Tour Development Academy, Richmond, BC Video June 8, 2019, 4:55pm

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@skerr67 learning how to use the bounce properly. Bad lies won’t be a problem now!
Pure ball striker + new short game shots... Watch out!

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Swing your swing! That squat tho 🤑 Guess that’s how a 13 year old can use the ground to generate 110mph club head speed. @georgegankasgolf @rorymcilroy 🇨🇦 #power #juniorgolf

First try?

Working on trajectories while playing around... Win Win!

Great PUTTING DRILL here for: aim, speed control, touch, visualization, ........... . Find a breaking putt, left to right or right to left. Use tees to block off a portion of the hole. You can set up the tees however you like, but I like to block off the low side of the hole. Forcing myself to make it in the top side. When playing on fast greens especially, I like to die the ball in on the top side. If you miss putts low the ball can trickle away quite far, but putts missed on the high side tend to end up closer. . This is a great drill to do when you get to new greens and you’re trying to learn the speed and how to visualize the ball rolling in the hole.

Textbook body rotation that I teach all my players, done here perfectly by Hideki Matsuyama. . My keys to great chip & pitch shots: 1. Tempo, Tempo, Tempo. Players that tend to be quick and rush their swing, I get them to feel like they pause in their backswing/downswing transition. 2. Finish your body turn towards the target after impact. 3. Have the butt end of the club point to your belt buckle to finish your swing. . Slowing or stopping the body rotation through impact just causes your hands to be thrown at the ball, and nothing consistently great comes from that.

@skerr67 learning how to use the bounce properly. Bad lies won’t be a problem now! . Pure ball striker + new short game shots... Watch out!

💪🏼 Learning to use the ground properly for more speed & power! . In the 1st video you can see his legs are quite passive and just going along for the ride. As opposed to adding any power to his swing. . In the 2nd video you’ll see how he gets into a slight squat position to start the downswing. This way he’s able to use the ground to press off of, allowing him to create more power and speed into impact. . Slight clean up of his impact and release, and he’ll be hitting 💣 💣

Teaser of our upcoming video! Check back shortly to learn how to hit one of the coolest shots in golf 😎

Want to feel more solid over your chip shots? Make sure you’re doing this.... #shortgame #coach

Putting Tip to help your hands feel much more solid throughout the stroke. It helped me make a lot of putts in pressure situations. . Give it a try and let me know if it helps 👍🏼 #putting #coach

Easy birdie from 20 feet for @davidcao_10 #noproblem #tourplayer

Evening Capto putting practice with @znathu @captogolf #tournamentprep

Come see why some of the top juniors, amateurs, and professionals in Canada have started to come see former Tour player and TDA’s Head Coach, Nathan Leonhardt.

Swing your swing! He did it his way, while always making time for his fans. We definitely need more like Arnold Palmer. #theking #arniesarmy

Getting in the last few reps in the snow 😂 #almostgone #comeonspring

Being prepared for anything is invaluable. #coach #golfbiomechanics

1 week into Penn State’s Biomechanics of Golf online course. Some pretty cool info thus far. I’ve learned I’d like to have an extra $60k to buy a GEARS optical motion tracking system and a 3D Force Plate 😂 . For now I’m very happy with my @4d_motion_sports motion capture system and @salted_golf pressure mapping shoes. They definitely provide me with more than enough information to help my players. #biomechanics #golfbiomechanics

At the gym checking out Dan’s foot pressure during a squat and a hop. Using Salted Venture’s force plate shoes. Awesome to be able to see things that are near impossible to see with the naked eye. #fitness

Now I really can’t wait to get to Orlando for the PGA Show! #defrosting #needsomeheat #pgashow #pgashow2019

Still so weird to see the flagstick in 🤭 #whateverworks #210yard3iron #2putt #birdie #13yearsold #golfrules2019

Coach getting in some practice of his own in AZ! Gotta make sure he can keep giving his students a run for their 💵 lululemon adidas Golf Galvin Green Oakley

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