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Shifra Nerenberg, Owner of Spiral Intuitive and experienced card reader, is an Intuitive Advisor, Spiritual Counselor, Guide, and Healer. Spiral Intuitive's mission is to increase individual empowerment through connecting with our own innate intuition.

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I felt nudged to get out an oracle deck I've not used in a while & pull a card to share ... only I didn't totally love it (because everything feels so heavy already), so I pulled another one ... which naturally came up with the same message lol. So here ya go, 2 underworld goddesses.

Persephone reminds you to lean into your own natural cycles, even (especially) when they're scary or feel overwhelming. You have the power & ability to handle the discomfort.

Sedna reminds you that nourishment comes in many different forms. There is beauty & life even in the dark & cold places. You have what you need to stand up for yourself & against injustice, despite your fear.

Are you giving yourself space & time to feel all your feelings, to be safely in the messiness of now? (if not, here's your invitation to do so)

ID: two cards from the #goddessesknowledgecards deck (artwork by #susanseddonboulet) in a moon-phase stand with a tumbled piece of tiger eye (with specks of hemitite in it) in front. The card on the left (Persephone) has tones of red & black, shows a woman crying framed in by boxes. The card on the right (Sedna) has blue hues & shows a woman's face mostly blocked by stripes that might be waves or bone.

Need personal guidance to heal those dark places? Book an intuitive session via link in bio or DM me for more info 🔮

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Photos from Spiral Intuitive's post 03/08/2022

One day, international women's day will be every single day.

Until that time when women of all types are seen & equal & safe, the world suffers.

There are way too many examples of suffering available to choose from, so instead I focus on working to bring the future into our present. That's one of the reasons my readings are focused on empowerment, on helping you see a better version of yourself, on guiding you to become your true self.

Because when we make decisions from our empowered intuition, we make healthy decisions for ourselves that support our wellbeing, that also ripple out into the world, showing new ways are possible & that empowerment is sustainable.

ID: several posters from @makehermarket celebrating international women's day including sayings "lift her up & you rise, too" plus a selfie of Shifra in her purple feathers from last weekend's event

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Photos from Spiral Intuitive's post 03/03/2022

🌼🌱🌸 more colorful signs of #springinthemountains

It continues to amuse me that every spring when the temps 'warm' to in the 60s, we all shed our coats & jackets; yet every fall when the temps 'cool' into the 60s, we all pull on our coats & jackets.

The actual temp may be the same but our perception of it is not. I chuckle at this thought every year all the same.

What amuses you about seasonal changes?

ID: 1st image is of 2 small purple crocuses & 2nd image is of a bunch of little yellow daffodils

Photos from Spiral Intuitive's post 03/01/2022

#standwithukraine #peace

ID: my 2/28/22 tweet thread.
1st slide text: "Whenever I'm worrying about a problem over which I have no control, I like to hold a vision in my mind & heart as my bid to the universe for the desired outcome."
2nd slide text: "Please join me in envisioning a peaceful resolution in which Russia withdraws completely so that Ukraine returns to being a sovereign democratic nation that fully heals & recovers from this unprovoked war. ☮️"

#intuitiveguidance #energywork


While the world outside may be scattered, chaotic, & even scary, it's especially important to connect & reconnect with your own personal circle of support & love.

Consider taking time in the next few days to reach out to friends & loved ones you haven't talked to in a while (provided you can do so joyfully).

This is also a lovely time to make space for your spiritual practice, to invite your energetic support circle (aka spirit guides, ancestors, deities, nature, energies, etc) to actively work with you.

🌀 Are you ready to meet your spiritual & energetic guides? DM me for information about my private guided visualizations. 🌀

ID: the Cavern of the Ancient Ones card (showing a circle of human figures in a cave) from the #ancientoracledeck by @barbara_l_kahn, upright in a moon phase stand with a tumbled sodalite stone on the left & a flat labradorite piece on the right. The card number is 12 & has additional words on it: Spiritual Journey, Earth of the North.

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Happy 2/22/2022! Here's a 3-card reading inviting you to tune into the messages around you, integrate your past to update yourself lovingly, & establish/maintain your healthy boundaries.

Deck used: #theillustratedbestiary (#bestiaryoracle #bestiaryoraclecards) by @maiatoll & @kate.ohara.illustration

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Cats are great at boundaries - everyone who's ever lived with a feline knows they'll let you know right away, in no uncertain terms, if they don't like what you're doing to/with them. When cats are done, they move, shift positions, run away, hiss, &/or swat at you.

I know from experience that if you continue pressing them, then it's your own fault for whatever unpleasantness ensues while the cat re-asserts their boundaries. They stand up for themselves & their needs.

Be gentle & kind with yourself, especially as you learn how to better care for yourself (particularly thru boundaries & grounding).

Independence can take time & be messy. Let that be ok!

Where in yourself & your life do you need to shore up your own healthy boundaries?

ID: Cat Spirit card from the #spiritanimaloracle in a wood moon phase card holder (from @ashevilleravenandcrone) along with an amethyst pyramid & a shimmery ammonite spiral.

Are you ready for personalized intuitive guidance to help you with boundaries &/or grounding? DM me today to discuss the ways we can work together, or book a session via my link in bio.

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Photos from Spiral Intuitive's post 02/02/2022

Blessed Imbolc & Happy Lunar New Year!

Here's a new #pickacard for you today (or whenever you see this).

Swipe ➡️ for card reveals & read meanings ⬇️

Take a deep breath & see which card stands out to you (thus calls out or resonates most to you), then read my intuitive interpretation below.

Take what feels true for you & leave the rest 💜
# 1
Rosemary ~ Remembrance
Remember who you are & let go of who you or others thought you would or are supposed to be. You're invited to step (back) into your truths, so you can fully embody what you know to be true for you. Plant those seeds that will nourish your mind & body, without ignoring your heart & spirit. Respectfully use the tools on hand so you're working in harmony rather than in discord.

# 2
Rose ~ Crack Open
It's not either/or, it's both/and time now. It's about balancing the dark & cloudy moments with those of sunshine & roses. Plant seeds that respect & maintain your healthy boundaries, so you flow between the thorns & the flowers (rather than get entangled between them). This also reminds you that standing up against injustice for yourself & others is important work not to be swept under a rug.

# 3
Reshi ~ Defying Gravity
When you lean into your own magic, your path opens up before you, even though it may not be as linear or even going in the same direction as you expected. Plant seeds of focus & intention, giving yourself space & time to grow your own beautiful way. When you grow, you're inviting others to grow in their own power, too, in collaboration rather than competition.

card deck used:
Since Imbolc is about readying the soil & planting seeds, it felt appropriate to use the #herbiaryoracle by @maiatoll & @kate.ohara.illustration 🌱

🔮 Which card did you pick & how did it resonate for you? 🔮

✨ Are you ready for personalized intuitive guidance? DM me today to discuss the ways we can work together. ✨

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What do you want to know about intuition?

It's #IntuitiveTipTuesday & I want to hear from you about what you'd like to know more about!

In 2020, I decided that I'd consistently post a new intuitive tip here every Tuesday, & I have. Naturally, some posts have resonated more than others. Some tips have been more helpful than others.

I'm here to help you connect with & develop your own intuition - so please share with me what you're struggling with &/or want more insight around in terms of your inner wisdom.

What tips or types of tips do you like most?

What questions or problems come up for you when tuning into your intuition (or when you even think about being intuitive yourself)?

Please let me know in the comments here or via DM.

Thanks in advance for your feedback & I look forward to sharing more tips that really resonate & help on your intuitive journey 💜

ID: Shifra (masked & wearing purple) shuffling cards in front of a blue goddess tapestry on the wall in the brand new reading room at the expansive new location of @ashevilleravenandcrone.

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Looking ahead to this weekend, you're invited to play in Nature &/or lean into your natural play style.

Worry less about the mess (unless cleaning is fun for you, of course!).

Have fun!

ID: Blue Oyster card from the #beastiaryoracle deck by @maiatoll with artwork by @kate.ohara.illustration.

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