Runway Pilates

Reformer Pilates Classes and 1:1 sessions hosted by expert instructors and the best equipment with a dynamic and varied class timetable in Altrincham and Alderley Edge. Book your first session today

The swan dive pose in class! This pose targets your back, neck and shoulders! #reformerpose #runwaypilatesuk #feeltheburn #pilates

book onto our free intro class to take the first steps on your new runway! Available in both Altrincham and Alderley Edge studios. #lifestyle #reformerpilates #runwaypilatesuk #liveyourbestlife #startpilates

Are you a Runway regular? Why don't you try our Cardio Fusion pilates class focused on pushing your calorie burning limit through the roof!

Altrincham classes Tuesday, Friday and Saturday morning! #cardiofusion #pilates #reformerpilates #cheshirepilates #runwaypilatesuk

Fancy a workout this morning? Why not join us @runwaypilates @altrincham?

It maybe Reformer Pilates but we still burn calories.... just in a SAFE way!

See you soon ❤️💕👍🏻

Reformer Pilates Classes in Altrincham & Alderley Edge - Runway Pilates

Get beach body ready with our abs and bums pilates class focuing on tightening and lifting. Book online today! Delivering results not excuses when it comes to toning, flexibility, stretching, strengthening and injury prevention. Book Your Free Taster Class Today

Spinal health is a vital aspect to living a long and happy life. It is also our main focus- book in today for any of our amazing classes to reshape your mind and body! #spinalhealth #posture #runwaypilatesuk

Wise words by the one and only! #quoteoftheday #wordstoliveby #josephpilates #runwaypilatesuk

Pilates Reformer Abs Workout - The Balanced Life

Did you say abs? Well here's a great reformer workout to seriously target that tummy area!

#abs #reformerpilates #runwaypilatesuk This quick, Pilates reformer abs workout gives you a taste of the full-body workouts offered inside The Reformer Series from The Balanced Life.

Behind the scenes of one of our photo shoots- it's all about the lighting! 😂 #runwaypilatesuk #pose #nexttopmodel

Spin flexibility doesn't just mean backwards and forwards. Movement all around is vital to keep strong, healthy and fit! All our classes are built on core and spinal health so book in today! corestrength #flexibility #flexiblespine #runwaypilatesuk

Reformer Pilates Classes in Altrincham & Alderley Edge - Runway Pilates

That’s right we have NEW classes starting this May and they are in full swing! Join us in Alderley on a Wednesday (11:15am) or Thursday (7:50 pm) for our wellness class. And starting Saturday the 11th we'll be having a Cardio Fusion class in Altrincham at 11:15 am. So get booking!! #runwaypilatesuk #newclasses #altrinchampilates #alderleyedgepilates Delivering results not excuses when it comes to toning, flexibility, stretching, strengthening and injury prevention. Book Your Free Taster Class Today

in today's society, we only flex and extend (bend and stand) rarely do we twist or side bend. These limited actions can cause us severe back pain! Something reformer pilates focuses on. #backpain #pilates #runwaypilatesuk

Today is international pilates day! So whether its reformer or mat… Today is about celebrating PILATES! If their is any day to try reformer, it's today! So get to one of our studios to enjoy the benefits of Reformer Pilates! #internationalpilatesday #pilates #runwaypilatesuk #stretchitout

Are you serious about looking and feeling good for the summer but also serious about looking after your body?

Then be serious about coming to Runway Reformer Pilates!

Start by coming to a class tomorrow ....

Altrincham studio:
9:15- Full body workout!
10:15- abs and bums!

You’ll feel the benefit immediately!

So here’s to getting a summer body .... and safely!


What sets us apart from many other Pilates studio's is our golden standard of teaching. We require all our instructors to have expert credentials in order to work with us. So fear not, you'll be in safe hands! #studiospace #reformerinstructors #runwaypilatesuk

with all our exercises focused around a strong core and strong spine you are sure to know that we have your back! Get into one of our studios for a class today! #wehaveyourback #runwaypilatesuk#pilates

New month, new opportunity to try reformer pilates! Get onto our free intro class to see if we're right for you! #studiospace #reformer #runwaypilatesuk

And breathe!!! ❤️

Well have you???
If not you’re missing out!

Join Teddy Rae tomorrow morning in our Altrincham studio!!

8.15 - classic
9.15 - abs and bums
10.15 - full body

Come on... you know you want to!! 💕💕💪🏻

This is our mermaid stretch - it moves your spine in lateral flexion (side bending) which helps to stretch out your latissimus dorsi and lower back muscles - great for mobility and flexilbilty of the spine and hips. Mermaid is in every class we teach as moving the spine from side to side is imperative to our health and the health of our spine and bodies. #pilatespose #stretch #runwaypilatesuk

making sure your core is engaged and active is a key element to keeping your spine healthy and young! Planks are a fantastic way to improve your core strength and get those long lean abs ready for summer! No crunches needed! #core #reformer #pilates

26… that’s how many classes we have coming up this coming week- no excuses, you know you can make it to one of them! #comingclasses #reformerpilates #runwaypilatesuk

This is a side plank on the Reformer, it targets mainly your oblique muscles (side abdominals) as well as your glutes and shoulder muscles, this exercise can be found in our Full Body and Power Pilates classes. #pose #pilates #reformer

Superman and women of the world unit! Get to a class today! #superhero #pilates #runwaypilatesuk #superpowers

We promise to make you FEEL better. No matter what your goal you will start to notice something happening within the first month! Book on to your first trail class for FREE now! #runwaypilatesuk #class #feelgreat #benefitsofpilates

Life coach: Can I do Reformer Pilates with a replacement hip?

Alignment of the body is key to keep it safe and flexible. Learn more of how reformer pilates can help protect your body here.

#bonealignment #safety #pilatesprotection Our health experts answer your questions. This week: a sore scalp and safe exercise with a replacement hip

This pose is called swan dive. Its aim is to extend the thoracic spine (upper spine), targets abdominals and upper back muscles to promote length and strength in the spine and abdominal muscles. #runwaypilatesuk #pilatespose #reformerpilates #abs #back

Make sure to stay safe and wear the proper foot gear in class! We sell the perfect grip socks to keep you stable and secure during your pilates workout. #safety #pilatessafety #runwaupilatesuk

Happy Easter everyone! 🐰 #happyeaster #eastersunday #bunny

History and Origins of Pilates & The Pilates Reformer - Pilates Central

Joseph Pilates, created the method of Pilates as a result from WW1. The first reformer was made from a hospital bed! Learn more here Invented by Joseph Pilates, the Pilates reformer is still in use at Pilates Central today. Find out more by visiting our Pilates studio in Islington

#repost • @nerminapietersmekic Everyone knows that I love going to the gym but I just felt like I needed something different for my body. So I’ve started with Pilates @runwaypilatesuk and I am addicted now 😍🙏🏼 #pilates

Easter weekend is coming up... but we are still open! Come and enjoy one of our morning classes this weekend! #easterhours #classtimings #runwaupilates

We make sure our trainers are teaching at a gold standard that sets us apart from any other reformer pilates studio you will go to. Learn more and book in to see it in action! #trainers #bestcoaches #runwaypilatesuk

Runway Pilates Exercise 2 (home or away

Easter holiday keeping you busy and unable to get to our class- well fear not! We have some great alternatives for you
#holidayworkout #reformerupkeep #youtube #resistanceband

More exercises that can be done at home or Away!

Want to intensify your pilates workout? Try using a pilates ring to really test your balance. You'll find those comfortable poses becoming increasinly difficult. #reformer #pilatesring #challangepilates

Have a fun filled Friday- sending all the love and happiness from the Runway Pilates team 🙌🏼😍🙌🏼 #funfriday #teamspirit #runwaypilatesuk

The power of your thoughts and mindset is incredible. If you have the right outlook your body will be able to do amazing things. Learn how Runway can help you!
#quoteoftheday #josephpilates #runwaypilatesuk

Did you know… reformer pilates can help build bone density?! Well now you do. Learn more about how Pilates can transform your life! #pilatesclass #reformer #bonedensity #runwaypilatesuk

What Are the Dangers of Lifting Weights? |

Don't get us wrong- weight lifting is an important part of keeping your body in the best shape possible. But it can have some damaging effects on your longterm health of joints and muscles. Make sure to pair your weight training with a workout to help look after your body... like I dont know... Pilates?!

#weightworkouts #protectyourbody #stressonjoints Lifting heavy equipment comes with its dangers, and weightlifting is no exception. Common injuries include muscle strains and bone fractures. According to “The New York Times,” several injuries occur from people dropping weights on themselves.

New week to start on the reformer and get your core engaged! Get to the website to book in for your free intro class! #reformerstudio #runwaypiltesuk #mondaymotivation

Runway Pilates Exercise 1 (home or away)

Can't get to a class? Want to keep your activity up? Exercises using a flex band can be done at home or away! A great way to keep up the momentum and workout when you can’t get to us! (for holiday Easter)
#flexband #runwaypilates #homeworkouts #reformerpilates

Exercises using a flex band that can be done at home or away! A great way to keep up the momentum and workout when you can’t get to us!

We tried Pilates for 8 weeks and this is how it changed our body

8 weeks of Pilates and here are the ways your body change:

#opinionpiece #8weeksofpilates #results #runwaypilatesuk The benefits are far-reaching

The reformer can be daunting to many who haven't used it before. Fear not! We offer a free intro class to let you get comfortable with the machine. Book on ouur website today to get your reformer journey started
#reformerbed #pilatesknowledge #introclass

Pilates focuses on the small intricute muscles which aren't commonly used day to day. Which can help longterm with posture and over all ability. #smallmuscles #runwaypilatesuk #posture #spinehealth

wise words from Joseph Pilates himself
#spinehealth #josephpilates #runwaypilatesuk #quote

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