Fitness with Lina in Aberystwyth University Sports Centre This page is for sharing info about group fitness classes at Aber Uni Sports Centre, c25k - beginners running group for ladies, bootcamps on the Prom and other fitness ventures that I am involved in.

This is also the space to share fitness motivation, ask questions, give feedback and praise ourselves for little and big achievements:) Thank you to everyone for liking my page! ### -Lina-


When on holiday (or work trip like I am atm - conference in Barcelona) we don't wanna spend much time working out but the best thing to do is to get at least SOME work in, right? This is where quality wins over quantity!

I only had half an hour to spare between the conference and prep for a meal with colleagues, so decided to have a run on a beach, on soft sand. Bloody hell that works!

Now I know where male nude beach is in Barcelona 🙈 been an adventurous run lol


TGIF Bootcamps & Fitness

Those of you who overslept this morning - be jealous, it was fab!:) Fantastic turnout and even better workout:) Check it out, me and Bridget doing Bootcamp on the Prom every Friday 6:30am, starting at the Bandstand. For now sessions are free, make the most of it;) x

5 Day Bootcamp mon-fri every other week from 9th Jan

Plascrug Leisure centre
HIIT 5:45-6:30pm Tues
PiYo 5:30-6:15pm Weds

Booking essential via reception

[09/30/14]   Soooo pleased to hear you guys thought the new AX class was tough, even tougher than CX 💪👌😄 come back for more tomorrow at 5.30pm!
And Zumba Toning was a real pleasure to teach, full house and each one of you were awesome:) ###


And this is what you turn into if you go running with me lol A great day at Pendine sands with c25k ladies:)


Fitness with Lina in Aberystwyth University Sports Centre's cover photo


Sending all my love to the fabulous Friday Zumba crew, what a great atmosphere in the room tonight, thank you to each one of you for making my Friday nights so special for the last two years and more ❤️

See you all in Zumba toning, Wednesday Zumba, AX and the weekend classes starting from next week:) ###xx

P.S. Please tag yourselves and each other in the pic;) x

[09/26/14]   Last Friday Zumba session before the change of instructor so if you guys wanna have our usual weekend kick off routine one last time - come and join me tonight ❤️ ###


I want to welcome back all the students who returned to Aber from their summer holidays and travels, and a very special welcome to the freshers:) I hope to see many of you in classes this week, so many great offers in Aberystwyth University Sports Centre for you this year!

I am proud to say I am working in the most equipped and modern sports facility in our area and I think Aber Uni students are extremely lucky to have all this available on campus 7 days a week:)


Aerobics is defo my sweattiest class:)) missed it so much during summer break! Hope to see you all in the class guys, back to our old schedule, 5.15pm awrobics followed by CX, yayyyy:)))


***New C25K group***

Exactly a year ago, the first Monday of September I joined a running group for beginners called C25K (coach to 5K). It was one of these life changing moments, the ones that make a massive impact to your life but you don't realize it while you're in it.. Getting all nostalgic now!:)

Tomorrow (1st September, 7pm at Plascrug Leisure Centre) a new 12 week program is starting and everyone is welcome to join. Designed for complete beginners so before you talk yourself out of it - NO you are not too slow or too unfit for this:)

Hope to see many new faces tomorrow!:) x


I'm not big on books but the few I read every now and again will usually be the books that really influence me.

My holiday was a perfect time to read "Eat & Run" by Scott Jurek. I related to so much in this book and I do recommend it to everyone who calls themselves runners.

One day when I run an ultramarathon I will be able to say this book influenced me:) For now am happy with my 16 mile run in Paris a couple days ago, long distance for me!:)

Returning from holidays, well rested and keen to get back into routine of eating to run, not running to eat:)



Teaching Juntos Los Dos in Paris


Had a blast co-teaching Zumba with my sister in Paris tonight:) I think I'll nip a few routines, the class was fab! And a great way to balance out my hols:)

Back to my own thing on Wednesday! hoping u all had a great Bank holiday weekend:) i certainly had too much food and looking fwd to working it off:) see u all soon ###


My brother in law took me to the gym tonight and I chose the treadmill to work off the treats I had on my first night out in Paris.

20 minutes in I found myself running in a class! I had never attended or even seen a running class in the gym before, I found it very interesting and was well impressed by the instructor's ability to run fast and speak:)

However, she was talking French and I couldn't understand any of it, so ended up designing my own little fartlek session: 1 hour 10K with some faster and slower intervals and some steap hills incorporated. Beetroot red, sweaty and happy afterwards.

Hope u guys enjoyed Zumba cover tonight. Have a lovely long weekend everyone!:) ###



This is where instructors sweat in Zumba Toning lol



Every Monday night I spend coaching C25K ladies running group. Another 12 week training block was finished tonight and not only was I rewarded as a coach by great results and plenty PBs, but also I received an amazing gift from my beloved runners:)

This medal can't be compared to any of the other ones I have, it is very precious, more than the ones I had to run to get, even more than the one that says 26.2m on it:)



I have been having a really stressful time recently both at work and in personal life and quite often am finding myself not exactly where and how I would like to be.

Read so many posts on FB following R.Williams's death this week, people saying out loud how at one or another time in their lives they've been depressed. I am no exception! Life isn't easy for many of us and we never know what's round the corner.

We don't know what's gonna happen with our lives and when, HOWEVER, we can develop strategies how to cope with stress so it doesn't get too much. My coping technique is defo exercise.

Every training session that I attend feeling low - lifts me up, gives better training results and makes me more resilient - I know what I need to do next time I am not feeling well. So hopefully depression is never gonna get me, I will always be a run, a ride, a gym or a studio session ahead of it:)



Whatever you do for your fitness - check progress wherever you can. It will help you stay focussed and will be very rewarding.

Today I had a great opportunity to check my running progress in the last 12 months. Borth Beach 10K was my first ever real race, and doing it for the second time was so rewarding - 6 minutes off last year's time and a climb up from finishing as 25th lady last year to 5th today. I couldn't be more pleased!

The race is with yourself, and feels amazing when you win it:)



What a fab Zumba class tonight! We had a little taster of Zumba Toning too, if you liked that - come back for more on Tuesdays at 7.30pm:)

Now the giggles of C25K ladies, that's my favourite part of Friday's class:) Not just runners - divas on the dance floor;) Well done to you all!:) ###



Canolfan Chwaraeon Prifysgol Aberystwyth University Sports Centre

Amazing deal for Platinum membership in Aberystwyth University Sports Centre! It doesn't get cheaper than that. And you literally can LIVE in that building - there's so much to do! Bargain, be crazy not to go for it!:) ###

We have a wonderful one off payment to give you permission to run, swim, jump, lift, and sweat for only £25 a month.

That is a fantastic £6.25 per week to do as many activities as you want any day of the week.

Seriously, getting fit could now not be any easier. This Platinum deal will allow you to come into the Sports Centre and use the gym, or go for a swim, have a sauna, do a class, take a spinning session, run the track, climb the wall as many times as you want.
This deal is our present to you for your dedication to fitness – or a carrot if you are thinking of taking the plunge…
Sign up today and enjoy the freedom to choose your workout on a daily basis.
Open to all members. Email us back to set up monthly payments through your salary or by Direct Debit.


Did 3 big things this weekend - a run on a beach, - a social bike ride, - spent quite a few hours studying about nutrition for physical activity. Training, socializing and learning - all adding up to my fitness in one or another way, and all improving my quality of life. Safe to say it's been a good weekend, now time for beauty sleep before another super busy week:)

Hope you all had a lovely weekend ###



I had a great Zumba class last night and even better than usual beause I heard giggles and saw big smiles on the faces of ladies from beginners running group that I coach. Well done for giving Zumba a go!

Often people who run think they only like running. Or the opposite, before I became a runner I only did Zumba and some aerobics classes and said I'd never run. But from my first Race for Life I learned that you have to give smth new a go before you decide you don't like it.

Zumba has that feel good factor and you can never go wrong in it, you just dance:) no rules, no fitness test, no comparing yourself with others. And you ALWAYS come out of the class with a wet tshirt stuck to your back:) Not bad for a session where all you do is giggle and wiggle:)

Worth giving it a go if you haven't tried it yet:) Wednesdays 6pm and Fridays 6.30pm at Aberystwyth University Sports Centre



Had one of these afternoons when I was upset, angry, frustrated, not happy with life and people letting me down. One of them days when you feel sorry for yourself and just wanna curl up in bed and hide from the world. I certainly didn't feel like working out tonight. Had to drag myself to the Sports Centre (yes it does happen to me sometimes!!:)).

10 minutes in and I wasn't thinking about what happened earlier in the day. It was there somewhere at the back of my mind, but it wasn't as painful and overwhelming, at least while running, planking, lifting and sweating. And somehow my balance in CX was better, my push-ups in power circuits were stronger and my weights in bodyfit went up.

3 hours and 1000 calorie burn on my watch later my life is the same, but the way I feel about it is different.



This week I am spending my days at an intensive Welsh language course for complete beginners. I struggle big time, wanting to get it all right and being scared to make mistakes and make a fool of myself. I go through variuos emotions - from excitement and satisfaction to embarracement and frustration all in a course of 5 minutes:)

Tonight when teaching classes I remembered myself 3,5 years ago when I walked into that Dance room for the first time and had no clue what I was supposed to do. EVERYTHING was a challenge that day. And over time I learnt whatever I needed to learn in order to progress.

Whatever new thing you do, be it learning a new language or doing physical exercises, beginning is always the hardest part. Actually, no... Sticking to it even if you feel frustrated and embarraced, that's the hardest part. But without it you'd never get anywhere. So just stick to it.

Am defo sticking to Welsh! Just give me time;)



C25K stands for coach to 5K. Well tonight the lovely C25K group ladies ran 5 miles! And made it all the way to the top of Pendinas! #proudcoach:)

Myself I squeezed in a Step class and a little warm-up just over a mile to round the run up to 10K and the calorie burn to 1060. That made up for the whole day spent sat in the classroom learning Welsh:)



Today has been all about running:

100th Parkrun first thing in the morning followed by a cuppa in Weatherspoons with marshals and runners, then a hot and hilly 5 mile race in Dolgellau in the afternoon with friends from Aberystwyth Athletic club.

Sometimes it's just great to spend the whole day among likeminded people and get inspired. It's part of my fitness:)



I have a sedentary day planned at work so decided to start my morning from a long challenging bike ride. Nothing like a 27mile ride watching sunrise and a 1000 calories burnt before breakfast to make you feel good about yourself:)

It's all about balancing it out, if you know you have a less active day coming - plan an extra workout in the morning, at lunchtime or later in the day. If evening is your preference today - join me for Zumba at 6.30pm:)



20 mile bike ride in the morning followed by breakfast with organic eggs that Jackie got me last weekend, and organic courgettes from a friend's garden after 3 classes back to back (CX, Zumba and Street-slam). No better gift than good food that I could use to fuel my workouts and have a healthy recovery:)

Total of 1400 Kcals burnt just during exercise today, can't complain:)



Every Tue and Thu at 7am I go for a 3-4 mile run with friends. It is easier to motivate myself to run with others and have a nice chat while running up our usual Consti or Pendinas route this early hour.

This morning none of my running buddies made it to the run though and I had a decision to make - run on my own or use it as an excuse to go back home and have a less rushed prep for the day. It got me thinking.. So many people find training buddies to motivate them to go to a class, to the gym or a run and that's great cause commiting to another person often pushes us through when we don't feel like training. But then what happens if your training buddy can't make it?

Same as muscles improve when trained, confidence grows when you leave your comfort zone and explore. So next time you find yourself without a training date - just do it!

I took a route we never take on our 7AMs and scratched my legs running some unwalked paths, but it was one of my favourite morning runs ever. Me, myself and I, and a little OCD paradise on my Garmin once finished :p



What an amazing start to my Sunday - had ladies gym all to myself to do a free weights session for my arms, shoulders, chest and back, then a Zumba class that was my favourite in a long time - full danceroom with lots of sweat and smiles, and last but not least - a treat for the end of my vegan challenge - home grown hen's eggs! #ZumbaLove has so many different levels:)


[07/18/14]   Busy week with non-fitness related jobs and commitments so little time for running, cycling or doing classes just for my own training. However, am lucky to teach quite a few classes this week and even more lucky to love what I teach, so making the most of it each time:) Not everyone is lucky to have their hobby as a job, I try to never forget that!

Excited about this weekend's schedule:
Teaching CXWORX Fri 12.30pm (and a new Track 6!:)), Zumba Fri 6.30pm, Street-slam Sat 10.30am and Zumba Sun 11am. Looking fwd to each one of these sessions:)



***Vegan challenge completed***

A very important part of my fitness is nutrition. You can't go far in your training if you don't fuel it right. Not if you want to see continuous progress.

I like experimenting with foods and trying new things. One of my big experiments is ending today - I just completed my 100 days vegan challenge!:)

There are so many different approaches when it comes to sports nutrition. Sports people are usually very opinionated and quick to criticize everyone else's nutrition but theirs. And whoever you ask you will hear a different story. I guess we are all right and wrong in many ways. At the end of the day, we are all different and different things work for us all.

Am not saying vegan is the best diet in the world, but I definitely felt healthier during my experiment. I had a lot of endurance and some great results in recent races. So was worth giving it a go! I will probably stay 85-90% vegan but have meat, fish, eggs and little dairy every now and again. Just want to stick to healthier options wherever possible and eat clean.

Vegan, raw or any other approach will work for some but not for everyone. Sometimes it's best to just listen to your own body and decide for yourself rather than listen to "experts" out there. I only believe in being an expert of your own body.

Egg shopping tomorrow then:)



Still in PJs but already on a mission - practicing a new track for CXWORX class:) then have a run up Consti planned. Love mornings:)




This weekend has been great for me. Everything in moderation:
- a Parkrun and a bike ride balanced with some extra sleep and rest,
- food and drinks out balanced with some really healthy vegan meals and lots of green tea and water,
- socializing with friends in balance with ME time,
- some jobs and chores done and completed some course work towards finishing my Personal Training certification, but found time to rest, chill and treat myself to things and activities I like.

In fitness, when you find balance between the things you HAVE TO DO and the things you WANT/LIKE - you also find it easier to get to where you want to be. It comes more natural and it is more likely to become a part of your lifestyle rather than a yo-yo type of thing with no consistent results. No extremes and patience waiting to see results is usually the best approach.

Love weekends like this, hope your's was as good:) Now see you in C25K and in classes ###


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