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🤔 What do the NFL’s Rob Gronkowski, the NBA’s Paul Pierce, Mike Tyson, Nate Diaz and 2017’s #WorldsStrongestMan 👉 Eddie Hall, all have in common⁉️

👉Each are #Elite #ProfessionalAthletes who not only actively use, but endorse the use of #Cannabidiol or otherwise known as #CBD.

👉 Did you know the NFL’s Ricky Williams, Nate Jackson and Eugene Monroe in addition to both #DiazBrothers (amongst many other #EliteAthletes) are actually #Advocating for the use of #Cannabis in sports?

👉 More and more we are seeing the emergence of #ProfessionalAthletes using, endorsing and at times even advocating for the use of #Cannabis and related products in sports. With every day that passes, we see a not-so-distant future of the #WellnessIndustry colliding head-on with the #Cannabis Industry. 🤗

The #CannabisSpace has grown far beyond its previous stigma. 👉 We are seeing topical balms for #AntiInflammation and #PainRelief in addition to various lotions, creams and skin balms.

…It hasn’t happened yet but you won’t have to wait long, the blend between the #CannabisIndustry and the #Health and #WellnessIndustry is inevitable.

👉 With all this said, I am absolutely thrilled to announce my step into the #CannabisSpace as the AssistantGeneralManager of #People and #Culture with Fire & Flower in the #BywardMarket of our #NationsCapital. 🇨🇦

To Spectrum Health & Wellness Inc. loyal clients and followers, do not worry❗️We are not going anywhere!‼️Thanks to the hardwork and dedication of our team, it has allowed me to step away from the day-to-day operations of managing Spectrum Health & Wellness Inc. to pursue opportunities, education and experience in what I’m certain will soon be sibling industries. ✊

🥸 Our weekly #EducationalPosts will continue in order to help you #BeInformed. We are still taking clients under #Ontario’s #Covid19Regulations and are here to support the spectrum of your health and wellness needs.

Thank you Fire & Flower for this tremendous opportunity and thank you friends, family, clients and loyal followers for your continued support.

#StayMobile #BeWell #BloomingFutures
Goooood afternoon friends❗️

We hope everyone had a lovely weekend and a wonderful start to our new week. Are you ready to continue your educational journey with the #SpectrumHealthTeam❓

👉 We hope so!

Last week, we began a #ScientificExploration 🥸 together of the process known as #NeuroGenesis. 🧠 Our body’s remarkable ability to form new cells in the brain. Naturally, that topic led us down the road of discussing #StemCells and #StemCellResearch.

Visit our remaining posts to pick up where you left off in order to #BeInformed and #BeWell with Michael Jacuk & Spectrum Health & Wellness Inc.
👋 Good morning and TGIF #Ottawa! 🇨🇦

👉 With our vision of featuring Ottawa’s best and brightest local talent across the #Health, #Wellness and #Fitness industry, we’re thrilled to share a blog post written by Spectrum Health & Wellness Inc.'s Algonquin College #CoopStudent - Xander Woertink on #IntermittentFasting.

🥸 Xander is a #Certified #Physiotherapy and #OccupationalTherapy Assistant while he currently attends Algonquin College for #Health and #FitnessPromotion.

👉 Check out our remaining posts for a brief intro to Xander’s #BlogPost and visit us online at #PersonalTrainingOttawa.Com to continue reading and see his #PersonalTrainingFeature with our #NationsCapital’s #Number1 #PTHub.

#PTOttawa 🧨
👉 How can Spectrum Health & Wellness Inc. and the #SpectrumHealthTeam #Help? 🤔

“We’re a team of experienced, industry professionals who serve clients and businesses across Canada. 🇨🇦 We provide extensive, personalized care for the #GeneralPopulation interested in improving the #Spectrum of their #Health and #Wellness, with a #Focus on individuals looking to #ManageInjuries and mitigate #MyofascialPain.

🎈 We are proud to work with those who may be 🦼 #DifferentlyAbled and require #CustomPrograms to 🧑🏾‍🦯 #StayActive. 👉 We also offer our services to communities and businesses looking to #Improve the #Health and #Wellbeing of their members and staff."

🎥 Visit their #OnlineFeature on our #Website via the link in our profile.

Michael Jacuk Enterprises #SpectrumHealthTeam #DreamWithIntention
👋 Good morning #Ottawa!

🎈 With the recent launch of #PersonalTrainingOttawa.Com, we are proud to begin announcing our #OfficialPartners including our first #FeaturedBusiness 👉Spectrum Health & Wellness Inc.‼️

“Mind & Body Wellbeing is on a Spectrum of Health & Wellness.”

🔗 To learn more about the #SpectrumHealthTeam, check out our remaining posts and visit us online via the link in our profile to view our first☝️#OfficialFeature including #FeaturedPersonalTrainer and 🤛 #ManualTherapist, Michael Jacuk.

✍️ Have you had the opportunity to read my #CreativeWriting & #Copywriting?

👉 I’m now looking for opportunities as a #FreelanceWriter through Michael Jacuk Enterprises. Check out my writing style at Spectrum Health & Wellness Inc., Spectrum Wellness Group Ltd. & Personal Training Ottawa to see if I’m a fit.

DM me if you have opportunities, #OpenToOptions.
👋 Good evening friends, followers and loyal clients,

#DidYouKnow 🤨: Spectrum Health & Wellness Inc. makes an educational post to help you #BeWell every #Tuesday & #Thursday? 🎈Follow us to #BeInformed with the #SpectrumHealthTeam❗️

For those interested, here’s a brief recap of our last series.

“Over the last couple weeks, we’ve approached one of the most #undiscussed, #underfunded and rather ignored topics, 😵‍💫 #MentalHealth. Most recently, and In honor of #PrideMonth, 🙏 we shared some frightening statistics about #LGTBQMentalHealth 🏳️‍🌈 which we feel everyone should be aware of.

We also touched on 👨 #MensMentalHealth and 👩🏽‍🦱#WomensMentalHealth, including #Stats & #Facts to help everyone #BeInformed.”

👉 To learn more about #WhoWeAre and our #BackStory, take a look at #Chapter1 of #OurStory in my remaining posts ➡️ or visit my #Blog via the 🔗 link above for #MyEntrepreneurialJourney, #BlogSeries.
The #SpectrumHealthTeam is #HIRING❗️

👉I’m excited to share that Spectrum Health & Wellness Inc. is looking for committed, energetic & passionate individuals to join us in helping our Nation’s Capital #BeWell.

🚦With the go-ahead for #OutdoorFitness across the Province of #Ontario, 👉 we are looking for a #SalesManager to help drive the growth of our #MobileAppPlatform 📲 as well as our #MobilePersonalTraining Services. With that said, we are also looking to add a certified & experienced, #PersonalTrainer to the #SpectrumHealthTeam! 🤸‍♀️

👉Interested❓DM me or email your #Resume and #CV to [email protected]
Do you belong to Canada's 1.4% of population carrying #BNegative #Blood❓

Find out why your blood is SO special at Spectrum Health & Wellness Inc. in our latest #BloodType Series🩸❗️

How do you know when an outbreak becomes an epidemic and an epidemic becomes a pandemic?

#FitnessEnthusiast Michael Jacuk Spectrum Health & Wellness Inc. shares "How Is a Pandemic Different from Epidemic?"
Checkout the entire article here: https://bit.ly/33DHbtA

#healthwebmagazine #hwm #coronavirus #pandemic #covid #corona #epidemic #stayhome #quarantine #lockdown #staysafe #socialdistancing #virus #healthyliving #fitness
It’s been throughout my ongoing journey with Spectrum Health & Wellness Inc. that I also rediscovered old interests in art and ✍️ writing. It’s cathartic.

I always look forward to writing the #SpectrumHealthTeam’s educational posts 👨‍🎓 to help inform the community, I find peace in writing for my various blogs and simply pursuing these passions with passion led to opportunities writing articles for Health Web Magazine & more. 🤷‍♂️

👉A good friend & Spectrum Health & Wellness Inc.’s graphic designer - @marv.gif not only introduced me to the world of #GraphicDesign & #WebDesign 👨‍💻 but as far as I’m concerned, set the bar worldwide for what could be done artistically with an #InstagramProfile. 🖼

(Visit us on #Instagram @spectrumhealthwellness to see for yourself❗️) 🤯
Spectrum Health & Wellness is TRULY - My Passion, My People and My Purpose. 💝

As someone who was previously on disability due to a #traumaticbraininjury & more recently diagnosed with #epilepsy, I quickly realized how near-impossible it was for me to afford not only my own services but to #bewell in general.

👉It’s for that reason that I began Spectrum Health & Wellness Inc. - A business with a mission to make health, wellness & general well-being affordable, accessible and inclusive for everyone.

We approach the Spectrum of Health & Wellness through a combination of Personal Training, Online Exe We are a team of dedicated Health and Wellness Experts that want to see you live longer and be healthier while still doing the activities you enjoy.

We believe in making Health & Wellness affordable and flexible, regardless of what is holding you back – we will find a custom solution to help you. We provide extensive, personalized care for:

• General population interested in improving the spectrum of their health & wellness
• Individuals looking to manage injuries and/or myofascial pain
• Peoplenals who serve clients and business across Canad

Operating as usual


Goooood afternoon friends❗️

We hope everyone had a lovely weekend and a wonderful start to our new week. Are you ready to continue your educational journey with the ❓

👉 We hope so!

Last week, we began a 🥸 together of the process known as . 🧠 Our body’s remarkable ability to form new cells in the brain. Naturally, that topic led us down the road of discussing and .

Visit our remaining posts to pick up where you left off in order to and with Michael Jacuk & Spectrum Health & Wellness Inc.


👉 Now that we have an understanding of our brain’s miraculous ability to form new neurons through a process called , 🧠 and have a grasp of and their unique chameleon-like features, let’s discuss our cells’ 👉.

🧪 You can easily find yourself lost and confused in the on this subject so let’s keep things simple. are unstable found within the body that damage cells and in turn, cause aging and illness. 🙁

🇺🇸 According to the US National Library Medicine 👉 “A balance between free radicals and antioxidants is necessary for proper physiological function.” 

To learn more about free radicals and the role they play in the , to a quick glance at our last post of the day! ➡️


👉 It’s been established since the 1956 that break our cells down over time. This is known as but that’s the topic of our next post.

👴🏼 As we grow older, we lose the ability to fight the effects of free radicals which can lead to what we would consider 👵🏾 “appropriate aging.” 

🥸 Studies have shown are indirectly responsible for such as and .  They have also been connected to and such as and . Free radicals also have an enormous impact on our skin’s elasticity, wrinkling of our skin and hair loss.

To learn about and avenues we can pursue to prevent all of the above, check in with us this Thursday‼️



Hello and folks‼️

We’re back! 🙌

👉 Last week we began to discuss 🧠 The process by which our brains form NEW neurons. We also touched on the history of neurogenesis which led us into the topic of and .

So, what is a ❓

How do they work? 🤔

...and what do they have to do with the process of neurogenesis? 🧠

Check out our remaining posts to find out! ➡️


🤨: It would be two scientists from the University of Toronto that would discover in 1961⁉️(A Canadian “Claim to Science Fame” 🇨🇦)

👉 Stem cells are fascinating in the sense that unlike other cells, these particular cells act as chameleons and can generate themselves into any found in the . 😧

👉 Once divided, these new “” can either become stem cells themselves OR transform into specialized cells such as , , and yes, which loops us back to . 🧠 (See last week's post 👇)

🥸 Learn about and how the world is applying this new science to treat and in our last post of the day. ➡️


👉 Now that we’ve discovered and their -like ability to transform into other various , 🤯 Let’s visit how this newly discovered science is being applied.

Although is still hotly debated and constantly evolving, scientists believe this discovery to have a few life-altering benefits. 

For starters 👉 Stem cells can be directed to transform into specific cells with the ability to regenerate & repair our diseased or damaged tissue. 😌 This could be life changing for those with , , , and , , and more. Additionally, they have the ability to be grown into new tissues for use in and . 💝

...and that's barely getting our feet wet...

👉 Check in with us this Thursday to learn more about and the latest StemCellResearch with the ‼️


👋 Hello and good afternoon everyone‼️ We hope you slept well and are having a wonderful day!

👉 Welcome back to @spectrumhealthwellness’ ’ to help you and on various , and topics. 🥸 Over the last couple weeks, we have discussed the magical world of fungi through our 🍄 Series.

👉 Interested in learning more about , , and mushrooms, scroll down through our previous posts.👇

Today, we’re excited to share a single post with you on the topic of 🧠 before beginning a new Series next week. Check out our remaining posts to learn more! ➡️


🧠 👉 Sounds “science’y” doesn’t it? 🥸 Let’s simplify…

👉 Neurogenesis is the process by which new are formed in the brain.

Next most logical question, what is a neuron? 🤔

👉 Neurons serve as our brain’s messengers and in fact, the human brain alone consists of roughly 86 000 000 000 of these particular cells. 🤯 Using electrical and , neurons carry information to different parts of our brains and also from our brain to the rest of our .

Now, let’s loop back to Neurogenesis. 🧠 It was believed that the human brain and were incapable of regeneration...

👉 We were wrong.

To learn more, check out our last post of the day❗️➡️


👉 Although the concept of was loosely recognized in the 1960’s, it wasn’t until the 1990’s that was accepted as a whole.

What changed? 🤨

The discovery of . 🥸Stay tuned as this will be next week’s topic but in the meantime, how does neurogenesis help us ?

This process in adults plays a crucial role in regulating our 🧠 , and . With the discovery and increase in production of , scientists believe we may be able to treat age-related loss of and such as , , and more. ✊

Have we caught your Interest? 🤷‍♂️ 👉 Check in with us next week @spectrumhealthwellness to learn more about the latest with the ‼️


👋 Good evening friends and welcome to our final post as part of our Series‼️

Over the course of the last couple weeks, we’ve immersed ourselves in the magical workings of the fungi world. 🍄 Beginning with the trending research from @johnshopkinsu on the topic of , and , to most recently 👉 the remarkable healing properties of 🦁 .

Today, we conclude our series with a remarkable fungus that is found worldwide and has been used for across Asia for centuries. To learn more, check out our remaining posts! ➡️


👉 The Cancer-fighting, boosting, powerful antioxidant that improves . ✊ If that is not , I don’t know what is...

🍄 Known for its sharp colors, the can be found nearly anywhere there are dead hardwood logs and gets its name from…👉 you guessed it❗️🦃 Its resemblance to a Turkey’s Tail.

🤨: The is one of the most common fungi found in 🇨🇦 and the 🇺🇸 ?

🍄 This particular contains a protein-bound molecule called (A.K.A. ) which has been shown to boost the immune system and not only fight off infection but also certain types of . ✊

🥸 To learn more about this particular , check out our last post of the day from the ! ➡️


…If we have learned 1 thing throughout this , 🥸 it’s that there is FAR more to fungi 🍄 than we know.

👉 Asia has turned to over 100+ types of fungi over the centuries for their powerful . 🦃 mushrooms are high in antioxidants called which reduce cellular damage. 👉 In fact, a 2017 study found to contain 35 various . A study in 2012 also found Turkey Tail to benefit patients as an add-on . 🤯 A 2013 study found that an extract derived from Turkey Tail could be used to treat . 😧

The benefits are endless, Turkey Tail is clearly a . 🍄 Although typically dried and used to make tea, please don’t begin eating fungi that have not been qualified by a professional as many forms of fungi can also be fatal.

We hope this series has helped you and with the .


☀️ Good morning friends and welcome back to the MOST 🦄 of 👉 The “ Series” brought to you by: The ‼️

Over the last week, we’ve covered a brief overview of the with a specific focus on 🍄 including some emerging research from @johnshopkinsu on .

👉 Today, we begin discussing a less and species of fungus, yet one that is equally magical in it’s healing properties & effects. 🤗

To learn about our surprise fungus, check out our remaining posts! ➡️


🦁 Don’t be fooled by its name, although the is a fungus, it looks far from a mushroom…

🍄 Native to , and also , can be found on 🌳 and is identified by it’s long, dangling spines. 🥸 Research into the of this particular mushroom is still young, however numerous have shown it to improve , boost anti-inflammatory pathways and enhance function of your 🧠 .

👉 To learn more magical effects of the Lion’s Mane Mushroom a.k.a. , check out our last post of the day! ➡️

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