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We educate people about their body’s so they can heal themselves and transform. With the Human Garage Fascial Maneuvers, our mission is to open source actionable insights gleaned from 10 years and 200,000 sessions working closely with world leaders in fields ranging from film to finance, & from professional sports to the performing arts.

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How Periods Affect Your Body


28 Day Life Reset: Day 28!!!!

Woohoo!! I did it!!!!

I didn’t take full body before and afters. I probably should have, but let’s be honest, I didn’t want to see that! Or possibly be disappointed afterwards like other times with other programs, so I avoided it. Here is my face. I can definitely see differences and even in my shoulders.

I would say that the biggest thing I got out of the reset is that I know my body better. I can feel when something hurts or feels better. I feel my emotions. And the next biggest thing is that I actually do feel better. I feel in control of my aches and pains, because I know that there’s a maneuver to fix it.

As for the supplements, I haven’t been on the full regimen the entire time so I am excited to see where that takes me. Digestion is what brought me here and, unfortunately, that hasn’t changed yet, but I am hopeful and trust in the process. And I know that I need to do more psoas maneuvers. I need to do better, and I will.

This is my plan going forward, unless someone tells me otherwise:

Wake up, take silica, P3-OM and Powercurc

Do Full Body Stress Reset, Reset Organs, Psoas, & Facelift for sure

Take 25 MassZymes

Try do some maneuvers in the evening and take P3-OM, go to sleep

I will definitely be telling more and more people about the amazing things happening at Human Garage! As a hairstylist, I talk to so many people each day and I get to hear about their problems, being emotional or physical and I’m constantly thinking, “there’s a maneuver for that!” I have told some but now that I’m done with the reset, I feel like an example and I feel knowledgeable enough to offer them guidance to you here.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!! The last 28 days has been so awesome!! I can’t even put it into words. I love the movement that you’ve given me. And I love the knowledge!! People think I’m crazy when I say that I don’t DO doctors and you have just reiterated this to me! I don’t need a pill for my back pain or digestion, I need to twist and torque and it’ll be better!!! Your teachings all make so much sense to me. I was made to be here!! Thank you!!


A very Surprising Supplement

Over the past 7 decades, I have never encountered a drug or supplement with such immediate and profound effects.

Six days ago, my wife and I started taking daily doses of Circumin. The effects were almost immediate and quite noticeable.

My wife has always had problems getting a good night’s sleep. Immediately after taking Circumin that changed. For the last several nights, she has had a good sleep and has woken up rested and refreshed. Also, she had a lot of puffiness around her eyes. That has now almost cleared up and appears to be still improving.

For myself, there have been drastic changes. I was starting to have mobility issues. I was starting to walk with a limp and was walking very slowly. I attributed this to old age (77). On day 2 of taking Circumin, the limp was gone, and I started walking faster and easier. This has been getting better day by day.

For months, I have been experiencing extreme night sweats from the cancer medication I have been taking. This got so bad that I was literally soaking the sheets and had to put a bath towel on the sheets to soak up the wetness so I could comfortably get back in bed. After starting to take Circumin, the night sweats diminished greatly. I have not had to use a bath towel for the moisture since.

Also, I also am now sleeping sounder and better. I find I am now getting up only once to go to the washroom instead of two or three times.

I don’t know what it is about this Circumin, but I just ordered more of it for my wife and myself.

Ed Lineham


Day 1 and Day 7 Psoriasis update: after taking PowerCurc30 (the worlds strongest Anti-Inflammatory).


A member of our community started taking PowerCurc30 three days ago and this is what she shared with us!

PowerCurc is the worlds strongest anti-inflammatory supplement allowing the body the space and time it needs to heal itself.

Sometimes we want to fix or manipulate the body into achieving a desired result. In our experience the least action for the most result is the goal. If we can find any way to let the body do 90% of the work we jump on it and this is just one of those things that we’ve had a lot of success with.

If you’d like to try them for yourself head to the link in bio and order one today. All sales go to helping us create more content and workshops for free to educate people how to heal themselves.

We appreciate all of your support from testimonials to joining our community and sharing our process with your friends.

Thank you. With love,
Human Garage

Photos from Human Garage's post 04/06/2022

Today we helped a friend with the fascial maneuvers and here’s what happened!

Far Left: Before Photo

Middle: After 30 minutes of self-administered fascial maneuvers and 2 tablets of PowerCurc30

Far right: After 45 minutes of hands on fascial maneuvers therapy.

The body is intelligent and adaptable. Anything is possible with the right tools, team work and intentions.✨

The best part is you can do this all yourself. Join the 28 day life reset and start your journey today. Link in bio


The only time there’s a problem in the body due to pH is when they are off balance between the mouth and the urine. If they are the same there’s no symptoms.

We found many bandaids to rebalance the pH in the body but then someone would experience anger and bam their pH went off balance and the person becomes acidic almost instantly.

Managing emotions is a massive part of maintaining pH balance but so is fasting and giving the digestive system a break. One thing we used in clinic for those who didn’t want to fast for 3 days was MassZymes by bio-optimizers because they would clear out the digestive tract giving the body a chance to heal itself. When the body isn’t focusing it’s resources on digestion and elimination of waste it has time to heal itself and grow.

We have a podcast on our YouTube where you can learn more about MassZymes and why they are different than most enzymes on the market and their influence on auto immune disease.

There’s a link in our bio with more info



“Hey Everyone

I was definitely avoiding putting these up as I am super critical of my self but got some encouragement! Here is my current before and after! About a month and a half here!

I can start seeing changes for sure! Excited to see the next 10 weeks as I dive into completely clean and getting as organic as I can with all foods and products.

What a journey this is! 😊😊
Thank you @cynthiahumangarage @garrylineham @jasonvanblerk for all you do! And to everyone in the community you are all amazing! Keep it up!”

Join the 28 day life reset at and begin your transformation today


PowerCurc30 Anti-Inflammatory Product Now Available

We are thrilled to announce that we have just released the Human Garage PowerCurc30 Anti-Inflammatory product!

This is the world's strongest anti-oxidant and it is 125 times stronger than standard curcumin. PowerCurc was used by our practitioners in a clinical setting at the Human Garage in Venice, California years ago to substantially reduce treatment time and enhance results.

We tested it personally and with professional athletes that were on the injured list, noticing that players who were using it came off the injury list faster.

In our personal experience, it has helped reduce tension, enhance mobility, increase mental clarity, and assist digestion.

If you'd like to get your hands on a bottle we have a very limited supply so there is a 2 bottle (max) limit per person until we have more in stock.

Click here to order yours now:

Sincerely, Human Garage


Totally supported in totally twisted! When the body has multiple points of contact it begins to feel safe because it doesn’t have to focus on maintaining balance and stand against gravity. This is why doing movement in water I so powerful but also why we have multiple people help assist a maneuver. It just accelerates the torque and leverage while helping the body feel safe.


For the past 2 years we’ve experimented with different ways of helping someone with their body. We did it for them on a table. We assisted them while standing and we taught them how to do it entirely on their own. Although we no longer work with clients every once in a while we help a friend or someone who is in our community that has been taking care of themself and needs a boost. We found when we did it fully for someone we were disabling them from taking care of themself. So we are teaching people to fish! To take back the power of healing into their own hands 🙂 this is priceless and a human right which is why we no longer charge for our work. We have transitioned to a contribution based model and will be selling supplements and using affiliate programs to help us continue to create content, host free classes and workshops. Now back to the transformation!

The first picture on the left is her before picture.

The second picture in the middle is after 30 minutes of talking (getting to know her) and 45 minutes of teaching her how to help herself.

The third picture is after 30 minutes of hands on assisted fascial maneuvers.

What is always interesting and what most people don’t account for is a persons entropic field (aura) in before and after photos. It’s an inconsistency that cannot be measured without equipment.

This is a closed room with consistent lighting, same camera and same distance. However, the emissions of her light shifts quite significantly from the first photo to the last aligning with how she felt: lighter, high, calm, loose and happy🙂

There are some things pictures can’t describe! What a beautiful transformation. 💜

About Us

Unlike traditional modalities for managing pain, we find and treat the origins of your misalignment to maximize your body’s innate capacity to heal.

At Human Garage, we are not your standard wellness center. We pursue the power of alignment to get your mind and body functioning and moving better. How? We use our intimate knowledge of the internal fascial network to locate where stress, trauma and tension is being stored in your body—the underlying origins of your misalignment. We then systematically release those areas to get you on the path to optimal alignment.

Our approach is based on a sound belief in the connection between body and mind. We offer a variety of services that work in tandem to bring both back into balance.

In addition to our Full Body Release + Realignment, we offer ongoing personalized Motion Retraining, Rehab + Performance Optimization plans to help clients who want to continue performing at an optimal level, or who are recovering from injuries, surgeries and chronic pain.

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