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Get Bent Yoga instructors teach a unique style of yoga in the South Okanagan - Get Bent is Western Canada's largest belly dancing school.

Get Bent is far more than a yoga and dance school. Get Bent is dedicated to developing healthy individuals in mind, body and spirit. Our family-friendly classes build a love for yoga and dance, and a love for one-self and the community. Get Bent is a safe and supportive centre where women of "all ages, sizes and abilities" can connect and get healthy with yoga, dance, and performing arts. And most of all - wear super sparkly costumes! Get Bent also presents two provincial conferences: and 250 462 1025 | [email protected] Get Bent Yoga & Dance is located in the Centre of the Cannery Trade Centre in Penticton, BC Canada. 115 - 1475 Fairview Rd, Penticton

Snowball the cockatoo is blowing scientists' minds with his 14 unique dance moves | CBC Radio

Shake your tail feathers this summer at Get Bent Dance :) Snowball the cockatoo is changing the way we think about music, culture and human evolution with his fresh and funky dance moves.

"Just Breathe" by Julie Bayer Salzman & Josh Salzman (Wavecrest Films)

Just Breathe is an important video and lesson for both children and adults.

The inspiration for “Just Breathe” first came about a little over a year ago when I overheard my then 5-year-old son talking with his friend about how emotio...


730-830am. Yes! we are starting the days off right!

Friday- The Weekday challenge! We will be working! A bit of flow….a bit of holding poses and talking details…you’ll get sweaty. It’ll be awesome. Bring water and a towel.

East end of Skaha Lake Park. On the grass between the splash pad and marina boat parking lot.

Classes can be followed by a visit to the Nautical Dog for amazing Coffee and breakfast!

Studio yoga passes apply, drop in $15.

Bring a mat or blanket if you’ve got one, we can only supply mats for 8-10 people.

Cash, credit or chq.

World Economic Forum

Healthy activities are so important for our children and community.

A Nordic success story.

📕 Read more:

Come to "Princess Power Camp" next week! Register now for this camp and many more all summer. Save 10% for siblings & multi-camp registrations:

250-462-1025 | | [email protected]

Great Fun ~ Great Camps ~ Great Prices
Karma Kids Camp preview:

Semi annual Get Bent team building was this weekend!

Man do we ever know why we like each other and why we annoy each Most importantly though, how to accommodate for others and how to ask for you need in ways they relate.

As always, full of learning. ❤️

AND... 2 past dancers got wind of today and crashed it. Vayda Poetsch and Kaydence Amber all the way Victoria!!! It was great to have you in here again. 💕💕💕🥰

Thanks to John for an enlightening and inspiring afternoon!

A reminder that Sunday yoga at 10am is now moving to Red Rooster for the summer!

Drop in $15 +tax. Cash chq and credit accepted on site.

All passes are great to use as usual.

It’s going to be a lovely! 🧘‍♀️

Guess who's having a baby? Congratulations Emily and Hunter!

As an owner of Get Bent, it's been very powerful to become a parent in the studio.

It is a different perspective to watch the teachers teach your child, to see how your child responds to classes, and have to follow the "family systems" of shows and the activities that we've created in here.

One of the classes Cheysa like most is Hula Hoop. Zoe is fantastic and gives the children a wonderful hour. At the end of each class, the group huddles up and shouts to themselves and then to each other "I AM SMART, I AM STRONG, I AM BEAUTIFUL AND I AM FREE TO BE ME!!!'

Our daughter Cheysa (grade 1) had a rough morning today, she was tired from being up too late, and it was a challenge getting her out the door.

We were walking across the school field, the bell already rang, kids were already lined up and she was crying and said sputtered through her tears:

"You know the thing Zoe makes us say at the end of hula hoop? I'm just going to keep repeating that over and over inside my head to myself until I feel better. Even if it takes all day. I know that will work."

Instant confirmation there's something very special happening in the room.

Today, I'm grateful for the team at Get Bent, but not as the "boss", as a mom.

Thank you for helping shape my little girl into a strong confident young lady. Thank you for teaching her to be a team member. Thank you for not taking any of her attitude when she gets saucy. Thank you for teaching her how self-respect and modesty are possible.

Thank you for teaching FAR more than dance.

You as teachers are all so important to the children in your classes. I know you understand how much of a mentor and influence you actually are, I've understood this too. But I've never felt it as Mom. This hit me hard this morning.

Through all the goofing and distractions, those little ears are paying attention, and they hear you when they are feeling bad, or considering a poor choice.

So...Thanks Team!

Look who rode in from Prince George! Get Bent veteran dancer Michelle!

A HUGE thank you to the Penticton and District Community Arts Council for supporting the Dance-Abilities project!

Three youth Dance-Abilities leaders taught a very special group of Pen High students 1-2 hrs a week during May and June.

The team learned about fitness, dance movements, music selection, rhythm, staging shapes and traffic….learning a full piece of choreography is hard work!

These brave students performed their dance for drama and leadership students, teachers and special guests from Okanagan Inclusion.

This pilot program exceeded my expectations - it was so inspiring, every class.

We are excited for the fall Dance-Abilities program, where 3 Pen High Classes, as well as an adult group form Okanagan Inclusion will spend 6 weeks, each learning their own dance, created and lead by Dance-Abilities youth leaders.

This group will then travel to Okanagan Falls Elementary and Tuc-el-Nuit Elementary to entertain the schools and share in discussions about living with a disability.

Walla baker passes suddenly - Penticton News

It is with deep sadness that we learn about the sudden passing of Ben Manea, the founder of Walla Bakery in the Cannery. Our daughter Cheysa, loved her weekly visits to see Ben down the hall and buy one his delicious "Walla Buns" (with butter). Ben's passion for making high quality food was evident in everything he made. We miss him in the Cannery and our condolences go out to his wife Sharon and family. The man behind the beloved creations at Penticton's popular Walla Bakery died Saturday, according to a public post from his wife on the business' page.

Savvios Greek Restaurant in Oliver has Get Bent as their entertainment on Sunday, June 16th!

5948 Main Street
Oliver, British Columbia
(250) 498-4418

Junior Dancer Theresa will be joining Wendy for a few songs to grow her restaurant skills!

Show (roughly) at 6 and 730pm
Call for reservations!

Get Bent Chair Yoga classes had an AMAZING lunch at the Balance Vegetarian Tea Shop!

Yanti guided everyone through a sing-a-long, we played Chair Yoga Bingo, ate fantastic vegan food, some people did some healthy shopping....
We had a great send off for Carol, our Chair Yoga teacher who is embarking on the holiday of a lifetime!

If you haven't been to Balance Vegetarian tea Shop yet - GO! Eat, shop and be wonderfully fulfilled.

Cannery Date Night!

Saturday, June 15th

Tapas, cocktails, craft beer tasting, a beginner salsa lesson, and a dance floor that's open late!

$75 per couple includes everything! Additional food and drinks will available at the Nest.

$25 for childcare (6-11pm)

Call Get Bent for childcare details, purchase tickets at the Nest and Nectar or Get Bent

This is a great opportunity for youth who want to participate in arts programs. Our non-profit organization, the Get Bent Active Arts Society is seeking scholarship applications from youth. Please see the details below and share with any youth who would like to apply.

Call for arts scholarship applications!

The Get Bent Active Arts Society will be giving away two scholarships for youth between the ages of 10-19 years old. The application is for non-school sponsored activities in any arts, or cultural activities.

Applications can be requested through [email protected].

Deadline for application is July 31, 2019, and scholarships will be awarded by August 15, for programs starting in September.

The most recent recipient, Ana Victoria received $500 for a graphic design course.

In need of a date night that you'll both love?

Cannery Date Night is the answer!!

Check out these amazing Shimmer Camps for kids aged 4-17yrs. Save 10% for siblings & multi-camps. Register now at Get Bent Dance:

250-462-1025 | | [email protected]

Great Fun ~ Great Camps ~ Great Prices
Karma Kids Camp preview:

In need of a date night that you'll both love?

Cannery Date Night is the answer!!

Anatomy of the Shoulder - Everything You Need To Know - Dr. Nabil Ebraheim

Let's have a shoulder party!!!!

We will dig right in, stretching and working all angles, connected muscles and movements of the shoulders.

230-4pm Sunday June 9th


Dedicated Members are FREE!

Come and join us!!

Dr. Ebraheim’s educational animated video describes muscle anatomy of the shoulder girdle and anatomy of the shoulder joint. Anatomy of the Shoulder muscles ...

Born Different

What an inspiration. 85% of this man's body was horribly burned when he was 3yrs old. Through his will and the support of his family and the medical community, he has overcome his physical challenges to let his beautiful soul shine and dance in the world. What an incredible person.

At 3-years-old Kenny was caught in a fire that burned 85% of his body. Now he's learned to love his scars and is inspiring others to accept their differences 🌟

I had so much fun photographing the Get Bent Dancers from Penticton at Colour Fest 2019 in Coquitlam. Thank you to the organizers for hiring us to entertain the crowd at this super fun event! #colourfest2019 #diwalifest #coquitlam

Get Bent now has dance classes in Vancouver and Penticton. 
To hire the Get Bent Dancers or to take classes contact:
250-462-1025 |

Photo credits: John Goudie Photography - Official event photographer for the Get Bent Dancers. #johngoudiephotography

I had so much fun photographing the Get Bent Dancers from Penticton at Colour Fest 2019 in Coquitlam. Thank you to the organizers for hiring us to entertain the crowd at this super fun event! #colourfest2019 #diwalifest #coquitlam

Get Bent now has dance classes in Vancouver and Penticton.
To hire the Get Bent Dancers or to take classes contact:
250-462-1025 |

Photo credits: John Goudie Photography - Official event photographer for the Get Bent Dancers. #johngoudiephotography

A huge thank you to the Penticton and District Community Arts Council for sponsoring the Get Bent Dance-Abilities Project!

Brooke and Paige accepted the grant on behalf of the junior group, who are leading the project.

More to come- its such great project!!!

Get Bent Belly Dancing - Greek Trio featuring Celine, Elaina & Nicole - performed at MEDA 2017

Ladies Bellydance for July is Greek Style!

Tuesday 2, 9, 16, 23, 30. 7:15-8:15pm $75
Sunday 7, 14, 21, 28. 7:30-8:30pm. $60

Greek style is uplifting, bubbly, flirty and a heck a good time!

Come and enjoy a solid work out and enjoy moving to fantastic greek pop hits.

Get Bent's mission is to empower girls through dance, overcome the negative perceptions of belly dance, and promote body love to women and girls. Our family ...

Want to give your child a GREAT summer camp experience?

Our Summer Camp Early Bird Special Ends FRIDAY!

10% off all camps!

4 years and up
Weeks of July 15, 22, 29 and Aug 5, 12

Costumes, performances, team games and more!

Contact the office to reserve your spot. 250 462 1025. Email [email protected] or message us here!

Get Bent TRIBAL FUSION Belly Dancing - Nicole - Tribute to Rachel Brice

Ladies June Bellydance is Tribal Fusion!

Slow slinky and isolated, this style is totally mesmerizing.

Tuesday 4, 11, 18, 25. 7:15-8:15pm. $60
Sunday 2, 9, 16, 23, 7:30-8:30pm $60

Drop in to get started - we'd love to see you there!

Get Bent's mission is to empower girls through dance, overcome the negative perceptions of belly dance, and promote body love to women and girls. Our family ...

Registration is open for bellydance performance summer camps!

These high energy camps are all about dance, games, dress-up and performing shows.

July 15-19, July 22-26, July 29-Aug 2 ~ 9-11am ~ Ages 4-6 ~ $84

Aug 6-9 ~ 9-11am ~ Ages 4-6 ~ $68

(Due to performances on Wednesday and Friday, pick up time will be approx 12pm for ages 4-6)

July 15-19, July 22-26, July 29-Aug 2 ~ 9-1pm ~ Ages 7-9 ~ $120

Aug 6-9 ~ 9-1pm ~ Ages 7-9 ~ $96

August 12-16 ~ 9-3pm ~ Ages 10-17 ~ $230

Early Bird Rate: Save 10% on any week!

Take advantage of these early bird rates and register in full before May 31 at 1:30pm.

Call the office to register at 250 462 1025 and join the dance party!

Joey's Community Revival Project - Get Bent Active Arts Society, Penticton - VOTE FOR US

Here's a fun Throwback Thursday! How much you all have grown :)


Brooke is off again today to lead belly dancing in the “Choose Music Program”. This time she performing and teaching all day in Trout Creek elementary!

Do you know someone who needs some motivation to get up and at em early?

The answer is glitter. 🙂 ❤️

Happy 17th Birthday to the super talented and dedicated Sylvia Ramos! It's been great to see you blossom on stage over the years. We love watching you glow in the spotlight :)

Pretty well sums it up :)

232: We're in Vernon, BC!

Thank you to Unsuited for the shoutouts about the Get Bent Dancers during your podcast about the Okanagan Mascot Games. There are some hilarious comments about Wendy Goudie :) We got a few minutes of downtime to chat with Tim La Vergne (Biscuit) about everything we've done over the past few days at the Okanagan Mascot Games. We also talk about the amazing performers that joined us in the locker room!...

Dance -Abilities was at Princess Margret again this week!

So much fun! The enthusiasm and willingness to share creativity was awesome.

Thanks to everyone for an awesome morning!


Come to class.

Headaches - Mechanical and Nutritional Causes of Headache Pain

Take Time For You!

Get Bent Yoga's Self-Care Series is ON!


Every month Get Bent offers you a specific workshop on a much-needed topic.

We love the power of yoga, knowledge and getting to the point!

At Get Bent we like to address things head on and we've selected six topics for 2019.

It will always be yoga focused but it may also include a lecture, worksheets, discussions, and specifics exercises as we feel the topic requires.

How do we know we can help? Because as a team, we've discussed these topics and WE'VE BEEN THROUGH THESE. We have had, or still do have challenges, recovery or maintenance with these topics.

We're sharing every tool we've got! Our yoga expertise and all additional resources.

One Sunday a month. 2:30-4:00pm.

June 9 - Tight Shoulders / Headaches

Dedicated Members are FREE
Regular Get Bent pass count as one class
Drop in is $20

To register call the office at 250 462 1025 or email Aberle Chiropractic Clinic 4710 E Broadway, Madison, WI 53716-4103 (608) 277-1975 For Mechanics: If you want to learn "ALL"...

The impact of sharing the Arts with Children - Get Bent Belly Dancing

Happy Mother's Day to all the amazing dance moms at Get Bent. We deeply appreciate all of your driving, fundraising, volunteering, and help with costumes and make-up. It warms our hearts to see your children perform onstage and to see the incredible love you share when you watch them from the audience. Thank you for supporting your childrens' passion and creativity in dance.

Get Bent is more than a dance school. We develop confident and healthy women in mind, body and spirit. Our mission is to overcome unhealthy body standards, t...

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Fiona performing in the 2013 Get Bent Showcase :)
Get Bent Couples Salsa at Red Rooster Winery
Salsa at Red Rooster
New!  KIDS HULA HOOP CLASSES presented by Get Bent Dance & Kinshira





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