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Crosier Conditioning & Distributing

Poor lifestyle choices and modern-day farming practices has drastically depleted our bodies with the necessary nutrients for optimal health.

As a former NCAA All American and a Texas Ranger baseball prospect I know firsthand the importance of properly nourishing our bodies on and off the playing field. Furthermore, our sedentary lifestyles, multiple daily stressors, and taking a reactive approach to our health have all contributed to anxiety, depression, obesity, autoimmune and cardiovascular disease. My universities studies were condu


Give this Tabata Workout a try… it's a great one!

Tabata is a high intensity interval training — HIIT — workout with timed intervals and short recovery times. "Tabata” is named after a Japanese speed skating coach whose last name is Tabata. He designed the workout to improve cardiovascular fitness and build muscular strength.

Sleep Kit 27/02/2024

Sleep Kit Cocktail of ayurvedic herbs, minerals and amino acids to synergistically reset the wake/sleep cycle and support deep restorative sleep.


Here's to Monday. Get out there and start your week off right!!


Try our new PainKit!!
Providing a combination of topical and oral pain relief to provide a quick onset of action to reduce overall inflammation from the inside-out.
Kit contains 90 capsule bottle of Ashwagandha and a 50ml bottle of MyPain LiniMint.
Check out for more information.


Happy Family Day!!


The premise of my Mission Statement for Shroomspa is Cortisol and how to manage. We live in a culture that feeds busyness and the anecdote is to turn the other way to NOT follow norm to intentionally rest.


🌟 Hey, Road Warriors and Endurance Champions! 🌟

🛣️ "May you always remember to enjoy the road, especially when it's a hard one." 🏀 - Kobe Bryant

Let these words resonate as a guiding light on your journey. In the twists and turns of life, it's not just about reaching the destination; it's about finding joy and growth along the way, even in the face of adversity. 💪✨

Consider this: Every challenge you encounter is an opportunity to test your resilience and discover the depths of your strength. Embrace the difficulties as teachers on the path to personal evolution. 🌈💡

Imagine this: Your journey isn't just about reaching the summit; it's about relishing the climb, savoring the victories, and learning from the setbacks. Even amidst hardship, find moments of joy and gratitude. 🌟🚀

Remember, the road to success is rarely easy, but it's in navigating the tough terrain that we uncover our true potential. Embrace every step of the journey, for therein lies the essence of living a fulfilling life. 🌟💖🛣️


Quote of the day by Mike Mentzer

About Us 15/02/2024

Here is a great website with a plethora of health/well being info and risk predictability tools. Well done U of Ottawa.

About Us We are Canadian researchers, clinicians, data scientists and developers. We wanted a way to show how our research and public health policy could affect people, their families and their community. We realized the algorithms that we create to predict disease risk in the community are just as accurate,...


Knee pain, calf strains, hamstring pulls are all to familiar to the avid runner and sidelines them from doing what they love.
Be sure to keep a bottle of MyPain LiniMint close by, it offers unmatched pain relief and help you get back on the road.
available today at


Words to live by!

DOMS 11/02/2024

DOMS So, what is Doms? Have you ever started or re started to exercise after a long holiday away from being active? This could also be classified as “the weekend warrior syndrome, “which is an expression of engaging in an intense exercise session after a long layoff. Many of these might warriors have...


Medicine of Exercise.


Grab a slam ball and give this workout a try!
This one is a full body killer.


It is a new week, get out there and crush your goals!!!


When you snack on things like chips and cookies, you’re getting instant gratification with nothing in the long run. Have you ever noticed that shortly after you snack on those types of foods, you’re hungry ten minutes later? And then you end up eating even more of the bad-for-you snacks. It’s a vicious cycle.
And if you’re trying to lose weight, staying away from unsatisfying snacking foods is even more important. Making the switch to high protein snacks will ensure you stay full for longer, and in turn, eat less over all.

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The ROAR of unity in action!!!
Suffer from shoulder pain?MyPain LiniMint contains 80% DMSO and delivers the deepest tissue penetration available. It is...
Buddy system.