Jocelyn Black

Holistic Nutrition & Lifestyle Counselling
Behaviour Change Specialist
Founder, Surf Life Retreat
Animal Lover Jocelyn Black is a Holistic Health Coach, specializing in Behavioural Change and Holistic Nutrition.

She is also a writer empowering positive change and internal beliefs, a traveller, adventure ju**ie, and the founder of Surf Life Retreat. Motivating others to be happy and healthy is Jocelyn’s passion, with a special interest in the areas of mental health, depression, stress management and mindful eating. She has experienced her own mental health challenges and practices gratitude and mindfulness. She approaches health and wellness with compassion, understanding and a sense of humour.

Operating as usual

[02/02/18]   Chia does a body good!


Chica Brava Surf Nicaragua

:D Thanks for the share, Chica Brava Surf Nicaragua

"Being a surfer was something I dreamed of and never had a single doubt I would do. I took my hits along the way but by being connected to something bigger than myself and recognizing my place in the world, and through the sheer power of the ocean, my perspective changed – including my perspective of myself. All of a sudden, what I look like while surfing, what I look like after a session, doesn’t matter. It’s quite possible I look like a drowned rat at the beach, I just don’t care because of the ultimate joy I’m soaking up. That roll of flesh on your belly? Suddenly it’s not in the forefront of your mind. Surfing is presence in motion, it’s meditation in motion. And experiencing that is how I began to fall in love with myself and everything my body was capable of"

[12/13/17]   Check out the Surf Life Retreat page for more info on the retreat April 2018! 10/31/2017

Surf Life Retreat Market Research Survey

**Nicaragua February 2018** Hey friends, I'm back from Ireland and going full throttle forward with my Surf Life Retreat. I have created a small survey for those interested in helping me plan to fit the needs of my people. If you'd take a sec to fill it out, I'll get a better understanding off all those I'm serving in this community. Looking like the timing is in February. Thanks in advance! Web survey powered by Create your own online survey now with SurveyMonkey's expert certified FREE templates.


Karma Surf Travel

A healthy diet is imperative to looking and feeling your best, but also affects your performance 10/20/2017

What This Anonymous Woman on a Wave Can Teach Us About Freedom

This feeling 😍 Sport is freedom more than just action.


The Inertia

You’ll be wanting to come to mine...😍

Want to minimize the odds you fly halfway across the world and get skunked? There's a reason people pay good money for this...


Resurface | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

Surfing has become medicine for military veterans suffering from physical and mental trauma. Resurface follows veterans who find that the ocean is the one pl... 07/25/2017

What a Balanced Diet that Optimizes Surf Performance Looks Like Any serious athlete knows  knows they must eat well to perform well. Surfing is no exception. 07/22/2017

Stumbling Wild, I Remain Free. {Poem}

A little something I wrote... Still waters run deep, but my emoceans have never been still. 07/06/2017

How a 10-Day Surf Trip Helped My Struggle With Depression

A little something i wrote for The Inertia You don’t know what you are capable of until you start 07/02/2017

5 Reasons Why You’re Not Too Old to Learn to Surf Surfing is not a sport exclusive to the young, athletic, and tanned. It's enjoyed by men and women of all ages and is not an activity that needs to be learned as a child.


Thought Catalog

Because I often fear I'm not good enough and will never find a partner who stays

You are not an option, you are a decision and if someone wants to be with you- they will do everything in their power to do it. Embrace yourself- you are eventually going to find someone who will snuggle in your beauty, grace, and intelligence. Someone who will stay up nights when you need to talk and challenge you to spend time on your alone, to push your comfort zones, to meet new people- to be the best you can be.


June 26, 2017

So I made a video with my reasons for why I am starting this again. I have a new path I'd like to explore and a lot to I hope you will join me on my venture and support me. And I will do my very best to help you, support you, and create and share content I think you will enjoy :) 06/28/2017


I've decided to revive this page with my passions for travel, healthy living, and speaking my truth when it comes to all things. I haven't posted in 4 years and it's time to start taking the journey inward while simultaneously helping others. Here's my old blog. I forgot I had written some of this stuff! Jocelyn Black is a certified health coach who teaches and inspires women to make healthy decisions, lose weight, feel great, reduce stress and create abundance in their lives. After s… 06/06/2017

She Flowed. {Poem} She flowed. And so she flowed. She flowed through space and time, all while standing still. She flowed through emotion, raw and ragged--- She flowed. 04/12/2014

Napping can Dramatically Increase Learning, Memory, Awareness, and More A natural phenomena in the circadian rhythm, napping can dramatically increase learning ability and memory, raise awareness, and much more, studies show.

[01/16/14]   I took melatonin last night and I haven't felt this rested, clear headed, and energized in a long time.

Melatonin is a natural hormone that regulates the human biological clock.

Where is it found?
Melatonin is produced by the pineal gland, located within the brain. Levels of melatonin in the body fluctuate with the cycles of night and day. The highest melatonin levels are found at night. Melatonin is present in foods only in trace amounts. 01/15/2014

Featured in Limoneira's monthly newsletter! :) San Francisco based Corinne Dobbas is a wellness coach, speaker, and registered dietitian with a Masters in Nutrition. Specializing in weight loss and wellness coaching, Corinne empowers people to make the healthy lifestyle changes they've wanted to make for years (but haven't). She's a regular cont...

[01/03/14]   Struggling to lose weight? It may be your sleep! A recent study found that those who had 8 ½ hours of sleep lost 56% more body fat than individuals who were eating the same diet, but just getting 5 ½ hours of sleep. Also, when we are sleep deprived, we tend to eat 300 extra calories a day! So, get your beauty sleep.

[12/31/13]   Happy New Year! Drink plenty of water today, take an anti inflammatory like fish oil and turmeric and eat banana's if you are going out tonight! See you in 2014 :) 12/01/2013

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Check out my friend, Christine Gutierrez - a psychologist and spiritual counsellor Cosmic Life consists of private sessions, workshops, consultations, media appearances, speaking engagements, worldwide via SKYPE or phone therapy, coaching and healing sessions. 11/03/2013

CBC News - Vega One nutritional shakes may be contaminated

I wonder if this has something to do with my recent gastro issues...? Vega One nutritional shakes in two flavours have been found to be contaminated with a prescription drug, Health Canada says. 10/29/2013

Watch A Student Totally Nail Something About Women That I've Been Trying To Articulate For 37 Years

Well this is certainly powerful and bang on. She really nailed this to the wall, didn't she?



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