Yano Wing Chun

Yano Wing Chun

YANO Wing Chun training is a fun and exciting way to work out and learn self-defense. We offer Kung Fu classes six days a week, private lessons scheduled at your convenience, as well as a variety of seminars and tournaments scheduled throughout the year.

Yano Wing Chun offers people a fun and exciting way to exercise and get fit while decereasing stress. Our goal is to make the next generation of Kung Fu warriors in a fun, welcoming environment.

Operating as usual


Reminder to self: asking daughter what she wants to eat and saying "anything"... she warns me by saying "you sure daddy, anything?" but am dense and don't get it lol. So she asks for steak and mashed potatoes with a Lil evil smile... knowing I have 0 of the items to cook what's she requested. Haha. She's so amazing and smart.

So! I showed her. I got her ribeye, ribeye cap and fillet all. She got her cheesy garlic mashed potatoes like she asked. Steak, but 3 cuts n 3 different spices and rubs. All finished with browned rosemary butter.... all bcuz she asked for love... and for ketchup with my steak! Hahaha. Oh and she wanted grapes too haha. My Kindergarten kinda eating

Ps - no ketchup was touched and she keeps on enjoying and learning about new flavors and life.


Happy new years! Wishing everyone the best. Someone told my stubborn ass to be happy, n I listened for once. So 2022 is going to be something else, sorry LA. 😅 Yano is back


My boy Sean working a patty cake drill on the dummy the other night. Man I love that sound haha. Almost wounds like he started treating my dummy like the bongos or something hahaha. But thats what I asked for haha to coach haha


Having fun with the new addition to the family hahaha. Stunts has really given my the excuse to buy a lot of cool stuff to play with. Take your wing chun everywhere and expand and grow the knowledge always... if not... u sure you're really a wing chun practitioner??? Lol 😆


Lil more of play time with the blade haha. Remember your wing chun hands with structure and apply it to everything. Trust you will like the results... I mean... its wing chun Duh! LOL.


Umm so last night got a lil wierd haha. Who put a nail in my ear??? Lol


Fun times. Random times lol. Cutting times with @furious.moves doing our ninja thing haha.

Photos from Yano Wing Chun's post 09/01/2020

Got my cuddle bug back. Trying to nap but she wants to train n push herself more... wtf do u say to that??? Lol. I said we'll sleep with the rings on n train when we wake up very, very soon lol. Shes the best. Time flies too fast when we get to be together...

Timeline photos 07/07/2020

My first designer dummy haha. So happy how this project turned out. Think about working and training in this f**king gorgeous kung fu dream?!?! Think about training hard and seeing all that beautiful nature wiggle. Haha. You know what im sayin?

**kyou haha


Playing around after practice. Trying to fit in a 2 step in there but then realized you don't move your trunk when you 2 step so back to wing chun steppin for me.

Timeline photos 06/16/2020

Notes from a lesson sometime last week. Ask about it if you don't know about it. OR just take class... lol.
All im saying is people have to realize they don't move in 2 dimensions and they are 3D beings lol.


Section 10 - yes, I've been playing with lil changes here and there.

I'll post dummy with mma modifications soon.


Section 9 - annoyed after my section 8 "slow mo" lol


Section 8 - ok, my ass is tired by now lol. Im ugly slow but whatevers lol


Section 7


Section 6


Section 5


Section 4


Section 3


Section 2


Section 1.

Timeline photos 06/03/2020

Timeline photos


This is our kung fu mascot "Bowser!" Sometimes she comes up and knocks on the front door because she wants to hang out haha.

Timeline photos 05/25/2020

Next steps. Choosing colors and we are on our way. Any suggestions?

Photos from Yano Wing Chun's post 05/24/2020

The realities of basic shape step 2 haha. A lot of clean up haha. Still haven't done it. Wife is pissed haha. Oops 😬


What you do last night? I did this haha. I dont normally pour water directly on wood im working on but thought it could be a cool shot. Tell me what you think.


Its happening again. Making another for another kung fu brother. This is dumb, I don't normally "throw" water directly on the wood I'm working with but playing with some ideas for future projects haha. Hope it at least caught your eye.


She really had fun doing her homework haha. I just couldn't help but find her hilarious stank face hahaha. Idk about everyone else but I can't wait until math and science take over glitter time. Glitter is hard as sh*t and is impossible to clean up.

Timeline photos 05/14/2020

Hope everyone is well. I've really enjoyed all the time I get to spend with my lil one. Shes so funny. Idk how she is so awesome 😅🤣

Timeline photos 05/04/2020

Another mini project down, only a few more things to do before I can start training again. Videos of training and student material will be coming soon. Thank you all for being patient... not that you have a choice. Hahaha.

Timeline photos 05/01/2020

A little sneak peak of the remodel of "dojo yano." Hope you like it when its all done. Hope everyone is well and healthy. Keep training hard. Don't get lazy on me haha.


Some more drills.

Timeline photos 01/02/2020

Wing chun, f**k you... haha. Happy 2020 everyone! Hope everyone had a great set of holidays, but now it's over and idk about you but I'm ready to get sh*t done!

So what do I do first with that motivation... play with mo' f**king dolls! Haha. Thank you @randroidmusic and @blendandchat for the dolls haha. They will come up soon with updates to my dummy. Keep watching as I make the studio of my dreams, suckah...

**kyou #


Basic Pak Da Drill 1

There's always a reason, or at least there should be haha. Why do you do what you do? That's literally the study of consciousness and martial arts. Train "full" martial arts. Fighting or a technique is never enough.


Wing Chun Wrist Drill - Part 4

Speed is key, but full movements are more important. Go fast but never rush. Rushing leads to mistakes because your priorities are too goal oriented.

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