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[10/14/14]   see you tomorrow moms!!!!

[08/23/14]   WOHOOO!!!! Hope you ladies are ready! See you at class Monday!

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YHC August 2014 Newsletter

Click%2520here%2520to%2520create%2520a%2520sub-title%2520for%2520your%2520post. Some moms really want to crank things up a notch, and BeachFit Moms BEAT™ is a 60-min class suited for women focusing on cardiovascular health. The class incorporates walking, running, biking and rowing. The main concept in this class is Endurance. The benefits of having a healthy heart both during…

[07/28/14]   Thanks for the baby time this morning!!! :D

[04/25/14]   Thank you @Monique Nikki Bethany.

[02/11/14]   Morning moms! Due to the minus 40 temperatures this morning, class will be cancelled.

[11/25/13]   KILLED Beat today!!!!! Good job ladies!!!!!

[10/24/13]   HEY MOMS! See you tomorrow at 9! Let's lift some weight!!!!

[10/01/13]   Alright Moms! Let's get FUSED! 9:00am

[09/22/13]   Reminder moms!!!! New class schedule starts this week! Monday 10:30, Tuesday 9:00, Thursday 9:00! See you tomorrow at 10:30 ready to kick it into high gear!!!

[08/28/13]   Welcome! New Mom Kim and Baby Huxley!!!! How much I love to cuddle new babies and see Moms sweat!

[08/26/13]   Little ones in school and Yukon Moms back kickin ass!

[08/05/13]   HEY LADIES!!!! See you tomorrow at 9:30!!!! READY TO ROCK!

[05/13/13]   Come play with ME today!!! 9:30! Perfect day after Mother's Day, another hour for YOU! :)

[04/25/13]   Alright MOMS! Have your say! What other days/timeslots would you like to see offered?! Time to ramp up into spring programming! (I know it just snowed a foot, but let a girl dream lol) 04/08/2013

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[04/08/13]   See you at 9:30 moms! Time to rock this house!!

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Spring Challenge and Spring Classes!

Spring Challenge and Spring Classes!

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[03/25/13]   HEY MOMS! See you Monday morning 9:30am for an awesome workout! :)

[03/13/13]   Hey moms! I hope you're ready this morning!!!! 9:30! See you there :)


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[03/04/13]   CrossFit Moms! Tomorrow (MONDAY) 9:30am! C Ya there! :) 03/02/2013

BeachFit Moms Q & A ‹ BeachFit Moms

BeachFit Mom's General Q&A BeachFit Moms is “The new workout movement for the most exciting stage of your life!”™ It is a result-driven workout for the mom who wants results. Even though you are in a group environment, we treat you as a personal training client. That’s why you will see results fast. Achieving goals in a group...

[03/02/13]   FAQ 's
1. Can i come without my child: YES
2. Can my child come with me: YES. No child care will be provided, but space for strollers, play area will be allocated.
3. Will the children be working out: No, that is what CrossFit kids is for. ;)
4. What if my child mis-behaves: you are responsible for the wellfare of your child during class. Simply remove yourself from the training, take care of your child and return when you are ready. No expectations. No drama.
5. Why a Mom's class: I want to create a safe, secure, friendly, supportive environment and build the community of like minded people. How awesome will it be to have a playdate for the kids after an amazing workout like CrossFit?!
6. I'm pregnant, can I come: YES You must first get the ok from your doctor and then speak to Lee T. Randell regarding your level of ability.
7. Will it be the same workout as the other CrossFit classes: No, this will be programmed separately. You will also be introduced to kettlebell, mobility, and other types of programming over time. And a core WOD will occur every class.
8. Do I need to have a foundations class: No, it will be programmed into the class. THough it is highly recommended you try to attend as many of the classes as possible.
9. Will we always be inside: No, as the weather improves in the spring we will move some classes outdoors.
10. How will I know what's happening: Continue checking this event page the morning before class for any important updates. We will eventually create our own page. DONE :)
11. When are classes:
CrossFit Moms - Mondays and Wednesday 9:30am - 10:30am CrossFit Whitehorse. 95 Lewes Blvd

[03/02/13]   BeachFit Moms® is the ideal workout for moms that allows them to bring their child/children without having to worry about daycare or having to pay an additional fee for childcare.

We recommend that all children should be in a stroller, though it is not mandatory. Your child – must or may – be in a stroller or in a designated safe area when the workout is in progress. The reason for this is simple, there may be a safety issue.

The BeachFit Moms instructor is responsible for the designated safe area, this includes its location, when it should be used to corral the children and any issues associated with safety of the children during class.

Generally the workouts are of little to no danger to children, and as a result, we encourage the children to explore and participate in the mom’s workout. Seeing and participating in the workouts together with their moms, creates an amazing bond between the parent and child. No child is too young or too old to be a part of BeachFit Moms, that’s why all ages are welcome. Nothing makes a child happier than a happy, healthy mom so bring your children with you and be a role model.

If you do have any concerns, please communicate them in advance to the instructor of your BeachFit Mom’s class. 03/02/2013

BeachFit Moms

CHeck out the official BeachFit Moms webpage! Where the movement started wih my good friend @annikaturner 03/02/2013

BeachFit Moms

CHeck out the official BeachFit Moms webpage! Where the movement started wih my good friend @annikaturner 03/02/2013

BeachFit Moms

CHeck out the official BeachFit Moms webpage! Where the movement started wih my good friend @annikaturner




95 Lewes Blvd
Whitehorse, YT

Opening Hours

Monday 09:00 - 10:00
Tuesday 09:00 - 10:00
Thursday 09:00 - 10:00
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