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We are actively seeking scuba diving leaders to join our growing ranks in North America and the Caribbean. We are also holding a reduced fee Instructor Training Course during DEMA and offering additional incentives for US Military Veteran Dive Masters and Assistant Instructors for the course.

Additionally, any current RSTC certified instructor will be provided the Introduction to PSS Crossover eLearning by simply completing the registration form located at:

and selecting DEMA. Once registered, candidates will receive their eLearning material and an email with further instructions related to the training requirements. Once the Introduction eLearning is completed, a PSS Course Director will contact the candidates to plan next steps for full crossover completion.


The "Zenú Submarine Museum" of Isla Fuerte, Colombia.

Isla Fuerte is one of the most stunning places that the Caribbean has to offer when it comes to enjoying biodiversity, culture and art. Sadly, like all the reefs in the Caribbean, those of Isla Fuerte are under constant threat from climate change and garbage too.

The "Zenú Submarine Museum" is one of the efforts made in order to save them. This initiative was born from a local diver, Arnold Llorente, and Tatiana Orrego, a paisa who settled in this beautiful corner of the Caribbean.

The sculptures of the museum, which are an homage to the culture of the first inhabitants of the island, are made with a material that favored them to fill with life very quickly, since they have a pH equal to that of the sea.

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If the water is deep enough, you do not need to sit down to enter the water. Think of many divers entering from a boats. If each one had to sit down, put on the equipment and then enter the water it would take far too long for a whole group of divers to enter. What generally happens is that you prepare for a the dive then walk to the platform (usually at water level) where, usually with the help of the crew, you put on your fins and immediately enter the water.
To enter the water without sitting down all you have to do is to take a “giant stride”. Position your mask on your face, put your main second stage in your mouth and move towards the edge. Now put your foot in front of you until it is over the edge of the pool. It is best if at least half of your foot is over the edge. Partially inflate your BC, make sure it stays inflated, and check that the area immediately in front of you is free (divers just entered, swimmers etc).
Now look straight ahead (at the horizon) and with one hand hold your mask and second stage in position. You should use your other hand to hold your pressure gauge, the corrugated hose (if your BC has one) and your auxiliary second stage in place. Move your body forward without moving your foot from the edge of the pool. Bring your other foot forward as if you wanted to take a very large (“giant”) step forward, using the other foot on the edge of the pool as a pivot.
Do not jump in, but step. The shifting of your weight will cause you to fall into the water. Do not move your foot from the edge of the pool but use it as a fulcrum to push yourself away from the edge, in a similar way to which you used your arms when you did the seated side entry.
As soon as you are in the water, turn around and face whoever is on the side and signal that everything is OK using the signal agreed on with the teaching staff previously. If you need to, inflate your BC some more. Move away from the edge immediately so that other divers can enter the water. Now check that you are wearing the correct amount of weight. The instructor will probably be at your side while you do this.


- MV Rozi was a tugboat, built in Bristol in 1958. She was originally called Rossmore, and was later renamed Rossgarth. She was sold to Tug Malta in 1981 as the Rozi and operated in the Grand Harbour. After being decommissioned, she was scuttled off Ċirkewwa as an artificial reef. It is now one of the most popular dive sites in Malta.

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Deep sea creatures have evolved to deal with the difficult conditions they live in, one of which is the absence of light.

The anglerfish has earned its nickname for the remarkable growth that can be found on the head of females. This growth, named Illicium, is actually a dorsal fin that the anglerfish has adapted so that it protrudes and dangles in front of their mouth. It's used to lure in prey, just like bait is used to lure in fish on the end of a fishing rod.


PSS wraps up a successful DEMA 2021. It was great seeing old faces and meeting many new ones! Excited about all those who took advantage of the PSS DEMA Xover special. Looking forward to DEMA 2022 in Orlando!


We all live in a Yellow Submarine 🎶🎶


Stop the stress, relax, dive!


- At some point during your diving experiences you will no doubt have had the unpleasant feeling of "being cold" while on the dive. In most cases this may have been due to prolonged exposure to water temperatures in a wetsuit that was not adequate for those temperatures.
This feeling negatively affects your desire to dive, precludes the possibility of continuing underwater activity in the colder months, and does not allow you to discover how the aquatic environment can change as the seasons change.
Using a drysuit will give you the ability to dive in colder water temperatures and in any season. Choosing to attend this course provides you the ability to develop a skill that will lead to more comfort, more fun, and more durability in your dives!


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- As divers are not able to speak under water, they have had to invent other ways of communicating.
For example, it is possible to write under water, and many divers take an underwater dive slate, a pencil and a soft eraser with them when they go diving. This is a perfect means of communication except for the fact that it is too slow to use for danger signals or in an emergency.
This is the reason why divers mainly use hand signals to communicate and for these to be immediately understood by everyone they have to be coded.
Luckily these signals are practically the same all over the world and allow divers of different nationalities to communicate simple concepts.
However, just giving a signal does not necessarily mean that communication has been established and it is important to make sure that our buddy understands what we are “saying”. Therefore there are precise procedures to follow. The first step is to get the attention of the person to whom we are giving the signal.


Scientists believe that sea turtles have been around for about 110 million years. That’s when the first birds, ants, butterflies, and flowering plants began to appear on Earth and when dinosaurs still walked across the land. Today, sea turtles live for about 100 years – and lay about 100 eggs each time they nest.


Another stunning picture of the "Human Reef" in Gili Meno




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La perseverancia nos ayuda a completar nuestros objetivos. FELICIDADES Norge Santiesteban Velázquez.
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Some jellyfish have millions of very small stinging cells in their tentacles called nematocysts. These cells are used to capture food by injecting toxin into the prey. When we are stung it hurts because the toxin goes through our skin!


Get the PSS Cave Diving Certification if you want to live an adventure like this!



CUBA OCEAN DIVING Canal para agrupar a todos los buceadores cubanos. Actualizarnos con relación al tema Buceo en Cuba y en el Mundo. Descarga de Literatura y Audiovisuales



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