Bicycle Breeze Celia Sanchez Cuba Bike Tour

Bicycle Breeze Celia Sanchez Cuba Bike Tour


Being a guide just got harder with 10 litters of water and tools to haul
Current news on travel to Cuba, including new online immigration forms you may need to be aware of.
The Covid situation in Cuba. If you are travelling to Cuba this winter you should have a look at our current news which is kept up-to-date with info from our Cuban friends. Link below 🛫🏖️
I love cycling along the south coast of Cuba. This town called Pilon is a quiet backwater and yes this is typical traffic in this part of Cuba. Looking forward to returning in January to lead the Celia Sanchez Bike Tour Southern Cuba, Jan 10-24, 2022 .
This will make a Cuban family very happy. 🙂
Super excited to be riding these 2 bike tours. Hope you like the video!
I'm so excited about these two bike tours.
Here are some photos of hanging out in Cuba during a bike tour. There are generally opportunities to visit local folks and see rural Cuba up close. This year I'm doing the Guantanamo Mango tour from Holguin to Guantanamo/Santiago, then up into the pine forests in the hills southeast of Holguin. Let me know if this is something you'd like to do, we are signing up riders now.
A beautiful ride and historic adventure, Join this people to people event in April
I went on this tour a few years ago with Lee and Beth. The tour is fantastic especially the south road. Lee and Beth are delightful people. Got to stay in some really interesting places...and Fidel's not so secret hideaway impresses me when I think people carried refrigerators on their backs to get to this spot.
Happy Valentines day :) 😍🚴‍♂️

As an experienced tour leader I work with Bicycle Breeze to provide quality bicycle tours of Cuba. My partner, Bicycle Breeze Tours, is a company with strong connections to Cuban culture and cycling.

Tour Routes include:

Celia Sanchez Tour - Experience the revolutionary spirit of Southern Cuba

Fat Mary/Maria la Gorda - Passing through Havana all the way to the western tip of Cuba

Cayo y Seis Ciudades - Beaches and Cities of Central Cuba

Guantanamo Mango - Explore the Oriente (Eastern Cuba)

Trans Cuba - Ride the whole 1,250 km end to end of Cuba


Funcionando como de costumbre


Advance preview of our Fat Mary 2022 Tour Video. Look for the full-length feature coming soon.

Next Fat Mary tour is Jan 21 to Feb 4, 2023.


We will be repeating the Fat Mary Tour next season. Here are some scenes from past tours showing what you will experience. Join us Jan 21-Feb 4, 2023.

Like or share this page to stay in touch as planning unfolds.

Bicycle Breeze Celia Sanchez Cuba Bike Tour updated their info in the about section. 25/02/2022

Bicycle Breeze Celia Sanchez Cuba Bike Tour updated their info in the about section.

Bicycle Breeze Celia Sanchez Cuba Bike Tour updated their info in the about section.

En Baracoa se rompe la rutina: ¡llegaron los ciclistas! 22/02/2022

En Baracoa se rompe la rutina: ¡llegaron los ciclistas!

The "Tour of Cuba" bike race starts in Baracoa Wed Feb 23. The equipment donated by Bicycle Breeze tour riders has brought many of these cyclists to the starting line of this event. I bet that tires and tubes from the recent Fat Mary Tour group are on some of these bikes :-).

(Your web browser can automatically translate the news article from Spanish)

En Baracoa se rompe la rutina: ¡llegaron los ciclistas! En Baracoa se rompe la rutina: ¡llegaron los ciclistas!


Our Fat Mary 2022 Cuba Bike Tour Group.

Another great tour in the books.


Today our Fat Mary Cuba Bike Tour riders depart Cuba to return home. Thanks for creating great memories of this beautiful country.

More tours still happening this season and travel is safe and easy.

This short video is a preview of an upcoming comprehensive video that will make you want to join us as soon as you can :-).

Photos from Bicycle Breeze Celia Sanchez Cuba Bike Tour's post 10/02/2022

Our Fat Mary tour is nearing its conclusion, having ridden from Matanzas, through Havana, past Viñales & Pinar del Río, all the way to María la Gorda at the western tip of Cuba.

Today, I am sharing information from a tobacco farm in Pinar del Río famous for its high quality tobacco. Landowner farmers - with small acreages, generally operate by the same principle, of selling most of the product to the government at a fixed (low) rate, but being allowed to keep a portion for themselves to sell locally or trade for other necessities.

Read on to hear about Benito.

Benito Camejo Nodarse lives and works in Viñales, Cuba. Located in the Western Province of Pinar del Río, the area is famous for growing arguably the best tobacco in the world and has been recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1999.

Benito's family has been growing tobacco for five generations. When he was young, Benito gave up his studies to work in the tobacco fields, and learned to grow and "cure" tobacco, the process of drying leaves for 3-months, inside a tobacco barn. Since then, Benito has inherited the small family farm and helped increase tobacco production. He also taught himself English in order to give daily tours of his farm to international visitors.

As are most tobacco farms in Cuba, Benito's farm is less than 25 acres and privately owned. He sells the majority of his production to the government and is allowed to keep a portion for private use. Once cured, the tobacco leaves are collected and transported to cigar factories in Havana.

Benito regularly travels to Havana to participate in meetings with foreign Cuban cigar aficionado groups, where he shares his expertise on tobacco varieties and cigar making.

Now it's easier to send Bicycle Breeze Celia Sanchez Cuba Bike Tour a message. 10/02/2022

Now it's easier to send Bicycle Breeze Celia Sanchez Cuba Bike Tour a message.

Now it's easier to send Bicycle Breeze Celia Sanchez Cuba Bike Tour a message.


Beth Orphan instigated an international crisis today by telling a cigar maker in the most famous cigar making city in the world (Pinar del Rio, Cuba) that his cigars are crap!

Trudeau has acted with his usual crisis management skills. For sure that's gonna help 😊. The Ottawa police are full engaged.

I'm starting a go fund me campaign to get her out of jail before Canada helps more 🤪.


Rob and Yoani cycling along the ocean heading to Maria la Gorda. The far western tip of Cuba. The tour will spend a day here before returning to the start point at Matanzas/Varadero before heading home.

Photos from Bicycle Breeze Celia Sanchez Cuba Bike Tour's post 07/02/2022

Today - two topics: Viñales the current location of the tour group; and, money in Cuba.

This tour spends 2 days in the Viñales area, exploring nearby beaches, tobacco lands, cigar shops, fine restaurants and bars. Everything is within walking distance of accommodations. Viñales Valley is a karstic depression (weathered limestone) located in the Sierra de los Órganos mountains in Pinar del Río Province. In 1999, the valley was named a UNESCO World Heritage site because of its use of traditional tobacco-growing techniques, and its unique beauty.

The photos of the cave are from the bike ride to Viñales. The cave known as Cueva de los Portales is famous for being a refuge and headquarters for the Cuban Western Army, commanded by Che Guevara in 1962 during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Money in Cuba:
Cuba is a bargain for tourists. Despite significant inflation in Cuba running about 60% for Nationals, prices for tourists are very reasonable. The reason being that Cubans are keen to exchange their local pesos (CUP) for hard currency especially Canadian$ and Euros (to a lesser extent US$) they need the first two currencies to deposit in their banks to load debit cards which are the only form of payment accepted in Cuban "dollar" stores selling "luxury goods" like clothing, appliances, and laundry detergent. The official exchange rate is 18 pesos per Canadian$, but the street value is between 40:1 and 60:1 depending on your negotiating skills. In rural Cuba a pizza cost 25 pesos, or about 50 cents. US$ cannot be deposited for debit card credit, but some Cubans seek US$ for foreign travel. As a reminder, don't take foreign coins to Cuba they have no value for Cuban Nationals.

Take away message = bring as much Canadian$ or Euros as you are comfortable carrying, and seek out a local person you trust such as hotel staff and negotiate a fair deal to exchange for pesos. Do not exchange your money at government run locations like banks or the airport. If you use your debit card at an ATM you will also get the 18:1 rate. Sometimes, you can also get good deals using your non-US credit card, so ask vendors for prices in:
1) Canadian$/Euros
2) Cuban pesos (CUP)
3) Credit card
as the cost can vary significantly depending on whom you are dealing with. Only exchange as much money as you need.

Any questions? Just comment below and I'll reply.

Photos from Bicycle Breeze Celia Sanchez Cuba Bike Tour's post 06/02/2022

The Fat Mary Tour group rode into the spectacular town of Viñales on Saturday,

Having left behind the thrills and excitement of Havana the group is now on the quiet back roads of western Cuba cycling past lush green fields of tobacco, alongside turquoise beaches, and through the Viñales Valley surrounded by unique limestone formations. More photos yet to come on that.

On the road to Viñales, they explored Cueva (caves) de los Portales where Che Guevara had his headquarters during the Cuban Missile Crisis. They had a typical Cuban experience when they stopped at the art gallery of the internationally renowned artist Miguel Antonio Remedios and found the shop closed due to the loss of tourism the past 2 years. As they wandered around they met a man at the adjacent property who turned out to be Miguel himself. They were invited in for a cup of espresso and to view his work - sweet.

They will be enjoying today at Cayo Jutías - beach day - before returning to Viñales for dinner at one of many exceptional restaurants in town. I'm guessing there may even be a few drinks and dancing at one of the bars :-) .

Photos from Bicycle Breeze Celia Sanchez Cuba Bike Tour's post 04/02/2022

Our intrepid Fat Mary Tour riders covered the hills into Mil Cumbres yesterday, and today rode into San Diego de los Banos.

Matanzas: The rebirth of Cuba's abandoned cultural hub 04/02/2022

Matanzas: The rebirth of Cuba's abandoned cultural hub

The Fat Mary Bike Tour currently underway began in Matanzas. Here is a really interesting article on the "Rebirth of Matanzas", explaining with nice photos, the new art and culture of the city. Our video - link in comments - showed us along the pedestrian mall by the river with the new restaurants and bars.

Matanzas: The rebirth of Cuba's abandoned cultural hub Once known for its music, art and architecture, Matanzas had succumbed to neglect and disrepair. Decades later, however, it's being returned to its former glory.

Photos from Bicycle Breeze Celia Sanchez Cuba Bike Tour's post 02/02/2022

Excited to share photos from the first few days of the Fat Mary 2022 Bike Tour.

Our group of nine began the tour Jan 29th in Matanzas and is now heading out of Havana westward.

They have given donations to three youth cycling clubs (Matanzas, Havana Velodrome and Punta Brava). Over 150 pounds of cycling equipment and one racing bike. Additional donations have included medicine and clothing much needed by the Cuban people who have suffered with the loss of tourist revenues.

Cuba is very excited to have tourists return and is treating us like royalty.


Cycling around Varadero and Area. Visiting the dolphins along the way.

Photos from Bicycle Breeze Celia Sanchez Cuba Bike Tour's post 23/01/2022

It was overcast so we did a walk around Varadero. Looking forward to our Fat Mary tour riders arriving on Saturday.

How do you like the photos?


On Jan 19, 2022, Beth and I rode our bikes from our hotel in Varadero to Matanzas (80km round trip). It was great to see how well Cuba is functioning outside the "tourist bubble" of Varadero.

Overall, apart from Covid masks, things are pretty close to normal. Buses running, taxis, restaurants all open, short lines for banks (normal).

We just extended our stay in Cuba to the end of February because it's so great being here.

Travel is easy. Coming to Cuba only requires that you are fully vaccinated. Returning requires a PCR test which costs $30 at your hotel. Easy-peasy, and safe.

We have added 2 more riders this week, as people become more confident in travel safety. Join us if you can.


Some cycling scenes this week from rural roads south of Varadero Cuba. We had a great time on some quiet backroads and chatted with a fruit and vegetable vendor at one of many roadside stands.

There is still time to book a flight and join us for the Fat Mary Tour beginning Jan 29th!

Photos from Bicycle Breeze Celia Sanchez Cuba Bike Tour's post 13/01/2022

A few things we learned in our first few days beginning January 10, 2020, at an all inclusive hotel in Varadero, Cuba.

First our guidance on the Bicycle Breeze Current News Web page
has proven very accurate, even as things continue to change over time, it remains a great source of information.

We are pleasantly surprised that for tourists there really has not been the inflation that Cubans have felt. For the most part, prices for drinks, meals, excursions, taxis, etc., are about the same price now in Canadian/US dollars as they used to be in CUC (Cuban Convertible pesos – which are now extinct). In other words, Cuba is still a very inexpensive tourist destination.

This morning we learned from our WestJet hotel agent that Cuba is no longer putting COVID positive tourists in “quarantine hotels” which had a reputation for being “not so nice”. Instead you remain at your hotel, in a section set aside for quarantine, under the care of the hospital doctor.

COVID safety is a higher priority in Cuba than at home. All Cubans are required to wear masks at all times, even walking along an isolated road. Tourists generally follow the rules we are familiar with from home. Keep 2m apart, wash your hands, cough into your sleeve, and if you cannot stay 2m apart wear a mask. So in restaurants we wear our mask getting to our table and going to the buffet, then take it off to eat.

The food at the hotel is plentiful and varied. The buffet is modified so that you are served your portion by a hotel worker rather than scoop your own food. This is much better than the past practice whereby guests often made a real mess. Other items like salad are placed on a side dish under glass and you simply select the mix of veggies you prefer.

Private restaurants are about 50% open with the rest closed since restrictions came into effect. They similarly have good options, but more limited than before. They follow the same COVID protocols as the hotel restaurants.

I can also confirm our guidance on currency and payments. Cuban people prefer cash payment in Canadian dollars, Euros, and UK pounds as they can deposit paper money in these currencies into their bank accounts to load debit cards which are the only means for Cubans to buy anything other than basic essential items (e.g., cooking oil, sugar, rice, etc.). The street rate (DO NOT EXCHANGE YOUR MONEY AT A BANK OR CADECA IF POSSIBLE) is 40-50 pesos per Canadian dollar vs. the official bank rate of 18.5 - so you get more than double your money. By “on the street” I don't mean meeting someone in an alley, hotel staff for example are very eager to offer 40-50 pesos per dollar. US dollars are less welcomed as they cannot be deposited by a Cuban at a bank; however, they are traded to Cuban’s doing international travel. I have found US $1 bills continue to be well received as tips, and its more practical than a $5 Canadian tip for most situations - don’t tip with foreign coins like loonies, they have no value to Cubans.

Non-US bank credit cards are more widely accepted than before. Hotels, restaurants, and stores prefer payment by credit card. Its a simple way to make payments in those situations. Best to ask what form of payment the establishment prefers, you may get a better deal :-)

A final note, as of Jan 1, 2022, Cuba has implemented its own version of ArriveCan so it is mandatory to input your customs declaration, vaccination documentation, and other immigration information on-line within 72 hours before departure from home. This generates a QR code you can present as your first step at the airport. It works well. Oddly, they are still maintaining the paper-based process in parallel, perhaps due to so many tourists showing up unprepared.

Use this link:

Photos from Bicycle Breeze Celia Sanchez Cuba Bike Tour's post 10/01/2022

We happily arrived in Varadero today flying WestJet from Toronto. It was just as easy as pre-Covid.

No PCR for fully vaccinated Canadians arriving. Safety protocols all the way.

Cubans are 92% fully vaccinated including children, and the wear masks almost everywhere.

It was so absolutely amazing to be vacationing in Cuba after waiting 2 years.

Beth and I have an ocean view cabana, and had an amazing walk on the white sand beach within an hour of arriving at hotel Kawama.

Tomorrow I'll put our bikes together and go for a spin down the peninsula!


Toronto airport is busier than I expected, but things are going smoothly. Lots of luggage!

Bags all loaded. Now a coffee at the gate waiting for the departure, which is still "on time".

Apart from the masks it's pretty normal 😊

Photos from Bicycle Breeze Celia Sanchez Cuba Bike Tour's post 09/01/2022

We are on our way to Cuba. I weighed our luggage and we have 100lbs of cycling donations.

Looking forward to handing out a lot of tire, tubes, bike parts, and clothing!

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Bicycle Breeze has served Canadians, Americans and Europeans for years with Cuba Bike Tours - the Celia Sanchez Tour provides an immersive experience into Cuban culture and the revolution that changed the country forever



Bicycle tours throughout Cuba, including Eastern Cuba, Central Cuba, Southern Cuba and Western Cuba. All tours are designed to introduce you in a safe and engaging way to Cuban culture.

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