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Who am I: I am a superhero who is known to be the Life Chiropractor. My real identity is Wilson Lam who is currently a Professional Co-Active Life Coach in Richmond, BC.

The story behind the Life Chiropractor: At the age of 24, I had graduated from University for 2 years and was working in a land investment and development company. My income was decent and my relationship with my girlfriend was stable. We got married and moved into our brand new home which is a half-duplex house in Edmonton, AB. I was proud of myself because I was ahead of the life game in compare with my friends around the same age. Life continued to get better as I got promoted at work and I had many involvements with my church as a Christian. However, life raised fast and fall fast; my ego defeated me when I became greedy and bought myself a 2nd property being eager to upgrade into a single house. In 2008, when the world financial crisis hits Edmonton housing market, life crashed. I could not sell my duplex at the price I wanted to get. I kept reducing the price but I only attract viewers and not buyers. Both my wife and I had to work 2 jobs to sustain our living with 2 mortgages. This lasted for half a year and we finally got the duplex rented out. When I thought the fogs were starting to clear, it was just the calm before the storm. Following in 2009, I found out that my wife had been cheating for half a year. I was heart broken but still wanting to reconcile. The answer was NO no matter how hard I tried. She wanted to leave Canada and seek for her "perfect life"; so I agreed on letting her go and we signed the divorce paper. At the same time, the Canada Revenue Agency audited the company I worked for because they hired a con-artist into the company as the accountant and controller for 5 years, which the audit extended to me because I also used this person to do my tax in all these years. This became a ripple effect where clients lost faith with the company and sales people could not make a living. Many people left the company and many clients wanted refund of their investments. In this stressful situation I decided to be loyal and stay with the company because I was being optimistic thinking that if I could stay long enough, the company would recover and I would be higher up the company ladder. In late 2009, the company recognized my loyalty by promoting me to be the general manager, which I found out soon enough that the title was only a title without given me the relevant powers. I was one person handling 5 departments of workloads and the director still wanted to reduce my salary. After experiencing a few attempts to reduce my income, the director finally found a wonderful excuse at the end of 2010 to cut my paycheque. I could not handle his evilness and unfairness on me as being loyal and humble for the last 6.5 years. I quit this job without a blink of an eye. Then I started my journey of finding my real life purpose of how to serve God. Attended the same church for 7 years at that time, I realized that I was equipped with many bible knowledge but I never really know how to apply them in life. Using my valuable experiences as a group leader, care taker, bible study teacher, Sunday school teacher's assistant, praise team leader, etc, it opened up an opportunity for me to serve God as a youth mentor at a different church. In that church, I started to learn what love really is. Letting God leading my way, I met my current girlfriend and moved to Vancouver. Still confused of what my vocation should be, I encountered a TV program that introduced me to the new career of being a Life Coach. This rang the bell in my head as I couldn't wait to find out more about it. I was never been this excited before in my life and it was a Calling from God. Trying to learn how to be a coach locally, there are only 3 institutes to choose from and I unintentionally took the one which is the leader of the coaching industry, as being the first coach training organization that is recognized by the International Coach Federation. This institute called Coach Training Institute empowered me and transformed me into the superhero I am now. Their coaching model align with bible teachings and enhanced me to be a more loving person I could ever be.

#superheros #quarantine

Superheroes during QUARANTINE

[03/22/20]   This is the best time to be a real Superhero: Stay home and take care of your family. DON'T GO OUT! Thank you.

Wisdom Bread 智慧麵包

Fish Love vs Real Love



Speaker: Rabbi Dr. Abraham Twerski


翻譯/剪輯: Wisdom Bread 智慧麵包

#猶太拉比的智慧 #智慧麵包


If you are training to be a Superhero, you should stop being a blamer because the blaming behaviour destroys relationship instead of building up one. #Blamer #BrenéBrown #TheRsa #VillianBehaviour

知名學者及書作家Brené Brown分享一小段關於她怪罪他人的故事並從中認清事實。

Credit: Brené Brown / The Rsa

Powerful story! To you if you are at a place where you don't feel appreciated for your value. #appreciation #rightplace #value #knowyourworth

A father before he died said to his son: “this is a watch your grandfather gave and this is more than 200 years old, but before I give it to you go to the watch shop on the first street, and tell him I want to sell it, and see how much it is”.

He went and then came back to his father, and said, "the watchmaker paid 5 dollars because it's old”.

He said to him : “go to the coffee shop”. He went and then came back, and said: “He paid $5 father”.

“Go to the museum and show that watch”.
— He went then came back, and said to his father “They offered me a million dollars for this piece”.

The father said: “I wanted to let you know that the right place values your value in a way right, don't put yourself in the wrong place and get angry if you don't. Who knows your value is who appreciates you, don't stay in a place that doesn't suit you".

Know your worth! 😇😇😇

[07/11/19]   A wiseman once said:
"Your job is temporary.
Your house is temporary.
Your car is temporary.
Your money is temporary.
What you do for others is eternal because it is written in God's book of life.
There is no scrap pages in that book.
Write with care.
Do good to others not because of who they are, but because of who you are."
Be a superhero for others my friend.

To add to that, if you still give to the world, you are a Superhero! #life #hithard #takeandmoveforward #giveisasignofasuperhero #superherocoach

Motivational Quotes

Are we..... too quick to Judge? Try "slow to anger" for 2019!

The more you judge, the less you love.


Superheroine Tiffani!!!


Everyday we wake up and make decisions on who we want to be. Be a superhero, be a villain, be someone in the background who doesn't pay attention to anyone. Be whoever you like, you are still consuming what this planet has to offer. Have you ever think of offering yourself to the planet? Make wise decision, save our planet, save our next generation.

David Attenborough & the Blue Planet team predict the future of our oceans on World Ocean Day.

Sharing is Caring

What would do if you receive the same note at work? How would you save the woman? How can you be a Superhero?

A shaking woman secretly slips a handwritten note to a veterinarian – the vet realizes she has to act immediately...

Sharing is Caring

A bunch of men risking their life for an infant and a 2 year old girl. Miracle happened! 🙏👼

When a lifeless infant is pulled out of a water filled car – a group of strangers are forced to work against the clock.

Please pass this on to honor these brave heroes ❤️

Joy of Mom

If this kid can be a Superhero to "show love" to others, so can you!!!

4 year old uses allowance to feed homeless in Alabama ❤️

Jay Shetty

What is your super power?

Does this sound familiar? When you focus on improving yourself, you won't have time to look at anyone else. We can all overcome these negative emotions if we observe them.

BBC Three

This "super human" is a "Superhero Coach". Learn a few things from this wiseman.

94-year-old Judo Jack says: "Get off your butt and do something."


Listen to Arnold Schwarzenegger and his 5 tips!

These 5 rules for success will make you go from Kindergarten Cop to fearless Terminator.

Shorten your own path to success! Goalcast has partnered with 9 Spokes to bring you a free tool to help your business grow. Sign up for free here:

Found 3 GoPros, iPhone, Gun and Knives Underwater in River! - Best River Treasure Finds of 2016

This is a Superhero in the Columbus city in Georgia, he cleans out the underwater, save the living creatures and often be rewarded with treasures!

In this video I search for river treasure in Columbus, GA! What is your favorite clip in this video? If you want to see more videos like this make sure to cl...

The Dodo

Dan is a Superhero to all his animal friends. You can also be a superhero in your own way!

This guy was working a 9-5 job – until he decided to turn his family’s farm into an animal sanctuary. Now he's having the BEST time, and falling in love with each and every animal he rescues 🐷🐮


Anyone can be a hero, even an Uber driver.

This heroic Uber driver helped save a passenger from suicide


The beauty of being a superhero is to pour yourself out to love others.

This is our kind of hero (via Heroes & Cops Against Childhood Cancer)

Guang (光) by Quek Shio Chuan - Malaysia Drama Short Film | Viddsee

I am not from Malaysia but I encountered this short film "Guang" that I will like to share. Is a true story about an autistic youth who finds his value in life. All of us try or tried to find our own meaning of life, so does Wen Guang. Hope this short film can widen your lens in seeing other people. Guang is a story about two brothers. The elder brother, Wen Guang is autistic. Wen Guang is often misunderstood. Above all, he suffers from attention deficiency disorder, struggles with social interaction, and has difficulty performing day to day obligations. He also has a secret passion. To make en...

Meir Kay

Let God work through you. Be someone's hero!

Brighten the world for one individual and you brighten the world!

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Thanks Joris Reynaud for filming.

Boy - John James Cronin


Are you stereotype about tattoo? Or are you cool with it? Either way this lady use her tattooing skills to help customers with cover up their self-damaging scars. She healed their hearts. To me, she is a Superhero. Feel free to post your Superhero stories today and lets make this world a better place to be!

"You don't realise what happiness is within yourself until you do something for another person"

22 Words

An ordinary woman, turned into a Superhero. "I wanted to help" is the force behinds her action. You can also be a Superhero, only if you care enough. #Superhero

This brave grandma saved a police officer's life.

(via Happiness Heroes)

Elite Daily

Princess Heroine!

They dress up as Disney Princesses to bring smiles to children with cancer...

Edmonton Journal

True Superhero with true leadership. Everyone is safe.

Your good hero read for the day

What we can learn from our favorite superheroes?

[02/10/13]   Happy Chinese New Year Everyone! This year is the year of the Snake! Which the initial for Snake is also the initial for Superhero! I wish you all a super-duper year in approaching your dream! Don't forget that Coactive Superhero Coach is available at your service!! Peace out! Love, Life Chiropractor


Before you see success, the quality of determination comes in place. Be determined my friends. 確定 [queding] (determination) What’s with a plan if we cannot be determined? What can we achieve if we lose track or off balanced? When we have more than one direction, we cannot stay focus, w...


A piece of wisdom of the day. 活著 [huozhe] (Alive) Where are you in life right now? Are you in a low point? Are you at the highest point of what you had experienced? What is the purpose of life? There are many many different ans...


Ah~ My small vision board with BIG dreams! “Either dream BIG and live vividly than to live dully in this small Universe.” – Wilson Lam, Superhero Coach Be Sociable, Share! Tweet

What if money was no object?

Stop worshiping money people. Get a life. What will you like to do if money were no object? How would you really enjoy spending your life? What will YOU really be doing in YOUR life? Money is not your master, stop serving him for the rest ...


Are you living in disappointment? 失望 [shiwang] (disappointment) Where do disappointment come from? Give yourself a few minutes to think about it. …………………. What do you have as an answer? Sup...

To Treasure

What do you treasure in life? Do you treasure what superheroes treasure? Are you living the "superhero style"? 珍惜 [zhenxi] (To Treasure) What do you treasure in life? Recently, there is a famous brand name TV commercial with a famous actor that makes the word “inevitable” very popular. I thought...

Update Nov 6, 2012 | Co-Active Superhero Coach

Blog~! =) Written byCoachonNovember 6, 2012Filed underBlogHi everyone!I finally moved and tidy up most of the stuffs. It had been CRAZY! I had soooooo many stuffs and it required many helps and many hours to get it all completed. Special thanks to Frankie Tsang, Kenn Wang, David Fung and Kelvin Oey for the he...

Progress | Co-Active Superhero Coach

Moving Forward? To WHAT? Come share your story! Written byCoachonNovember 6, 2012Filed underSuperhero's Dictionary進展 [jinzhan] (progress)What are you progressing to in life? What can you visualize yourself in becoming? How did that image excite you?Does your everyday life reflect what you want to become in the future? If you are not progressing, ...

Identity | Co-Active Superhero Coach

Who are you? Who can you become? Written byCoachonOctober 20, 2012Filed underSuperhero's Dictionary身分 [shenfen] (identity)What is your true identity? Which part of you have been hiding from other people? What in you that we can see more of?Many superheroes around the world tend to hide their superhero-identity in front of people, a...

Motivation | Co-Active Superhero Coach

Do you feel lack of motivation? Are you not going anywhere? Check this page out. Written by Coach on October 10, 2012 Filed under Superhero's Dictionary動力 [dongli] (Motivation)

Superhero Moses | Co-Active Superhero Coach

Empower Superhero Moses by contributing what you can for him to have arms and legs again! Because we know that having arms and legs are blessings from God! And God wants us to be part of God's plan to show Moses that God loves him! Written byCoachonOctober 9, 2012Filed underBlogWhat would life be if you wake up one day without arms and legs?Will you still be thankful that you survived?Will you still be joyful because you can still do a lot of things?Will you still be peaceful with all the challenges you have to encounter in li...

Co-Active Superhero Coach | Unleash people's superpower and create a world of superheroes!

Welcome to Co-Active Superhero Coach webpage! I am so happy I can finally get this launched! It is a big day as it is another step forward to be known by the world what I can offer!
I gotta thanks Rebecca Tracey from The Uncaged for helping me with this site! The Co-Active Superhero Coach website is officially launched! Come check it out! =)

The Sexiest CEOs Alive!

"If you don't like your life, you better do something differently." Here are 50 examples of CEOs in the world who are contributing to their meaningful companies. I challenge you to look into all these companies, open up your eyes, and apply to the companies which resonate with you! That certain ;je ne sais quois.

[10/04/12]   Superhero's Word of the Day: 無常 [wuchang] Impermanence

There are a lot of things happening in life that are not predictable. There are not a lot of things that we can find permanent. Relationship can be changed in a split second; wealth can be gone in a day; deals can fall apart; the person you love can be dead all in a sudden; job can be lost; friends can be enemies... There are no security in life... we are born, we die... what is life all about?

That is up to you to achieve what you want to accomplish in your life! Because nothing is permanent, superhero suggests you to do something and not just sit there! If relationship is that important for you, go save that relationship! Who cares who's right and who's wrong! If wealth can be gone easily, spend them wisely to help people, to bond friendship, to satisfy your own need, to invest into something that gives a meaningful return. If deals can fall apart, just give it your best and don't worry the rest. If a person can be gone the next day, tell them how much you love them in every chance before it is too late. If job got lost, find other ones as there are plenty out there. If friends can be enemies, enemies can also be friends; love them no matter what, doesn't matter if they are friends or enemy. To superheroes, life is about giving and bonding with people; is about love no matter what happens in life. So learn to love, and love big! Go practice and train your loving power!

Peace Out,

Life Chiropractor

[09/26/12]   Superhero's Word of the Day: 安靜 [anjing] Tranquility

What is available for you in tranquility? In our daily life, we are busy, busy, and busy! *rush rush rush* *hurry hurry* *ASAP* But do you know what are you doing, in terms of the big picture of your life? Maybe you feel stuck, lost or even feeling trapped in this busy moment. If this is you, superhero wants you to find a place where you can be concentrating to yourself. Calm yourself down, do nothing, and feel what is around you. Once you are able to hear all the sound and things happening around you, concentrate on yourself. List out top 5 things you are grateful for. Pay attention to your feelings when you do that. Then think of what do you want to achieve in life? Maybe a long lost dream that you are not familiar with, or something you are very familiar with but not going too far lately. What is the next step you have to take in order to get closer to this dream or goal that you have? If you don't have one, think of what fulfills you in life? What is missing out? What do you need to have a balance life-style again? So you can be happy. Once you know what you will be doing next, ask yourself when will you be taking this step? When you are done, search your heart for 5 people you are thankful to have. Ending this exercise, call up your 5 people, tell them how thankful you are for having them and share with them about your experience in this tranquility exercise, maybe also share with them about your dream. Let them be there to support you!

We do need this peaceful time in life to reflect and see the big picture in life, to connect with ourselves or connect to God once again. If you have a life purpose statement, that is also the best time to wear it up and connect with it. Superheroes ask you to be tranquil and be powerful!

Peace Out,

Life Chiropractor

[09/23/12]   Superhero's Word of the Day: 品質 [pinzhi] Quality

What does quality mean to you? Quality is a subjective word, because quality is measured by some sort of standard, and this "standard" or this set of guidelines is different between persons.

A husband may think that he is spending quality time with his wife by being available at home for his wife to call him while he is watching TV, but to the wife she may not see this a quality time unless the husband stop watching TV and 100% focus on her doing something together or just simply talking (=caring).

In the business word, we may think that European cars have better quality than the Japanese cars and the Japanese cars have better quality than American cars. However, they are ALL quality cars because they ALL meet their own production standard, just one car manufacture may have a smaller variance on their quality standard than others to make them a better brand. In our everyday standard, we still say European cars are better quality than American cars because we know that European cars used engineers and designers who are more detailed and material that are more expensive giving the driver a better driving experience.

So does that mean, the higher we set our standard, the higher we have in quality? The higher the quality of life, the higher the standard of living? Not necessary! Quality is tied to our feelings. Although it is something we like and want more of (quantity), it is ALWAYS something that has to satisfy us by fulfilling our values. As we all have different values, superheroes want you to measure quality by using your own values, because something that we find good quality may not be good quality to others - we cannot make everyone happy. Therefore, the first rule is to define our own quality life by using our own values as measurement. Second is to balance your core values and not to focus on too few things, because when you do that life collapse. Life is like a building, in order to build it up high, you need a good foundation of core values and build them up evenly or in balance. Are you having quality time with people? Do you have a quality life-style? What would make you have a quality life-style? What can you do or be in order to have a balanced life?

Let see how high and how solid we can build our tower of life! May your superpowers be with you all!

Peace Out,

Life Chiropractor

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