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Get Bent Yoga’s online yoga classes ROCK! Exactly what I’ve been missing since I left Penticton a few years ago. Thank you Wendy and John!
Enjoying Peach Fest before the show. Lots of fun with Get Bent!
Peach Fest today before the girls performed. Lots of fun with Get Bent!
Don’t forget Purdy’s Chocolate orders are due with money this week. Please have forms into the studio by April 11! Thank you for all the support.
Before-school belly dancing practice at the Goudie's :)
Dance is the best medicine :)
Don't be a conformist. Celebrate being a naked weirdo.
This young lady is so compassionate and inspiring. She is such an incredible example of how we can help others with the gifts we have within us.
Well done on your BC Day performance!
My restaurant, Jimmy's Pub in Creston has hired Wendy & her dancers for 10 years at our annual Greek Night Celebration. Our Greek family has been so happy that the dancers from Get Bent continue to come and represent the culture of Greek Tsifteteli year after year. Thank you for doing what you do! Our event would not be the same without your lovely ladies
Hello! I was wondering if you still offer salsa classes/salsa nights? Thanks!
Hello friends! Katie here from the ITU Multisport Festival volunteers and Jazz Festival! I so loved volunteering with you! I volunteer coach Special Olympics swimming Saturday mornings 8:45-10:15 at the Penticton Community Centre pool, and if anyone wants to come help out we could desperately use the volunteers! We have many athletes, and very few volunteers! You can swim or not swim, and any Saturday you can give is appreciated, it doesn't need to be a commitment to every Saturday! I'm your contact!

Get Bent Yoga - offering alighment base yoga classes on the mat, from beginner to advanced. We also specialize in Seniors Yoga Classes, both on the mat and in chairs.

Get Bent is far more than a yoga and dance school. Get Bent is dedicated to developing healthy individuals in mind, body and spirit. Our family-friendly classes build a love for yoga and dance, and a love for one-self and the community. Get Bent is a safe and supportive centre where women of "all ages, sizes and abilities" can connect and get healthy with yoga, dance, and performing arts. And most of all - wear super sparkly costumes! Get Bent also presents two provincial conferences: and 250 462 1025 | [email protected] Get Bent Yoga & Dance is located in the Centre of the Cannery Trade Centre in Penticton, BC Canada. 115 - 1475 Fairview Rd, Penticton

Most amazing videos on the Internet

Wendy's theatre debut in Peter Pan

Happy Birthday to my inspiring wife who continues to make her dreams come true. I am excited to fly into the future with you. May we never grow too old together :) :)

PS: This was Wendy's first theatre debut at the Calgary Pumphouse Theatre in 1996.

Whether you are writing a novel, homeschooling your kids, getting in shape, or binging on Netflix, do whatever you need to handle your stress. Everyone handles things differently. Some people burn off stress by having kitchen dance parties while others roll in a ball and cry. Both are ok and normal. Give yourself and family permission to do whatever you individually need to release and recharge your energy and emotions. Celebrate if someone is taking on a major project or relaxing in their pajamas all day. The main thing is to be on the look out for family members and friends who aren't handling their stress in healthy ways. Those are the people who need extra guidance and support.

Join GET BENT YOGA & SPARKLE DANCE ONLINE to learn from award-winning instructor and performer Wendy Goudie!

Practice Get Bent Yoga & Sparkle Dance anytime, anywhere, on any device - as many times as you want! A great way for your whole family to have fun and stay in shape at home.

Low Cost for Your Entire Family

For less than $1 per day, your family can participate in over 20 online classes at Get Bent Yoga & Sparkle Dance for kids, teens, parents and seniors.

To join us online:

(1) E-transfer $26.25 to [email protected]

This gives your family access to all our online April classes

(2) Request to join one or both of the following groups:



Once payment is received, I will put you in the groups.


Sparkle Dance LIVE

Learn stunning dance routines in our weekly interactive Sparkle Dance LIVE classes for intermediate and advanced Sparkle Dancers. Classes include: Bollywood, Bellydancing, Street Skillz, Spanish Fusion and Dance Drills & Conditioning.

Sparkle Dance LIVE classes are recorded so you can re-watch them anytime.

Sparkle Dance KIDS

Sparkle Dance KIDS features 30 minute *Shine Online* dance parties for children age 3-8 who love to dance, perform and dress-up in costumes. These upbeat dance parties are super fun for stay-at-home kids, parents and babies.

Sparkle Dance TEENS

Sparkle Dance TEENS classes include our unique Street Breakdown classes that fuse hip-hop, breaking and popping with fluid and powerful belly dance techniques

Sparkle Dance FITNESS

Get fit and flexible at home with Sparkle Dance FITNESS including our super-popular Fit*Funky*Flexible classes that include 20 minutes of fitness, 20 minutes of beginner dance, and 20 minutes of yoga for unique full-body workouts you can practice anytime at home.


Get Bent Mat YOGA

Unwind, relax and increase your flexibility every day with full access to our Get Bent Yoga Online classes.
Featuring Beginner, Multilevel, experienced Mat classes – 5 days a week.

Get Bent Aging Bodies YOGA

You can also enjoy our Aging Bodies yoga classes including Gentle and Relaxing Mat classes, Beginner Chair Yoga, and Standing Chair Yoga.

Get Bent Studio

Black Sheep Counselling

[03/19/20]   I'll be at the studio from 4-6pm today if you (current students) want to come by and borrow yoga props, mats and anything else you need to support home practice.

Get Bent Yoga Classes Online - Schedule is ready!

Online Get Bent Yoga and Sparkle Dance Class Schedules are ready!

We are going to be in awesome shape by the end of

Times like this It's so important to stick to a schedule of activities that are both inspiring, invigorating and relaxing and do we ever have you covered!

I'm thinking of this as our own personal retreat!

Seriously, you can't quit everything. We might as well dive into activities and stay positive. It's important to keep those endorphins flowing, keep learning and STAY CONNECTED to others.

To join, request to join the @geGet Bent Yoga Online Classes

Send an etransfer for $26.25 to [email protected]

Enjoy the next two weeks!!

Check it out!!!!

We are ready to dive in for 2 weeks!

See the video above for more details.

Dad Daughter Workouts

Along with joining our online yoga and dance classes at Get Bent Yoga & Sparkle Dance, we also encourage families to exercise outdoors while staying a safe distance from others. My daughter, Cheysa and I posted a number of "Daddy-Daughter Workouts" on Youtube that you can do together to stay healthy and have fun at parks and playgrounds. Please remember to: Stay calm - stay connected - stay healthy :)

Virtual hugs from,
John, Wendy and Cheysa

Be mindful to spread the right things

Online class only until end of March.

Effective Monday, March 16, we will be suspending all classes at our physical locations at Get Bent Yoga and Sparkle Dance and temporarily moving them online!

We have many seniors in our yoga programs with existing health conditions both at our studio and satellite classes at retirement homes throughout Penticton. Therefore we are taking whatever precaution necessary to protect the health of everyone who attends the studio.

Although we are minimizing our physical contact with you, we believe it is vital for everyone to stay connected, keep dancing, and doing yoga at home.

It’s very important for all of us to remain healthy, minimize stress, and boost immunity. Therefore, we will be shifting classes online and will be teaching you from our home studio starting Wednesday, March 18.

We will be live streaming two yoga classes🧘🏻‍♂️ a day and two dance classes 💃a day, Monday to Friday. This first yoga class will be gentle, and relaxed, focusing on soft flexibility, mobility, breathing, and circulation. This class is suitable for everyone, especially those attending our aging bodies mat classes. The second yoga class will focus on strength building, balance, active flexibility and alignment. Similar to our deep stretch and evening classes, modifications will be offered for varying levels of experience.

Both dance classes will offer something inspiring and exciting. The first dance class will be technique, fundamentals, and drills to keep you tuned up and toned up. The second dance class will be focused on new choreography and combinations, in a variety of styles, that are different each day.

Also on Wednesday and Fridays, we will have a Fit, Funky and Flexible class💪. Which is great for those that were on the waiting list for Saturdays! Now there is unlimited room;)

All of these livestream classes will be recorded and reposted so you can practice at any time of day.

Steps to register:

1. Friend Wendy Goudie on Facebook

2. Request to join the Yoga Group, the Dance Group or the Fit, Funky, Flexible Group

3. Credits - If you’re in a class that you have already paid for that is scheduled to be running in the next two weeks, we will automatically put you in the group at no charge.
Payments - If you currently attend classes on a drop in basis, use a punch pass, or are new to the studio, we have set pricing at $25 (+tax) to give you access to one group to the end of March. To make your payment please send an Etransfer to [email protected].

We are deeply committed to providing these classes so you can keep up your practice! We can all make it through this if we continue to support each other at home during this time.

We feel this is the best plan to provide the least disruption of service and keep everyone happy, healthy and connected.

Thank you for your ongoing support and commitment ❤️
Keep following Get Bent Yoga and Sparkle Dance Academy for updates.

John and Wendy

Kelowna airport issues advisory after passenger tests positive for COVID-19 - Penticton Western News

Important notice: Passengers in rows 10 to 16 of WestJet flight WS 3326 from Vancouver International on March 10 are at risk.

Coronavirus makes namaste greeting a trend

Namaste is the best greeting right now. Please be considerate of your health and others. Namaste is now the most preferred form of pleasantry because of coronavirus.

Sparkle Dance Academy

Hi everyone,

Many of you who have been to our shows may know Nya. She won the best smile award at the 2019 Spring Showcase. :)

Nya has cerebral palsy and being the amazing and strong girl that she is, she hasn't let this affect her love of dancing and being on stage.

She dances 3 days a week and has the same smile on her face during workouts, meetings, rehearsals, and shows!

Nya has a serious corrective hip surgery scheduled very soon. This is necessary and will ultimately be positive, but it will leave her in a wheelchair for about a year.

This is a very emotional, scary, and serious thing for anyone to go through, let alone, a 10-year-old.

Nya's dance group, along with the older girls in the studio, have decided to come together in one piece, all on rolling chairs, to support Nya in her performing for the year that she is in her chair.

The groups have decided to do this piece over spring break, so it's done BEFORE her surgery, which is in April. This will give Nya something to look forward to when she is finally able to come back to classes, in a wheelchair.

On behalf of the group - I'm asking for support to get 11 rolling chairs. They don't need to match and they don't need to be pretty. My guess is that the girls will decorate them anyway. ;)

An alternative is someone handy that would volunteer to attach wheels to folding chairs we already have (if that's even an option - I really don't know).

I know COVID19 is taking over our thoughts, but our little lives at Sparkle Dance are still moving forward and this is a show piece, most of you at some point over the next year, will no doubt see being performed in our community.

I know it'll make you smile. The girls in here are an amazing family.

If you have a rolling chair you could donate or know of a way to assist in making this happen quickly, message us here or email [email protected]

Thank you!

-The Sparkle Dance Team

I Calls It Like I Sees It


Another reason Kolyn Woodbridge and her team the Beauty Box in Summerland are amazing. Their salon is now Certified Sustainable.
Salons in North American produce 877 lbs of waste per minute :( However, the Beauty Box salon diverts 95% of their waste away from landfills and waterways. Way to go the eco-friendly team at the Beauty Box in Summerland :)

We are excited to announce our partnership starting today with @greencirclesalons ! So much waste happens in salons, and we do not want to be apart of that anymore.
We want to be better for our community, our children, and our world.
The fashion industry unfortunately produces mass amounts of waste. North American salons produce 877 lbs of waste per minute. That's only North America!! Every little bit helps. We'll be diverting 95% of our waste away from landfills and waterways!
There will be a small eco fee added to our services so we can all better our world together. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask your stylist. 😊

Ex-Marine, 62, holds plank for more than 8 hours, breaking Guinness World Record The Illinois native had a strict 18-month fitness routine, which saw him complete 674,000 sit-ups and 270,000 push-ups in total.

Sparkle Dance Academy - Okanagan Dance School Penticton BC Canada

GET DAZZLED at the *SPARKLE DANCE ACADEMY SPRING SHOWCASE* this Saturday at 3pm at the Cleland Theatre in Penticton.

ADMISSION IS BY DONATION. This event is sponsored by the Get Bent Active Arts Society. Seniors, children and community groups are welcome to attend.

The mission of the Sparkle Dance Academy is: "to help our community SHINE through dance".

This exciting dance show features routines that our Sparkle Dance Teams perform at special events and public schools locally and throughout BC. Styles including: Bollywood, Bhangra, Hip Hop, Bellydancing, Spanish, Salsa and more.

Young fans receive colouring pages of their favourite dancers and have the opportunity to meet the Sparkle Dancers after the show. This is a great event to celebrate some of the many talented dancers we have in our community.

We hope you & your children can attend :)

Sparkle Dance Academy:
Get Bent Active Arts Society:

You SHINE at the Sparkle Dance Academy Join our fun-filled dance classes in Penticton, Oliver, Okanagan Falls, Summerland and Vancouver at: http://www.Sparkl...

Glutes, Hamstrings & Calves Exercises (no gym, no equipment) - Dad Daughter Workout

10 degrees tomorrow until Friday! Time to start our 2020 Dad-Daughter Workouts! Subscribe to our YouTube channel and try our workouts (no equipment required - just a willing child or spouse). More workout videos to come this Spring!

GLUTES, HAMSTRINGS & CALVES EXERCISES - Dad Daughter Workout - Warm-up - 30 minute run with child in push cart - Plié Squats with Child - 3 sets - Walking Lu...

Relax like a little yogi at Get Bent Yoga.

Hashem Al-Ghaili

Human Skeleton under Different Situations (Use your Headphone)

Humans have around 270 bones at birth, but they fuse together as we grow old. By the time we reach adulthood, the number of our bones goes down to 206 bones. The bones in our skeletons reach their maximum density around age 21.

Our bones do not only help us move, they provide us with structural support, protect our organs and help us produce red blood cells. They also act as a storage area for minerals, particularly calcium.

Home | yogacowgirl

If you're looking for an amazing experience this summer, check out my friend's yoga and riding retreats near Smithers. We'll have to plan a family trip: Naomi is focused on raising energy levels while slowing things down to help balance ourselves out in this busy world. Learn more about her unique wellness retreats and workshops that combine yoga, outdoor adventure, healthy eating and other therapeutic activities.

Our Halfmoon yoga mats, blocks and straps have arrived!!

These are samples to try we will order as requested! We have a variety of sizes, thicknesses and textures for you to pick your perfect mat!

BODY LOVE (short version) - Wendy Goudie of Get Bent Dance - performed at Bellyfit Summit 2016

Happy Valentine's Day from the Sparkle Dance Academy!

Along with loving others, please remember to love and celebrate yourself including your body. Don't let your mind bully your body. Our bodies are constantly changing. If we base our self-worth on our ever-changing bodies, we will forever be unhappy. Only loving your body when it's in "perfect" shape is like only loving your children when they are perfectly-behaved. You can’t hate yourself happy. You can’t criticize yourself thin. Don't workout because you hate your body. Workout because you love your body. Real change begins with self-love and self-care.

If you have criticized yourself for years, try loving yourself and see what happens. Evict your inner mean girl and stop telling yourself you are physically inadequate and flawed. Your words have so much power. Your body loves you and needs you. Love your body, nurture it, and embrace it. Don't let others dictate how you feel. Loving your body is about being comfortable in your body and only you get to set the parameters of that. Never let anyone make you feel ashamed of your body and appearance. Set yourself free by loving and embracing yourself. Every day, tell yourself "I love you" and mean it. Celebrate Valentine's Day by celebrating you. Shine brightly with everything you are. You and your imperfect body are a miracle. Please share this message with others you love - especially your daughters:

Sparkle Dance Academy Founder, Wendy Goudie performing "Body Love" |

************** EXTRA PERFORMANCE ***************

Watch the teen dancers perform "Born this Way" at the Bellyfit Summit:


Dedicated to women everywhere: Wendy Goudie owner of of Get Bent Dance performing at the BellyFit Summit 2016. Get Bent's mission is to empower girls and wom...

Our Story

Get Bent is dedicated to developing healthy individuals in mind, body and spirit. Our family-friendly classes build a love for yoga and health, a love for one-self and the community.

Get Bent is a safe and supportive centre where people of "all ages, sizes and abilities" can connect and get healthy with yoga and meditation. 250 462 1025 | [email protected] Get Bent Yoga & Dance is located in the Centre of the Cannery Trade Centre in Penticton, BC Canada. 115 - 1475 Fairview Rd, Penticton

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Wendy's theatre debut in Peter Pan
Get Bent Yoga Classes Online - Schedule is ready!
Online class only until end of March.
Relationship Wisdom from Seniors - presented by Wendy Goudie at Pecha Kucha 17, Penticton
Cheer camp poops you out!
Lift Group #2 Log Roll




#115-1475 Fairview Rd
Penticton, BC
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