Bicycle Breeze Celia Sanchez Cuba Bike Tour

Bicycle Breeze Celia Sanchez Cuba Bike Tour


Here are some photos of hanging out in Cuba during a bike tour. There are generally opportunities to visit local folks and see rural Cuba up close. This year I'm doing the Guantanamo Mango tour from Holguin to Guantanamo/Santiago, then up into the pine forests in the hills southeast of Holguin. Let me know if this is something you'd like to do, we are signing up riders now.
A beautiful ride and historic adventure, Join this people to people event in April 🚴‍♂️🚴‍♂️🚴‍♂️🚴‍♂️🚴‍♂️🚴‍♂️🚴‍♂️🚴‍♂️🚴‍♂️🚴‍♂️🚴‍♂️🚴‍♂️🚴‍♂️🚴‍♂️🚴‍♂️🚴‍♂️🚴‍♂️🚴‍♂️🚴‍♂️🚴‍♂️🚴‍♂️🚴‍♂️🚴‍♂️🚴‍♂️🚴‍♂️😍
I went on this tour a few years ago with Lee and Beth. The tour is fantastic especially the south road. Lee and Beth are delightful people. Got to stay in some really interesting places...and Fidel's not so secret hideaway impresses me when I think people carried refrigerators on their backs to get to this spot.
Happy Valentines day :) 😍🚴‍♂️
ride the Celia Sanchez tour and learn more about the birth of this revolution. Visit the spot were they landed and La Plata where they set up camp to build an Army. Without Celia sucess would have more diffiult.
You can't beat the views - cycling Cuba!
Peter Marshall presenting donated cycling equipment to the Las Tunas youth cycling club

Bicycle tours of Cuba run for many years by a bicycle touring company with strong connections to Cuban culture and cycling

Funcionando como de costumbre

Music at the historic Moncada Barracks - site of Fidel's first attempt at a revolution.

Music pops up everywhere in Cuba

Beach Art!

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Lovely Cuban fruit cart scene

Looking forward to seeing these Havana area youth cyclists during our March 2021 bike tour in CUBA!
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[08/15/20]   2 week tour of Western Cuba, March 15-29, 2021. A quick video insight!

A short hike a bike. Wearing last year's Guantanamo Mango tour jersey celebrating the Baracoa Cuba youth cycling club.

Four Seasons in Havana: Cuban Noir on Netflix

We recently watched this series on Netflix. It was filmed in Cuba, based on a series of Cuban novels. It feels very authentic, not candy coating the reality of life for Cubans. Heads up, nudity and coarse language.

Have you watched this? Did you like it? Was it authentic to you? So many great shows to watch this season--and in so many different ways. Four Seasons in Havana based on Leonardo Padura's Havana novels i...

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Some photos of Cubans we've come across on the road. Great country because of the people!

Excited to plan for the Fat Mary Bike Tour, March 2021. We will explore the beautiful Valle Vinales a UNESCO world heritage site. @ Vinales, Pinar Del Rio, Cuba

Celia Sanchez (2) | Bicyclebreeze Cycling tours in Cuba - Bike rental in Havana

Join me on Jan 9th in Holguin as I rerun my first ever Cuban Bike tour. This is now recognized as one of the top 10 rides in the world. A ride you will never forget. Bring a camera anyway Bicycle Breeze runs cycling tours and bike rentals in Cuba. With itineraries specifically designed to capitalize upon Cuba's natural beauty and cultural riches.

[07/07/20]   The Celia Sanchez tour passes through this rustic part of Southeast Cuba. Check out the famous south coast road, hiking in the mountains, swimming at the beaches, and hanging out with some really nice Cuban friends.

[06/28/20]   I hope you like this fun video I made of our March 2020 bike tour in Cuba. We had a great time as you will see. The bike tour was supported with a tour bus and great staff. Some of the highlights:

• We explored the cities of Baracoa and Santiago de Cuba
• Visited Pinares de Mayarí, a marvelous ecological landscape
• Saw the highest waterfall in Cuba “Salto del Guayabo”
• Rode to the birthplace of Fidel Castro
• Spent some time on the beaches including Guardalavaca

One thing we enjoyed was donating cycling equipment to youth cycling clubs. We took a time trial bike that went to Havana, a gravel/race bike that went to the Baracoa club, a road racing bike went to a young lady in Guantanamo. Also, boxes full of tires, tubes, parts and school supplies were delivered to people who appreciated them.

I had about 600 km of riding on my bike computer by the end.

Guantanamo Mango 2020 - Bike Tour of Eastern Cuba

If you wonder what a supported bike tour of Cuba is really like, check out this video of our Guantanamo Mango tour in March 2020

I hope you like this fun video I made of our March 2020 bike tour in Cuba. We had a great time as you will see. The bike tour was supported with a tour bus a...

Bicycle Breeze Cuba Tours

A quick snap shot of bike touring in Cuba with Bicycle Breeze

Our bike tour isn't all about enjoying cycling through beautiful scenery, we chill on the beach too

Memories of goofing around in at the Salto del Guayabo waterfall in the pine forests of the Crystal Mountains. Refreshing.

Did you know - Maria la Gorda (Fat Mary in English). Was a real person?
As Peter tells the story, she was travelling on a Spanish ship from Venezuela to Spain and was put ashore in the place now called Maria La Gorda (after her). The captain dropped her off because we was causing trouble with his crew. She set up shop where she was dropped off and became a well known madam to passing ships. She ended up having they say six kids and became very fat, or Maria La Gorda!

Enjoy the photos of this pristine beach at the western tip of Cuba.

Our cycling jerseys from the Guantanamo Mango tour, the jersey celebrates the Baracoa youth cycling club we visited during the tour

SNOW - on May 11 !

Guantanamo Mango 2020 - Bike Tour of Eastern Cuba

Here's a link of a video of our tour riders having a great time on the Guantanamo Mango March 2020 Tour.


I hope you like this fun video I made of our March 2020 bike tour in Cuba. We had a great time as you will see. The bike tour was supported with a tour bus a...

Memories of lunch on a beach after riding up Gran Piedra.

I'd have a mojito right about now

Watch Cuban Music Legends Play 'Chan Chan' With Players Around the World The video was created by Playing for Change, a group dedicated to “breaking down boundaries and overcoming distances” through music

Bicycles Recycle - Magic of the Bicycle - 1965

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Here is advance notice of our 2021 tour of western Cuba - no need to pay up front, or commit in these uncertain times - confirm your interest with "pencil me in" to have a place at the front of the line.

Mango tour group, March 2020

[04/03/20]   We had a great group on the March 2020 Mango Tour! Join us next time.

We recently visited the Celia Sanchez museum in Pilon - sweet kids

[01/24/20]   This bike will travel with the Mango tour group in March and will go to Havana where a youth cycling club will put a ton of miles on it. Maybe a future olympian.

I came across this 2010 photo - what a great day. I'm looking forward to our March ride - I bet I'm smiling then too 😁 🚴‍♂️⛱🚴‍♂️

Get away from winter and enjoy some active vacation time in Cuba - next tour "Guantanamo Mango" Feb 29 - Mar 14. Sign-up today!

Seeing older cars in Cuba is part of the fun. Can you identify any of these? Feel free to post your own favourite Cuban Rides in the comments

In Las Tunas we spend time with the youth cycling club. Sometimes they put on a race to show us their skills. All the equipment and clothing is donated by tourists - much of it from Bicycle Breeze clients.

What a great way to support Cuban youth!

Experience Cuba by Bike

Bicycle Breeze has served Canadians, Americans and Europeans for years with Cuba Bike Tours - the Celia Sanchez Tour provides an immersive experience into Cuban culture and the revolution that changed the country forever

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Linea 61 Entre M Y N,, 10400
Otros Deportes y ocio en Havana (mostrar todas)
Casa Castellón Casa Castellón
: Refugio No. 104, Apt. 3, E/ Prado Y Morro. Habana Vieja

La Casa Castellón ofrecemos un servicio de excelencia. Se rentan dos habitaciones confortables en apartamento propiedad horizontal en un segundo piso de edificio construido en 1950 en La Habana, Cuba. Baños privados. Agua caliente. Servicio de minibar.

Cuban Guide Services Cuban Guide Services

Serving Habana and the greater Cuba

Eco Tenis Cuba Eco Tenis Cuba

Lic. Carlos López Toledo Contact: [email protected] Tennis coach, Level II (FCT) Cuban Tennis Federation. International Coach, Level C, GPTCA. Ambassador format Trenta 30 tennis. Member of the Ch

Friends of Hemingway International Yacht Club of Cuba Friends of Hemingway International Yacht Club of Cuba
Calle 248 Y 5Ta Ave, Santa Fe Playa

We are friends and international members of the Hemingway Yacht Club of Cuba. We are gathering new members and give a forum for the club in Cuba here.

Verde Ilusión Verde Ilusión
Santa Catalina 459 / Juan Delgados Y Destrampes, Víbora, La Habana
Havana, 10700

Verde Ilusión es un ambiente amplio, diferente, elegante donde quedan muy lucidas bodas, fiestas infantiles, ceremonias, reuniones de empresarios, comidas y tertulias culturales

Parque Abuelo Machungo Parque Abuelo Machungo
San Antonio De Los Banos

El paraíso de los niños en Cuba, un lugar para hacer fiestas cumpleaños y todo tipo de actividades..

Tele Rebelde Tele Rebelde
Calle 23 #258, Piso 5 Entre L Y M. Vedado. Plaza De La Revolución
Havana, 10400

Es el canal deportivo cubano.

Chueco Beisbol Infantil Cuba Chueco Beisbol Infantil Cuba
Boyeros Entre 391 Y 395 Nro. 39107, Boyeros
Havana, 10800

Confecciones deportivas de todo tipo para niños.

Spinning / La Salsa es Aquí Spinning / La Salsa es Aquí
Calle 21, Esquina 14, #1065, Vedado
Havana, 10400

Un lugar para practicar ejercicio aeróbico llamado Spinning, que se realiza con una bicicleta estática, bajo la supervisión y motivación de un profesor.

Siboney, Ciudad De La Habana, Cuba

Palacio de la Época Prodigiosa Palacio de la Época Prodigiosa
Malecón Y 22
Havana, 10300

Palacio de La Epoca Prodigiosa, el lugar ideal para la música de los 60,70,80, y hasta los 90

Diving & Underwater Photography Cuban Experience Diving & Underwater Photography Cuban Experience
Calle 11 Entre L Y M
Havana, 10400

Venga a Cuba y disfrute junto a nosotros,de increibles buceos y sientase fotografo submarino por un dia con una de nuestras camaras ,reserve ya !!!!