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Is swimming club starting back this evening? Thanks
Hi All,

Due to work commitments and holidays we have decided to suspend all training sessions through the holidays. Training will resume in September and session times will be confirmed. Please cancel your DD payments for August. if anyone would like to swim the pool are running a lane training session 1 evening each week contact the pool for further details.
Enjoy your summer Hols, thanks for your continued support and see you all in September.

Aberaeron Swimming Club
Thanks for making Lewis feel so welcome tonight. He really enjoyed. 😊
Hiya, was just wondering if the swimming club runs through the summer holidays and if so what days/times please. Thanks
Hi all, unfortunately we have had to cancel tonight’s session, sorry for the late notice! X
good evening all, I'll be at the swimming pool this evening if all those that have bonus ball numbers could bring the money with them that'd be great. thank you 😀😀
Sorry - POOL CLOSED- from 3pm Thursday 11th January until 7am Friday 12th January. This is an emergency closure due to a child's little "accident" in the water. We now have to increase chlorination and filtration proceedures for a few hours. So sorry everyone
Inflatable session for all members of aberaeron swimming club tonight 6.30pm - 7.30pm.
merry Christmas ⛄☃️❄❄
we're working to set up the bonus ball where we sell all 59 numbers @ £1 each. the weekly Saturday bonus ball winner will be paid out £30 providing we sell all numbers. message if you'd like a number. open to anybody inside or outside the club. thanks
Hiya guys, sorry have had to cancel swimming today at 3.30, sorry for late notice, see ya Monday!

For info about how to join and current training schedules pleas visit our website
www.aberaeronswimmingclub.com thanx.

Operating as usual

[07/16/18]   Just to let everyone know that tonight (Monday) will be the last 4.30 session for the summer. There will be no training tomorrow (Tuesday). Anyone who normally swims on a Tuesday is welcome to attend tonight’s session. Thank you

[05/15/18]   Can I please ask all the second hour swimmers to come at 4.30 today. Celyn is taking the session n she would appreciate more time to revise thanks

[04/16/18]   I am very sorry to say that due to lack of poolside help we are unable to run the session tomorrow (Tuesday) 4.30-6.30. We apologise for the inconvenience and hope to have everything running as normal from Thursday.

[04/13/18]   Sorry for short notice but we have taken decision to cancel tonight’s swimming session. There will also be no swimming on Monday as it’s an inset for most pupils. Many thanks

[04/09/18]   Just a quick reminder no swimming today or tomoz, usual time on Thursday thanks

[03/13/18]   Training on Sunday 24th March will be at the later time of 4.45-5.45. This is just a one off change as we are unable to have the pool at our usual time. Many thanks Careyann

[03/08/18]   I am VERY SORRY for the late notice but there will be no club tonight as we have no cover for poolside. As normal tomorrow apologies to all affected. Careyann

[02/28/18]   I’m sorry to say no swimming until at least Sunday as the pool is closed. Sorry for any inconvenience caused. Thanks Careyann

[02/18/18]   Very sorry all but need to cancel swimming today, Sunday 18th. Next session will be Thurs 6.30-7.30. Thanks

[02/15/18]   Hi All,

Half Term training is as follows


Any weekly swimmers are welcome to swim at any other session that suits them.

Have a Great Half Term

Aberaeron Swimming Club

[01/12/18]   There WILL be swimming club on tonight 6.30-7.30. All those that would normally have swim yesterday are welcome to attend plus all other squads.


[01/08/18]   Just quick reminder that club starts back tomorrow night, Tuesday 9th. Thanks

[12/11/17]   We have taken the decision to cancel tonight's swimming as roads are predicted to remain dangerous in some areas with ice. All swimmers who normally only train on Monday are welcome to join us tomorrow. Thank you

[12/10/17]   Due to weather no training today I'm sorry. Enjoy the snow!!!

[12/07/17]   Swim Schedule this weekend:
Fri - no swimming
Sun 3.30-4.30 All squads welcome

Thank you

[11/25/17]   Pool has now reopened so there will be training tomorrow 3.30-4.30
Thank you

[11/21/17]   Sorry not club related but looking for tickets for Hairspray for Wednesday. Have 2 for tonight or 2 for Thursday that happy to swap for. Even if just 1 ticket would swap for either night. Long story as to why but any offers would be great, thanks

[11/20/17]   Hi all just had a message to say POOL CLOSED as boiler not working. Definitely no swimming today or tomorrow will keep posted re rest of week. Sorry, Thanks

[11/16/17]   Just a quick reminder No training tonight due to the Urdd gala

[09/05/17]   Dear Members

Due to a shortage of poolside helpers normal training will not resume until Mon 11th of September. I had hoped to restart this week but Phil, Celyn and I have work commitments and with Keith being away we cannot adequately cover all of the sessions. There will be training on Thurs, Fri, Sat and Sunday as a continuation of the summer timetable. Sorry for any inconvenience, all back to normal as of next week.

Many thanks

[07/21/17]   Sorry no training tonight. Summer timetable now in place.

Thurs 6.30/7.30pm
Fri 6.30/7.30pm
Sat 9/10.30am
Sun 8.30/9.30am


[06/08/17]   Due to an issue at the pool there will be NO Training tonight. Apologies to all affected.


A recent notice at the pool has stirred up some discussion, don't think it directly affects our swimmers as such but felt that just wanted to clarify the situation and found this info. So as long as we don't plug in to the mains to charge, which is basically impossible, we're fine as we all suspected was the case.

[05/11/17]   I am sorry to say that there will be no more land training until further notice. Chelsey felt that the swimmers continuing low attendance was an indication that it wasn't something they really wanted. We have decided to cancel for the present time and possibly revisit the idea in Sept.
There will, for a trail period, be a Friday swimming session 6.30-7.30. However if numbers to this continue to be low this may also be cancelled and revisited in September.

Many thanks

[05/07/17]   I am very sorry about the short notice but there is nobody to cover today's session (Sun 7th) so I'm afraid I will need to cancel sorry

[05/04/17]   Land Training and swimming session on this Friday 5th Thanks

[04/30/17]   Hi just to let everyone know that swimming is on today as usual 3.30-4.30. There is however NO SWIMMING tomorrow, bank holiday Monday as the pool is closed. Those that normally only swim on a Monday are Welcome to swim today instead. Thanks

[04/09/17]   So sorry for late notice but there will be NO TRAINING today Sunday 9th as I am unable to find cover thanks

[12/02/16]   Power hoop with Chelsey tonight 5.15 then swimming as normal thanks x

[11/27/16]   Sorry for late notice but there will be NO TRAINING TODAY SUNDAY 27th. As normal tomorrow. Thanks

[11/09/16]   No Training tomorrow (Thurs 12th) due to senior Urdd Gala. Thanks


Please remember to use easyfundraising for all your on-line shopping. Thanks Aberaeron Swimming Club

[09/25/16]   Ceredigion Championships will be held at Pals Crug Pool on Sunday the 9th of October. This gala is open to all of our swimmers and a great opportunity for them to have a chance to compete at a local level. Please can anyone with swimmers who would like to enter let me know over the next few days so that I can send the entries on to ADASC who are organising the event this year. The gala will be run as a pentathlon event meaning that swimmers will be awarded points for their participation in each of the 5 events for their age groups ie Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke, Butterfly and IM (excluding 8 yr olds). Also if anyone is willing to help poolside with time keeping could you also please let me know. I will post an entry sheet on the notice board and send out in an email but as entry is pretty straightforward I am happy for swimmers to just acknowledge that they'd like to take part. Any questions please text, email or speak to me poolside Mon or Tues. Many Thanks

[09/25/16]   Thank you so much to all our bonus ball players for their patience over the summer. I have, finally gone the through the last few weeks of play and would like to pass on big congrats to the following contributors who have won
Phil - £30
Fin - £20
Marj's Mum - £10
Louisa - £50
I will do my very best to get your winning to you this week. Many thanks for your support x

[09/02/16]   training as normal tonight, power hoop at 5.15 then swimming 6.30 thanks





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