Yoga of Dragons

Yoga of Dragons


Only one week until take off for Aberystwyth Acroyoga 2022! 🤩Still time to grab your spot for next Sunday, head to the website pronto!

Meanwhile, we've had lot's of fun reconnecting with friends, calibrating our acro-mojo and making shapes... Can't wait to be sharing again with you soon! 🤸
Just a reminder: new yoga class starting this week...
Are there any classes jams/classes in Aber in the next few weeks? My lovely housemate is there on placement! I've invited her to like the page in case anything happens too :)
Had a awesome jam yesterday thanks all 🙏😜😀
BLESS UP!! think it's safe to say we all had a great time, what an awesome, comfortable environment to learn and have fun in! Ive come away so inspired, just what I needed 😁
Massive thanks to Sam and Bongo for putting in the hard work and gathering us all in such a lovely location, also to all the workshop leaders that travelled so far, along with all the beautiful faces that attended.
Hopefully see you all in the near future :)
Can't wait to see what this grows into, Blessings, Peace and Cheese 🙏
The Welsh Acroyoga Adventure Weekend was so amazing!!! Such a lovely group of people, a really friendly atmosphere, Great food, really well organised, gorgeous setting, I really can't fault it.

I'm a beginner and going on my own I was worried that I wouldn't be good enough and it would be difficult to make friends, but I don't think I've ever made so many friends in such a short space of time, and there was such a supportive atmosphere that it really didn't matter what you could or couldn't do.

Can't recommend it enough. Thankyou so much Sam and Bongo!!
Hello all! My car has broken down and I'm wondering if anyone could give me a lift to the Llandrindod camp? I live in Llandovery, which is on the way if you are coming from Swansea or Carmarthen. I can contribute to petrol of course :)

Yoga and Acroyoga classes, workshops and other offerings from Sam and Steve Saville in West Wales. Inspired by the grace, mystery and strength of benevolent dragons!

(amongst other things)

Operating as usual

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We're back and keen for more upside down adventures with the lovely Aberystwyth crew this Sunday. Come and join us, as always, open to all, beginners very much included. Check the website for times and venue (the usual for regulars!). [also, not sure why but The Big Retreat Festival photographer liked snapping us from behind, lol!]

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Thanks @thebigretreatfestival for a wonderful weekend sharing what we love and to everyone that came to play with us, you are all amazing! Loved reliving younger days with Mr motivator, Top loader and Reef too!


No class in Aberystwyth this week as we are headed to The Big Retreat Festival - super excited for a long, fun weekend! Sound on to check out acro class times with is at the festival :)

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Class and jam @llanbadarn church hall, Sunday. Come play, all welcome: beginners, returners, improvers...

Photos from Yoga of Dragons's post 07/05/2022

Adventures past the comfort zone can be scary. But journeys with friends and helping hands are also really fun. Brave play last week in trying out some higher things. Looking forward to more exciting times tomorrow. Come join us! (Message or check website for times and bookings)

Photos from Yoga of Dragons's post 30/04/2022

Lots of fun on the acroyoga trail as usual last week. Exploring sideways, backwards, upside down 🤸 Come and join us, 5pm Jam, 6.30pm class

Timeline photos 25/04/2022

Looking for an early summer festival that you leave feeling better than you arrived? We are really looking forward to returning to the The Big Retreat Festival An amazing line up of yoga, fitness, food and music. Including 3 whole sessions of acroyoga with us - woohoo! See you there? Let us know if you're thinking of going!

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We are go, go go for Acro Sunday! Double-dragon power :)
Options to book and pay in blocks on the website, cash in person all good as well. Beginners always welcome!

Timeline photos 08/04/2022

We had a double-acro weekend last week. Lot's of fun in Swansea with Swansea on Saturday then with the home crew in Aber. So much so that we had to join in rather than be the paparazzi this time! Come and join us again on Sunday for good times, all welcome!


Adventures in acroyoga continue... Our beginner-graduates learnt their first washing machine last week, wooooo! Lot's of jam-time fun as well. Here's a sample: Hal nailing a spider-roll :)

Come and join us on Sundays, all welcome, as always.

Photos from Yoga of Dragons's post 25/03/2022

Loads of experimental fun in the Jam last week plus some first flights and amazing progress flowing moves together in class. So ready for Sunday's installment of acro-glee!


Photos from Yoga of Dragons's post 18/03/2022

Exploring lots of different ways to play in the final session of the beginners course last week :)

This week we're moving to open all level classes - all welcome beginners and above, drop-in or commit and save some money. Book via the website: can't wait!

Photos from Yoga of Dragons's post 12/03/2022

In between these relaxed looking poses, last week's beginners class totally aced getting into star. It's our final class tomorrow and we're excited to announce we'll be carrying on in an open format from next week. All levels welcome, beginner friendly 6.30-8pm, get in touch if you want in!

Photos from Yoga of Dragons's post 04/03/2022

Smiles all round in last week's beginner's class. Looking forward to a double round of glee this weekend. First stop Swansea with Swansea , then back to our home crowd in Aber on Sunday :)


Getting excited about this and looking forward to meeting the Swansea crew as well as catching up with the fab Hannah .

Photos from Yoga of Dragons's post 25/02/2022

Last week in our beginners class the acroyogis discovered some joyful ways to sit down and stand up together. And then they totally styled it out, awesome job!

Photos from Yoga of Dragons's post 18/02/2022

Last week we were bending over backwards to get our acroyoga kicks 😆 Lots of lovely stretching, laughter and good times. We love Sundays!

Photos from Yoga of Dragons's post 12/02/2022

So much fun and joy in the room last week! That's why we like to fly! Looking forward to the next instalment this Sunday. It's not too late to join us - get in touch if you want in.

Timeline photos 06/02/2022

Last call to join the party tonight! Come fly, make new shapes and explore the super-fun world of acroyoga with us!

Beginners course starts tonight, 6.30pm @Llanbadarn Church Hall.

Shoot us a message or visit the website to book a last-minute place.

Timeline photos 02/02/2022

Acroyoga: it absolutely does NOT have to be about extreme back bends, but it is ALL about those kind of grins :D That's what happens when you try things that look a bit / a lot/ totally out of the comfort zone but with practice, support and teamwork, they sometimes happen anyway!

Come and see for yourself, start at the beginning with us this Sunday. No experience or partner necessary, but both or either are welcome too ;)

Beginners class: 6.30pm-8pm
Jam/ playtime for those with some experience 5pm -6.15pm @Llanbadarn Church Hall Aberystwyth.

Check out or Event page for all the details and booking, or shoot us a message.

We can't wait to share our favourite fun with you!


Happy New Year lovely Dragon-followers! Blwyddyn Newydd Dda pawb. Sorry folks, we are gonna play it safe and wait out this latest Covid spike. Acro with masks (or 'other face coverings') is just not as fun, we tried! 6th Feb is new take off date when we'll resume jams and beginners classes, hoping that gives us some time to ride it out, get boosted etc.

Photos from Yoga of Dragons's post 14/12/2021

Looking for the perfect Christmas present? Why not give your friend or family member an experience that will sweep them off their feet?! Better yet, come along for the ride yourself too and book some time together. We'll be starting the New Year creating healthy habits and making new friends on our 6-week Beginners Acroyoga Course. Running Sunday evenings from 9th Jan.

All the details and booking on the website - limited places available! Or check out the event page

Photos from Yoga of Dragons's post 05/11/2021

!You have about 24 hours left to sign up to the beginners acroyoga course!

There's an awesome group of people gathering about to take off on their journey of empowerment, fun and laughter - be part of it!


Acroyoga Aberystwyth

1 week to go before take off with the Acroyoga Beginners Course! Invite your friends and come and join the fun 🤩This is the kind of thing you can work towards by the end of the course. Check out the details 👉 👈

Other Yoga Classes 22/10/2021

Other Yoga Classes

Finally gotten around to updating 'THE list' of local in person yoga classes from Holistic yoga and massage with Alyson. If there are any missing you know of, get in touch!

Other Yoga Classes Other yoga classes This list was started by Alyson Tylor who taught yoga in Aberystwyth for many years. It is now maintained here with kind permission. It covers all known yoga classes in Aberystwy…


Three more acro classes until we have a little bit of a break. Come and make the most of it - as always beginners, improvers, any level at all welcome. We've been having a good old laugh drilling basics, twists on basics and general larking around :) 🤸‍♀️🤸🤸‍♂️

Acroyoga classes 25/08/2021

Acroyoga classes

Super-exciting news! Two chances to practice with us this week and for the next 4 weeks🤸‍♀️🤸

Thursdays we'll be online for AcroYoga Global's Tipping Point's class (intermediate level). 5 -6.15pm UK time 😍 🤩 - sign up/ get a free trial/ class is super affordable here: PS. We're not Max and Paloma, but they are awesome too 😉

Sunday's, as usual, we're on at the Quaker Hall in Aberystwyth for our all-levels, beginners always welcome, session. Space is still restricted, so get and book your spot if you wanna join us!

Acroyoga classes Sunday 6pm, Aberystwyth Quaker Meeting House All-levels adult class, suitable for beginners -all welcome! Join the fun: we can take you through basic moves, strengthen techniques and flow them toge…

Photos from Yoga of Dragons's post 21/08/2021

When faced with many sculptures, it's hard to resist the stop, drop and acro urge. Well-trained sibling in action @happy_mav :) Come to class on Sunday and hone your own! Book your spot and see you there 😁


Lots of fun drilling transitions last week in class. After drills comes play! Make a washing machine in 30 seconds challenge- with optional dance / clown arms. Come and join the giggle-fest this Sunday. Book a spot on the website, beginners always welcome :)


Acroyoga, the secret Scottish garden editions. Come and play on Sunday and hone, refresh and enhance your box of tricks :) Read the rules, bagsie your place and you are cleared for take off!


Class is ON Sunday - more revision of foundations, everyone welcome, including beginners. Do please book and come with a bubble buddie /partner up on here!

Photos from Yoga of Dragons's post 15/07/2021

It's an awesome time to get back into things or start up with this fun practice - lots of outside sunny opportunities for practising new tricks :) We've been drilling the basics, adding some twists and there's always the handstand line to perfect. Works in progress... come and join us on Sunday. All welcome, Covid cautions taken seriously, come with a partner/ in a group - limited spaces: please book or let us know


Want to spice up your yoga practice? Develop connection and trust? Have a darn good giggle? Come and join us for acroyoga, Sundays at 6pm - we can meet you at your level, including right at the beginning :) Spaces limited - book on the website:

Acroyoga classes 21/06/2021

Acroyoga classes

Come back to Acro! Or come and try it! We're back on, Sunday.😀 All the details 👇

Acroyoga classes Sunday 6pm, Aberystwyth Quaker Meeting House All-levels adult class, suitable for beginners -all welcome, under the following guidelines: You will need to attend with someone from your household or…


Exciting news! Time to connect, have fun, move together in a Covid sensible way. It won't be the same, but we reckon we can still make you laugh ;) All level acroyoga class, beginners welcome - let's face it we'll all be a bit rusty anyway - but you will need to bring and stick to a household member/ bubble partner. Limited to 4 pairs - get booking! 5-6.30pm at Aberystwyth Golf Club from Sunday 29th November

Yoga of Dragons

Like your favourite dragon, we love to move, explore our body and mind, connect with others, feel the fire, and have fun!

In all our classes and courses, whether yoga or acroyoga, we share a friendly, supportive, rounded practice, that is creatively evolving as we continue on our own yoga path. We offer dynamic, fun, challenging and safe spaces for you to join us.

Our yoga is not only a form of physical movement, breath and meditation practice, but a way of approaching life; a never-ending journey that can lead to profound experiences of peace and wellbeing. Acroyoga is a wonderfully fun group practice that focusses the mind, develops trust, community, and a very strong core...from all the laughter, no wonder we love it! Both practices have the potential to transform people and places away from the commonplace and into the heart-warming!

Sam & Bongo

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Join us for lockdown acro!
Goodness gracious, it looks like we have joined instragram. What does it all mean?! Hopefully more sharing of the fun st...
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