Advance Training

Advance Training


Naprosto napěchovanou lektorskou partu přiváží Dr. CRAIG LIEBENSON na Listopadovou konferenci do Prahy. Po první úspěšné návštevě další šance potkat tým Craig Liebenson
Pod vedením dvojice – Dr. Tima Latham a Dr. Laury Latham otestujete, připravíte a analyzujete svoje tělo v základních principech pohybu a výkonnosti a odhalíte alfu a omegu přípravy pro další funkční trénink
Pod vedením Dr. Liebensona proniknete do speciálního programu, který si po dobu tří dnů otestujete na svém těle. Jedinečný systém, který byl vytvořen pro maximálně fungující tělo a mysl, už používají profesionálové po celém světě.
Chcete vědět víc?
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Looking forward to this guy... :)

Advance Training is a private fitness studio in Vinohrady, just a 5 minute walk from Náměstí Míru, and IP Pavlova.

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Tino's @janikovtino "Dirty Thirty" surprise birthday party! We are grateful for this family surrounding us these days. We stand together for health, strength, and resilience! @roots_health_clinic_prague

The Journey of A Modern Samurai with Paul Bielak 27/01/2022

The Journey of A Modern Samurai with Paul Bielak

Thank You MaArtial for an invitation to your Podcast

The Journey of A Modern Samurai with Paul Bielak Paul Bielak's international modelling carrier took him from Canada to Japan where he became a devoted martial artist and learnt the life and training philoso...


A Throwback to meeting and consulting with Carson Goldsmith - formerly with the Minnesota Twins, Prague Eagles, and now Metz Cometz. Thank You @backfitpro for putting us together to take care of Carson's wellbeing while improving his performance. Carson was an absolute pleasure to work with, and a top level human being overall. Cheers buddy, we all wish you a great career and happy life. See you again sometime!


"I was consulted by Paul at Advance Training, who was introduced to me by my personal trainer, Michael Obrtel, whom I work with on a daily basis. To maintain my condition during game season, it is important to lower the risk of injury. Paul has a similar approach to assessment and training as to what I've experienced in Montreal, Canada while playing for the NHL. He explained to me about body mechanics, helped improve technique, and suggested corrective exercise which I can practice daily with my trainer. Thank you for a positive approach of all the members of the training facility."

"Na konzultaci a diagnostiku s Paulem v Advance Training jsem se dostal přes kondičního trenéra Michaela Obrtela, s kterým spolupracuji na každodenní bázi. Pro udržení výkonnosti v sezóně je pro mě důležité snížit riziko zranění. Paul má podobný přístup k diagnostice a k samotném tréninku, s jakým jsem se setkal ve svém působení v Montrealu . Vysvětlil mi mechaniku pohybového apáratu, opravil pohybové stereotypy a poradil vhodné kompenzační cvičení, které mohu provádět denně se svým kondičním trenérem. Děkuji za skvělý přístup celého tréninkového centra."

Tomáš Plekanec - hokejista, Rytíři Kladno, Česká republika (2021)


Great Respect and Inspiration achieved while working with this Super Human @joonas.makila National Team Captain for Finnish American Football - Nordic Champions, Brasilian Jiu-Jitsu # 3 Nordic competitor, and Hard Core full time CMO / Marketing Head for Czech and Slovak Republic. After an extensive sport history with heavy loading and running long disrances, combined with 17 years of corporate sitting, Joonas "earned" the experience of dealing with a sequestered L4/L5 disc with radiating sciatic pain down the left leg. He was a shared case between @roots_health_clinic_prague and where #chiropractice met #mcgillmethod We started in June of 2020 on our hands and knees, trying to find positions which were relieving, and managed to lift challenging weights again by October 2021 pain-free. Joonas had the great advantage in having a sport history - he understood process. Thank You Dr.Marcin and Joonas "The Prague Viking" for sharing in this story with you. @backfitpro @backfitproczech
Cheers to your Health and Life!


Tino Janikov taking a closer look at a client's knee


Round Table Prague at Advance Training


Team Building 2 nights and 3 days, organic food, rest, sauna, party, boating, fire, swimming in cold misty morning water, children playing, and elections ... What a time, Thank you all for spending this special time with us!


AT Fightclub


The @roots_health_clinic_prague in collaboration on individualized, client centered approach with great results! #chiropractice #physicaltherapy #strengthandconditioning #martialarts #performance


Together Each Achieves More
Thanks for spending a whole afternoon together to geek out and talk shop. Seems like 5 hours passed pretty fast. Let's do it again soon!


Grateful to collaborate with Dr. Dochnal @roots_health_clinic_prague on a regular basis with great results

‎Advance Training 15/08/2021

‎Advance Training

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‎Advance Training


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Punch Trackers: Correct Recognition Depends on Punch Type and Training Experience 15/08/2021

Punch Trackers: Correct Recognition Depends on Punch Type and Training Experience

Very greatful to have smart guys working with us at AT. Here is some science to geak out on.

Punch Trackers: Correct Recognition Depends on Punch Type and Training Experience To determine the ability of different punch trackers (PT) (Corner (CPT), Everlast (EPT), and Hykso (HPT)) to recognize specific punch types (lead and rear straight punches, lead and rear hooks, and lead and rear uppercuts) thrown by trained (TR, n = 10) and untrained punchers (UNTR, n = 11), subject...


Stress Management and Consistent Minimalism lecture
Harper's Bazaar @harpersbazaarcz Beauty Day at the Mandarin Oriental @mo_prague


Martial Arts geek on vacation :)


Tino Janikov (Performance) and Michal Jonáš (Physical Therapy) preparing the Czech National team (Men under 18) for International competition


Fight Club 2.0 - exclusive limited capacity weekly event - By invitation only @joeyali72

Babylon — Česká televize 05/06/2021

Babylon — Česká televize

A nice spot about AT made by Czech Television

Babylon — Česká televize Paul Bielak a Nikola Blažon. Jeden zamířil na sever a druhý na jih, aby zakořenili u nás. Dokumentární cyklus s podtitulem Kde žiju a proč. Připravili: M. Růžičková, J. Večeřa a H. Teislerová

Expat Next Door: Marcin From Canada 26/05/2021

Expat Next Door: Marcin From Canada

Check out "The Doc" Marcin from ROOTS. He has been working with us in tandem with great success!

Expat Next Door: Marcin From Canada Share & Comment!


Back in Action!

Expat Next Door: Marcin From Canada 15/04/2021

Expat Next Door: Marcin From Canada

Check out our Chiropractor Marcin at ROOTS

Expat Next Door: Marcin From Canada Share & Comment!


Thank You @ceskatelevize for featuring us on Babylon - to be aired this May
This was an awesome crew to work with!


The effects of sleep deprivation and ammonia inhalants on the cognitive and physical abilities of military personnel. In layman's terms, brilliant trainer and soon to be PhD @mald_a exposed soldiers to lack of sleep and "sniffing salts" while asking them to perform power, coordination, and precision timing tasks like reactive shooting, putting a gun together, or jump height. It's fantastic to have such bright minds on our team! He will even explain protein and old school lifting to you! The one and only - Jan Maleček


@westsidebarbellofficial Conjugate System results - 3rd month in and jacked! @janikovtino @garan_ina enjoying their "recovery day"

Get rid of back pain with exercise - Vibes in Action #4 23/03/2021

Get rid of back pain with exercise - Vibes in Action #4

Vibes in Action - Back Pain Podcast Backfitpro Inc.

Get rid of back pain with exercise - Vibes in Action #4 - An inspiring conversation about exercise and back pain- A fascinating story about ambition, resilience and sense of purpose - An extract of pure passion fo...


Sunday Funday - Uplift your children and enjoy every moment


Old school @acma89 groove at


Coffee, cold shower, early morning bagwork


Wishing you all a STRONG start to the year!


It's hard to match "Owning The Chaos", but sometimes its enough to "Just Show Up" Thank You @joeyali72 and @tehranian.k for being you. The whole AT team is stoked to continue on Joey's progress in 2021. He has come a long way with the boxing over the last few years. Looking forward to a great one to come!


This has been a tradition with my dad since I was a small child. Cold exposure is like a meditation hack. You get into the water, and you're HERE and NOW. You're not thinking about your fears, the past or future. The cold just keeps you present. This is one of the practical reasons behind using it for ZEN meditation, as well as other spiritual rites and practices.

On a separate note, our star athlete @joeyali72
says that cold exposure has become a thing because our industry is so narcissistic. Hahaha! I could not agree more. At least it's still good for you.

Wishing everyone health in the New Year 2021!


Back in February @joonas.makila was referred to us by @roots_health_clinic_prague with sciatic pain due to a sequestered L4/5 disc. This Beast at present enjoys a transition from recovery to Strength and Conditioning. Thank you for motivating us Joonas! You're a great pleasure to work with Sir. @backfitpro @backfitproczech @backfitpropoland We are super grateful to cooperate with @roots_health_clinic_prague on cases like this!


Thank you @tombilyeu for this list. This is all fundamental, Amen!



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Šafaříková 6, Praha 2
120 00

Ostatní Osobní trenéři ve měste Prague (ukázat vše)
Beachvolejbalová škola Praha Beachvolejbalová škola Praha
Novodvorská 1062/12
Prague, 14200

Beachvolejbalová škola Praha je sportovní klub působící v SA Domyno, v SC Koráb a v SA Mikulovka.

FitBox Praha 9 FitBox Praha 9
Jívanská 1880, Horní Počernice
Prague, 19300

Cvičení v Praze 9... FitBox Praha ROZPIS TRÉNINKŮ - vytvoř si zde účet , v poznámkách vidíš co je potřeba k rezervaci.

Markus Agrippa - Cross Athlete, Kyokushin fighter, Personal trainer Markus Agrippa - Cross Athlete, Kyokushin fighter, Personal trainer
Ocelářská 891
Prague, 190 00

Sportovec, atlet a trenér v jedné osobě. To co dělá se snaží dělat naplno !!

Osobní trenér Eduard Synák Osobní trenér Eduard Synák
Pernerova 50 RFXgym
Prague, 180 00

Osobní trenér, instruktor TRX, Kettlebells, Gun-ex, Bosu.

Krkonosska 1
Prague, 12000

- ucelený koncept skupinových tréninků - mix toho nejlepšího z kruháčů, crossfitu a funkčních tr. - pomůžeme ti cítit se a vypadat skvěle English speaking

Squash Sport Squash Sport
Čimická 780
Prague, 18100

Sportovní centrum pro Vás.

Simply Pilates Simply Pilates
Malostranské Nábřeží 558/1
Prague, 11800

Simply Pilates studio

Power plate & Vibrostudio Praha 7 Power plate & Vibrostudio Praha 7
Milady Horákové 27
Prague, 17000

Individuální lekce na Power plate s osobní trenérkou nebo cvičení na plošinách značky Vibrostation. Krásná postava během pouhých 30ti minut.

Real workouts training facility Real workouts training facility
Kuncova 1617, Praha 5 - Stodůlky
Prague, 155 00

Unikátní koncept tréninků zaměřený na zlepšení koordinace pohybu, prvního kroku, laterálního pohybu, výskoku, výbušnosti, rychlosti, síly a vytrvalosti.

Summer Twirling Camp - Czech Republic Summer Twirling Camp - Czech Republic
U Sluncové 618

Summer Twirling Camp - Czech Republic 19-24/08/2019, Praha

TEIT Fitlab TEIT Fitlab
Vyskočilova 1326/5
Prague, 14000

Propojujeme trénink s fyzioterapií. Sestavujeme tréninkové plány a radíme s výživou. Unikátní 3měsíční programy:trénink,fyzioterapie, diagnostika těla, masáže, výživa - holistický přístup ke kondici.

Osobní trenér Martin Šlapák Osobní trenér Martin Šlapák
Růžová 5, Praha 1
Prague, 11000

Jako osobní trenér fitness Vám mohu nabídnout odborně vedené cvičební lekce s neustálým dohledem. Individuální tréninkový plán a dokonalý jídelníček. Toto vše s ohledem na věk a zdravotní stav klienta.