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🔥 Planning de la semaine du lundi 23 mai :
⚠️❌ Attention, terrain exceptionnellement fermé ce vendredi, samedi et dimanche ⚠️

🚜 Piste refaite, arrosée et hersée : Mercredi
💯 Piste en état et arrosée : Lundi et Jeudi
⏰ 9h30 - 12h30 / 14h - 17h
▶️ Pas de réservation nécessaire

Pour rappel ⬇️⬇️
📃 Licence FFM 2022 ou Licence à la journée à présenter à votre arrivée
📆 Licence à la journée : Nous contacter
💲 20€ la journée - 15€ 65/85cc - 10€ 50cc
🍔 Pas de foodtruck
✅ Tapis environnemental obligatoire
❌ Pas de tear-off

📸 @bost_lionel_and_co

Kutvek Kit Graphik
France Barnums
Biket Racing
🔥 Planning de la semaine du lundi 09 mai :
🚜 Piste refaite, arrosée et hersée : Mercredi - Samedi - Dimanche
💯 Piste en état et arrosée : Lundi - Vendredi
⏰ 9h30 - 12h30 / 14h - 17h
▶️ Réservations obligatoires sur MXTrack uniquement pour le week-end - Pas de réservation en semaine
👦 Pour ce week-end : Sessions kids sur grand terrain : à partir de 6 enfants

Pour rappel ⬇️⬇️
📃 Licence FFM 2022 ou Licence à la journée à présenter à votre arrivée
📆 Licence à la journée : Nous contacter
💲 20€ la journée - 15€ 65/85cc - 10€ 50cc
🍔 Pas de foodtruck
✅ Tapis environnemental obligatoire
❌ Pas de tear-off

Kutvek Kit Graphik
France Barnums
Biket Racing

📸 @lionelbost
Back to back with the bro Kauli Vaast

#Pacificislands Quiksilver JS Industries FCS Moskova

🎥: @dmosqphotos
Sky Skiing project is out!
It’s a tribute to my brother Vince Reffet ❤️ We imagined this project together after Vince developed the MUTANT Harness from UPT. Since we were able to really speedride with this harness, why not freefly with skis and do the combo with a Performance Designs Valkyrie?! Vince called this harness MUTANT as a tribute to Antoine Montant, our dear friend and SpeedRiding pioneer who helped him at the beginning, so it’s also a tribute to Antoine.

We started skydiving with skis together with Vince in 2018, we already had some nice moves like the famous « head to head » . I had to complete this « mission » for both of us, it was a dream we had and I wanted to realize it. I hope you will enjoy the result!!

I believe this combo is a World First, as well as skydiving from a chairlift! How fun that was!!

I was alone in front of the camera but not alone in the making, it was a great team work! Huge thx to everyone who helped me! Huge thx to my friend Dino Supersize films who helped me organize the whole thing from the beginning and did the best video production, huge thx to my friend and team mate Vincent Cotte "Veush" who did all the training with me to get the best shots in frefall, to my Guigui Thibault Gachet for the sick edit 🔥

Soul Flyers spirit for ever ❤️🔥

Of course huge thx to my main partner Red Bull France for the trust and support, and to La Clusaz! it was amazing to fly there as usual ❤️

Also thank you to the other partners and friends Julbo Faction Skis UPT Performance Designs LB Altimeters CYPRES Michel Lanne Savoie Hélicoptères Taninges telecabines Skydive Dubai Beautysané Volcom Moskova Tomz FPV Mathias Lopez Ambroise Abondance
Special thx to the Collomb Clerc family and Seb Collomb-fat in La Clusaz, to my speedriding brothers and my wife Laurence Fugen ❤️

There will be more posts to thank you all!!

#soulflyers #redbull #givesyouwings #donnedesailes #julboathlete #RogerDubuis #NoRulesOurGame #freefall #skydiving #speedriding
Motivés pour bouger ce week-end ?
Le froid s’est installé mais on garde la motivation 🤎
C’est la saison on notre système immunitaire travaille le plus, alors on mets toutes les chances de notre côté pour le renforcer !
• On fait du sport.
Faire de l’exercice produit de la sérotonine et soutien les défenses naturelles.
Une activité à l’air frais aidera à être plus résistant au froid.
• On mange sainement.
Une alimentation équilibrée apportera à notre système immunitaire les nutriments dont il a besoin.
• On s’hydrate bien.
Beaucoup d’eau, du thé, infusions sont particulièrement recommandés car en plus de t’hydrater, ils t’apportent aussi d’importants minéraux.
• On dort bien.
Une bonne nuit de sommeil permettra au corps de récupérer, de se régénérer et d’être au top pour attaquer la journée suivante.
📷 VinceSky Photography Moskova
One year ago the video of the project « Ressource » was released. After a few month of training and preparation spread over 2 years, mostly in La Clusaz, it finally happened. Winguit flying by a lighthouse, when the flare was the only option 🔥 What a rush it has been, what a trip to share this with our friends there, such an amazing memory 🤘🏼 It was the last big Red Bull project with my brother Vince Reffet ❤️
It’s a tribute to him to celebrate this anniversary and to enjoy watching this video again.
Thank you all for your support 🙏🏼
Soul Flyers
Supersize films
Red Bull Adventure
Our last jump in the #dolomites with my love Laurence Fugen ❤️ She flew so good and I’m super proud of her 🔥 We had a blast using our M2 suits from Squirrel 🐿 I can’t wait for our next jump together 😍
Soul Flyers
Red Bull
Cardo Systems
Le programme en ligne fête ses 1 AN
Merci à ceux qui suive l’aventure et s’entraîne avec nous 💪🏽
Petite Présentation des intervenants//
Que vous retrouverez sur le site internet plus en détails.
Sportif de haut niveau
Études en Staps section haut niveau BMX
Hugo vous proposera le programme ✖️Swiss Ball (Débutant, intermédiare et avancé).
Etienne, Coach sportif diplômé d'état, spécialisé en Calisthenics, musculation au poids du corps.
Il vous proposera une séance de ✖️Handstand (Niveau intermédiaire et avancé).
Professeur de yoga & coach en Nutrition
Gwen Vous proposera une séance de ✖️Yoga Nidra (relaxation profonde accessible à tous).
et moi même avec les training
✖️Surf Conditioning
✖️Toyboard & Mobilité.
Rejoignez la communauté !!
Abonnement mensuel 16 euros
2 jours d'essai Gratuit (Free trial)
Vous résiliez quand vous le souhaitez
Disponible d’où vous le souhaitez sur tous vos appareils.
Merci à mes partenaires Moskova Moskova Women ToyBoard La Vie est Belle
Suivez-moi on va surfer 🤙🌊 Gorille Cycles Moskova Sunova Surfboards Sun Bum Kanoa Surfboards
What a sick flight with my ❤️ Laurence Fugen 🔥
Amazing Dolomites 🤩
Soul Flyers
Red Bull
Red Bull Adventure
Cardo France
La Clusaz
Beautiful flight from Areu South 74 with Aurélien Chatard aka Bras Noir 💪🏿
AURA4 from Squirrel is a beast 🔥
🤘🏼😎🤘🏼Soul Flyers
Red Bull
Cardo France

Created by pro surfers JEREMY FLORES and MIKY PICON, Moskova simply produces ONE OF THE BEST BOXERS IN THE WORLD since 2009. Technology matters even when it comes to underwear.

vimeo //
twitter // @moskovawear
Instagram //

Fonctionnement normal


Our New Spring Fleece Shorts just dropped on // Made out of super comfy Organic Cotton and Recycled Polyester // Train or just cruise around in then this summer 🔥🤙


It feels like Spring today, perfect weather for our new Crew Neck Sweaters // Made of traceable Organic Cotton and embroidered locally in the South West of France 🇫🇷//


Profitez de nos produits Moskova à des prix réduits, mais ne tardez pas, les modèles et quantités sont limités et partent vite!
Merci pour votre fidélité! - MOSKOVA FAMILY

Enjoy Moskova Premium Products at reduced prices! DOn't wait models and quantities are limited and going fast!
Thanks for your support - MOSKOVA FAMILY

Timeline photos 01/01/2022

Happy New Year from Moskova!

Timeline photos 14/12/2021

Moskova juste à temps pour Noël ! 🎄 -
Toute commande reçue avant midi est mise en expédition le jour même ce qui signifie que si vous passez une commande aujourd'hui avant midi elle est remise au transporteur dans l'après-midi.

En fonction du mode de transport choisi votre commande peut arriver le lendemain ou sous 48/72 heures pour la plupart des transporteurs. N'hésitez plus et commandez vos caleçons maintenant!

Photos from Moskova's post 11/12/2021

New Gi Drop!! - Limited Edition Gi "MARBLE WHITE"

Photos from Moskova's post 11/12/2021

This is our 2022 Limited Edition MARBLE WHITEBrazilian Jiu-Jitsu Gi

This is our only Gi drop this year and will not be dropping any new ones until next year.

Its design is inspired by the marble effect that the best surfboard glassers achieve when mixing a black and white pigment in their resin when glassing surfboards. This glassing technique was used in the the 70's and is now very popular amongst surfers that want a more refined looking surfboard.

The embroideries featured on this gi are done in a premium grey color that changes with light for a very exclusive and premium look. One of our cleanest gis ever by far, we are very happy with the end result. The photos don't show how cool the logo colors are!

Our Moskova Gift ideas for this Holiday Season 🎁 🎁 05/12/2021

Our Moskova Gift ideas for this Holiday Season 🎁 🎁

Our 5 Moskova Gift ideas for this Holiday Season 🎁 🎁

Our Moskova Gift ideas for this Holiday Season 🎁 🎁 If you are like us, you are probably still struggling to make your X-mas gifts! No problem, we have selected 6 ideas amongst our best selling products to help you find the perfect gift and use your free time for surfing or training instead of shopping ;-)

New Holiday Underwear Collection! HO2021 🔥 14/11/2021

New Holiday Underwear Collection! HO2021 🔥

New Holiday 2021 Underwear Collection is now available !

New Holiday Underwear Collection! HO2021 🔥 We have designed 6 new styles that should please everyone. For those that want a more natural feel and confort found in our cotton boxers to those that prefer a tighter fit without compromising confort in our polyamide styles.The new MOSKOVA UNDERWEAR styles have just arrived and we are so stoked on...

Moskova updated their information in their About section. 11/10/2021

Moskova updated their information in their About section.

Moskova updated their information in their About section.

Moskova updated their phone number. 11/10/2021

Moskova updated their phone number.

Moskova updated their phone number.


We thank you for your continued support and we have plenty of new products coming out in the next few days, weeks and months! Stay tuned!

Photos from Moskova's post 09/12/2020

New Gi Drop NIHO MAKO Series drops today 09.12.2020 at noon in Europe // Limited Edition // Available on //


If you were thinking of getting a new gi for X-Mas you may want to wait a few more days and wait for this new drop!!

Photos from Moskova Europe's post 03/12/2020

Photos from Moskova Europe's post


Our annual Black Friday Sale helps us clear out old collections while making you enjoy great deals on some of your favorite products.

We have limited styles and sizes because we run our company responsibly without over producing. We don’t slash our prices as we prefer to keep our quality and keep our brand premium.

Thanks to this sale, we will also free up room in our warehouse to receive a bunch of new and exciting products in the next couple of weeks so stay tuned!

Hurry up and get started on your Holiday shopping before the best deals are sold out. The Sale starts now and runs through Monday.

Thank you for your loyal support and enjoy!

# Underwear


Wanna win a couple of Moskova Women Underwear packs? 😃 Just go to Instagram @mademoisellesurfsession and follow the instructions ! 🎁 Good luck! 🤙🤙


New Holiday Underwear collection is now available online! Get your underwear line up up to date 🤙🤙


NEW DROP ! Hats Summer 2020.

We are dropping 4 new hats just in time for the summer! Two truckers and two full hats, all featuring a snap-back adjustable system for perfect fit and support !


Shop USA :
Shop Europe :


You don't know yet but your body needs these... Moskova & Vionic, Aligning Science and Style.

We have teamed up with Vionic Group, the world leader in orthotic technology to bring you a sandal that will offer you absolute comfort before or after training but also perfect for the summer !

✅Help your body posture
✅Minimize back pain
✅Enhance recovery

Try these and you will be never go back to a flat pair of sandals in your life :


NEW SPRING /SUMMER COLLECTION is now available on our website! // It's time to get into some fresh undies 🔥🔥🔥//



Since back in the 80’s, the action sports industry has held their annual warehouse sale in Soorts-Hossegor. It has become a tradition for brands to sell their old collections at great prices. Unfortunately this year due to the Covid-19 situation, the Sale will not happen so we have decided to hold it online for our internet customers. We wish you a happy Easter despite the current situation and stay well and healthy! MOSKOVA FAMILY // Link in the bio //


The Moskova Underwear Technology. Discover what makes them so unique !

For us, technology matters even when it comes to boxers. Multiple Panel Construction, Premium Elastic Waistband, Polyamide Back Panel... We have designed our boxers to offer you the best quality ever !

Discover what makes the difference by clicking on the following link and as a bonus, discover one of our upcoming S/S2020 models →


Introducing the M2 Cotton Neps White and Navy.

M2 Cotton Neps are one of the best sellers from our last collection HO19. Two classic colours with a minimalist design that will please everyone.
M2 Cotton Neps White
Shop Europe :
Shop USA :

M2 Cotton Neps Navy
Shop Europe :
Shop USA :


Happy Valentine's Day!

We have something in the works at Moskova, we believe it's definitively going to delight your valentine, can you guess ?

Please comment bellow if you think you know what’s cooking !


M2 Cotton Double Pack Wave.

Two cotton boxers in two classic colors packed in the same box, perfect for all occasions.
Shop Europe :
Shop USA :


The Moskova Classic Beanie – We wanted to make a simple but cool beanie to wear in all circumstances.

The Classic Beanie by Moskova fits snug and will keep you warm in style. All black with a small woven label on the side, one size fits all.

Available now on

Photos from Moskova's post 13/12/2019

X-ANNIVERSARY LIMITED EDITION GI JUST DROPPED // To celebrate our 10th (X) Anniversary, we have made a special edition gi for our Friends and Family. We wanted to thank everyone for their support all these years. The gi looks so good that we decided to make a few additional units for our Moskova fans that have also supported us since the beginning. So if you want a piece of Moskova history this is your opportunity to get your hands on the most special gi we have ever made! // Super Limited Edition with only 30 units available via our website //


🎁 Are you still looking for the perfect X-Mas gift? 🎁 Look no further, this is it!

The Double Pack Wave is composed of two cotton boxers in two classic colors that will please everyone.
Shop Europe :
Shop USA :



Until Monday December 02, up to 30% off on underwear and up to 50% off on apparel.* Don't wait, promos deals are rare on Moskova!
Deals Europe :
Deals USA :
*On a selection of products and within the limits of available stocks.


Moskova Underwear Technology - M2 Cotton Neps White


Premium elastic waistband, super flat stitching, polyamide back panel... discover what makes our underwear a premium quality product !
Product in the video is "M2 Cotton - Neps White" from the new HO19 Collection, discover all the collection ⤵

Moskova 23/11/2019


Introducing the new Holiday 19 Underwear Collection.

Why are our boxers amongst the best underwear in the world? Because they are designed with our athletes in mind featuring a perfect waistband tension, legs stay down thanks to a multi-panel body construction, extreme flexibility making an all around pefectly fit and comfortable boxer:

✅ Multiple Panel Construction
✅ Premium Elastic Waistband
✅ Polyamide Back Panel
✅ Flat Lock Seams


Photos from Moskova's post 11/10/2019

Congratulations to CHAMPION @floresjeremy!! 🤙🏄‍♂️🏆🏅





Hot New Styles for Summer

About Us

Created by pro surfers Jeremy Flores and Miky Picon, Moskova simply produces one of the best boxers in the world since 2009. Technology matters even when it comes to underwear.

✅ Multiple Panel Construction
✅ Premium Elastic Waistband
✅ Polyamide Back Panel
✅ Flat Lock Seams


Instagram Europe :
Instagram US :

Vidéos (voir toutes)

EASTER WEEK-END SALE / LA BRADERIE DE PÂQUES//Since back in the 80’s, the action sports industry has held their annual w...
The Moskova Underwear Technology. Discover what makes them so unique !For us, technology matters even when it comes to b...
Moskova Underwear Technology - M2 Cotton Neps White
New Styles, Patterns & Colors
This is next level savagery 🙌 @mattwhyatt // heavy training on and off the bike pays off // 💯#moskovafamily #keeptrainin...
This is what it takes to win a Gold medal at the freestyle motocross X-Games ⚡️ @tompages edit by @onthepipeseries ⚡️ #k...
ALOHA FRIDAY // flying into the week-end with @daneokauai ✌️ // #MoskovaOhana #MoskovaFamily
Today was one of those epic days... Bomb of the day by co-founder @patbeven 🙌 and we salute @hugoboulenger for the amazi...
Drink more water 💪 // Coconut opening technique by @marco_mignot 🌴⚡️😂 #moskovafamily #keeptraining #keepsurfing #thirsty...
Take a behind the scenes look at @floresjeremy trip to the North Shore that lead to clinching his 2nd Pipe Masters title...




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