Prowess Dance Inc., Aberaman Video July 17, 2014, 4:07pm

Videos by Prowess Dance Inc. in Aberaman. Prowess Dance Inc. can provide provide choreography or dance instruction to both children and adults in various Dance genres.

Snippet of "hairspray" rehearsals looking fab!

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Finale medley of Hairspray!!!!

Prowess Dance Inc meets Fit2Dance !Snippet of tonight Chris Brown "show me" routine!

"All about that bass" #prowessDanceInc meets Fit2Dance

Talented Fit2Dance high school crew #imTheBossNow #ProewssDanceInc

Jay-z "Death of auto tune"Tuesdays teen hip hop class #Fit2Dance

Anaconda snippet

J.Derulo Bubblegum sneak peak #Aberaman #Fit2Dance

Can't wait to go back to the 60's with Gartholog!!!! Go the nicest kids in town!

Last class video before Summer holidays!! It's been such a great term guys! Thanks to everyone who has come along and jo...

Snippet of "hairspray" rehearsals looking fab!

Snippet of tonight's class! 1 week until holidays!! #chrisBrown

A snippet of Iggy Azelia's "Fancy" with tonight's Prowess Dance Class!

If you love Beyonce, you'll love this dance. Check it out and then come along tonight to the Feel-Good-Factory for a beg...

CB's "These girls ain't loyal" #ProwessDanceInc

"I Luh you pappy" by J.Lo perform by Prowess Dance Inc and choreographed by Meg Jam. Remember to come to the beginner Hi...

Thanks for everyone for coming to the first dance class!! Here are some brave gals and guys who weren't camera shy ;) #p...

Love this routine performed by Prowess Dance Inc and choreographed by Mega Jam! Hopefully it will be as popular in the U...