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Kia Orana and Welcome to the Official Page of Puaikura Football Club where we aim to keep our Local

Operating as usual


FYI for today matches has been postponed till further notice. These will be updated once confirmed.

For now stay warm😊

Todays Football Matches Cancelled Due to Wet Weather!!😢

The Grassroots and U18 Men’s matches that were scheduled for today at CIFA Complex, will be postponed til further notice…

For Now Stay Warm, Stay Safe and Stay Dry!!⚽️


Important Notice:

Due to Cook Islands Gospel Day (public holiday) to be observed on Wednesday 26 October, CIFA has confirmed that all Round 6 Grassroots and U18 Men’s games scheduled for that afternoon will now be played on MONDAY 24 October, same venue and times.

Please spread the world to our coaches, managers & players.


On behalf of Team Mangaia Football team coordinate by VP, Senior Player & Captain Natasha Dean alongside the management team & the players pass our biggest gratitude and appreciation goes to Puaikura Football Club for the use of the club equipment for trainings, venue for trainings, tents, table, chairs & van.

We also acknowledge our madam President Tuaine, amazing Aunties Aka, Tina for the many they did and provided we appreciate you all for the many you have all done😊

We acknowledge our many aunties, uncles, family, friends & supporters for the utmost out pouring of love for us all, so many of you to name but you know we appreciate everything you have all done.

To our sister clubs Tupapa Maraerenga Football Club Nikao Sokattak Football Club - NSFC Avatiu Football Club Inc. Titikaveka Football Club (Teimurimotia) Matavera-Ngatangiia Football Club & also our own club for your players to be apart of Team Mangaia Football Team 2022. Thankful for there commitment, skill & talent truly bleesed.

Meitaki Ngao❤.


Wow no break for the wicket as they say😊straight outta CIG back into season we go🙌.

Round 1 Game 5 kicks off today where we face our fams from east side Titikaveka Football Club💙.

Kick off for Wednesday are on the below attached with our Grassroots and U18 Men's after all games at CIFA COMPLEX.

Thursday 20th October 2022
U15 Boy's 4pm
Senior Women's 5pm

Friday 21st October 2022
U15 Girl's 4pm
Premier Men's 5pm

Games for Thursday & Friday will be played at Titikaveka.

Come along and support our teams as we wrap Round 1 before heading into Round 2 next week.



We deff made use of the break😂😊.
Our hardworking admins have been busy training back to back & back to back early mornings & late night's 🥰.

Round 1 Week 4 was the last game of the season🤩as we take a 3 week break due to Cook Islands Games.
Played our neighbors from Nikao Sokattak FC and we would like to congratulate them for a almost clean sweep and we are proud of all our teams thus far and showing up week after week❣.

Results PFC scores first

U15 Boys 0 - 9
U15 Girl's 0 - 3
U18 Men's 0 - 18
Women's 1 - 0
Men's 0 - 4

We will resume back for trainings on Tuesday 18th October 2022 4pm onwards & season resumes back with Grassroots Wednesday 19th 2020 followed by the rest of the teams on Saturday 22nd 2022.

Enjoy the rest, keep active and we see you all back real soon❣

Photos from Puaikura Football Club's post 23/09/2022

Our babies are everything ❤they bring us the biggest joys and smiles.

Grassroots Wednesday are always bomb ass🥰if havent been to one then you have no idea what you are missing out on😊.

But we take a well deserved break for 3 weeks due to Cook Island Games🙌
Check back in on the Wednesday 19th October for the restart of the season 💘

Tena mai te resulta PFC first

U6 4 - 1
U8 3 - 2
U10 0 - 5
U12 1 - 2

The rest of our teams wrap up apopo at our home grounds and no better way to be playing ⚽️in parataito🥰

Kick off times

11.15am U15 Boy's

12.15pm U15 Girl's

1.15pm U18 Men's

2.40pm Senior Women's

4.15pm Premier Men's

There will be food & nu selling as well tomorrow check in apopo to find out.

📸 Cook Islands Football Association

Photos from Puaikura Football Club's post 21/09/2022

Round 1 Week 4🙌

Another week of ⚽️ action to feature our future stars😊.

Come along and watch our pepes take center stage for there final game before we take 3 weeks for Cook Island Games🥰we face our neighbors Nikao Sokattak❤💛 will wrap the week up on the weekend at home.

Kicking off 4.15pm at CIFA COMPlEX😊

U6, U8, U10 & U12😊

Photos from Cook Islands Football Association's post 20/09/2022


Credit to CIFA Media

Photos from Puaikura Football Club's post 20/09/2022

Another week of ⚽️ did & we sure are ready for another week😊.

Huge thanks from Tupapa Maraerenga Football Club for an amazing week last week congratulations on great results last week & hats off to our very own for showing up week agter the week to carey our club despite the results 🤞.
This week we take on our neighbors Nikao Sokattak 💛❤.

Full results from our last week Grassroots - Premier Men's 😊🥰 PFC results first

U6 4 - 1
U8 0 - 2
U10 0 - 6
U12 1 - 6
U15 Boy's 1 - 4
U15 Girl's 0 - 2
U18 Boy's 0 - 12
Women's 1 - 2
Men's 0 - 6

This week will also mark the last game for Rounds before we all take a well deserved break from the season and focus on Cook Island Games.

Shots from our Grassroots 📸CIFA

CIFA 2022 RD3 Saturday 17th September 2022 at CIFA Complex 17/09/2022

CIFA 2022 RD3 Saturday 17th September 2022 at CIFA Complex

Can watch our Men's & Women's live for our family overseas😊

CIFA 2022 RD3 Saturday 17th September 2022 at CIFA Complex Saturday 17th September 2022 at CIFA Complex2:40pm Senior Women Tupapa Maraerenga FC vs Puaikura FC4:15pm Premier Men Tupapa Maraerenga FC vs Puaikura FC

Photos from Puaikura Football Club's post 17/09/2022

Game Day❤🖤⚽️

Round 1 Week 3

Catch our teams at CIFA COMPLEX in Matavera where we will take on our fams from Tupapa Maraerenga Football Club 🖤.

Kicking off

11.15am U15 Boy's

12.20pm U15 Girl's

1.15pm U18 Men's

2.40pm Women's

4.15pm Mens

Come and get some vitamin c and ⚽️ action.


Epetoma 3😊

Another wacky Wednesday of football for our Grassroots against our fams from Tupapa Maraerenga Football Club 🤞.

Kick of for this week only will be at 4.30pm due to Prince of Wales Athletics.

Photos from Matavera-Ngatangiia Football Club's post 13/09/2022

Thank you Matavera-Ngatangiia Football Club for coming all the way out to Arorangi and thank you for an awesome week of Football

We look forward to you hosting us in the next round ❤️🖤

Good Luck on your next lot of Games ⚽️


Well deserved rest on the weekend for the team❤we wrapped Round 1 week 2 of ⚽️ on Friday.

Results are belowe PFC scores first

U15 Boy's 1 - 2
Senior Women's 3 - 0
U15 Girl's 0 - 0
Premier Men's 1 - 4

This week we turn our to week 3 against Tupapa.

Photos from Puaikura Football Club's post 09/09/2022

Shots from our U15 Boy's & Senior Women's🥰



Wapping our week of football today😊that be us for Round 1 game 2 giving us all a well deserved rest for the weekend 🥰.

Head on down to Raemaru Park to catch our U15 Girl's & Premier Men's go head to head againsy Matavera.

All finers below

Come one come all❤🖤⚽️

Photos from Puaikura Football Club's post 08/09/2022

Shots for Grassroots Game 2 Round 1

📸Cook Islands Football


Chocka coola day of grassroots & youth games yesterday 😊❤

Geez uniform malfunction happens, happy babies, smiling parentals & on the edge coaches 🥰 another week of football done and dusted against our fams from Matavera.

Results from yesterday Puaikura scores first

U6 won by default but our pepes still got to play

U8 4 - 5 epic game

U10 1 - 4 Matavera too strong

U12 1 - 1 che che game awn

U18 0 - 8 congrats Matavera our boys are still finding there feet

Today we turn our eyes to our U15 Boy's & Senior Women's another home game for us yay😊

4pm U15 Boy's
5pm Senior Women's

Come one come all and support our teams😊🥰


Week 2

This week we're up against Matavera-Ngatangiia Football Club 😊

Grassroots Teams will kick us off today at the CIFA Complex from 4.15pm 🥰followed by our U18 Men's at 4.50pm.

All parents & supporter come along today get pur get kids game ready & cheers like no other ( niceee way🤩)

Photos from Puaikura Football Club's post 06/09/2022

Wishing our National Under 19 Men's Team all the best with there tournament as they travelled to Tahiti on Saturday 3rd September 2022.
We are all proud of every single one of the boys & management team a special one for our very own boy Davida David son of Ramona Roa & Pi David who we were fortunate to have during 2021 season with a close relationship with Aitutaki Football Association.

Know we are all supporting you and are proud of you🖤❤⚽️💛🖤


So happy to finally kick start the szn, though the results never went the way we expected. We can only get better and improve for the rest of the seasons❤🖤⚽️

We are still excepting players through all grades, people wanting to coach & be apart of committee, supporters and many more😊.

Results from our weekend football at home😊 against Avatiu Football Club. Puaikura scores first

U15 Boy's 0 -8
U15 Girl's 0 - 6
U18 Boy's 0- 8
Senior Women's 0- 4
Premier Men's 1 - 2

This week we meet our sister club from the east side Matavera-Ngatangiia Football Club at home again for mid week.
Kick starting Wednesday with Grassroots & U18 Boy's, Thursday U15 Boy's & Women's & wrapping up Friday U15 Girl's & Men's.


We look forward to hosting our brothers and sisters from Matavera-Ngatangiia Football Club

Catch our first lot of games being played at CIFA on Wednesday with our Grassroots ❤️

All remaining matches from our Juniors and Seniors will be played this coming Thursday and Friday ❤️⚽️🖤

Photos from Puaikura Football Club's post 03/09/2022

Home Game🤩❤🖤⚽️

Season kick off already no other place to kick start but home.

Head to Raemaru Park for some ⚽️ action kicking off

11.15am U15 Boy's

12.40pm U15 Girl's

1.15pm U18 Boy's

2.40pm Senior Women's

4.15pm Premier Men's

There will be food & drinks selling nothing over $10😊.

Ka kite apopo❤be there in person to watch & support.


Choka blocka day but we got there in the end. So good to finally see the SZN kick start.

Our babies had a blast though results never went our way the main thing our pepes were all happy chappies.

Results for Grassroots❤ our scores first

U6 Bye

U8 1 - 2 Avatiu

U10 0 - 7 Avatiu

U12 0 - 2 Avatiu

The rest of our teams from U15s - Premier Mens complete season on the weekend.
Our home game tooooo woop❤🖤.



The time we've been waiting for, 2022 season finally kicks off today at 4.15pm with our Grassroots teams taking on Avatiu Football Club.

Let's get all head on down and support our children as kick start our campaign😊

Humbly asking all parents, supporters, youth & senior players come down and help get our kids into uniforms & support our lil minions

U6 take a bye this week, while our U8, U10 & U12 battle it out.


T minus 1 day till kick off😊here's to another year of ⚽️.

We are still excepting player from U6 - Premier Men's, supporters, parents & everyone wanting to join the club.

Training this week will all be at Raemaru Park for all age groups.

U6, U8 , U10 & U12 4pm - 5pm
U15 Boy's, U15 Girl's, U18 Boy's 4.30pm - 5.30pm
Senior Women's & Premier Men's 5.30pm - 6.30pm

Come one, come all❤🖤⚽️


It’s Official, Season kicking off next week with our Grassroots kicking off on Wednesday 31st August

Trainings have started and if interested to play, come along to the Raemaru Park on Tuesday and Thursdays otherwise just flick us a message and we can help you out

Don’t be shy, come on down ❤️🖤



Wow not long to till season kick off🤩

Its been a while since we have posted😊.

Kicking off with our grassroots then the reast continues during the week. Dust those boots and head on to Raemaru Park to be apart of our amazing club.

Training days are as followed

Grassroots U6, U8, U10 & U12
Tuesday 4pm - 5pm

Youth U15 Boy's & U15 Girl's
Tuesday & Thursday 5pm - 6pm

Senior Women's & Premier Men's
Tuesday & Thursday 5pm - 7pm

Venue for trainings are as followed

Grassroots Rutaki School

Youth & Seniors Raemaru Park

If you want to be part our club as a player, coach, supporter or whatever it is you want you can contact anyone of the commitee can be found on FB, face to face or if not our President number is there.

Tuaine Taio President 56647
Natasha Dean
Stephanie Nooroa
Akaroto Auua
Ina Phillips
Annie Bryson
Deliza Mataa

Photos from Puaikura Football Club's post 30/07/2022

A month away from another football season❤.

Season kick off is Wednesday 31st August 2022 with our Grassroots follwed by games to be played during the week ( Thursday & Friday) ending in the weekend ( Saturday)🤞.

The draws and weekly updates will be updated here & Instagram social media, email & hardcopy.

This year's age groups will consist of
Grassroots - U6, U8, U10 & U12 mixed🥰
Youth - U15 Girl's, U15 Boy's & U18 Boy's 😊
Seniors - Senior Women's & Premier Men's 😎

Club training commencements will be confirmed once coaches have given days, times & venue. Once confirmed these will be relayed here.

We are excepting players, coaches, managers, supporters for 2022 if you wish to be apart of our club for 2022 do get in contact with the below contacts😊

President Tuaine Fatiaki
Mobile: 54467
Work @ Islander
Email: [email protected]

VP/ Senior Player Natasha Dean known more as Tash

Committee members
Stephanie Nooroa
Aunty Aka Auua
Aunty Ina Phillips
Aunty Annie Bryson
Aunty Deliza Matata

Let make 2022 a great one🖤❤⚽️

Photos from Cook Islands Football Association's post 23/07/2022

Last training before a big night tommorow 😊

Timeline photos 20/07/2022

Draw for Quarters are in😊

Catch our girl's in action against 🇫🇯.

Your top 8️⃣

Photos from Cook Islands Football Association's post 19/07/2022



Despite the 1-0 loss last night to Samoa, our girls played amazing and are off to the next round of Games in the Quarter Finals Round

See below some Highlights from their match against Samoa 🇼🇸

Stay tuned into our Page on FB and Instagram to keep up to date with their games

Well done Ladies
Know that we are very proud of yous especially our PFC lot ❤️🖤

Photos from Puaikura Football Club's post 16/07/2022

Game ready 🤩

Akaieie kino te girls❤

Supporting yous from home and know we are proud of yous always

Photos from Puaikura Football Club's post 15/07/2022

Our quad footballers in our National Team🥰

Simone the oldest of our girls at 21 year's, Ngamata 20 year's, Victoria 16 ( 17 in November) & pepe of the pack Matilda 16 years❤.

We are so proud of our girl's and are supporting them & the team all the way from home❣.

They are having the best time in FIJI soaking in everything & a experience of a lifetime to treasure.

Few shots from our girl's 1st & 2nd training sessh & also friendly game ready.

📸📸 Priv 😊IYKYK

Photos from Puaikura Football Club's post 15/07/2022

T - Minus 1 day😊

Finally we get to see our girls in action tomorrow😍 Friday 15th July 9pm ( CI TIME), Saturday 16th July 7pm ( FIJI TIME).

Our girl's will face off against our pacific sisters from Tonga. Wishing our girl's all the best for there 1st match and know we are all proud and supporting yous all from home❤.

Below attached where you can watch the game on the OFC page and link is there as well to watch it live.


Photos from Puaikura Football Club's post 12/07/2022

T-Minus 1️⃣ Day before the start of the Competition

Supporting our girls from home

Our girls are set to play their first game this coming Friday (Saturday in Fiji)

Keep a look out for our story and posts as we keep you updated with times and the games for our girls

Live stream Link to watch the games below ⬇️ and is also in our Bio on Insta



Photos from Puaikura Football Club's post 07/07/2022

Our utmost congratulations to Simone Nicholas & Matilda Auua representing our club in the Cook Islands 🇨🇰 National Women’s Team.

Ready for you OFC Women’s Nations Cup, Suva, Fiji, 13-30 July 2022

They will join up with our two girls Victoria Fatiaki & Ngamata Moekaa on their way to Auckland through to FIJI who completes our super quad footballers😊.

Also acknowledging and congratulations to Piri Murare of our sister club Avatiu off to represent our nation with our girls & the rest of the team.

Kick ass & make us and our tiny nation proud!

Photos from Puaikura Football Club's post 05/07/2022

Well we are sure late to the party😊but nevertheless we are the proudest and happiest of our girls❤🖤.

Congratulations again to our super quad Simone, Matilda, Victoria and Ngamata.

Know we are supporting you all.

Cooks Final Selection for OFC Women’s Nation Cup

A final selection has been made for the Cook Islands Women’s National football team, who will be competing in the OFC Women’s National Cup tournament in Suva, Fiji, from 13 – 30 July.

The Cooks will play two matches against Tonga and Samoa, and have arranged two preparation matches pre-tournament against Fiji FA National Women’s and U19 Women’s teams.

The team will depart on 5 July for New Zealand and will head out to Suva on the 7 July.

The winner of the preliminary tournament qualifies for the FIFA World Cup in New Zealand next year.

The 2022 Cook Island National Women’s Team:
Piri Murare (Avatiu FC) Simone Nicholas (Puaikura FC) Claudean Robati (Tupapa Maraerenga FC) Teretia Teinaki (Tupapa Maraeranga FC/Manukau FC) Adriana Hauser (Tupapa Maraerenga FC/Aitutaki) Anzia Tere (Avatiu FC) Elizabeth Harmon (Tupapa Maraerenga FC/Ellerslie FC) Kayleena Kermode (Tupapa Maraerenga FC) Kimberly Uini (Matavera-Ngatangiia FC) Kuramaeva Tare (Tupapa Maraerenga FC/Aitutaki) Lyric Davison (Ellerslie AFC), Ngamata Moekaa (Puaikura FC/Manukau FC) Matila Makikiriti (Puaikura FC) Penina Katuke (Titikaveka FC) Tanga Morris (Matavera-Ngatangiia FC) Tayla-Jeanne Hetherington (Manukau FC) Thea Keith-Matchitt (Lakes FC) Tia Strickland (Tupapa Maraerenga FC) Tineke De Jong (Ellerslie FC) Victoria Fatiaki (Puaikura FC)

Head Coach – Gary Phillips, Assistant Coach – Tupou Brogan, Manager – Ani-Tia Piri, Assistant Manager – Lai Gukisuva

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