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isagenixhealth.net 03/20/2016

Which Whey – Concentrate, Isolate, or Hydrolysate? - Isagenix Health

Hands down, it's the best I've come across. 👍🏻

isagenixhealth.net Protein type, amount, and timing are all important, but what about the different forms of whey protein? When it comes to protein, type, amount, and timing


Fast and Female

It's true...

Women in Sports Wednesday!

“Something happens when girls play sports — they embody the experience of not just of winning, but the critical experience of losing. It’s that process of carrying on and clearing hurdles that really builds confidence. It’s an incredibly useful proving ground for business and leadership.” - Claire Shipman
#FastandFemale #WomeninSports #EmpowerGirlsThroughSport




If you're thinking of changing your nutrition for the better and want a system that is safe, effective and nutritious, then this product I fully endorse.

If you want to make a change, then contact me today!


foodmatters.tv 01/20/2016

Stretch your way to wellness (and drop a few lbs!)


foodmatters.tv Reduce your stress levels, work muscles you never knew you had, develop your core strength and connect with your body doing these yoga moves to help calm the body. You may even lose weight!

kriscarr.com 01/10/2016

The sugar debate: To quit or not to quit?

Some facts

kriscarr.com Sugar is tricky. Find out everything you need to know here.

4.bp.blogspot.com 01/06/2016


Drop the pop.


eattoperform.com 11/08/2015

"Flat Tummy Tips" by Paul Nobles - Eat to Perform

This is one of the best explanations I've read in awhile. Great read for all our clients.

eattoperform.com Most articles that you will read related to this topic are frankly not all that good and not all that relevant to what actually works. The basic assumption is that you eat too much to see your abdominal muscles, and if you avoid x, y, and z they will magically show up. The reader goes, “I eat that…

[10/28/15]   Hellooooo......it is me you're lookin for???

Beginning of Winter NOONER 6 Week CHALLENGE!
Have an Xmas Beach holiday or LBD need for New Years? Nov 3-Dec 17!!
Tues and Thurs only, 12:10-12:40!
Super Intense, Super Challenging!! Going to make U dig deeep!
Pre-Registration Required, No Max Particpants!!
8 Participants or less is $200
10 or more is $175, bring your friends!
Sign up a newbie, get a 25% discount!
PM me for further details!

[05/18/15]   NOONERS! Get ready to work off some of that long weekend fun! We are on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday!!

[04/17/15]   What to do...What to do for Friday NOONER??? Got a few new moves, with some old school moves:D Anyone who has PAID and MISSED, come on down for NOONER on Friday at 12:10 or Saturday at 12pm


OPTIMUM Health, Fitness & Sport

Last INDOOR Nooner!! Classes starting April 8 - 22!!
$95!! Peak Fitness, M/W/F 12:10-12:50, 7 classes to get you ready for Summer outdoor classes!! PM for more details and to registration!
** Minimum 6 people - NO MAXIMUM!! Come 1 , come all, bring friends!!

[03/26/15]   Last INDOOR Nooner!! Classes starting April 8 - 22!!
$95!! Peak Fitness, M/W/F 12:10-12:50, 7 classes to get you ready for Summer outdoor classes!! PM for more details and to registration!
** Minimum 6 people - NO MAXIMUM!! Come 1 , come all, bring friends!!

[03/24/15]   This spring sunshine should ignite more energy for us all. Get out and get some vitamin D everyone!

[03/09/15]   It's a Swingin Strength kinda week for the NOONERS! Great job on Day 1 ladies!!

[03/07/15]   Sweaty Tabata Saturday!!! High Noon!!! Drop ins welcome!!!

[02/28/15]   Saturday SWEAT is baaack!! March 7th - April 18th(with Easter Saturday off) 6 classes, $90!! Combinations, Complexes and SWEAT oh my!!

[02/18/15]   Medicine Ball Madness tomorno :D

[02/17/15]   March NOONER starts on Mon the 2nd!!! M/W/F 12:10 to 12:50!!
Mar 2nd to April 1st, 14 Classes for $200!! Come increase your strength, amp up your cardio, melt a l'il fat and challenge yourself!! All different formats and equipment!! Join my dedicated regulars and get spring started RIGGGHT!!

precisionnutrition.com 02/05/2015

Should you exercise when sick? [Infographic] How to make working out work for your immunity.

Feeling SICK? This is a safe guideline you can follow to keep you moving even when you're feeling under the weather.

precisionnutrition.com Working out can boost your immunity... or make your cold last longer. Here’s exactly how to exercise when sick.

[01/20/15]   Any class, anytime....drop ins welcome, come see why I have classes all year round!! We go outdoors in May!! Nooners, M/W/F 12:10-12:50 and Saturday Sweats 12-1!!


Runner's World

As long as you're doing it, it's all that matters!

"Don't judge your running by your speed." - Amby Burfoot

[01/16/15]   OOOOH, Saturday SWEAT Class, will be a doozie!! No Tootsie Footin around!! Only 5 classes, once a week, to get what I'm putting down!! Drop ins welcome!!

[01/14/15]   Saturday Sweat is $65 for all 5, 1 hour classes!! If you haven't contacted me directly, to register, please do!!

[01/02/15]   NOONER Bootcamp starts Jan 5th!! M/W/F, 12:10-12:50!!
12 classes, $140.....Let's get SCHWEATY!!
PM Shelly for more info and to register!!

[12/15/14]   NOONER class is cancelled due to the flu at Shelly's house, see you all Wednesday!

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And that's how it ended!
Whe I got to 70 I thought, there is NO WAY!!!  But I got er done:)
inchworm with star pushup
4 MB pushups:)
Here's our own James Pratt showing us how things can be done when you put your mind and body to it!  Way to go James!
Why do "girl" pushups, when u can learn to do these pushups???????
Gettin R DUN!



Personalized training, team strength & conditioning, speed training, yoga and nutritional coaching.



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