erin is up there ready to take a picture lol


This is a post for all those mothers who follow the page, this could be very beneficial for jumping exercises, sneezing lol, whatever is your thing after baby no matter how long it has been!

We are excited to start POST NATAL Abs and Glutes class. Taught by our talented Physiotherapist Tori Smith, who has training in womens' health and pilates. Its purpose is to get healthy abs and glutes back after you have those beautiful babies. It does not matter how much time has passed, we need those muscles back!! Please contact the clinic or look online for times starting in June, 2018. Cost will be $25 per class, maximum of 4 to ensure quality instruction and muscle work. You can see the class schedule on our booking site, under the therapist name Tori Smith, at the bottom of her treatment options is a classification for the class. Select that option and it will show you the class times. There may be a few more added in the near days.

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21K at Evergreen Trail trek yesterday completed. Stopped on the second lap to check out my trees from last years race still going strong after the winter. We planted them in honour of our pups who passed away and scattered some ashes with them. That is why evergreen is such a special place for me. Was doing great pace in the race but the last 2k I hit a wall and it was brutal to get through but I don’t have quit in me especially not at that point so powered through. Not sure why as i trained for the distance, maybe something I ate before didn’t agree with me at that point though it was nothing new. Luckily I have a massage therapist for a husband so I am doing better today than I likely would have. I placed 17th overall which was where a special prize was so fate must have had other ideas for me 😄.
P.S I feel like these Lakota pm were well placed in the swag bags.


I have always had some level of anxiety. I am extremely introverted so there are a great number of things that cause me stress or anxiety (And yes I am aware working in the fitness industry does seem an odd choice. And yes I do spend a great deal of time outside my comfort zone). Moving to Grande prairie seemed to amplify my anxiety as we moved into a sketchy rental with patched holes in the wall, needles/broked glass, soiled clothes & mattress etc in the back yard. And a rental company that seemed to have no intention of rectifying that situation. We had 2 trucks stolen within the first year and Grande prairie of course ranked #1 most dangerous city in Canada didn’t help. I stopped going out with any friends, refused to drive or go out after dark if not absolutely necessary. Then I stopped working out because the gyms here can be very intimidating!

In 2016 after all 3 of my dogs passed away within months of each other I noticed I would get really high highs and my lows were devastating. I didn’t want to get out of bed most days, which as a new mom was absolutely not an option. I realized it was no longer just anxiety, I was depressed. I started researching how to control depression without taking drugs. I looked into support animals which I realized the more I read my one dog had many of the same behaviours. He knew when to distract me so that I wouldn’t hit the really bad lows, now that he was gone I was experiencing it as bad as it could get for me.

Then I saw exercising and started to focus more on running again. Since I was by that point training and working at gyms I had got over the intimidation. I had started teaching spin and saw a huge improvement in run times because of it. It isn’t a miracle cure but it makes a difference both physically and mentally! It balances me out, while I will still have some days where it takes everything to crawl out of my room they aren’t as frequent.

With adding the happiness challenge to our April challenge I can see how important self care is! That is why I was thrilled when it was decided May’s challenge would be dedicated to self care, in honour of it being Mother’s Day this month. You don’t need to be a mom to join this group though, maybe you work a couple jobs, are a student, etc and you just haven’t been taking the time to take care of yourself. This challenge is all about getting a handle on physical and mental wellness. Oh and don’t forget of course take back the kitchen is still going to be there covering the nutrition aspect for your meals!

Or maybe you are looking for more of a physical challenge we have Sweat Well Spent 2.0 a bigger version of a challenge run last year. Last summer over 400 challengers went through the 6 week Boot Camp last summer and not only did we see weight lost, inches lost, record mile times posted every week but more importantly we saw potential unleashed, confidence restored and passions ignited!
Sweat Well Spent features distance training, cross training, speed and agility training, strength training, kettlebell, MMA and Core! 36 workouts over 6 weeks!
And this year we are taking it a whole new level! In SWS 2.0 every challenger will be assigned to a team.
Workouts for the week will be posted Sunday night in the exclusive challenge page. Complete the workout, mark complete in the daily check in and your team gets a point!

If either of these sound like something you want to be a part of pm or comment below 😄



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