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Trainer Kim’s Fitness


thanks so much for welcoming us to the studio
We want to offer all clients and Employees a discount where there is only a requirement of session fee for the month of June.

We do book ahead, so please message us on our business page

any type of shoot.
must be currently working for or enrolled in Trainer Kim's classes or personal training or dance etc
Boot camp workout in the park this afternoon. AWESOME.
Check out the display and products at Trainer Kim’s Fitness!
Rockin’ the shirt! Thanks Kim!
I have attended you boot camps at the Y and am wondering how I can join the sessions in the park. Since this social isolation as been in place I am starting to go a little batty.

I offer 25 years of exercises offering safe, functional fitness training for all ages groups. Specia

Operating as usual


I’ve had one spot open up for….

Intro to Bungee
April 3rd to April 26th
Mondays & Wednesdays
6:45pm to 7:45pm

Taken…thank you for your interest! Please check out our upcoming Bungee Workshops!

First come, first serve. No refunds, transfers, or prorating.


MEET Sherri Neil Summers

Back after a hiatus from the fitness industry, Sherri is back at Trainer Kim’s Fitness to help you realize your fitness goals and to have fun while doing it.

She is an enthusiastic, dedicated, and feisty personal trainer/fitness instructor, who is always up for a good HIIT workout.

Sherri uses a variety of different training formats and equipment to keep your workouts fresh and personalized.

Sherri is now accepting Personal Training clients for April!!

To book your FREE consultations please message our page.


Our current session of 90 Minute Boxing Bootcamp has been extended until April 1st!!


I’m working through the details of our future programming and what that would look like in a membership format.

Unfortunately this might delay the May class schedule, including the Bungee Fitness Schedule.

I appreciate your patience! Standby for updates.


Here’s our first FLASH SALE FRIDAY!!

Today only, use the Coupon Code: FlashFriday in the purchase window to receive 20% off…..

The Greatest Loser

B***y Burner

Indoor Bootcamp

The offer cannot be combined with any other discount. No refunds, prorating or transfers to other people, or other programs.

If you have challenges applying the discount, please message me for a link.

Sale ends at midnight.


A big THANK YOU to my Team!!
It’s been a few challenging weeks with illness, injury, and lots of changes. You’ve stepped up, and worked together. I’m so proud!


Join me on Saturdays starting April 15th for Express Pilates!!

These 30 minute classes will fire up your core improving your posture, core and lower back strength. The classes will be slowed paced allowing us to focus on the breathe, and proper activation of the core.

April 15th to May 6th
Saturdays 10:45am to 11:15am

ONLY $22 plus tax & fee 😲

Ready to sign up?? ⬇️⬇️⬇️


Who wants Flash Sale Fridays???

Every Friday I’m going to pick one or two programs for a flash sale!!

What program are you hoping the sale is for??

Check back on Friday morning and find out if you are right!


A friendly reminder that Trainer Kim’s Fitness is a community created with kindness, respect and inclusivity.

I’m a Mother, a Mentor, a Special Olympics Coach, and strive to be a positive leader.

Negativity is detrimental and contagious. I’d like people to check that at the door, and come to class in a positive mindset.

Disrespect, bullying, entitlement, and “mean girl/guy” behaviour will not be tolerated.

Thank you for keeping our community such a great place! 💕


When will the May Adult Bungee Schedule be out??

⭐️⭐️MARCH 17th at 7am⭐️⭐️

If you didn’t get to take an Intro class in March or April, you can register for a….

⭐️⭐️Bungee Workshop⭐️⭐️

A Bungee workshop fast tracks through the basic safety steps, allowing you to register for a Beginner Class in May.

Our upcoming Bungee workshops are

Thursday, April 13th
5pm to 6pm
- 4 spots remaining

Thursday, April 27th
5pm to 6pm
- 9 spots remaining

Register here…..⬇️⬇️⬇️


Are you trying to squeeze a workout in between work, driving kids, waking the dog, making dinner, and so many other responsibilities??

Then you need Indoor or Outdoor (Spring is coming) Bootcamp.

Our indoor and Outdoor Bootcamps offer a variety of different class times, with FLEXIBLE SCHEDULING!!

Flexible scheduling means you decide how many classes a week you’d like to do, and then pick from any of the classes as they work for you.

For example……

You’ve signed up for two Outdoor classes a week (that’s 8 for the month).

You can do any 8 classes in the month.

This week you may decide to do Monday at lunch and Wednesday evening.

Next week you may decide to do three classes because you have a crazy week coming up, so you do Tuesday & Thursday evening, and Saturday morning hill class.

This flexible schedule allows people to fit the workouts into their busy lives!!!

Checkout our website for the schedules

Indoor Bootcamp

Outdoor Bootcamp


CKPG in the HOUSE for a BUNGEE WORKOUT!! 🎥 😜😅


Square, our online payment provider, is temperamental!!! 🫣

It seems to work no problem for some people and then others can’t get it to work.

We do apologize for the inconvenience, and i have contacted the company.

⭐️What to do if it’s doesn’t work⭐️

1. I can send you a payment link, which seems to work. EXCEPT, you need to use it right away as it expires.

2. You can make arrangements to pay in the studio. Unfortunately this location doesn’t accommodate walk ins as we are actively teaching or training, and aren’t able to stop classes to accept payments.

3. I can do credit card over the phone.

For payment assistance please

- TEXT me at 250 552 8155
- Mesage the page
- Email me at [email protected]

(Please don’t call. I’m not able to answer when I’m training or teaching which is generally 6am to 8pm, 7 days a week. I can quickly respond to messages in between). 🙏

Thank you for your patience.


Let’s talk kid’s fitness!!

Fitness is an important component to leading a healthy, active lifestyle, building self esteem, body awareness, coordination and motor skill development.

Fitness is fun, and incredibly effective for a developing body!! Using creative, age appropriate techniques, we have developed a full range of kids fitness programs for ages 2 to 17.

These include……

Kids Bootcamp
Ages 5 to 9 & 10 to 12

Kids Boxing Bootcamp
Ages 9-12 & 13 to 17

Bungee Kids
Ages 4 & up

Tiny Dancers
Ages 2 to 5

We hope to see your kids in the new studio!!!



We are moving about 8 blocks down 3rd Ave, to a MUCH LARGER space!

Our new location offers…

- THREE Studio spaces, including a very big space with high ceilings for Flying!!

- A lobby to wait for your class or training

- two private and nicely updated bathrooms

- easy access with no stairs

- 2 big bay doors to allow that beautiful summer breeze in

- a childminding space

- room to run, jump, tire flip, and so much more

- better parking and a quieter area 🙌

AND….the ability to offer THREE TIMES the programming and personal training.

We will be making the move over the Easter Weekend. April classes will start in our current location, and move to 473 3rd Ave, on April 11th.

We look forward to sharing this beautiful new location with you!


Bungee classes start TONIGHT!!

It’s March!! Hopefully Spring is on its way!

With March comes the start of our Bungee classes. For those of you who registered in January, here’s a reminder of the schedule.

Intro Option 1
March 7th to March 30th
Tuesdays & Thursdays
6:45pm to 7:45pm

Intro Option 2
March 3rd to March 24th
Fridays 6:30pm to 7:30pm

Intro Option 3
March 4th to March 25th
Saturdays 2:45pm to 3:45pm

Intro Option 4
March 5th to March 26th
Sundays 12:30pm to 1:30pm

This schedule can be found on the Adult Bungee Page. Simply scroll to the bottom where the Intro classes are listed, and you’ll see the March class times listed under the appropriate Option.

Sorry….these classes are full.


Are you looking for a quick but highly effective lunch workout???

Give Noon Hour Express Barre a try! Trainer Jen will take you through a challenging full body, 40 min lunch workout!!

You don’t want to miss it!

Only 10 spots available.


A few more great programs to choose from!!

- Express Pilates
- Keeping Fit (for 50+)
- Kids Bootcamp (Ages 5-9 & 10-12)
- Tiny Dancers (Ages 2-5)
- The Greatest Loser
- Express Barre
- Indoor Bootcamp

More programs coming tomorrow AND….I’ll start the much desired calendar 🤩


Hey Coaches, Players, and Parents!!

We’re developing Sport Specific Dryland Training programs!

Incorporating our Bungee Fitness, the Athletes will develop power, strength, and A LOT of endurance!!

It doesn’t stop there!! Our Certified Personal Trainers will create sport specific workouts consisting of agility, strength, core and flexibility!

Through a variety of training methods, including weight training, yoga, Pilates, Barre, TRX, CrossFit, Bungee, the Athletes will increase their performance, prevent injuries, and importantly develop a foundation of safe, functional exercise.

These programs will be offered through open registration and private team classes.

We are offering free consultations with Team Coaches to discuss your training needs!

We’re also offering private dryland training sessions for players starting April 12th.

To book your consultation, please contact us at [email protected]

Open registration classes will be posted by March 20th.


Get your kids moving with Kids Bootcamp!!

Join Maureen- Certified Personal Trainer & Elementary School Teacher for some super fun, interactive workouts.

The children, ages 10 to 12, will have the opportunity to learn safe effective use of battle ropes, smash balls, stability balls, BOSU. and age appropriate strength training.

Only 10 spots available!!

Register here ⬇️⬇️⬇️


It’s March!! Hopefully Spring is on its way!

With March comes the start of our Bungee classes. For those of you who registered in January, here’s a reminder of the schedule.

Intro Option 1
March 7th to March 30th
Tuesdays & Thursdays
6:45pm to 7:45pm

Intro Option 2
March 3rd to March 24th
Fridays 6:30pm to 7:30pm

Intro Option 3
March 4th to March 25th
Saturdays 2:45pm to 3:45pm

Intro Option 4
March 5th to March 26th
Sundays 12:30pm to 1:30pm

This schedule can be found on the Adult Bungee Page. Simply scroll to the bottom where the Intro classes are listed, and you’ll see the March class times listed under the appropriate Option.

Sorry….these classes are full.


FREE Flash Drop-in workout!!

Sherri Neil Summers is off today and is looking for a max of 4 existing clients to join her in a boxing workout at NOON at the studio.

If you have the time and want to join her, comment below!



I’ll be adding NEW programs all week AND a website calendar for easy planning.

We have NEW sessions open for registrations….

- Tiny Dancers (now at nap friendly times)
- Express Barre,
- Indoor/ Zoom Bootcamp
- The Greatest Loser.

Head to the website to register ⬇️⬇️⬇️

Coming this week

- Kids Bootcamp
- Boxing Bootcamp (April)
- Bungee workshops
- B***y class
- Indoor Bootcamp

Plus more!!

AND CHILDMINDING at prime times!


It’s quite the week of Birthdays!!!

A very Happy Birthday to Andrew who celebrated his birthday yesterday, to Stephanie who’s birthday is today, and Sherri who’s a Leap Year baby and celebrates all week 😂 Just kidding!

Be sure to wish your Trainers a very happy birthday!! 🥳


We’re expanding our programming and would love your input!

What classes or programs would you like to take, and when?

What would be great for your kids?

What would make it easier for you to attend?

Thank you for your help. 🙌


Let’s GLOW CRAZY with Glow in the Dark Parties!

Coming in May we will be booking Glow in the Dark Parties, with our without, the Bungee.

With all the fun glow in the dark body paint, accessories, games, and fun surprises, this one of a kind party is surely one to remember!!

Until the March 10th, we’re taking bookings at our regular party price. Book early to claim your spot


If it doesn’t scare you, it won’t challenge you.


Bungee classes start next week ☺️❤️

Here’s some tips to consider before coming to class.

Waivers will be signed in the studio prior to the start of your first class.

We can’t wait to see you!


We have lots of great questions, and I wanted to share the answers with everyone….

1. Do I have to take Intro to Bungee class before the Beginner class?

For your safety, and enjoyment of the classes we do recommend it.

2. All the Intro to Bungee classes, with the exception of the 60+, are full, how can I sign up??

Our next set of classes will be in May. If you’d like to do a party or personal training session, you can learn the safety basics then and skip the Intro.

3. What is the availability for Personal Training??

The studio is booked solid with the exception of mid day during the week, and late afternoons/ evenings on the weekends.

Once the Outdoor season starts, we do a lot of training outside, opening up more availability.

We also have Zoom options for people interested in training at home

4. When will more April to June programs be released??

Short Answer……March

Long Answer…..planning too far ahead doesn’t allow wiggle room for make up classes, Instructor changes, and new programs. It also causes confusion, as people forget what they signed up for.

5. Can I try a class??

If a class isn’t full, and it’s not a Bungee class, yes! Please message us to make arrangements.

💫Please note program details, including prices, dates, days, time and registration all can be found on our website.

As I spend most of my time teaching classes, and doing personal training, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to answer every question. Please check the website for details before calling, or messaging.

Thank you ❤️


Between the heavy snow yesterday, cold temperatures today, and probably challenging driving conditions, please be safe.

If you can’t come to class, please let us know, it’s a struggle for us too.

Be sure to check Facebook and your messages for any class cancellations.


FITNESS 360 has been cancelled for tonight due to unsafe road conditions.

A make up class will be scheduled. Sorry for any inconvenience.


Who’s excited for a long weekend??? 🙋‍♀️

With the exception of Andrew’s Fitness 360 class on Monday (he’s hardcore), we are closed.

I’m looking forward to answering all of your phone, email, Facebook, and website inquiries on Tuesday.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!


Did you know that there’s two types of Bungee Fitness??

Dance Bungee is where dance styles are transformed into a bungee workout.

HIIT Bungee training where you build strength & stamina by exercising from the center of gravity.

Being Personal Trainers gone bungee….you should expect a HIIT Bungee workout.

Checkout Caroline’s first attempt at a Bungee handstand!!!

✨Don’t worry….you won’t be attempting that in your Intro class.

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