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Electra Productions Inc. (“Electra Productions”) was founded in 2018 in Victoria, British Columbia. Electra Productions currently runs Pole Coven, a pop-up pole and dance studio in downtown Victoria.

Operating as usual


✨🌙Thank you🌙✨

It’s been just over a week since Electra Production’s sold-out show. We are still in awe over the magic shared by the performers of PoleCraft: Aerial Artistry and Other Spells.

Inspired by @kristenkorvette book Witches S***s Feminists, she points out that language is a powerful force and encourages us to craft a language of our own creation.

We’ve spent months interrogating how to present a show that honoured each artist’s story alongside building and connecting the pole and aerial community.

“By forging a new lexicon, women can center their experiences without stumbling over the vestiges of abuse harbored within patriarchal syllables.”

We are grateful for all the performers who travelled from near and far to share their art. Every movement we witnessed onstage moved our hearts and spirits as we heard your voices and stories.

Thank you for creating a beautiful space both on and off the stage. We cannot wait to see what you bring into the world next.

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We are well into #libraseason, and as #chaninicholas described, “Libra season will also bring with it a reality check.”

Electra Productions and its team are embracing the season and all performers are ready to share their beauty and desire for harmony with you.

We are so grateful for the support, media coverage, and positive vibes that have come our way!

See you tomorrow bbs✌🏽

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cheknews.ca 09/22/2019

SoundCHEK: Local company moves pole-dancing from the clubs to the theatre

With the show approaching, we grateful for local media coverage supporting our ongoing work! Thank you SoundCHEK- Arts, Entertainment and Culture for taking the time to talk to co-producers Linley Faulkner and Jane Stacie about PoleCraft: Aerial Artistry and Other Spells.


A huge shout out to our local Vancouver Island pole community for your love and encouragement! Thank you to Rosalyn Mow - Pole Athlete, Jane Carter Courtney, Jenna LeBlanc and Coral Crawford - Circus Artist for participating in our inaugural show Eclipse in 2018 - clips are included in this news story.

We are so thrilled to bring PoleCraft to the Metro Studio Theatre next week! Headliner Tara Meyer, guest artist Wendy Lee and featured artist Kaelyn Schmitt are additionally featured in Chek's story.

See you there :)

cheknews.ca [bc_video video_id=


🌕Blessing Pole Goddesses🌕

Electra Pole Productions second show is a fortnight away, and we’re being blessed with a powerfully positive full moon to cast all of our pesky worries and inhibitions away. Early in the morning on September 14 the Harvest Moon will be radiating vibes of plenty - illuminating the fruits of our painstaking efforts over the past six months. This moon brims brightly in sweet, psychic Pisces.

Of late, the vibes of Neptune Rx have been shrouding us in paranoia and just a little bit of delusion. Paired Pisces, a sign known to get lost in their own fantasy world, this aspect could leave our heads swimming. Fortunately, Pluto is lending a powerfully positive and transformational hand to guide us through the fog and lead us right to the heart of our personal power. DAMN ~ I know I’m ready to come thru!

🔮ASTRAL POLE TIP: Get yourself near some amethyst - or any quartz for clarity and to guard off negativity - grab a piece of paper, a pen, and a fire-starter, and get your butt out of the studio and under the moon. Make a list, paragraph, or poem of your fears/stresses/inhibitions (be it related to your upcoming performance in PoleCraft, your practice, or life in general!). Read through your writing and thank yourself for all of your work, thank your body for its’ strength, and thank the G-desses/Nature/Your Higher Power for the holding space for you. Take a deep breath in and set the paper on fire, exhaling as you release yourself of all that you have written.

Bonus tip for the 🌾Harvest Moon: Make a corresponding list of everything you have achieved in the past six months - of your bounty - and refer to this list until the new moon on September 28 (the first night of PoleCraft!) every time you feel yourself getting lost in negativity.

😘 @shoshanna_ohm

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We cannot talk about pole, without talking about PoleTrix. Based in Victoria, @PoleTrix is an incredibly encouraging space for pole and aerial dancers to explore their craft. 🔮

Whether you are indulging in #filthyfridays or improving your low flow and heelwork, PoleTrix offers classes, workshops and trainings to the community. We are so grateful to have PoleTrix as this year’s workshop sponsor! 👑

Are you interested in building new skills with @tmeyer29 or learning new floorwork with @therealwendylee? Check out PoleCraft’s 2019 workshops @PoleTrix on Sunday, September 29th💫

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PoleCraft: Aerial Artistry and Other Spells

Electra Pole Art Productions presents PoleCraft: Aerial Artistry & Other Spells (“PoleCraft”) merging acrobatic pole skills, classical dance and theatrical staging by award-winning artists on September 27 and 28, 2019 at 7:00 PM at Metro Studio Theatre.

Featuring performers from Cirque du Soleil and iconic pole dance studios, PoleCraft is a celebration of aerial artists who defy gravity, leaving audiences captivated, curious and spellbound. Using hanging equipment like hoop (“lyra”) and silks (“tissu”) alongside stationary poles, PoleCraft incorporates high-energy acrobatics with complex choreography which unfolds in an abstract narrative of female power, otherworldliness, sorcery, illusion and transformation. As a rallying cry for change, PoleCraft embodies, literally and metaphorically, living outside of conventional boundaries. This production includes contemporary pole, theatrical pole, exotic pole and aerial art. The aerial art acts include double-bar trapeze, hoop, silks, and an aerial moon.

Special Thanks:
Videographer: Eli Hirtle
Designer/Animator: David Ochudzawa


PoleCraft includes the word "craft" for a reason.

As dancers and artists, we are dedicated to training and growing our skills. Because of that commitment, we are honoured that @tmeyer29 and @therealwendylee will be offering workshops on September 29th @poletrix! They are offering a range of classes. Sign up soon - we are so excited to jam with you. 💫

More details in bio☝🏽

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✨We are counting the days until PoleCraft!✨

We are eager to introduce the PoleCraft cast. 🔮We consulted our tarot decks, and asked the performers to explain what the show means to them.

Our hearts are full of gratitude for the commitment the artists and dancers are giving to this performance. 💕

Come experience magic. Tix in bio☝🏽

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#contemporarypole #unitedbypole #unitedbypoleartists #electrapoleart #electraproductions #aerialarts #contemporarydance #flowmovenent #strongissexy


Why PoleCraft? We are frequently asked about the theme of this year’s show. Why the woo?

While capitalism has made it fashionable to collect unethically sourced crystals, sage, etc., and gives excuses to culturally appropriate rituals or images on tarot cards, we are looking to dig behind and beyond that.

#RachelCargle aptly states, “I don’t want your love and light if it doesn’t come with your solidarity and action.”

Pole dancers are no stranger to bad vibes. Despite that, we push forward. We are ready to move beyond rallying behind our phone screens about #shadowbanning, and towards improving the world we live in.

We promote self-care and encourage each other to love our bodies. We jam together and learn new skills from each other. We manifest new experiences with each other and explore other pole communities to build connections and friendships. We care about the earth, and actively work towards decolonization. We explore movement in unison at times, and sometimes in solitude.

🔮We are building a coven based on #ShineTheory, and that also means caring about equity. We are intersectional feminists and are on a journey to bridge our pole and aerial performances and everything we do. We know focusing on that magic (an expression of our intuition, a reclaiming of femininity and sensuality) is witchcraft. We know that it’s subversive in today’s society to build solidarity and create art. Our performers are sharing one piece of their life and art and are committing the act of bringing light into the world. We are not perfect in a complex society, but we are always improving as we remain open, mindful, and driven.

✨Interested in experiencing our magic?✨

Tickets in bio

📸: @lyndaallenphotography
👑: @_bethany_danielle_

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👏🏽We are so thrilled to announce @brokenrhythmsvictoria as a featured company to perform at PoleCraft: Aerial Artistry and Other Spells. ✨

Broken Rhythms is a Victoria-based, Indie professional registered not-for-profit Dance Company founded in 2011 under the artistic direction of the fabulous Dyana Sonik-Henderson. The company was created to showcase the unique style of rhythmical contemporary, to provide local artists with performance and training opportunities, and to support and develop the Canadian arts community. Since 2011, Broken Rhythms has created and produced numerous original works such as SPARK, GRIM, SEVEN, and UNIVERSAL HORRORS that have toured all over Canada. They are the recipients of five Pick of the Fringe awards and the LOLA international project award. Monday Magazine shortlisted them as “Best Dance Company,” and the Toronto Star selected them as one of the top seven companies to watch.

At Electra, one of our many goals is to continue to offer performance opportunities to dancers. We believe that collaboration provides new ways to create performance and art. We are huge fans of Broken Rhythms and are so honoured to have them part of the magic.

✨Come witness what they conjure on the PoleCraft stage✨

Tix in bio☝🏽

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Happy #VirgoSeason bbs. ♍️

We are brewing up a delicious show for you. 🔮

PoleCraft: Aerial Artistry and Other Spells will showcase dancers who are ready to mesmerize our audience.

What is PoleCraft? At Electra, we founded this production company to build our pole coven. We are a community of strong, feminist, and intuitive babes who create art and support each other. We encourage all pole and aerial dancers to nourish their craft. PoleCraft is inspired by that mission. So, we invited performers to explore the concept of female power, transformation, and what it means to call or be called a “witch.”

We see pole and aerial dance as a new way to conjure magic in this world. The patriarchy is boring, and it’s time for change. What better way to bring change, then to manifest it ourselves.

Come see for yourself. 💫

Tix in bio☝🏽

📸: @lyndaallenphotography
👑: @nadynemoldwan

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poleart.ca 05/30/2019

Apply Now - Electra Pole Art Productions

Hello, beautiful humans.

After taking some time to revel in the magic of last season's first pole & aerial show ECLIPSE, the Electra Productions team has been busy brewing our next event.

✧ - We are thrilled to announce our second show - ✧✨PoleCraft: Aerial Artistry & Other Spells✨

Date/Time/Location: Friday September 27 @ 7 pm & Saturday September 28, 2019 @ 7 pm at the Metro Studio Theatre, Victoria.

What is PoleCraft? A gathering and celebration of aerial artists; those who create magic through their movement and concepts. These performers defy gravity along with the "usual" way of being in this world, leaving their audiences captivated, curious, and spellbound.

Throughout human history, some have been thought to possess “unnatural” powers: the uniquely feminine abilities to heal, enchant, predict, convince, intuit, beguile, resolve, or seduce. These people have been revered, feared and persecuted, and yet willfully they continue to practice and perfect their crafts.

✨Now accepting applications ✨


poleart.ca Pole and Aerial Dance Performance

[04/26/19]   Babes! Take a look at this exciting new platform for pole dancers 💗🙌🏻 https://www.pole-free.com/?fbclid=IwAR0qTGcjeOGH8l61WbfnZd3sQp5gHjnDlkCJaP45LhPRqNh8qcO3vRk3bwE

polepress.org 02/02/2019

Spotlight: Anastasia Skukhtorova | Pole Press

polepress.org Anastasia Skukhtorova has been an innovative leader and bright star in the pole industry since her debut on the international competition stage in 2009.

polepress.org 01/25/2019

Work-Pole Balance: Pole Dance & Professional Life

We are so excited to announce Electra Co-Founder Lady Jane has an article published on the newly-launched Pole Press Website! Check out Pole Press and sign up - it's a free forum for pole discourse, competition and performance news, social stuff, and all things Pole!

polepress.org To come "out" as a poler in your workplace, or to keep it a secret?


This coastal harp has been slinking across Burlesque stages since 2015. She has recently found her love of hanging upside down, and has been enamoured with circus arts since September of last year. Founder of Wet Coast Burlesque co-producer of the Isle of Tease Burlesque Festival she is Western Canada's Tempestuous Temptress...

We are inspired by this babe’s incredible work and grateful for bringing pole into the burlesque scene in Victoria. Her annual Polesque is a local fav and opportunity for pole artists in Victoria.

Her talents extend performance and producer, Misty empowers everyone from behind a camera lens. She will conjure your beauty and capture it in a lasting photo you’ll appreciate for a lifetime. Check out her work and events at Moss Photography.

We are beyond thrilled to have perform #lyralesque and grace everyone with her artistry.


To kick off our show, we already are so inspired by Nadyne Moldowan - Pole page.

Nadyne learned to pole in Courtenay on Vancouver Island at Femme Natales Pole Fitness under Natalie Fustier, and quickly discovered she had a special talent for it.

Nadyne rose to international stardom after spending 4 years in competition where she won the titles of BC Champion in the Canadian Pole Fitness Championship (“CPFC”) (2012), National CPFA Champion (2013), and Bronze at the Arnold Schwarzenegger Pole Championship Series (PCS) in 2014.

During those years, she also competed in London England, and performed on Hollywood Boulevard at Kelly Yvonne’s “Girl Next Door” show by invitation. Since then, she has judged many competitions, become a mechanic, and had 2 beautiful babies.

Nadyne’s creativity and talent shines both on and off the pole, and on any aerial apparatus she touches.


We are incredibly privileged to have Coral Crawford take the stage as a featured performer!

Growing up as a competitive gymnast and dancer Coral has always been very active, but it wasn’t until she found circus that her true passion was discovered.

Coral delved into a variety of circus disciplines while training and performing with The Underground Circus in Vancouver, and has furthered her circus journey by opening Island Circus Space Victoria’s first ever contemporary circus school.

She has performed at numerous events and has been a part of several original circus productions with Island Circus Space. Coral specializes in aerial silks, partner acrobatics, and hand-balancing, and strives to continue pushing her edge to challenging herself as an acrobat and performer.

Providing opportunities for pole dancers on Vancouver Island to train and perform

We came together to create Electra Pole Art Productions Inc. (“Electra Productions”) in 2018 in order to honour performance art⁠—its artistry, diversity and innovation. Our names are Jane Stacie and Linley Jena, and as a team we bring Electra Productions to life from our homebase, in Victoria, British Columbia on the unceded territories of the Lekwungen-speaking peoples.

We see pole dance as a unique, innovative, and rapidly evolving performance art with a high potential for supporting female empowerment and inspiring community dialogue. However, pole dance has relatively limited exposure in the dance arts community; there are currently few platforms to watch or perform professionally other than at competitions.

Electra Productions was born from a desire to provide non-competitive performance opportunities for Vancouver Island pole artists, and produce high quality pole shows for local audiences. To supplement this goal, we saw the need for further accessible training opportunities on the Island.

As the pole dance industry continues to grow internationally, Electra Productions is committed to supporting industry growth locally by presenting quality pole art shows, and hosting workshops with celebrated professional pole dancers from around the world, right here on Vancouver Island.

Videos (show all)

PoleCraft: Aerial Artistry and Other Spells




715 Yates St., 3rd Floor
Victoria, BC
V8W 1L6
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