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Mi esposo creía que era mi primo, pero en realidad era mi amante


Lo que sueñas puedes lograrlo

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🍿Movie day with Connor & MFK 🐶

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🥰 It was such a pleasure coaching these awesome ladies this week at Stuart Cramer High School! Mrs. Curfman , you’re a wonderful teacher as they are fortunate to have you find all sorts of ways to inspire and guide them through Women’s Wellness and beyond 💪 👸 Hope to see you again in the near future! Thank you for bringing me in 🥊


❤️ Thanks for all the kind words ! I’m so proud of you following your heart and being such a great supporting friend. Beautiful to see that you’ve built a successful Muay Thai gym with incredible women and guys too. I will be coming in to visit soon! Keep up the great work and thanks again 👊🏼
Posted • Back where it all started. During my time in Thailand I got to witness something I didn’t even realize I was seeing at the time. I got to watch chase a word title in Thailand. She was the person who convinced me to go over to Thailand and train. I quickly saw her determination and work ethic. Every moment went in to her becoming the best version of herself. I realized way back then I had no clue what working hard was. Not in the gym. I had never seen determination like that. For the record she got the world title in a ridiculous run!

Fast forward to now and I have a team of female fighters. 6 of them fight next weekend in our home town. I almost think Justine layed the blueprint for what I would expect from our fighters, especially the female ones. I watched as everyone treated Justine like a fighter, regardless of gender.

I had no clue watching all this would lead me to where I am now, but I have 0 doubts that she helped pave the way. Now she’s doing even bigger things and I’m still watching!!

It’s wild how things turned out but here we are. Weeks out from an all female main card in our home town. We brought Muay Thai all the way to Charleston. A huge thank you to Justine for unknowingly turning me into one of the better female coaches in the area. Couldn’t have done it without you!


Hello everyone. First off, thank you for all those who reached out to show support for my latest fight in South Dakota. It means a lot 🥹.

I apologize for the outcome at Bellator 284. Between my opponent’s gameness and a very serious knee injury I sustained in my previous fight in Hawaii , I simply could not do enough to get the win last weekend.

my team and I did everything in our collective power to manage the injury so I could compete at my best. Unfortunately, I fell short BUT thank you for everything the crew endures each fight week to make sure athletes are cared for; your efforts are appreciated. So, thanks for bringing me on to take part in the awesome show!

I sincerely thank team and coach Lucas Favoretti and Max Soares for their unconditional attention and dedication to keep me on program. Lucas, all the training days lasting from sun rise to sunsets with you is nothing short of special to me. You, Hannah (and Mia) will forever have a friend in me that you can count on.

your guidance and willingness to help me and Merlin through thick and thin times is wholeheartedly appreciated and something I cherish each day.

To Spencer and Pettus Gears and Rebuild + Thank you for always being in my corner and for helping me afford my safety and training camps in Los Angeles 💙

With you guys at my side, I feel the universe spins for more great things ahead … So, thanks again 🌍

If MMA teaches anything I know it is this: You get up any time you get knocked down. I suspect surgery is next for me but I assure you that getting back up is imminent.

To my next challenge…may you strengthen and shape me for the better 😈

Thanks for the support you guys 💙🙏🏻


Breath work training followed by ice baths w/ . It was a special day of experiences with incredible people ! What an amazing day at . Thank you Melinda ❤️🙏🏻

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Throwback Moment: Always have and always will greatly appreciate my wonderful hometown support in ❤️


Just made weight on the official scale ! Rehydration time 😁. Tune in to my fight will be the first fight on the main card and I will be taking on #1 Bellator MMA contender 👊🏼


💁🏼‍♀️ It’s no secret that I’m here to fully utilize the for the all of the many wonderful things the facility offers! This includes indulging in some awesome, innovative technology for recovery and performance even on my off days. Spending this half day in the , rolling with & compressing with NormaTec Recovery 😇🙏🏻 Already I feel so ready for tomorrow’s sessions 👊🏼🔥 TY


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‼️Fight News Update‼️ A little change up you guys. Decided to make my comeback in my home state ... Raleigh, NC against Luci Pudilova on January 25th 💥👊🏼💥 ESPN ESPN MMA Reebok UFC #2020
❤️ See you soon NORTH CAROLINA ❤️

Cedar-Sinai Medical Group UFC Performance Institute Black House MMA BOLT Wrestling Gym O Spencer- Pettus Machine Co Black Belt CBD Sinbi Muay Thai Training Camp - Phuket, Thailand ค่ายมวย ซินบีมวยไทย Cramer Mountain Country Club AKA Thailand Hughes and Associates Cramerton, NC Nuun Hydration The Gaston Gazette The Charlotte Observer

• Justine Kish vs. Lucie Pudilova added to UFC Raleigh, North Carolina (January 25th). FLW BOUT 📸: Zuffa/Getty Images

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