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When asked what advice she had for new travel companies, BikeHike Adventures Founder Trish Sare shared, "To surround themselves with smart people who inspire and empower them. To work with mentors in different industries, not just tourism. To continuously listen, learn, and keep up with the ever-changing landscapes and to adapt with them so they don’t become obsolete."

ATTA Adventure Champions, like BikeHike Adventures, are the vanguards of the adventure travel industry having been members of ATTA and leaders in the community for a minimum of 15 years.

One of the best, most environmentally friendly ways to experience the beauty of North America is by bike. Hop in the saddle, and the journey becomes as important as the destination. These companies lead some of the best bike tours around the United States, Canada and the world.

Vote for your favorite cycling tour company once per day until polls close on Monday, June 7 at noon ET.

The nominees are:
Bicycle Adventures
BikeHike Adventures
Carolina Tailwinds Bicycle Vacations
Ciclismo Classico
Cruiser Phil's Volcano Riders
DuVine Cycling + Adventure Co.
Exodus Travels
ExperiencePlus! Bicycle Tours
Fat Tire Tours
Fitz & Follwell Co.
Pure Adventures
Rim Tours
Summer Feet Cycling
The Bike Farm
Timberline Adventures
Trek Travel
Unlimited Biking
VBT Bicycling Vacations
How's this for spectacular, the Andean condor, the largest flying bird in the world by combined measurement of weight and wingspan.

We can find them on our South American trips and this guy was seen in Argentina's Patagonia.
One of the best, most environmentally friendly ways to experience the beauty of North America is by bike. Vote now for your favorite cycling tour company!

Austin Adventures
Bicycle Adventures
BikeHike Adventures
Black Bear Adventures
Carolina Tailwinds Bicycle Vacations
DuVine Cycling + Adventure Co.
Easy Rider Tours
Escape Adventures Bike Tours
ExperiencePlus! Bicycle Tours
Great Explorations
Pure Adventures
Randonnee Tours
Rim Tours
Sacred Rides
Sojourn Bicycling & Active Vacations
Summer Feet Cycling
Trek Travel
VBT Bicycling Vacations
Western Spirit Cycling Adventures

It's always refreshing to take a break once in a while and enjoy what's happening around us. Today is the first day of and we're offering to take you on a ride to all of our legendary public art locations in for FREE using our self-guided public art tours. Grab a few friends or the kids and check out the history behind intriguing artworks in the world’s most beautiful city. Easily accessible, free, and appropriate for all ages!
Interested in taking our self-guided bike tours? Visit
Let us know which one of these stunning artworks you've already visited! We invite you to share your memories with us below or using the hastag .
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We went with BikeHike to Vietnam and Cambodia in February and had an amazing trip filled with activity, adventure, amazing sights, and cultural interactions. We loved our guide, Tam, who helped us find just the right balance! I attached a picture of hiking through the rice fields in a remote area of Sapa. Loved getting away from the main tourist areas!
Ecuador Adventure - 10D/9N
By BikeHike Adventures
Galapagos Adventure - Multisport
By BikeHike Adventures
Trish Sare Sue Corwin Michalis Kanellopoulos Tony Weida look who I bumped into in the ‘hood in Manhattan tonight! And he gave his BHA business card to my friend who was having drinks with me. He actually carries the cards with him!!
Advertising > 450 USD/Bicycle
*Advertising + Free Bike Tour > 550 USD/Bicycle
*Customized Bicycles + Training Series > 500 USD/Bicycle

Terms & Conditions
- Min. 6 MTB (Standard) + Helmet
- 01 year of advertising on customized bicycles.
- Sp. Assistance + Tech Support, First Aid Kit.
Had a GREAT trip biking in Costa Rica in early November. Coast to Coast.

Connecting the world through active travel, BikeHike Adventures offers multi-sport, biking and hikin

For the past 28 years, BikeHike Adventure has been one of the leading global adventure travel tour companies curating guided active trips worldwide. BikeHike caters to active travelers who want to dig deep into the cultures when they travel internationally. The focus of the trips are to travel actively, biking, hiking, sea kayaking and rafting, while experiencing the people, their cultures, their

Operating as usual

Hiking VS Trekking: What's The Difference? - BikeHike Adventures 12/08/2022

Hiking VS Trekking: What's The Difference? - BikeHike Adventures

If you've ever wondered what the difference between hiking versus trekking trips are we just wrote a blog to highlight the differences. Have a peek here for details.

Hiking VS Trekking: What's The Difference? - BikeHike Adventures Ever wondered what the difference between hiking and trekking is? We’ve been in the adventure tour business for 30 years, so here’s our best interpretation.


How's this for amazing! Can anyone of you guess where this amazing spot is?


One of the best aspects of our Galapagos Multi-sport is swimming with the sea lions. They are so friendly and love to play with us, on every single departure.


One of our top BikeHike guides, Fez, is leading our Costa Rica Ultimate Adventure Medley right now and looks like they are having a blast biking, hiking, sea kayaking, ziplining and rafting across Costa Rica.

5 New Multi-Adventure Trips For 2023 11/15/2022

5 New Multi-Adventure Trips For 2023

We're thrilled to have our Thailand and Cambodia trip highlighted as one of the Best Multi-sport trips for 2023 in Forbes.

5 New Multi-Adventure Trips For 2023 Here are five new multi-adventure trips for 2023 in Greece, Southeast Asia, Argentine, Chile and Uruguay.

Visiting Machu Picchu In 2022 - BikeHike Adventures 11/07/2022

Visiting Machu Picchu In 2022 - BikeHike Adventures

If Peru and Machu Picchu are on your bucketlist for 2023 there are necessary changes and restrictions that you need to be aware of. We've written a blog about those changes that you can check out below.

Visiting Machu Picchu In 2022 - BikeHike Adventures For anyone planning a trip to Machu Picchu in 2022, or even for 2023, a few things have changed. Read about the new rules, regulations and circuits

Photos from BikeHike Adventures's post 11/03/2022

Our lucky clients on our Panama Rumble in the Jungle got to see these hummingbirds that hatched in their nest. How beautiful is that!


Loving the vibe in Lugano, the Italian part of Switzerland. These people know how to have fun


Trish is in Lugano, the Italian part of Switzerland, finally reuniting with all of our friends and colleagues who have created careers in the international adventure industry. It is invigorating to be back together with the tribe after a very long hiatis.

And the Swiss Italians know how to have fun.

Why You Need A Travel Agent Now More Than Ever 09/28/2022

Why You Need A Travel Agent Now More Than Ever

This article rings so much truth in the current travel conditions. “
Why you need a travel agent now more than ever”.

Why You Need A Travel Agent Now More Than Ever By Larry Olmsted My nephew got married this summer, and with not a lot of lead time, told me they wanted to honeymoon for two weeks, split between Venice and Greece. That’s a good trip – so good that these happen to currently be the two hottest summer destinations in

Photos from BikeHike Adventures's post 09/21/2022

Our clients on our Galapagos Multi-sport trip right now just experienced a dog shelter on the islands.

It’s heart-wrenching seeing how abused animals are in developing world nations but visits like this support these animals tremendously, especially when generous donations are given.


We have lots of adventures out right now in Europe (yay!) but this destination, Northern Macedonia, is near and dear to my heart as it's very off the beaten track and still undiscovered, but not for too long.

Approximately 80% of the land mass in Northern Macedonia consists of hills and mountains making it an amazing hiking and biking destination.


Dramatically beautiful Norway!! Can't wait to get there to start scouting some new adventures.


More and more we've been designing custom trips for our travellers who want their vacations to fit them like a glove. This means that you pick the level of accommodation that suits your budget and needs, your optimal dates, choose between regular bikes or e-bikes and if there are any special activities or locations you'd like to include, just ask.

Here's something special that we like to include on custom trips in Italy, grape stomping during the harvest season, and harvest season is around the corner.

Have you ever wanted to know what it feels like to have grapes between your toes?


I have to share this incredible photo that my friend Joanne just captured because it speaks to me profoundly. What goes through your head when you see this photo?

Photos from BikeHike Adventures's post 07/21/2022

Here are some images from our special departure that Trish joined from Porto, Portugal to Santiago de Compostella in Spain. We'll definitely be launching this one as a 2023 BikeHike adventure. Stay tuned riders.

Photos from BikeHike Adventures's post 07/19/2022

We have a couple of families out on custom adventures in Norway right now. It's our newest BikeHike adventure and wow, what a beautiful country it is.


This is a very important post for those of you flying this summer. It's a post that I'm sharing written by a flight attendant who has advice for travellers, and I 100% agree with all of what is being said.

Flying this summer is ROUGH!!! I feel like as a Flight Attendant I should attempt to share some tips to get you through airline travel for the foreseeable future. ✈️✈️

1. Things are not good..... if its less than 7 hours - DRIVE! I'm not kidding. There is nothing enjoyable about flying right now. On any airline. If you must fly, keep reading. 🚗

2. Download and use the app of the airline you are flying. You can do everything on it - get your boarding pass, track your bags, see your incoming plane, and change a flight. It sure beats waiting in the long line to talk to an agent! Trust me - Usually these apps will tell you a flight is cancelled before the crew even knows! 📲

3. Fly MUCH earlier than you need to - a whole day early if its important!! This week I saw many people miss important things like weddings, funerals, cruises, international connections, and graduations. The tears were very real, for very real reasons, and there was nothing I could do! If you have to be somewhere, spend the extra money, go a day early. Have a glass of wine and stay in a hotel, enjoy your night not being stressed while everyone else misses their events. 🍷

4. ALWAYS fly the first flight in the morning so you have all day to be rebooked if the s**t hits the fan. Yes, that means it might be a 3:00 alarm, but morning flights don't cancel nearly as often.⏰

5. This is not unique to this year, but keep in mind summer is thunderstorm season. A single storm can shut down a whole airport. We can't fly through them. Storms usually build as the day gets later. Book early flights! ⛈

6. Schedule long layovers - Your 1 hour layover is NOT enough anymore. 30 minutes, not a chance. 3 hours minimum. 🏃‍♀️🏃🏃‍♂️

7. What you see on the news is an understatement. We are short staffed and overworked. Not just pilots and flight attendants, but also ground crews. Without ground crews there is no one to park the planes, drive jetways, get your bags on/off planes, or scan boarding passes. This causes many delays that snowball throughout the day. Sometimes HOURS.(Another reason morning flights are best!) 👀

8. When flight crews get delayed we time out. We can NOT fly longer than 16 hours. Its illegal. So it doesn't matter if you have a wedding to get to, when we are done we are done. The way things are now, there are no back up crews, so when this happens your flight cancels. (Now you are starting to see why those morning flights are best!) 😴

9. Avoid connecting in Newark. It is literal hell. You have a 50/50 chance your flight will cancel or missing your connection. They have been cancelling flights at their starting points just to keep the planes out of Newark because there just aren't enough people to manage the planes, so the gates stay full. Also the restaurants are expensive, it is not a great place to be stuck. 💩

10. Be nice. As stated above, we are overworked and tired. We will not help you if you are mean. No one cares that you are going to miss your cruise if you are an as***le. So even if we can help, we will save our help for someone nice. Tensions are high. Our patience is gone. If you make us mad - you will not be flying on our planes. We will leave you behind without a second thought, and laugh about you later. 🥰

11. Being drunk on an airplane is a federal offense, so don't overdo it. If you drink too much at the bar waiting for your delayed flight you risk not being allowed to fly at all. We are too tired to deal with your drunk ass when we have legitimate issues to deal with. 🍻

12. Get trip insurance if you have a lot of money invested. I hate the whole idea of this, but I also hate the idea of losing money. Example: I was working a flight yesterday that waited over an hour for a gate. A family of 8 missed their flight to Rome. The only flight of the day. They were going to a cruise which they would now miss. They were all crying, there was nothing I could do. (Also a reason to fly a day early!) 🛳

13. Flights are FULL. If you buy the cheap seats you will not be able to sit with your family. It says so when you purchase your ticket!! Flight Attendants aren't there to rearrange the whole plane just so you can sit with your family because you tried to save $100 on a third party website. 💸

14. Speaking of third party websites and saving money..... Like I said flights are FULL. If a flight is oversold, and no one volunteers to give up their seats, who do you think is the first to be bumped? You guessed it, the family that saved a few $$ by using sites like Expedia, Kayak, Hotwire etc. 🤷‍♀️

15. Pack smart. Don't be "That guy" Don't hold up boarding because you have your extenders open till they are busting and you can't figure out how to make it fit in the overhead. (Passengers are stressed too, they can be aggressive when boarding a delayed flight) 🛍

16. Take showers, brush your teeth, leave the perfume off, don't eat stinky food (caesar salad and tuna fish I'm talking to you!), and bring headphones. Trust me. These things sound basic, but add to stress on crowded planes. If you are stuck on the tarmac for 3 hours after a 4 hour flight, you will thank me for this. 💜

17. Bring a sweater if you tend to be cold. So tired of half naked girls asking me to turn the heat up. NO. Wear clothes!! Side note: If you dress like this and ask for heat, there's a chance I will turn the AC up. 🥶

18. Thats not water on the bathroom floor. For the love of God wear shoes to the bathroom!!! 🤮

19. Don't tell a Flight Attendant they look tired. We are and we know. You may cause us to ugly cry right there in galley. 😭

20. Happy Travels!


Day 4 of an incredible adventure in Portugal and now we are in Valenca overlooking Spain where we begin to cycle the Camino de Santiago all the way to Compostela.

The food, the wine, the scenery and the amazing group of women are all making it a fabulous experience!

Photos from BikeHike Adventures's post 06/18/2022

Day one of our biking from Porto, Portugal to Santiago de Composella, Spain adventure begins after 2 years of anticipation.

Travel news: US drops Covid testing and even Japan is relaxing entry 06/13/2022

Travel news: US drops Covid testing and even Japan is relaxing entry

Travel for Americans and all international travellers flying into or through the US has just gotten easier as today the US has dropped the covid entry testing.

This is great news and gives even more reasons to get back out into the world.

Travel news: US drops Covid testing and even Japan is relaxing entry This week in travel news, the United States is set to drop its Covid-19 testing requirement for inbound air travelers and Japan is now allowing international tour groups

Best Cycling Tour Winners (2022) | USA TODAY 10Best 06/03/2022

Best Cycling Tour Winners (2022) | USA TODAY 10Best

A massive thank you to everyone out there who voted for us in the USA Today 10Best. We made the top 10 of this prestigious ranking because of you :)

Best Cycling Tour Winners (2022) | USA TODAY 10Best The winners for Best Cycling Tour are in! Click to see the winners for Best Cycling Tour , chosen by the readers of 10Best and USA TODAY.


If Machu Picchu is on your bucketlist Peru now has new stringent regulations capping how many people can be on the site at once. We're happy about that but what it means for you the traveller:

- There are also 4 different areas of the site that are now sold at specific entry times. Area A, B, C and D.

- Areas A and B are sold with separate entry fees and C and D in one entry, which gives you access to Huayna Picchu and Machu Picchu Mountain.

- You can only visit A or B, but not both. Then you can visit C and D. This means that you'll need to purchase 2 entrance tickets.

-If you are heading to Peru and want to see Machu Picchu early booking is going to be necessary or you won't get in. Right now spaces are selling out approximately 4-5 months in advance. 2022 is busy but we expect 2023 to be an explosion of tourists.

Photos from BikeHike Adventures's post 05/13/2022

It is the people that we meet when we travel that leave the most lasting memories. These are some of the special locals that have made our lives a little richer over the years at BikeHiike.

The elderly woman in the photo is from Turkey. We'd stop at her home on our bike trips and she and her daughter and granddaughter would prepare traditional Turkish lunches for our groups. We'd dine in their home. The exchanges were meaningful, enriching and very educational for both the locals and our BikeHike travellers.

Vote- Best Cycling Tour Nominees: 2022 10Best Readers' Choice Travel Awards 05/05/2022

Vote- Best Cycling Tour Nominees: 2022 10Best Readers' Choice Travel Awards

There is just one day left in the USA Today 10Best Cycling Companies in the Readers Choice awards. The last time we checked we were holding the 7th position. They're not showing who is in the lead anymore as the voting is nearing the end.

If you can cast another vote for us before the end of the day we'd be super grateful.

It's easy, just click the vote button on the page for BikeHike.

Vote- Best Cycling Tour Nominees: 2022 10Best Readers' Choice Travel Awards Voting for the Best Cycling Tour is open! Cast your vote daily to help pick the 2022 10Best Readers' Choice Award for Best Cycling Tour.


We have a custom Galapagos Multi-sport trip out right now for two families and they are experiencing so much marine life. Here’s a cool clip of a sea turtle that they encountered.


How many of you have been fortunate to catch a glimpse of a 3- toed sloth in the wild? Our March group in Panama were blessed to get right up close to this guy.

Photos from BikeHike Adventures's post 04/15/2022

This guy is one of our resident bald eagles that we get the opportunity to see on a daily basis. Look at that wingspan, incredible.

Vote- Best Cycling Tour Nominees: 2022 10Best Readers' Choice Travel Awards 04/11/2022

Vote- Best Cycling Tour Nominees: 2022 10Best Readers' Choice Travel Awards

The USA Today 10Best Awards are on again and we're once again in the running. We'd love your vote if you can take a moment to click on the vote link for BikeHike Adventures.

Vote- Best Cycling Tour Nominees: 2022 10Best Readers' Choice Travel Awards Voting for the Best Cycling Tour is open! Cast your vote daily to help pick the 2022 10Best Readers' Choice Award for Best Cycling Tour.

Photos from BikeHike Adventures's post 04/05/2022

Here's a great memory of one of our first Slovenia trips about 15 years ago, in the days when Slovenia was still an unknown destination.

It was a typical day on a BikeHike adventure, bike to a family farm for a home-prepared picnic lunch and all of the ingredients were produced organically on our host's farm.

Slovenia is one of those destinations to get to soon before it changes. Right now it's still a diamond in the rough.


BikeHike is getting up there in age, just like me. This is a picture of me, Trish, in Vietnam in the first years of BikeHike. I'm in my element, traveling the world on a bike and connecting with the local people.

Travel bookings are coming in regularly now, and we're so happy to be back doing what we love.

Many of you are asking what trips I'll be leading for 2022. I'm still contemplating the destinations, but would love to hear from all out there where you'd love to venture to next?


Where in the world do you think that you might be blessed to find a flamboyance of flamingoes like this?


In case anyone out there is looking for some new bike jerseys we still have some available in both men and women-specific fits.
They're made by Louis Garneau and are a relaxed fit, not pro-fit so you don't have to feel like you're stuffed into a sausage casing.


One of our newest BikeHike adventures is in spectacular Salta, in the NW region of Argentina. This photo is taken on Route 68, a dramatically beautiful road that gently winds through dramatic scenery and to some of the best high-altitude vineyards in Argentina.

Fully vaccinated travellers will need to take a rapid test before returning to Canada 02/16/2022

Fully vaccinated travellers will need to take a rapid test before returning to Canada

We're thrilled to see that Canada is finally dropping the pcr test requirements to enter the country. International travel is about to get easier for all Canadians and those travellers who want to visit Canada.

Fully vaccinated travellers will need to take a rapid test before returning to Canada The federal government is eliminating the pre-arrival PCR test requirement for fully vaccinated travellers starting Feb. 28, Health Minister Jean-Yves Duclos announced Tuesday.

Photos from BikeHike Adventures's post 02/12/2022

Many countries are starting to drop their travel restrictions and international travel is looking more and more feasible for many. hallelujah! It looks like 2022 is going to be a good year.

So many places to see and we've been on hold for 2 years. This is Romania, a destination that is still relatively untouched, and travel there is like stepping back in time. Many locals still travel by horse and cart.


How I'd love to go back to this spot right now, the beautiful Pacuare River in Costa Rica.

What are some of your favorite rivers in the world for rafting adventures?

Adventuring in Argentina 01/30/2022

Adventuring in Argentina

In the last few years, customized trips have become the bulk of what we're doing here at BikeHike now. If you want to get a feel for what it's like on a custom trip to meet your exact needs, desires, and dreams, have a read of this fabulous blog on Michele and Glenn's custom adventure through Argentina. They were thrilled with their trip, told us that it was an absolute trip of a lifetime.

Michele has truly captured the essence of the trip in her description, amazing photos, and video.

Adventuring in Argentina The first time I laid eyes on Argentina, I knew it was a place I had to visit. We had taken a tour boat across the beautiful Chilean lake Todos los Santos (2015). From the boat I could see enticing…


This is rather embarrassing but at the same time hilarious so posting it because it will definitely create a giggle and we could all use some laughs these days.

This is Trish in Bolivia on our most off-the-beaten path adventurous BikeHike experience. This is in the Amazon wetlands and she has a new friend, a coatimundi. Definitely, one of those moments that she'll never forget. Be sure to watch this video until the end.

Photos from BikeHike Adventures's post 01/25/2022

The older I get, the more intrigued I'm becoming with birds and the many different exotic species that can be found all over the world are incredible.

Panama has over 800 species of birds and Rolando, our Panamanian guide is becoming quite an accomplished birder these days. Look at these pics he just sent to us.

Our Story

BikeHike Adventures is a global adventure travel company that offers guided tours to over 30 destinations worldwide. BikeHike caters to outdoor enthusiasts with a passion to go a little deeper during their travels. Highly experienced and personable adventure guides facilitate the wonder and pride of exploration. Both big and small groups are accommodated with varying degrees of difficulty. Operating for 25 years, BikeHike’s customized adventures have found their way into the lives of many reoccurring customers. National Geographic has repeatedly regarded BikeHike Adventures as one of the best adventure travel companies in the world. This is for good reason. Owner and operator Trish Sare is an active outdoor enthusiast. Decades of exploration have resulted in a keen sense for both what travelers need and what they’ve never seen before. If exploration is your lifestyle, BikeHike Adventures is your mentor. Challenge is the first step towards happiness, and BikeHike Adventures challenges each and every participant. The results are memorable journeys, new friends, culinary treasures, a satisfying sense of accomplishment and a new world view.

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Day 4 of an incredible adventure in Portugal and now we are in Valenca overlooking Spain where we begin to cycle the Cam...
We have a custom Galapagos Multi-sport trip out right now for two families and they are experiencing so much marine life...
This is rather embarrassing but at the same time hilarious so posting it because it will definitely create a giggle and ...
Do you think that you would have the courage to snorkel among these sharks in the Galapagos?
We just customized an amazing 2-week experience throughout Argentina for two of our very dear BikeHike travellers and th...
Happy Holidays from the Galapagos Islands. Our first Galapagos trip since March 2020 and our travellers got to snorkel w...
Colombia is bursting with gems and every time I come here I am blessed with magical experiences. For bird watchers it ha...
Trish just landed in Bogota and is getting ready to cycle what is touted as the longest bike ascen in the world, up Alto...
The sun is starting to set in Piazza del Popolo, Rome. It’s pretty quiet in this scene but there are definitely a lot of...
Rush hour in Albania. Turn up the sound for the true experience.
Black Speckled bears in Machu Picchu are extremely rare but I was fortunate to encounter one on the way to the Sun Gate ...
Getting a new passport in Colombia



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